Mages Are Too Op Chapter 482

Chapter 482 A Jolly Atmosphere

A gods descent happened occasionally, not often.

After all, the main plane inhibited gods, and if they descended with their real body, it would be easy to meet their demise if they encountered those with ill intentions.

For example, the Goddess of Fortune thought that she could beat everything if she descended with her true form.

In the end, it turned out she couldnt even beat Mordenkainen.

Instead, she went back to the divine realm and reincarnated.

There was another bunch of evil gods that got killed by Melf.

And some weak gods that came to the main plane and even disappeared.

They couldnt even cause a ripple.

This was why few gods dared to come to the main plane with their real bodies.

Most of the methods used were those like Mystras, who came over with a divine shadow, and even if the shadow was broken, it would only cost a little bit of divine power.

Mystra, the Goddess of Magic, had few followers. She became a god with the body of a human and could slowly grow stronger by herself without the power of faith.

She didnt need followers, so she didnt really like to develop or respond to them.

They either existed or didnt.

It didnt matter.

She was very low-key, without desires or demands.

So, the Goddess of Magics consciousness descending was a rather new experience to many people.

In the minds of these Legendary Mages like Alfred, there was a reason for all the actions of the big shots, let alone the gods. There must be a very important reason for Mystras sudden descent.

In the church, Roland felt the Goddess of Magics mental power surrounding him.

She was "looking" at him.

The young man next to him had dropped to one knee, not daring to look up.

Roland looked up at the opening above the church and saw the blue female silhouette looming.

"We meet again, Goddess Mystra."

"Indeed." The mature female voice sounded in Rolands mind. "I didnt expect that in less than a year, in this short period of time, you would invent another new spell. This made quite an impression on me, so I came to see you again. This reminds me of myself in the past, before I became a goddess." Huh? With Rolands total attribute addition to intelligence, his character now had an intelligence of 14.5 and was more than twice as strong as the one on Earth in terms of arithmetic, analysis, and even intuition. Roland estimated that his intelligence on Earth, when converted to the games value, was only 7 points at most.

So he was pretty shrewd with information in the outside world, and he could notice the slightest thing that seemed off. "Before you became a goddess?" Roland was startled. He narrowed his eyes, thought for a moment, and said, "Improving Ice Ring into an ice blade then fusing it with Acid Arrow is easy to say and not difficult to do. At least, its not a strange to the magic genius who invented Sword of Mystra and Mystras Mansion back then."

The Sword of Mystra was a special summoning spell that summoned a projection of an epic longsword with intelligence, which could hover next to the caster and automatically attack enemies.

When this sword was held in ones hand, it granted the holder considerably powerful buffs, so oftentimes, even if the caster picked up the Sword of Mystra, they could act like half a Warrior.

It could even be temporarily loaned to melee professionals.

As for Mystras Mansion, it was the ultimate life-saving skill that all spellcasters yearned


In the astral plane, a safe space of a three-by-three-by-three-meter cube would be created for the caster to hide in.

This space was usually stocked with enough food and water that one could avoid most dangers.

Normally, it would be impossible for even a god to find this small cube in the almost infinite astral plane.

Greater Prophecy was very effective in the main plane for searching for people, but in the astral plane, even if the direction was known, there would be no way to get to the destination.

The astral plane was too vast, and things were too distant from each other.

There would also be a large number of astral insects moving around the astral plane on the way.

Theoretically, Mystras Mansion was the strongest life-saving spell of all.

Roland didnt believe that Mystra, who had invented Mystras Mansion and Sword of Mystra, such superb spells, would find the Kill You 3000 Times spell amazing.

Hearing Rolands words, the Goddess of Magic was silent for a moment, then asked, "Roland, do you know what a god is?"

"A more powerful living being?" Roland responded with a question, without much confidence.

