Mages Are Too Op Chapter 476

Chapter 476 I Have Special Ways To Make Money

Chapter 476 I Have Special Ways to Make Money

Curiosity about the unknowns was a special feature of intelligent creatures as well as an important behavior for them to learn more about the world. Almost all discoveries and inventions were made because of curiosity.

Therefore, Roland completely understood Murphy.

Murphy was probably thinking that, if the Golden Sons could come to his world, he should be able to go to theirs.

Theoretically speaking, one could go anywhere with teleportation as long as they had enough magic power and knew the magic beacon of their destination. They could even go to the Realm of Gods and the Realm of Devils.

In fact, Roland had similar thoughts.

If this world was real, then he should be able to be teleported to reality with his character in the game.

However, there was still a big problem.

Teleportation required beacons. In reality, Roland could only use the simplified version of Body Fortification, and teleportation, which was essentially a level-three spell, was too difficult for him to use. Setting up magic beacons was a level-three spell too.

His body in reality was pathetically weak compared to his body in the game. Therefore, there was no telling when he would be able to leave beacons in reality.

However, since he was able to cast some simple spells in reality, he had finally made the first step.

Roland knew exactly how Murphy felt, but he refused to answer his questions. "Sorry, but before we came to this world, we had signed a contract that prevented us from talking about our world."

Murphy frowned. "A contract with the gods?"

"You may think so."

Since the system automatically censored certain words, the NPCs couldnt hear it even if Roland spoke of the truth. Besides, it didnt seem wrong to regard the system as a god.

Murphy seemed very disappointed after hearing Roland out.

Although he was a Legendary Mage, there was still a major gap between him and a god.

In order to get a chance to fight the weakest god, he would at least have to become a demigod.

Mordenkainen and Melf were the only two geniuses who were able to have head-on clashes with gods when they were still Legends.

It meant that it was impossible for Murphy to catch Roland and extract his memories with Soul Interrogation. No wonder the intelligence said that the souls of Golden Sons were protected by natural laws.

So, it was because they were under the protection of the gods.

Murphy heaved a sigh and left.

Now that the holiday was over, Roland continued his busy life.

Time always flew fast when he swam in the ocean of knowledge.

Half a year later, the lessons on basic magic theories were over, and lessons on Enchantment were added.

The new lessons made Roland, as well as Betta, even more addicted.

Few people in the Red Magic Tower were studying as hard as Roland and Betta.

Having been tortured hellishly before the College Entrance Exam, they were completely diligent and concentrated when they were in their learning state.

While most of the Mages in this world were hardworking too, they would always spend some time on parties, banquets, and other social activities.

That was their instinct, deeply rooted in their noble blood.

When they were hitting on girls, Roland and Betta were studying.

When they were drinking and chatting, Roland and Betta were studying.

When they traveled to other cities for fun, Roland and Betta were still studying.

Besides, players didnt need to sleep.

Roland and Betta had more knowledge than them in the first place. After the half-year, their knowledge on magic theories had soared. They also learned a dozen more spells.

That was not everything. Betta had gone up straight to level seven, and Roland only needed to fill the last fifth of his EXP bar to reach level nine.

Both of them had earned a lot.

Moreover, after spending more than half a year in the library, Roland had finally learned everything about magic arrays.

However, Roland was not in a hurry to conduct experiments on magic arrays. Instead, he pretended that nothing happened and kept reading books in the library.

Another two months passed, and the final exam of the first semester began.

Everybody in the Ruby Class passed the exam.

That was not a surprise, because they all asked Roland whenever they had any questions, and Roland was always glad to answer those questions.

Thanks to Roland, the average expertise of the Ruby Class was probably the best in history.

After the first semester was over, the Ruby Class had a holiday. Most students rented a magic boat and flew back to their hometown.

Roland, on the other hand, stuffed lots of food in his backpack and waited for Marilyn to return.

Just like before, the catgirl was rarely at home.

"Im going to be away from the Red Magic Tower for a while. Be careful, okay?"

"Can you stay, Roland?" asked the catgirl unhappily. "Ill be scared if youre not at home."

Roland smiled. "Then how did you overcome your fear before I came here? Besides, youre wearing the most expensive slave collar. Nobody will dare to come to you for trouble. If youre really worried, just stay at home more often instead of going out."

Okay The catgirl returned to her small building in disappointment.

Roland went to Betta meaning to ask him what he had planned for the holiday, only to discover that Betta was gone.

The guy seemed to have run off quickly and mysteriously the moment the school was over.

However, everybody had their secrets. Roland would rather not pry into Bettas.

