Mages Are Too Op Chapter 478

Chapter 478 I Want To Make A Fortune Without Doing Anything Too 3 In 1

Chapter 478 I Want to Make a Fortune Without Doing Anything Too (3 in 1)

Every creature had their natural enemy.

Since Roland was approachable and easy to talk to, Marilyn was quite "haughty" in front of him and treated him as a tool that provided help for her.

But of course, she did not dare to be too outrageous. Catgirls were all good at sizing up the situation and taking advantage of other people.

But Andonara was different.

The queen was quite experienced in managing female servants and slaves. Also, more importantly, she was a Legendary Great Swordsman.

From her identity, to her stance, to her strength, she crushed the catgirl in every aspect. The catgirl did not dare to resist, and she could not run away either.

Her speed, which she had always been proud of, was absolutely useless in front of Andonara, a Hero.

Therefore, the catgirl had no choice except to accept her commands obediently.

The moment Roland returned to his manor, Andonara dragged him into the room, and hot food was served.

The place felt like home now.

Earlier, when he came home alone, the stone building was cold and lifeless.

Roland didnt really mind. After all, he could barely notice anything else once he was devoted to magic experiments. His life was busy, and time always flew quickly.

However, it was truly comfortable and cheerful that he was welcomed every time he came home.

He tasted the delicious and succulent sauced meat. He knew that the food was made by Andonara after the first bite.

Andonara ate the same meat graciously next to him.

Drinking a mouthful of the fruit wine, Roland asked, "Its been a while since you came here. What do you think of this place?"

"Its not bad."

Andonara spoke casually. "Although the weather is dry and not very kind to a womans skin, this place is my paradise because youre here."

Roland heaved a sigh. To be honest, he felt that he had just been flirted with.

On the other hand, Andonara would say similar things multiple times a day. After he listened to her too many times, Roland always had the feeling that he would be exalted to the sky in the next moment.

He never realized that he was so great and important!

"What I wanted to ask you is whether or not anyone came to you for trouble," Roland said with a smile.

Beautiful girls were a rare resource in every world, and their beauty could turn out to be their burden on many occasions.

Andonara shook her head. "No, the people here are all quite nice."

Roland was greatly reassured.

Actually, Andonara hid some of the truth, as she had indeed run into some minor trouble when she got those maids a while back.

However, the trouble wasnt really trouble for a Legendary Great Swordsman.

She even happened upon two Legendary Mages. After they encountered each other, the Legendary Mage asked her why she was here, and she said that she was here to serve her man.

The two Legendary Mages werent fully convinced, but seeing that she wasnt hostile, they simply backed off.

Since then, Rolands manor had been monitored by them. But Roland was too concentrated on magic knowledge to notice that the manor was being watched.

The surveillance wasnt canceled until a couple of days earlier. The Red Magic Tower had probably acquired intelligence on Andonaras identity and confirmed that she was indeed Rolands woman.

Because Andonara was here, about half of the time that Roland used to spend on studying magic was cut off.

After all, Andonara was fond of pleasing Roland.

When she saw that Roland was happy, she would be happy herself.

While Roland was physically happy, she was spiritually happy.

Although he lost a few working hours every day, Rolands magic studies and his grades werent greatly affected. After all, ones efficiency in working and studying could be significantly increased when one was in a joyful mood.

For example, there were certain couples who were all smart students. They did not spend any more time studying than other people did, but their grades were always much higher than their classmates.

It was exactly because they were more likely to motivate each other as lovers.

After another two months, Roland optimized the teleportation magic array again.

The maximal distance of teleportation was increased by around twenty percent, and the magic materials cost was reduced by ten percent. During the optimization, he understood lots of other theories while he did the actual work, especially theories regarding Enchantment.

Some of the fundamental theories of magic arrays could be applied to Enchantment too.

On this day, when the school was over and he was about to return to his manor, Freud stopped him.

"Roland, we will take part in the annual academic meeting in the Monochrome Magic Tower three days from now," said Freud. "The Council of Elders has decided that you will come along."