"Very typical line of thought for a Mage." There was laughter in the Goddess of Magics voice. "Its indeed not wrong to put it that way. If thats the case, the ancient dragons so powerful that they could physically enter the astral plane could also be called gods. But they arent. The so-called gods are powerful beings that have mastered the natural laws and have condensed them into a Divine Spark.

"The Divine Spark is a powerful thing, it allows the use of natural laws that have been grasped." In the Goddess of Magics words, there was a slight sense of disappointment. "However, the Divine Spark is also a prison. It makes it so gods are only able to use what is known of the natural laws and what their believers already know."

Natural laws that have been grasped, and knowledge that the believers already have?

Roland froze for a moment, and then the synapses in his head connected as if lightning had cut through the darkness.

He clapped his hands. "Divine Spark limits your creativity. Goddess of Magic you only know the magic that you already know; your creativity, your inventiveness, are limited by the Divine Spark." "Smart." The huge female shadow in midair nodded slightly to Roland. "Just like you said, I used to be a genius; I could invent and create magic. But now, natural laws prevent me from doing those things. I can only use known magic-isnt that ridiculous!"

Roland was silent.

The words of the Goddess of Magic revealed a lot of shocking information.

The natural laws of this world seemed to have revealed a corner of its entirety to him.

Gods were limited by the natural laws and Divine Spark, so further extrapolation

Did the two super-geniuses, Mordenkainen and Melf, not become gods like Mystra because they already knew the limits of the gods? It was more important to them to discover the true meaning of magic than having an endless lifespan and great power?

Seeing Rolands silence, the Goddess of Magic continued, "You are the most talented Mage in the last three hundred years or so. A year or so ago, several different spell models were offered to me, but then I noticed that their offerers seemed to be stupid and couldnt have invented those spells. Now that Ive seen what youve offered, Ive noticed that these new spells all have the same style, so those spell models are actually your work, right?" "If youre talking about the blue Inferior Fireball, that is by me indeed."

"Very good." The voice of the Goddess of Magic grew lighter. "Roland, lets make a deal. How about you sincerely believe in me and I give you a tenth of my life force? This will be worth at least two thousand years of lifespan."

"You want the knowledge in my head?" Roland responded with a question.

"Yes." Mystras figure descended from the air, her blue illusory hands made up purely of mental power clasped together as if to hold Roland up. "As long as you become my believer, I can use the knowledge youve learned. I can sense that the spell models youve offered come from a fairly well-developed system of knowledge. I want it."

Roland looked at the hands that were coming together on his left and right, and he instinctively stepped back.

It was this movement that caused the Goddess of Magics hands that were about to come together to stop.

After two seconds, the illusory blue hands slowly withdrew.

"You dont want a long lifespan? And when my life force is restored later, I can convert the divine life force to you again, so theoretically your life can be as long as mine."

The goddesss voice seemed a little stricken and muffled.

Roland still shook his head. "Before that, I would like to ask if I can still invent and create magic after receiving your divine power, and if I will be limited by the natural laws as you


The blue female shadow remained motionless for a while before she said grudgingly, "You guessed it: once you accept my divine life force, you are theoretically part of me or my child, so of course you will be subject to the same restrictions as me."

"Then pardon me for refusing."

Roland, without hesitation, took a few more steps back.

"Alas" Mystra sighed deeply. "Its rare that someone with such an interesting system of knowledge and who also understands magic comes along. But thats fine; as long as you continue to study magic, youll know more and more. Hundreds of years from now, when you grow old and become afraid of death, will you still refuse my deal?"

"Well talk then."

"But an old soul is one Im not interested in." Mystras voice gradually faded, and the blue female shadow disappeared.

A large purple gemstone was added to the ritual table.

Roland looked over and saw that it was a magical material.

Item: A flawless amethyst.

Effect: +20% effect of defensive spells and 10% consumption reduction when carried around. Can also be used as a special magic material, and act as an advanced catalyst in the enchanting process.

Roland put the amethyst into his Backpack.

