Mages Are Too Op Chapter 474

Chapter 474 How Can I Possibly Believe That?

Since Rolands level was very high, he would lose too much experience after a death.

So, he would rather not die unless it was necessary.

The maliciousness behind the magic gate was so intense that he had to be prepared even if it was a quest with copious rewards.

Besides, there were lots of things on Rolands plate right now. He wasnt hasty at all.

Reviewing the important administrative affairs, Roland found that Vivian was even better at administration than before.

As it turned out, she was far more talented in administration than she was in magic.

Reading all the files till the evening, Roland found that Vivian made no mistakes in any of the issues. Also, thanks to his friends protection, nobody dared to cause trouble in Delpon.

The only thing that was unusual was probably the duels that the players had outside of the city.

Since Andonara was the only NPC who could help the players transform into Great Swordsman, and many Warrior players would love to transform into Great Swordsmen, they had all come to Delpon. Some of them stayed here for a while.

While the players had pity on the lives that could disappear, they werent as good-tempered toward their own kind who were undying too.

It wasnt illegal to kill a game character anyway. So, after they got drunk in the taverns and mocked each other, they often started to fight when fury got the better of them.

Cage could take care of the weaker players with the guards, but if the stronger players caused trouble after they were drunk, Andonara had to take action.

She was a Legendary Great Swordsman. Also, she was beautiful and had an enchanting body. Her performances were truly enjoyable.

Many players recorded her battles and uploaded them to the forum.

Now, Andonaras popularity was soaring on the forum and almost surpassed Rolands. Same as Margret the Dragoness, she had become an icon of this game.

Half a month earlier, with her movement of stooping and lifting her dress behind her and her provocative line, she became a hit both in reality and on the Internet.

Schuck, as the knight who rode her, became an enemy for most male players.

At the same time, World of Falan had raised new reactions all over the world.

The leaders of more and more countries negotiated with the producer about technology imports or suggested increasing oversea servers to give them hope for enjoying the game.

However, they were all declined with the excuse that the safety of the technologies in this game wasnt guaranteed and more tests were still required.

However, money was still helpful when one had enough of it.

For example, the CEOs of certain major corporations and the princes of certain countries, through all their prices and by paying a huge fortune, managed to get a few virtual cabins from the secondhand market.

They probably came from the players who quit the game after the uprising.

Because of the soul mark, they could barely go anywhere in the game, so they might as well sell the virtual cabins for money.

This morning, after Roland quit the game and refreshed himself, he returned to his room. Staring at the key three meters away, he snapped his fingers, and a bright blue Hand of Magic appeared out of nowhere, seized the key from the table, and put it in Rolands hand.

Then, the Hand of Magic vanished.

Roland took a deep breath.

Though it was still slightly exhausting to use Hand of Magic, he wouldnt pass out or have nosebleed again, which was much better than a year earlier.

Holding the key, he went downstairs and rode a bike to the saber arts club in the suburbs.

He went to the kitchen as usual after he reached the saber arts club, and Night Tide Sands put the wontons before him.

She seemed to have anticipated that he would arrive at this hour.

Then, Night Tide Sands sat down and kept Roland company.

Night Tide Sands grew more and more approachable in the past year. She used to be cold and might throw a tantrum now and then, but at this moment, she was completely a gentle girl.

Observing Roland for a moment, Night Tide Sands had noodles and said, "You look well. Your skin is fair and smooth. You seem to be getting the hang of the Daoists Nourishment of Life."

"I must thank you for that," Roland said with a smile.

"Youre welcome." Night Tide Sands narrowed her eyes and smiled, "Right, I need to tell you something. Were going to close the saber arts club tomorrow. We have to go back to Shandong to pay tribute to our ancestors and General Qi. Well be away for around ten days."

"Well, can I join you?"

Night Tide Sands was stunned. Her face was full of surprise. Then, she became somewhat shy. "Why do you want to tag along?"

"I want to ask General Qis descendants if they know any way of cultivation thats better than the Daoists Nourishment of Life."

Night Tide Sands pursed her lips in disappointment, but her face became gentle again. "If thats all you want, you dont have to take the trip. Its already snowing in Shandong this time of the year. Its much colder than here. I dont think you can stand the cold."

Roland chuckled. "Back when I was a college student in Xian, I took cold showers when it was snowing outside."

"That was when you were eighteen. Youre almost thirty now. You think thats the same?" Night Tide Sands rolled her eyes at him and continued, "Ill ask the seniors in my family about the cultivation methods. Dont worry about it."

