Mages Are Too Op Chapter 471

Chapter 471 Catgirls Will Never Be Slaves

The founder of the Red Magic Tower wasnt from Fareins. At first, there were an equal number of people from all countries in this place, but as time went by, more and more Mages from Fareins came here, and they took up more than forty percent of the population at this moment.
Only two in the Council of Elders werent from Fareins.

To some extent, the Red Magic Tower was the Fareins Association of Mages oversea branch.

Therefore, it was not unusual that the Council of Elders fought for Fareins interests.

It was also an unspoken mutual understanding of the leadership of the Red Magic Tower.

Alfred thought for a moment and said, "Lets not rush into anything yet. After all, Roland will stay with us for a long time. Lets observe his personality first. Meantime, Ive had someone go to Hollevin to collect his intelligence. If he turns out to be a decent man, it isnt a problem for us to invite him to join Fareins. Too many nobles from other countries want to join Fareins but are refused. Do you think he can turn down our offer?"

Murphy smiled and realized that Alfred had a point.

Indeed, there was no need to rush into anything.

Both Roland and Betta were already stuck in the Red Magic Tower for now.

Murphy left the Council of Elders and prepared the ten level-three spells he was to offer.

At the same time, Roland was in the middle of some trouble.

An orc Mage whose face was swollen was standing before him.

He looked quite gloomy. "Monitor, Ive come to ask for your protection."


After a brief daze, Roland looked around and said in a low voice, "Lets talk outside. We dont want to cause too much noise here."

The two of them came to the tree behind the library.

The scorching sunlight passed through the gaps between branches, leaving spots of light on them that moved along with the wind.

Roland observed the orc before him.

The orc had green skin and sharp fangs, as expected of most orcs.

He was very brawny. Roland was much shorter and thinner than him.

Orcs tended to despise races that were weaker than themselves, but this one dare not show any disrespect to Roland, not after Roland blew up the main hall of the dormitory building and beat up the elites from the Meteorite Class. Everybody in the Ruby Class now regarded Roland as the real monitor.

Besides, Roland treated everybody fairly and answered anyones questions as long as he had time.

More importantly, Roland had been fair in the library permissions.

Everybody had been given the same amount of time to study and copy books in the library.

As for Roland himself, he had the right to visit the library freely.

Sizing up the orc, Roland asked, "It seems that you were beaten up. What happened?"

The orc had a rather bizarre look, but Roland had seen creatures that were much more bizarre in movies such as Predator or Aliens.

Besides, hideous as the orc might be, he was still better-looking than the giant spiders that Roland met.

The orc said helplessly, "It would be fine if I was only beaten up, but I dont think its fair that my time to study in the library is taken by someone else when youve given everybody in our class the same amount of time!"

"Huh?" Roland asked back curiously. "Youre the only one who was robbed?"

"No." The orc shook his head. "The elves, the dwarves, and the human beings from other countries are all victims. The students from Fareins join their hands to rob us of our time."

After a brief daze, Roland asked, "How many natives of Fareins are there in our class?"

"They take up more than half of the class."

Roland smiled and said, "You can go back now. Ill take care of it tomorrow."

On the next day, after Triton finished his teaching of basic magic theories, while the students were still in the classroom, Roland blocked the door and said, "Guys, please wait a moment. Theres something that I would like to say."

Everybody in the Ruby Class looked at Roland.

Betta looked at Roland in surprise too. Same as Roland, he spent most of his time in the library, and he didnt know what happened in the class at all.

Roland looked around in the classroom. "Last night, I learned that some of you are ganging up against other students and stopping them from going to the library."

Half of the students looked at Roland, frowning, and the other half all seemed delighted.

Finally, someone had shown up to defend them.

"To be honest, I dont really want to be involved in this. Its really a waste of time. I didnt want to be a monitor either, and the Great Elder simply gave the job to me." Roland gazed at the students from Fareins and said, "However, since I am the monitor now, I have to ensure fairness. Because of the Council of Elders permission, I can enter the library freely, but the time to study in the library for each class is limited every day. Ive been trying to be fair, but certain people are simply greedy and insatiable. Theyre taking advantage of the weaker students.

"Youre giving me a hard time by doing that."

There was vague hatred and disdain in Rolands voice.

Couldnt you let me study my magic? All the fuss you cause is wasting my time.

At this moment, someone from Fareins shouted, "Roland, we dont mean to challenge you; were only taking measures against some humble orcs."

