Mages Are Too Op Chapter 483

Chapter 483 The First Official Event

The virginity of the Goddess of Magic was a joke that had been circulating in the world of magic for centuries.

Mystra was born into a large noble family and had been studying magic since childhood with the support of her family. She was a genius who learned rapidly and by the age of fourteen, she was already an Elite Mage and had created the spell Protection From Arrows.

Generally, new spells invented and created by a Mage were related to the environment in which they lived.

Because Melf lived in a harsh environment when he was young, he created Acid Arrow to target trolls and then invented Melfs God-Slaying Spell because of the bullying from evil gods.

As for Mordenkainen, he was born in a time when there were very few Mages and when they were weak, so he invented spells, all of which were offensive spells of various sizes, as well as the spell model system to reduce the difficulty of learning spells to train more of his kind.

Finally, to fight against the Goddess of Fortune, he managed to create Mages Disjunction.

And for Mystra, the reason why she invented Protection From Arrows was simple.

She was from a great family, and ever since she was sensible, shed seen her grandmothers, brother, uncle, and other relatives die due to the long-range bow and arrow assassinations of rival nobles.

At that time, Hawkeye Archers were a nightmare for all spellcasters.

Within 400 meters, if one were to aim for the eye, one would never hit the mouth.

However, with Protection From Arrows, it was still easy for a powerful longbow shot to penetrate the protective spell layer, and so Mystra invented Arrow Deflection.

Together, the two spells finally gave Mages the courage to stand before Hawkeye Archers.

Mages then fought back and put an end to Hawkeye Archers, the most headache-inducing profession for Mages at that time.

And severed their legacy in passing.

Now there were no Hawkeye Archers in the entire world.

In reality, it was not only Mages; other professions also hated Hawkeye Archers, so the entire world watched and didnt help as Hawkeye Archers were hunted down and annihilated by Mages.

The matter of the virginity of the Goddess of Magic was also related to this spell that she invented.

Mystra had become quite famous after inventing these two spells.

So her family had her marry the son of a grand duke.

After the two met, they both felt good toward each other and got along quite well.

But unfortunately, a disaster happened. One day, the grand dukes son invited Mystra to his estateat that time, the Hawkeye Archers hadnt been annihilated-and someone infiltrated the vicinity of the estate to kill Mystra, the woman who had invented two spells to counter archers.

The Hawkeye Archer had managed to lock onto the target and the arrow was about to hit Mystra when the Arrow Deflection she cast on herself all year round came into effect.

The arrow was deflected toward the grand dukes son and passed through his groin.

The arrow fired by the Hawkeye Archer could easily pass through a centimeter-thick steel plate, not to mention flesh and blood.

At that time, the grand dukes son bled between his legs and passed out. Although he was saved afterward, and that thing grew back with magic, the grand dukes son suffered from mental anxiety and could never get it hard again.

Not even spiritual magic could cure it.

After taking out a lot of compensation, there was no conclusion for Mystra and the son of the grand duke.

Her family then helped her find a son of an earl, handsome with a wealthy family and an all right personality, and they also got along well.

Then misfortune struck again, and it was on the seventh day after the formal betrothal that the son of the earl went with his own familys private army to exterminate bandits in the mountains, and he returned but only the lower half of his body.

By this time there was already a rumor going around that Mystra was bad luck.

In the end, the family helped Mystra find another son of a marquis, who was not to her liking, and though it was said to be a marriage to connect families, the son was actually used as a pawn.

This man was also very flirtatious. He didnt dare to mess with Mystra, but he made moves on his own maidservants.

Many maidservants were knocked up and then abandoned by him.

It was a vicious cycle.

In the end, an accident also happened to the son of the marquis, and one night he disappeared.

The next day, he was found naked and dead in a ditch outside his estate-his man jewels were also gone.

No one dared to marry Mystra after that.

In this world, people believed very much in such things as fate or curses.

Mystra, in the eyes of the world, had been given the curse of remaining a virgin forever.

All sorts of funny, unpleasant rumors came about.

This also became an enduring joke in the magic world.

Mystras virginity was just as magical and charismatic as the Dwarves stone wives[1].

After laughing at Mystra, the atmosphere in the conference room fell silent again.

"It is logical that after the new spell is offered to Mystra, she would send it back shortly after to the altar for it to be learned by others," said Alfred slowly, "but this time its different. The spell model hasnt appeared after such a long time. This reminds me of the blue Inferior Fireball, which has been known to appear and disappear, so I suspect that Rolands spell this time is also quite powerful and that the Goddess of Magic wants to keep it for herself and doesnt want to announce it anymore."