He flew out of the Red Magic Tower with Human Cannonball in a random direction over the continent that was full of red sandstone. After flying almost a thousand kilometers for half a day, he landed.

Through Stone to Mud and Mud to Stone, he built a three-story square building that had an extremely thick wall in the middle of the red sandstone.

The wall was two meters thick, enough to prevent the desert sun from delivering its heat into the building.

It was very cool inside the building.

After a brief rest, Roland put on his entire set of mana regeneration equipment and took out the magic materials from his Backpack.

Then, he began to draw magic arrays on the floor.

After the learning recently, he had realized that magic arrays were essentially a copier and an energy magnifier.

The stripes on the magic arrays could be considered as circuits that were connected in series or parallel to each other.

The nodes on the magic arrays could be considered as capacitors to store magic power.

The combination of the nodes would be logic boards that could "display" the preset magic models.

The different designs with serial or parallel connections would decide the energy output when a magic array was displaying a spell, as well as the maximum number of spells that could be displayed at the same time.

Everything became simple after Roland figured that out.

Actually, Roland wasnt very familiar with circuits.

If the players who majored in circuit analysis and design were to study it, it wouldve probably only taken them one to two months to grasp the knowledge instead of half a year.

After drawing a magic array, Roland filled the magic model of teleportation in.

Because it was his first experiment, he made a conservative design and set the capacity of the teleportation to one.

He had to make sure that the magic array could run successfully first.

After filling in the model of teleportation, Roland began to transmit magic power into the array.

The stripes glittered one after another, and the whole magic array was glowing by the end.

Taking a deep breath, Roland took out a dead bird and tossed it into the magic array.

Very soon, the array hummed, and the stripes glowed brighter and brighter.

Roland stared at the stripes so hard that he dared not blink his eyes.

Two seconds later, the dead bird in the magic array faded away. Simultaneously, the magic array lost its brilliance.

Roland snapped his fingers and teleported himself to a wasteland near the Red Magic Tower.

A dead bird was lying right next to his feet.

It worked!

Roland clenched his fists.

Then, he teleported himself back to Delpon. He spent two days with Andonara and Vivian first. After that, he found his friends, who were idling in the small manor that Li Lin had bought.

Hardly had Roland entered the room when he heard them moaning, "Ah, we dont have any money. We cant buy any equipment."

"Wait, havent I been giving you wages every month?" asked Roland curiously.

"Theyre all used up," said Raffel gloomily. "The girls who believed in the God of Love are skilled, but also very costly."

Fine. They mustve spent all their money on physical entertainment.

Li Lin wasnt short of money, but he couldnt just offer his money to his friends.

His friends wouldnt take his money, either.

Rolands eyes suddenly glittered. "Lets go make money together."


All four of them looked at Roland.

"As traveling merchants."


Li Lin lay back on the bed. "Traveling merchants can make a lot of money, but its too time-consuming. Its not unusual for you to spend half a year on one business trip. Do you not need to study in the Red Magic Tower or administrate this city?"

"What if all of us can teleport?"

All the four of them jumped to their feet in shock.

They asked simultaneously, "Is there a way you can take us during your teleportation?"

"Of course there is." Roland smiled.

Seven days later, a video post on the forum caused discomfort to almost all the players.

The video was about a Mage who worked as a traveling merchant.

In the picture, Roland drew a magic array and took some other people to the desert, where they procured countless Red Sand Fruits at a very low price. Then, they swooshed to the Froststar Kingdom.

In the country of know where all fruits were in demand, the Red Sand Fruits were sold for three silver coins for kilogram, and Roland and his friends each earned more than thirty gold coins from this one trip.

Also, it only took them one day to purchase the fruits and then sell them out.

Then, they sold the Red Sand Fruits again and again in Fareins and Urganda, to dwarves, hybrids, and even elves.

The elves loved fruits. Besides, the Red Sand Fruits could build up masculinity. Since the male elves mostly looked feminine, they liked such fruits very much.

After six days, Roland and his friends each made more than two hundred gold coins.

At this moment, Roland felt that he was reaching his limit.

His magic power was not running out, but his mental power had almost been exhausted.

This teleportation magic array wasnt perfect yet and would break down after several uses. Also, it was a huge burden on the mind and the soul, as if it were a powerful magic attack on the soul.

Roland estimated that it would take him at least a week before he could be fully recovered.

But it was all worth it. Both himself and his friends had made a huge fortune.

Also, at the home of the Red Sand Fruits, the price of the Red Sand Fruits had risen to one silver coin per kilogram because of their popular demand.

Therefore, the profit had plummeted.

It was time that they took a rest. Below the thread, all the replies were the same.

"Master Roland, please take me to the sky once! Please! Once will be enough!"