Rolands eyes glittered after he heard that. "The Monochrome Magic Tower that specializes in spatial magic?".

Freuds heart palpitated when he saw the excitement and earnestness on Rolands face, but he did not reveal his concerns outwardly. Instead, he simply said, "Thats exactly the Monochrome Magic Tower I mean. You prepare yourself, because there will be minor contests between the students by then."

After a brief shock, Roland immediately realized what was going on. He replied, "Okay, Ill be prepared!"

Roland understood these sorts of things too well.

It happened in every family when their relatives visited them during the Spring Festival or other festivals.

"Dear god, my childs grades are really worrying me. He was so careless that he didnt get a full score on his essay. He almost lost the first place in his school to someone else because of that."

"Hehe. My child has passed the test and is now a Grade Eight Pianist."

"Your children are both so awesome. My child cant compare to them at all. He doesnt go to school at all but keeps playing games and yelling. I really think hes done."

"That wont do. You need to get a job for him. He will be rotten if he stays at home all the time."

"Ive tried to. I managed to get him a job at a friends company, but he was unwilling to take the job because the pay was no more than one-tenth of what he could earn from streaming per month."

"How much money does your child make in a month through streaming?"

"Not very much. He only earns slightly more than fifty thousand yuan."

Then, the atmosphere would turn cold.

Roland had too many similar experiences, but the good thing was that he had always been the excellent kid that other parents told their children to learn after.

Even Schuck had to be crushed by him on these occasions even though he was handsome.

After all, no parents advocated early love, so Schuck could not defend himself with the one thing that he was better at than Roland.

Because he knew it too well, Roland wasnt surprised at all.

After he returned to the manor, Roland shared the arrangement with Andonara.

Andonara immediately heaved a sigh. "I wish I could go with you as your servant." After a brief daze, Roland clapped his hands. "That does seem viable, but it means youd have to put on a slave collar. I dont think youd like that."

"Thats nothing bad. It will be an interesting game." Andonara approached Roland and wiggled in his arms, slightly parting her red lips. "You can even ask me to call you Daddy if you like."

Roland subconsciously felt a chill.

On the other hand, Freud came to Alfred the Great Elder.

"Roland seems very interested in the Monochrome Magic Tower. You know that the people at the Monochrome Magic Tower have no boundaries whatsoever. They wont hesitate to do anything in order to draw the talents to them." Freud moved a chair opposite the Great Elder and sat down, before he continued, "Are you not afraid that the Monochrome Magic Tower will try to poach Roland during the academic meeting?" The Great Elder put down his quill and said with a smile, "Of course Im afraid of that, but the odds of that are very slim. Intelligence regarding Roland has been delivered to me frequently. Based on our judgment, he is a man who appreciates loyalty and who has his own boundaries. If we dont give the slightest trust to him, there will be few people in this world that we can trust."

"You really think so highly of him?"

"I trust the intelligence that Ive read." Alfred continued, "Even if he were faking his personality, he wouldnt gain much by betraying the Red Magic Tower. The Monochrome Magic Tower is better than us in terms of spatial magic, but not by very much. Roland is too smart to neglect that. If he has been faking his personality all this time, its all the less likely that he will betray us. A great schemer wont betray anyone unless the rewards are great enough."

Freud thought for a moment and realized that the Great Elder had a point.

"Right, whats with the Legendary Great Swordsman?" Alfred frowned and asked, "Isnt Roland a Golden Son from an alternate dimension? How could he have gotten himself a Legendary Great Swordsman? Thats something that even the Red Magic Tower cant achieve." The Great Elder said with an envious look on his face, "She is also a queen!"

"A queen!?" Freud exclaimed in shock. "Why did the queen elope with him?"

"Theres more to it. The royal family of Hollevin did not put their names on the wanted list at all. Even the queens title hasnt been stripped as of yet."

Freud couldnt help but let out a hiss. "What exactly happened? Im very curious."

