Mages Are Too Op Chapter 475

Chapter 475 Poisons

Chapter 475 Poisons

Qi Shaoqius reaction was understandable. In modern society, those who practiced traditional boxing had been crushed by those who practiced new techniques such as free combat and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Only those who practiced cold weapons were still persisting in martial arts stubbornly.

As a result, many ancient tricks had been lost, such as chi gung and controlling objects with chi.

Qi Shaoqiu didnt quite believe that. Like he said, many people in the Qi family had practiced martial arts and saber skills. Some even practiced for their entire life. They shouldve been able to achieve something, but none of them had ever offered any extraordinary performances.

Even his sister Night Tide Sands, who had started practicing the Daoists Nourishment of Life at fourteen, only claimed that she could sense chi. After all these years, she merely had a fairer and better skin. He always thought that it was a breathing technique that could adjust the endocrine system, and that it was essentially no different from physical exercises or yoga.

However, Roland had demonstrated an unusual ability.

Although it was nothing but a higher strength and speed, Qi Shaoqiu, as a seasoned trainer who had practiced saber arts for a dozen years, could tell that Roland had broken the upper limit of his strength just now.

Roland was a lot stronger and faster than he shouldve been a moment earlier.

He couldnt have been boosted so much even if he had taken stimulants.

The effect of stimulants was limited. They could only increase the body potential by a certain percentage. Even so, the tiny improvement could be the key to victory for some top athletes.

However, by Qi Shaoqius estimation, Rolands outburst of strength and speed had been improved by at least fifteen percent just now.

Looking at Roland, who looked exhausted, he remarked, "It seems that controlling items with chi is very exhausting."

"I dont have enough chi." Roland smiled. "I havent cultivated it enough yet." It was very natural, as Roland had never learned the Daoists Nourishment of Life until two years previously. Qi Shaoqiu suddenly thought of something. "Can my sister learn this trick?"

"Im not clear." Roland shook his head. "But I dont think that Night Tide Sands has as much chi as I do."

Qi Shaoqiu was lost for words. "Are you saying that you are a genius whos better than my sister who has cultivated chi for ten years?"

Roland nodded solemnly. "I think so."

"F*ck." Qi Shaoqiu was rather angry.

He never practiced the Daoists Nourishment of Life only because he didnt have the talent to cultivate chi.

As for his sister Qi Shaosha That was her real name on the family pedigree. Both of them belonged to the Shao generation.

But Night Tide Sands disliked the name and convinced her family to change her name into Qi Xisha (Night Tide Sands). His sister was a top genius in chi cultivation in his family, but she still couldnt compare to Roland, who only cultivated it for a year, after cultivating for more than ten years.

Therefore, he might as well give it up.

Immediately, Qi Shaoqiu lost interest in the trick of controlling items with chi.

Heaving a sigh, Qi Shaoqiu sat to the side and felt lost.

Though the business in his saber arts club was thriving, he was at a loss about what he should do next.

He felt that his heart was vacant.

Roland stayed in the saber arts club for another while, but his friends didnt come.

He thought for a moment and realized the reason.

His friends went to another city that had shrines of the God of Love.

Hehe They probably overdid themselves again, and they were so exhausted that they were weakened in reality. Roland secretly mocked them. Then, he subconsciously touched his back and suddenly realized that he was in no position to judge them.

Returning home from the saber arts club, he was about to go upstairs, when his mother stopped him.

"Son, your aunt set up a blind date for you. Do you want to meet the girl tonight?" A blind date?

Roland was briefly stunned. Then, he realized that he was 26 and about to be in his thirties.

No wonder his mother had blind dates arranged for him.

"No, thanks. I have to play the game at night."

"It wont matter if you play less games or earn less money." His mother tried to persuade him. "Its a rare opportunity. Im told that the girl is great."

"I dont care how great she is." Roland waved his hand. "Mom, we are a rich family now. Its time that we pick girls, not be picked by them. After I make money, there will be plenty of girls who are willing to marry me even if I turn forty. So, dont be hasty. I can be married someday."

After that, Roland went upstairs.

His mother heaved a sigh.

In fact, Roland wasnt interested in the blind date because he didnt think the girl he was supposed to meet could be very great.

She probably wouldnt be two-thirds as great as Vivian, not to mention Andonara.

Besides, if the girl were really great, she probably wouldve gotten a boyfriend when she was still in college, or after she just graduated, instead of being set up on a blind date.