Roland snorted. "Do you take me for a fool? I was the one who set up the rules. By breaking the rules, youre disrespecting me and slapping my face, but you claim that you dont mean to challenge me? Is that supposed to be funny?"

All the students from Fareins instantly put on an awful expression.

The other students grew happier and happier.

"Ill forgive you for what you did, but mark my words." Rolands voice was gentle but unshakable. "My rules will be exactly like before. Whoever breaks them wont be treated as classmates by me anymore."

Roland turned around and left after saying that.

Betta packed up his notebook and went away too.

Then, the oppressed students were gone.

Eventually, only the students of Fareins were left in the classroom.

They were all grim. Someone proposed to fight Roland, because there were thirty of them and Roland was alone.

But someone immediately retorted, "Roland can flash. Even three hundred men cant catch him unless you can use Dimensional Anchor."

The hawks were instantly frustrated.

Dimensional Anchor was too sophisticated a spell for them to learn yet.

When Roland returned to his manor, he found an old man standing at the gate, and a catgirl kneeling before him with her white tail dangling and stuck between her legs. She looked obviously scared.

Roland quickly stepped forward, only to find that the old man was Murphy, the Legendary Mage he met a few days back.

Seeing Roland, Murphy said rather delightedly, "I hope you wouldnt mind my unannounced visit."

Roland shook his head. Then, focusing his eyes on the catgirl, he frowned and asked, "Why are you kneeling here?"

Hearing Rolands voice, the catgirl suddenly raised her head, begging him with her big green eyes. Then, she lowered her head again.

"Do you know this catgirl?"

"I picked her up. Im planning to domesticate her into a servant." Roland nodded and said to the catgirl, "Go clean up the room now. Why are you still here?"

The catgirl suddenly raised her head and looked at Roland and Murphy. Then, she quickly dashed over the wall in a panic.

Watching the catgirl disappear, Murphy seemed slightly regretful.

Roland asked with a smile, "Mr. Murphy, are you here to trade spell models?"

"Yes. Here are ten level-three spell models. You can take a look."

Murphy touched the emerald ring on his left hand, and ten pieces of paper that were full of dots and lines dropped on the ground.

A piece of spatial equipment Roland was rather curious.

Noticing the curiosity in Rolands eyes, Murphy said rather proudly, "This is the work of an old friend of mind from the Monochrome Magic Tower. There cant be more than ten human beings who have such a piece of equipment. Also, the space in it is almost one cubic meter."

Roland was instantly rendered speechless, as it was too small.

Murphy took Rolands speechlessness for the silence of envy and jealousy.

He laughed and said, "Roland, youre very talented. You may become a legend if you stay twenty to thirty years in the Red Magic Tower. By then, Ill ask my friend in the Monochrome Magic Tower to craft a ring for you."


Roland picked up the ten pieces of paper from the ground. He selected three spells that he didnt know and put them in his system Backpack.

He waved his hand again, presenting the model of the self-exploding fireball spell he prepared in advance, before he gave it to Murphy along with the other seven spell models.

Subconsciously accepting the eight pieces of paper, Murphy gazed at Roland for a long time before he finally asked, "You have spatial equipment too?"


Murphy pursed his lips rather angrily.

It didnt feel great when other people stole his thunder while he was trying to show off.

He heaved a sigh and walked away without saying anything.

Roland entered the manor and saw that the catgirl was craning her head from the window of her small house in fear.

He waved at her.

The catgirl stared at the gate for a while. Seeing that the old man didnt come in, she was greatly relieved.

She jumped out of the window, trotted to Roland, and squatted, raising her white tail high.

Gazing at the catgirls tail for a while, Roland asked, "What happened just now?"

"I looked for food outside, and was caught by the old man on my way back. He controlled me to walk to him with a weird spell. I couldnt escape at all."

The catgirl had goosebumps all over her body when she recalled the feeling.

Was it Alien Species Control, a level-four spell? Or was it Humanoid Creature Charm?

Roland asked, "You didnt use stealth?"

"I did, but he spotted me just like you did." There was fear in the catgirls eyes. "Mages are so dreadful. You can all discover me."

In fact, the catgirl was quite good at stealth. Nobody could discover her unless their mental power was as extraordinary as Rolands, or if they were Mages close to the level of Legendary.

At least, Betta didnt discover the catgirl earlier.

Roland lowered his back and asked the question that he had always been curious about. "Arent you a native of the Red Magic Tower? Why are you so afraid of getting in touch with your compatriots? You even lived underground before and secluded yourself from the world."

"The catgirls are all slaves in the Red Magic Tower. I dont want to be a slave."