"I was going to tell this at the regular meeting tomorrow. Ive acquired the intelligence about the Legendary queen. Since you want to hear it, I can tell it to you first."

Alfred told him all the information concerning Andonara.

Most of the intelligence was correct, except that the incident where Andonara drank her ancestors blood and activated the Hero bloodline wasnt mentioned.

The intelligence simply said "Queen Andonara finally activated the Heros power in her body" and that was it.

"What a lucky boy."

Freud heaved a sigh. His body had grown old, but his heart wasnt old yet. Besides, as a Mage, he had a hundred ways to rejuvenate himself.

That woman was a queen and a Legendary Swordsman. Her identity was too appealing. Besides, she was also a super pretty lady. Why had he never run into any women like her?

Of course, that was only a thought in Freuds head. He wasnt planning anything evil. A Legendary Swordsman wasnt someone that he could piss off.

Time passed by quickly, and soon, it was already the third day. An enormous magic boat had landed in the square at the middle district of the Red Magic Tower.

The boat had been crafted with the technologies of the Red Magic Tower.

It was 65 meters long, 23 meters wide, and 15 meters tall. Made of mystic black wood, it was extremely solid.

While this boat was utter crap compared to Mordenkainens floating city, it was nevertheless a fancy vehicle in Rolands eyes at this moment. The magic arrays on the boat, in particular, contained more knowledge than what Roland was aware of.

But he wasnt too bothered. He simply circled around the boat and took a photo of all the magic arrays. Then, he kept moving around the boat and scrutinizing it. Whenever he could understand something, he would go on from there, and if it got too confusing, he would move on to the next part.

When he learned something new, he would wave his arms and legs crazily as if he were insane.

But nobody laughed at him. All the mentors were aware of Rolands expertise. They knew that Roland could understand lots of things, and that he was only waving his arms and legs because he learned something

For those who were inept, their mind would be disturbed the moment they drew close to the magic arrays without looking at the magic arrays at all.

Nobody except the mentors and Roland could approach the magic arrays on the boat and examine them devotedly.

At the same time, Betta was holding the rails on the boat and exclaiming nonstop while he hopped and jumped. He seemed even crazier than Roland.

Andonara stood aside and looked at Roland with a smile.

She was wearing glamorous clothes and holding a longsword, but there was a wooden magic lock on her neck, which was a symbol of slavery.

However, nobody at the square dared to treat her like a regular slave.

The mentors who led the team had all been informed of Andonaras identity. Looking at her attire which was graceful but appeared to have been sullied, they found her thrilling and provocative.

They all cried to themselves that the students nowadays really knew how to play.

The students had even less courage to look at Andonara.

They admired strong individuals even more than regular people did.

Roland suppressed the Meteorite Class when he first came to school. After a semester, Roland had grown even stronger, and the students were too awed by him to put up any resistance against him.

They had learned that Andonara was Rolands woman, so they would rather keep a distance from her. Also, some of the students knew that Andonara was also a great fighter besides being beautiful.

Seeing that Roland and Betta were both reading the magic arrays, the mentors did not give the order to take off immediately. They simply waited at the square.

They waited from morning to noon, but Roland and Betta were still examining the magic arrays.

The mentors chit-chatted with each other, and the other eight students simply stood there with their servants.

When evening came, Roland finally came back to himself.

He left the magic arrays, and Andonara immediately fed the Red Sand Fruits that she had prepared in advance into Rolands mouth gently.

One of the students said jealously, "If I had a maid like her, I would have to eat Red Sand Fruits every day too."

All the mentors put on sympathetic smiles.

Very soon, Betta returned from the magic arrays. He had learned a lot too.

They apologized to the mentors first and then to the other students.

Alfred asked with a smile, "Roland, Betta, what have you learned?"

"Ive found a node formation on the body of this magic boat that can adjust the frequency of the magic power outputted by a magic array. I can increase or lower the magic power the way I want."

That particular node formation could be compared to an adjustable inductor on a circuit board.