"Thats so selfish," shouted one of the elders in displeasure.

Another elder said, "But it doesnt matter, Roland is still with us. It doesnt matter if Mystra gives us the spell model or not. As long as were on good terms with Roland, isnt it simple to get that spell?"

Alfreds expression appeared relaxed as he smiled. "Mystras greatest weakness is that she has too few believers. There are too few of us Mages who are willing to believe in her, which makes her growth slow and puts a limit to it. And her not announcing spell models now is presumably to save them and use it to eventually blackmail and to control us." Everyone nodded, thinking that Alfred had a point.


"So I think that in the future, when we have a new spell, dont offer it to Mystra, the Goddess of Magic. Keep it for yourself; only those who have passed our assessment can learn it. This way, one day we can catch up to Mystras level, and finally fling her from her position as the Goddess of Magic, and the throne will be ours to sit on." Hearing Alfreds words, everyone revealed a mysterious smile. High-level Mages, especially Legendary Mages, were a bunch of maniacs.

They believed that since Mystra could become a god, they would also have a chance to become one.

However, there was only one Divine Spark of Magic, so they had to drag Mystra down if one of them was going to become a god.

Then they would be able to ascend.

And they were also working on this. The establishment of the major Magic Towers at first was just for the purpose of an exchange of spells and magic knowledge, but it had grown to the point where the academic fanatics of the various Magic Towers and the Legendary Mages had become quite inflated or confident.

They felt that when a Mage reached Legend, the next step was to set their sights on the Demigod level and eventually become the new god of magic.

Now, when everyone was weak, they would unite first, and when they were strong, they would then decide on a new magic leader, and when this magic leader became a god, the leader would come back and bring them to the divine realm of magic.

So the higher-ups of the various Magic Towers were not interested in Mystra.

They even harbored an amount of animosity for her.

As for why the various Magic Towers had a church for the Goddess of Magic, they wanted to know just what new spells Mystra had recently acquired.

"One more thing, now that Roland has once again refreshed our knowledge of his talent." Alfred tapped on the wooden table to focus everyones attention on himself. "Anyway, well have to speed up the implementation of our plan. Next, you guys gather information on Roland, first find out what he likes and doesnt like, become friends with him, and find a way to get him to hand over his new spell model. Buy it with gold, exchange it with spell models, and so on; just dont use forceful and underhanded tactics."

"Based on my personal experience, trading with spell models should work," Murphy interjected.

"Then you can try that first." Alfred nodded. "Ill make a trip back to the country next and then invite the First Princess as a guest at the Red Magic Tower."

Everyone in the Council of Elders understood something, and they all smiled obscenely.

At the same time, Roland and Andonara returned to the manor.

Marilyn was still hanging from the tree branch, and when she saw Roland, her large teary eyes were filled with pleading.

Roland didnt look at her and walked straight into the lab in the stone building.

Andonara stood below the catgirl, looking up at the latter with a teasing smile on her face. "Havent you realized your mistake yet, little catgirl!"


Marilyn turned her head away from Andonara.

She thought that sooner or later Roland would help her. There was no reason whythat was just what she believed.

So she couldnt admit defeat to this vicious woman.

Andonara saw the expression on the side of her face and knew what she was thinking.

She now said slowly, "You know, Im a queen, and I know how to deal with disobedient kittens because there are many, many kittens in the palace. But youre Rolands cat, so I wont do anything to you, but if youre still unconvinced, Ill complain about you to Roland and tell him that youre wild and untameable. After a few times, Roland will be disappointed in you and finally throw you out of this house."

Originally, Marilyn wasnt too afraid, but after hearing these words, her fur stood on end.

For werecats, being without a home was quite a terrifying thing.

Particularly for insecure werecats like her, who had previously lived in hiding.

After living for a while in safety, she had become addicted to the peace and security of her life.

It would be horrible for her to be like that again, living every day in fear.

Now, when she looked into Andonaras eyes, she was more than a little afraid.

Andonara smiled with satisfaction at the change in her expression. At this time in the magic lab, Roland was also stunned.

Because the game system popped up with a rare announcement.

System: An official event will be held soon, please visit the official website for details.

Roland immediately opened his browser and found the newly-released announcement.

"The game has been in beta for a year and a half, and the majority of players have enough knowledge of the games content. In ten days, there will be a strongest squad (group) competition, divided into two events, 5v5 and guild battles. Please click on the link below for the rules of the competition."

Rolands eyes widened. This was the first official event that would be held.

[1] reference to The Lord of the Rings