"Thank you."

Night Tide Sands hummed in response and drank the soup in her bowl quietly.

After breakfast, Night Tide Sands did the dishes. Having nothing to do, Roland came to the training ground under the shed.

Several students were already training under the supervision of Qi Shaoqiu, who loudly scolded them when they did their moves wrong now and then.

Roland walked to him and said, "I heard that youre going to be in Shandong for ten days."

"Thats right." Qi Shaoqiu nodded. "Anything on your mind?

"I want to fight you."

"We are as strong as each other. There has never been a winner between us." Qi Shaoqiu asked curiously, "Besides, is there nothing else on your mind?"

"Why would I think about anything else? Its not like you arent coming back."

"Well Thats not right." Qi Shaoqiu heaved a helpless sight. "Forget it. Theres nothing but paste in the head of an inconsiderate straight man like you. You never wanted to fight me before. Why are you proposing a duel today?"

"Because I think I know how to rein the saber with chi now, and I want to test it."

Qi Shaoqiu turned solemn, and his dead fish eyes were glittering.

"Are you serious?"

"Im not sure. Thats why I want to give it a try."

Qi Shaoqiu snapped his fingers and threw the unlit cigarette in his mouth into a trashcan nearby.

Then, they put on the protection gear, picked up their miaodao, and stood at the center of the cement field.

The training students immediately made room for them.

Holding the saber, Qi Shaoqiu asked solemnly, "Do I need to make any preparations?"

"Just stay on alert. Ill attack the moment Im prepared without any warning, because my concentrated chi will disperse if I utter a word."

"Got it."

Qi Shaoqiu stepped back and took a lunge pose, which was the defensive posture in miaodao techniques.

Roland took a deep breath and recalled the spell model of Body Fortification. He had specifically simplified it in advance.

Invisible fluids flowed from Rolands head to his torso and his limbs.

Roland didnt change on the surface, but Qi Shaoqiu clearly sensed that his vibe had changed drastically.


Roland moved while Qi Shaoqiu was still surprised.

His right leg suddenly stepped forward, and he lifted his miaodao from the bottom on his left side.

This was a tricky offensive move in the miaodao techniques. Human beings always reacted faster to the attacks that came from the front or from above, but they often couldnt react to the attacks from below in as timely a manner.

However, Qi Shaoqiu was too familiar with the miaodao techniques. He knew what Roland was up to the moment Roland made his pose.

Therefore, he already started retreating the moment Roland moved.

But only after half a step, Rolands wooden miaodao cut his wooden breastplate and left a shallow mark on it in a light noise.

How can he be so fast?

Qi Shaoqiu was greatly shocked, as Rolands attack was much faster than before. Theoretically, he shouldve been able to dodge the attack easily.

While he was still surprised, the long miaodao in Rolands hand quickly landed on Rolands shoulder when it was raised to the highest point.

Then, Roland stepped forth with his left leg and turned around, performing a round slash from his left side.

The miaodao swooshed, and Qi Shaoqiu saw a streak of yellow light coming at him.

He subconsciously placed the miaodao horizontally on his right side.


The two wooden sabers collided and broke at the same time.

Two pieces of the broken miaodaos rolled and rustled. They didnt stop until they hit the cement stumps at the edge of the field and bounced two meters back.

Qi Shaoqiu only managed to regain balance after taking four steps back.

Staring at Roland for a moment, he turned his head and said to the other students, "You keep training."

Then, holding the other half of the broken blade in his hand, he pulled Roland aside and asked him excitedly, "Why are you so much stronger and faster? Can you really control the saber with your chi now?"

"Im not sure, but I think I can." Roland didnt divulge the role that Body Fortification played but simply said, "I can manage to control the air currents in the Daoists Nourishment of Life now."

Besides, Roland could use magic only because the Daoists Nourishment of Life had been gathering chi for him. It wasnt wrong of him to accredit the Daoists Nourishment of Life.

Qi Shaoqiu was clearly thrilled. "That must be it. F*ck, the legends are true. You can really control an object with chi. I thought it was fake."

"You are the descendant of a family of martial arts. How can you not believe that an object can be controlled with chi?"

"How can I possibly believe it? Nobody in my family can do that. Its just a legend. Im the one in my family with the best miaodao expertise. Who can convince me that its possible?" Qi Shaoqiu retorted angrily. "Besides, too many counterfeit chi masters are out there. Just yesterday, a chi master was beaten up by a young man who practiced free combat in five seconds. So, how can I possibly believe that an object can be controlled with chi?"