Alfred looked at Betta again. "What about you?"

"Ive learned how to switch a magic array on and off." Betta chuckled. "Im not as smart as Brother Roland."

But Alfred was already satisfied. "Not bad, not bad. Both of you have learned a lot. The whole day of waiting was totally worth it."

He looked at the other eight students, who were all from the Meteorite Class, and shook his head. "How can the gap between him and you be so huge?"

The eight students faintly heard what the Great Elder said. They were all frustrated.

Before Roland and Betta came, they had been the superstars of tomorrow that everybody thought highly of.

But after Roland and Betta came, they became unimportant side characters.

Then, everybody boarded the magic boat.

The magic boat was activated and flew westward.

This place wasnt too far away from the Monochrome Magic Tower, and the magic boat wasnt flying very fast. Its speed was merely around seventy kilometers per hour.

Although the magic boat was very large in size, its balance was well-kept during the flight.

Every student was given an independent room. Naturally, Roland and Andonara got one too.

At first, Andonara intended to help Roland take care of his physical needs, but seeing that Roland was sitting still, she knew that he must be considering magic questions. Therefore, she didnt do anything and simply fell asleep in her clothes. On the other hand, Roland had connected himself to the forum.

He posted the graph of the teleportation magic array, with the note that the teleportation magic array wasnt a magic trick that had never appeared before, because Mordenkainen was capable of that in the legends. He had merely found this trick that had been lost for a long time, and it was pointless to offer it to the Goddess of Magic. After making the thread, Roland read other players posts and learned their tips and experience. He also read about the interesting incidents that other players ran into in the game. Some of the players even posted advice about how to please rich ladies. Three hours later, Roland found that a friend had sent a message to him on the forum.

ONeal: "Roland, I can understand the teleportation magic array you sent, but I couldnt use it. Its so weird."


Roland immediately replied, "Is it because your level isnt high enough?" ONeal: "Im level seven. That shouldnt be a problem." Roland: "Then what exactly is the problem?" ONeal: "Everything is a problem! It didnt feel right from the moment I started trying it, as if the magic array was unwilling to acknowledge me."

Roland: "Huh? Are you saying that a magic array has consciousness?" ONeal: ":facepalm:" Roland returned to his thread and found that something was wrong. The replies at the beginning all said that they would learn after Roland and do business everywhere with teleportation. But the replies two hours later almost all became questions.

Everybody said that, while they copied Rolands magic array, it was still impossible for them to teleport anyone. "Damn it, I can understand all the nodes that Roland wrote. Theyre not hard at all, but why cant I use the magic array?"

"Has Roland intentionally thrown out a fake graph to trick us?" "Unlikely. As a LV7 Mage, Ive made a lot of studies on nodes. Considering the theories and the nodes that Roland described, the magic array is indeed about teleportation, but the problem is that I cant activate it. The magic array accepts my magic power, but it does not teleport anybody away."

"Same here."

"Shoot! Then whats going on exactly? Is it because Roland has a special talent that none of us have?" "Thats a possibility." "Ah, my future to be a great merchant who makes dozens of gold coins has to be postponed! Are we all stuck here? How exactly can the magic array be activated?" "All those magic nodes are perplexing and heartbreaking. I dont know what to do with them at all." Roland read all the replies. Then, he fell into deep thought. That didnt look right. The magic array was definitely usable, or he couldnt have sold the Red Sand Fruits.


Unable to think it through, Roland stood up and intended to ask Freud. But when he looked out of the glass window on the boat, he saw that it was completely dark outside. Since it was very late, Freud probably had gone to bed.

He might as well ask tomorrow.

Hearing Roland stir, Andonara immediately opened her eyes and clung to him. She raised her head at him and said affectionately, "Talk to me. I cant sleep." Roland subconsciously laid his hands on Andonaras high breasts. While touching them gently, he talked about trivia with her.