Even if he had to go on blind dates, the girls he met should at least be as good as Night Tide Sands.

While thinking about that, Roland sat cross-legged on his bed and continued practicing the Daoists Nourishment of Life.

At night, Roland lay down in the virtual cabin and entered the game world.

It was another day. Roland continued handling the issues in Delpon.

Thanks to the stable and safe environment, more and more people were willing to do business and live in Delpon.

Naturally, the tax revenues had increased.

Also, things were going on in the satellite city, which didnt require any more funding from the main city anymore.

On the contrary, the satellite city was able to submit one or two gold coins as tax every month.

That was a great change.

In the afternoon, Douglas, whom Roland hadnt seen for a long time, came to chat with


Roland received him at the study.

Drinking the fruit wine, Douglas said with a smile, "Im told that you went to the holy land of the Mages. Congratulations."

"Is the news out already?"

"A lot of intelligence cant be kept a secret." Douglas paused a moment and stared at Roland in the eyes. "Its the same in reality."


Roland looked at Douglas. "Roland, you and Schuck are too distinguished. Many people are looking for you. Theyre working hard to search for and confirm intelligence."

Roland frowned. "Why?"

"Everybody in the world knows the dragoness now. Too many men regard her as their dream lover," Douglas explained. "Also, your queen has grown famous too. Many magnates and powerful men like mature women like her."

Roland already understood Douglass meaning. "Plus, Schuck is a dragon knight, and you are the best Mage!" Douglas heaved a sigh. "You know that my parents are rich and my grandparents are powerful. In my circle, someone has tested that, if you give your virtual cabin to another person, its possible for that person to play as your game character."

Roland softly put down his cup. Douglas said worriedly, "They want to find you and acquire your virtual cabins through whatever means possible. Then, they will be Schuck and Roland, and they will own the dragoness and the queen."

Rolands face darkened.

"Therefore, Roland, youd better keep the lowest profile in reality."

Roland took a deep breath. "Got it. Thanks."

"Youre welcome. Thats what a friend should do." Douglas stood up. "In any case, as a member of the Delpon Magic Tower, Im naturally on your side."

Then, they chatted for a while, and Douglas left.

Roland sat quietly for a moment, before he dealt with the administrative affairs again.

He didnt need to care too much about the things in reality. For now, he only needed to learn more spells and comprehend more magic theories.

After he became stronger in the game, he would become stronger by practicing the Daoists Nourishment of Life in reality. When he was strong enough, he would be able to fight back even if anyone came to him for trouble.

In Andonaras company, the five days passed very quickly. His friends were back, but they all looked awful and pale.

Roland teleported himself to the edge of the Red Magic Tower and returned to his manor.

Hardly had he passed the hole on the wall when a shadow dashed to him quickly.

Then, she circled around him several times and then squatted on the ground.

The catgirl looked at Roland pitifully. "What took you so long?"

"It was a five-day vacation. I took a trip to other places."

Roland walked in while he talked.

"You freaked me out. I thought you were gone again."

The cat-humans were sensitive and curious creatures. They loved running about and visiting all kinds of places. It was hard for their family or master to see them. But if their family or master was gone for days, they would be scared and stay at home waiting for their family or master to come back, fearing that they were abandoned.

But the moment their master returned, the cat-humans would instantly forget their fear and begin to wander about again.

"Im not really your master anyway. Wouldnt it be better if I were gone?" Roland smiled. "This place would all be yours."

"I dont want it. Its too huge and scary for me to live here alone," said Marilyn unhappily.

Roland clicked his tongue. "It seems that Im the servant between you and me."

"What are you talking about? I dont understand." Marilyn shook her head and said, "Im relieved now that youre back. Remember to inform me next time you go out, or I will be worried."

Roland smiled and entered his own house.

Marilyn stayed at the door for a moment, before she ran out of the manor stealthily.

After cleaning up the yard with a dozen Hands of Magic and tools, Roland intended to spend some time in the library.

At this moment, a guest came to visit.

It was Murphy.

"If youre not occupied, can we have a chat?".

Roland said with a smile, "Of course we can. Why dont we talk inside?"

"Thats unnecessary. I only have one question." Holding his hands in the loose sleeves of his magic robe, Murphy said, "What kind of world do the Golden Sons live in?"

Roland raised his eyebrow. "Why are you asking that?" "Because of curiosity, which every regular Mage has. An alternate dimension is always mysterious," replied Murphy casually. "Mysteries are addictive poisons."