It was similar to the gems he got from the water-making spell. These gemstones were very rare in the main plane.

Even though it could be used to create magical equipment, it could also be used as a material -it was of high value.

Roland didnt feel as though he lost out.

Then Roland turned around and saw that the part-time cleric was still kneeling on the ground.

The expression on his face was quite excited, mumbling to himself with his eyes closed as if he hadnt recovered from the euphoric emotions of seeing a god. Roland ignored him and turned around to leave the church, and as a result, as soon as he went out, he saw a huge blue firebird with a clear cry swoop down from the sky and landed on the ground, transforming into Andonara, who was carrying a long sword.

When she saw Roland, she rushed over and threw herself into Rolands arms, her body trembling incessantly.

"That just scared me." Andonara took a long time lying in Rolands arms before she calmed down. "I thought the Goddess of Magic was going to take you away." In the beginning, Andonara didnt feel much about the arrival of the Goddess of Magic.

She was a Warrior, a Great Swordsman, so even if Mystra descended, it wouldnt draw her interest or even inspire her to go over for a glance.

But after a while, she suddenly remembered that Roland was going in that direction.

And Roland had told her something about the spirit of the Goddess of Magic descending when he offered the oil-making spell.

And now the Goddess of Magic had appeared again.

A womans instincts told her that something was wrong

She got up abruptly, first in emotional panic, and then in anger. She charged over with her sword.

No one could take her Roland, not even gods.

Fortunately, Roland didnt leave.

After comforting Andonara for a while, Roland took her cold hands and left.

Then a few of Alfreds men rushed over and burst into the Church of Magic. And when they saw the part-time cleric, who had just risen to his feet and was still looking very excited, they immediately jumped at him. In less than three seconds, four big men had the young cleric pinned to the ground.

To keep the interim cleric from resisting, a strong man in a blue short-sleeved shirt also pressed heavily against the interim clerics neck with his knee.

"I cant breathe!" The interim cleric managed to shout with great difficulty.

This was a standard action for capturing spellcasters alive, and by jamming their necks, they couldnt chant to cast spells and their combat strength would be reduced by at least 90%.

"Shut up, now you must remain silent and come with us," shouted the sturdy man in blue coldly.

This interim cleric nodded his head with difficulty.

Because his face was pressed against the ground, this action scraped off a layer of his cheek.

He was then dragged up by four large men and carried straight into the backyard of the church.

After about half an hour, the sturdy men left.

The interim cleric gasped for air and emerged from the backyard in tears.

In the Council of Elders, Alfred was silent for a moment as he looked at the information that had just been delivered.

Then he put the information on the table and said to the other elders who were waiting quietly, "The matters clear, it was Roland. He has invented a new kind of spell and offered it to the Goddess of Magic. There was also a cleric present, but unfortunately, the Goddess of Magic blocked the senses of the others, and this interim cleric only knows that Roland and the Goddess of Magic had a conversation, but he doesnt know what they talked about.

Murphy continued, "Mystra, shes very low-key, doesnt like to appear in front of people, and its already a great honor for her to descend with her spirit to see whats going on. But she spoke to Roland for several minutes; I think its the first time shes done this since she became a goddess. What exactly is it about Roland that she values? His powerful ability to invent spells?"

Freud smiled and said, "Thats impossible. Even if Roland is smart, hes not a Master, and the spell he invented, no matter how strong, is bound to have a limit. Compared to Sword of Mystra and Mystras Mansion, its not even close. Besides, Mystra also invented many low-level spells back then. For example, Protection From Arrows, Anti-Seduction, and so on. Shes much more talented than Roland. She wouldnt come and chat with Roland just because he invented a spell."

"Then what else could it be?" Murphy shrugged and laughed. "Could it be an old virgin coming to nibble on a little boy?"


There was a peal of boisterous laughter in the Council of Elders.

The fact that Mystra was still a virgin was the eternal laughing stock of the magical world.