Andonara loved Rolands touch, wherever he touched. Gentleness from the man she loved brought comfort to her mind. For her, peace and delight were far better than physical excitement. Therefore, she got more and more relaxed, and she soon fell asleep after only a brief conversation with Roland. Seeing that she had fallen asleep, Roland smiled and moved his hands away from her breasts. Then, he logged into the forum again. The problem that the teleportation magic array was unusable was still brewing on the forum. At this moment, every Mage wanted to learn that skill, and every guild wanted to hire a Mage who was capable of a teleportation magic array. They were all fully aware of the strategic significance of this skill. Apart from being useful for traveling merchants, this skill could teleport troops, or the players who had just been resurrected, to the front line in a war. So, it was possible to turn things around even if one seemed to be losing a battle. Besides, in peacetime, teleportation would mean that someone could go anywhere they wanted.

It was the best skill to complete quests and go traveling

But the problem was that, up until this moment, Roland was the only person who could use the teleportation magic array. As for the skill to teleport oneself, it was said that Master ONeal had already grasped it. In any case, the matter regarding the teleportation magic array was getting huge. Many high-level Mages were going mad because they knew that the great skill was out there but couldnt use it.

At the same time, certain players who were good at sarcasm started trolling.

Of course, some other players had serious analyses on why the teleportation magic array couldnt be used. In only two hours, they had come up with three possibilities. First, it was because Roland had intentionally kept the central nodes to himself (which was unlikely, as Roland had proven that he was trustworthy with all the spells he had shared earlier).

Second, it was because they lacked certain special skills (which was more likely).

Third, it was because they didnt have enough mental power, which decided a Mages speed of magic power regeneration. It was very important apart from the magic power. (This was the most likely possibility.)

However, Roland didnt think that any of the three possibilities was true.

He had specifically simplified the teleportation magic array. Even an NPC Mage who just became an Elite shouldve been able to use it. But why couldnt the other players use it? Roland spent the whole night considering the problem.

The boat kept its balance well during the flight, and there was barely any shaking. Andonara had a good sleep, but she woke up when dawn just arrived.

The moment she opened her eyes, she grabbed Rolands hands and put them on her breasts without any hesitation. She said with a smile, "I like it this way!"

Roland squeezed her breasts helplessly and said, "Okay, rise and shine. Lets go out and have breakfast. I need to ask the mentors some questions."

Andonara got up rather unwillingly. Leaving his room, Roland found Freud in the cafeteria. The man was eating omelets and drinking milk. Sitting down opposite him, Roland said, "Sorry, sir, but a question just occurred to me, and I was wondering if you could answer it for me."

"You are really diligent, arent you?" Freud disliked being disturbed when he was having food, but since it was Roland who was asking him a question, then it was no problem. He put down his knife and fork and said, "Just ask me whatever question you have. I wont keep the answer a secret as long as I know it." "Ive created a magic array, and I want to let my friend use it too. However, its impossible for him to use it."

Roland didnt say that he had invented a teleportation magic array, but he told Freud the basic situation without the details. Then, Freud stared at him as if he were a freak. The other mentors in the cafeteria stared at Roland with a similar expression on their faces. Roland felt rather guilty. "Sir, you look slightly odd." Freud heaved a sigh. "Roland, do you know how strong a Mage must be to activate a magic array under normal circumstances?"

"He must be at an Elite level?"

"Yes, theoretically." Freud nodded. "But only theoretically." "Then how strong a Mage must be to activate a magic array in general?" "They need to be at least Masters!" "Why is that?" Roland found it very curious. "Its simple. Because normally speaking, few Mages can be so talented as to create a magic array on their own, and even fewer can do so when they are not even Masters yet."

Freud cut the omelets so hard with the kitchen knife that they were all shattered into pieces.

Roland listened quietly. Freud had lost his appetite. He pushed the plate away and continued, "Spell models are generic standard models that allow anyone to cast those spells as long as they understand the mechanism of the models, but magic arrays are an advanced version of regular spells." Roland nodded his head. He admitted that the magic arrays were indeed more advanced than spells. "Magic arrays are essentially representations of your own mental frequency." Freuds gaze became weirder and weirder. "That is to say, the magic array you create is a manifestation of your will and an extension of the frequency of your mental power. It belongs to you. Anyone else has to simulate your mental power in order to successfully cast your magic array, unless they have parsed your mental power and modified the nodes and routes based on their own mental frequencies. Do you understand it now?"

Roland quickly got it. "Oh, youre saying that only the Masters can have the ability or skill to modify the frequency of mental power?" "Yes, thats exactly what I mean." Roland was lost for words. He didnt know that things were as simple as that. The crux of the matter was, he had made a mistake because of his lack of common sense. After thanking Freud, Roland walked away and sat down with Andonara. He asked for a piece of omelet and had it while he posted another thread on the forum.

In the thread, he apologized and wrote the information he just acquired. Soon, all the Mages on the forum learned of the matter.

When they realized that the teleportation magic array wouldnt be available for them until they became Masters, their blood immediately boiled and they were more determined to level up.

Of course, some other people began to analyze Rolands magic array and rewrote the nodes and patterns with their mental power, hoping to transform his magic array into their own.

The journey on the boat wasnt very comfortable, because the students had been forbidden from leaving the cabins in case they were accidentally blown away by the fierce wind. The free fall would be too fast for the mentors to rescue them even though all the mentors were capable of Wind Soaring, because Wind Soaring was too slow.

Some cabins were very cramped. There was nothing in them except a bed, a desk, and a chair. Therefore, certain special activities became the only entertainment on the boring journey. This was also why every student was allowed to take one servant with them. Roland was bored too. Although the boat was steady, the noises caused by the wind were quite loud. However, those noises were perfect cover for the special activities in the cabins.

The wind noises werent a problem for Roland when he was on the forum. After all, it was only entertainment. However, it was impossible for him to do any magic experiments in such an environment, because his mind might be distracted by all the noise. Magic experiments were delicate operations that could end in failure because of one instance of carelessness. Roland, who wasnt in the mood for the forum, hugged Andonara and cuddled her.

He felt strongly that it was truly wise of him to study and develop the teleportation magic array before. Amidst the noises, the magic boat flew for two days and two nights and finally reached its destination in the morning of the third day. After the boat landed, everybody got out of their cabins.

Roland discovered that almost all of them were pale and looked exhausted.

The mentors who were older, in particular, looked even weaker.

Roland touched his abdomen again and felt his kidneys were cold. After getting off from the magic boat, Roland began to observe the surroundings. Around the spacious square were houses that were built with nothing but white sand. None of those houses were higher than three floors. On the right side of the square, three enormous boats of different sizes were docked. It seemed that the other Magic Towers had arrived earlier.

Before Rolands boat, a team of people were walking toward them. One person wearing a long transparent robe that looked like a plastic raincoat approached unhurriedly. "Haha, Alfred, youre the last to arrive." The old man in the lead hugged Alfred and said with a smile, "You look rather exhausted. Ive prepared a whole bunch of desert dancers. Do you think you still have the strength for them?" "Humph, I can do it for another ten days and ten nights." Alfred pretended to be magnificent, but then he put on a smile. "Im just kidding, Im no longer as energetic as I was. Lets leave the dancers to our young men. Old fellows like us should be more careful."

The old man in the transparent robe patted Alfreds shoulder and smiled. "This is the first time youve turned down my offer. It seems that you are truly old." "I am old." Alfred pointed at the mentors behind him and said, "These are all old acquaintances to you. Ill save the time of introducing them to you. The students are all here for the first time. You can give each of them a pass. Right give a library badge to the two students in the lead." The old man in the transparent robe subconsciously touched his prominently receding hairline. He observed Roland and Betta and remarked, "The first kid is not bad. His capacity for magic power is as good as that of a Legend. The second kids capacity isnt small either. Also, his vitality is quite high. Hes good at both magic and martial arts; another promising young man. Where did you find these two talents?"

"I picked them up by chance!" The old man in the transparent robe laughed. "No wonder you admitted your old age. You were only hoping to best other people through your students. However, Im told that the Evocation Magic Tower and the Abjuration Magic Tower have both sent geniuses here too. Youd better not underestimate your enemy." Alfred grinned. "You dont need to underestimate anyone when youre absolutely stronger than them." Hearing that Alfred was so confident, the old man in the transparent robe observed Roland and Betta for a while longer, and in the end tossed two wooden badges to them. Betta raised his hand and accepted the badge.

But the badge thrown at Roland was intercepted by Andonara, who examined it for a while and said after confirming that there was nothing wrong about it, "It does not contain poison or any traps. Its safe."

Roland looked at Andonara helplessly. Andonaras sweet smile made it impossible for Roland to be angry with her.

The old man in the transparent robe finally noticed Andonara. He immediately pulled a long face. "Alfred, whats the meaning of this? Have you sent a Legendary Great Swordsman to threaten us?"

Alfred shrugged and cackled. "Its none of my business. She is that boys personal bodyguard and maid." "You expect me to believe you?" The old man in the transparent robe found it unbelievable. "He asked a Legendary Great Swordsman to be his maid? Its preposterous even for the lowliest knight novel." "But she is his maid." The old man in the transparent robe took a deep breath and walked to Andonara. Then he said, "I dont care what youre here for, but this is the Monochrome Magic Tower during an academic gathering. If youre planning anything malicious, youd better think twice. A Great Swordsman is indeed strong, but theres nothing you can do against thirty Legendary Mages." His words were full of warning.

Andonara said with a smile, "Whether or not Im up to anything malicious is not up to me, but my master. Ill do whatever he asks me to do!"

Andonaras declaration sounded arrogant, but it delivered one message. She was only the person who carried out commands, not the one who made decisions.

She sounded rather threatening on the surface, but she was actually secretly adulating Roland.

The old man in the transparent robe looked at Roland, shook his head, and left. As an old and sophisticated man, he knew the real relationship between Roland and Andonara from how closely they were standing next to each other.

"These young people nowadays really know how to play." He let out the same remark that the mentors of the Red Magic Tower did.

Then, the old man in the transparent robe led the mentors away, and the outside students were received by the local students.

Rolands guide was a young man around seventeen years old, who was apparently nervous and did not even dare to look Andonara in the eyes.

That was typical of rookies who were never in a relationship. They tended to be overwhelmed and think too little of themselves when they had a crush on a beautiful girl.

Since all the students were guests, Roland didnt have to stay in a one-room dormitory. Instead, he had been given a house that had three bedrooms and one living room with reasonable decorations.

Also, the sand house was quite exotic and interesting to live in.

This area was a special guest area. After the young man led Roland and Andonara here, he was reluctant to leave, but in the end, he found that Andonara didnt even bother to look at him at all, so he could only depart regretfully.

Back on the magic boat, Alfred had already informed Roland and the other students of the itinerary of the academic meeting.

During the first eight days, the Magic Towers would take turns introducing their academic discoveries in the past year.

Roland wouldnt miss those sessions for the world.

On the ninth and tenth days, the students would spar and communicate.

The mentors could brag about all their academic findings, and it was easier to find out who was the best in a fight.

The mentors were too old and proud to fight each other, so their students would have to fight on their behalf.

In the house, Andonara began to check if the beddings were clean and safe.

Lying at the window, Roland appreciated the buildings that were entirely different from those in the Red Magic Tower.

At this moment, Betta suddenly came to the door and said loudly, "Brother Roland, I saw another light pillar of money! Its huge! Super huge! Im afraid that I cant take it away even if I dig it out! You can come with me. Bring Andonara with you too. Well be more likely to claim the money if were backed by a Legend."

Roland was surprised at first; then he was bummed.

Why can you pick up money everywhere you go?

Can I quit being a Mage and transform into a Divine Noble?

I want to make a fortune without doing anything too!