Mages Are Too Op Chapter 484

Chapter 484 No Need For Tactics

Since this games so-called beta release, the game officials had been idle, and after all this time, they only updated some game data and added two maps that no one had been able to go to yet.

Although Roland did go to Paradise of Life once, it was a passive visit, not an active one.

Now even if you asked him to go again, he wouldnt be able to find his way.

So it didnt count.

Usually, if there was no need, the game officials wouldnt even bother to make an announcement. Netizens called them the most chill game officials.

It was surprising that such idle game officials made a game event.

Roland clicked on the event details link.

The long page of text took some time to read, and Roland tsked, a little upset. The limitations were significant, especially for both him and Schuck, and they were simply the following:

First of all, to keep the game fair, there wouldnt be one-versus-one matches, because some professions naturally countered other professions.

Second, all participants would be forcibly locked at level five, with the higher going down and the lower going up.

Third, half an hour before the start of the game, all players consciousness would be transported to a huge arena. Every players equipment would be stripped and stored in their Backpack, and only equipment provided by the game system could be used, with half an hour given to the players to choose their setup.

Fourth, special "foreign objects" wouldnt be brought into play, such as Schucks Fire Dragon Princess, but a spellcasters contracted magic pet wouldnt be restricted.

Fifth, spells with an effective damage range greater than a five-meter radius would not work, such as Rolands nuclear fireball, which was already an epic spell and too powerful and impossible to counter once it appeared in a game event.

Sixth, at most 50 people per team would be allowed on the field in the team scramble survival tournament.

Seventh, the maximum duration of a team scramble tournament was two weeks, during which the game world would be temporarily frozen and wouldnt affect the flow of the players game in any way.

There were other notes on the tournament rules, so it seemed the officials were trying to be as fair as possible.

It was fair to others, but the restrictions on F6 were much greater.

The dragon princess couldnt participate in the battle, Roland was missing his strongest crowd-attacking method, and the epic equipment they had was sealed.

For example, Schucks Heart of Light, a divine artifact, and Rolands Mind-Calming Necklace, both of which were things that could change the situation of a battle, could not be used anymore.

Roland opened the forum after reading the detailed description of the event.

He discovered that the players on the forums, as he expected, were happy with the officials restrictions on F6. "Ah, good job game officials, cheaters should be severely restricted." "Theyre not exactly cheaters, its just that these two are either too talented or too lucky."

"I dont care if hes talented or lucky, if hes better than me, hes cheating (doge)."

"Its indeed been made fair, but the truth is that its not fair. Roland and Schuck also worked hard to reach this level, they didnt cheat. Who will make sure that its fair for them when the game officials do this? Is there going to be a day in the future when some of us are just as strong and just as restricted as they are, will you still think its fair then?"

"Game events are only interesting when everyones on the same starting line. If we dont restrict these two, then the winner of the tournament will definitely be predetermined."

"So what if the two of them are restricted, this way the Phoenix Guild, which is full of Elven Summoners, will come out on top. Who can deal with a large number of summoned beasts without a wide-range offensive spell?"

"Maintaining summons requires magic power, but its not a problem for the girls to take turns summoning. Restricting the F6 guild and thinking about the fact that there are still a group of phoenixes gives me a headache." "You guys think that limiting Rolands group attack spells limits an extremely talented Mage like Roland? Dream on."

"Attacking is the basis of all victory. I cant imagine, without offensive spells, what else can Roland do? Whats the difference between him and a normal Mage player? At most, he has better battle sense and positioning, and can fight three or four at a time. This is still within the capabilities of a normal person, and many high-end players can do it."

"Well never understand how scary a real Mage is."

This last comment was from the almighty ONeal.

Roland laughed. It was true as ONeal said, although the game officials limited the range of his magical attacks, the blue fireball still had a range to it. Five-meter radius, that meant ten meters in diameter, which wasnt small.

Since it couldnt have a wide range, it wouldnt be bad to launch several smaller ones. Besides, Mages didnt only have evoking magic; there were several other types of magic.

Many support types of magic were capable of turning the tides if used properly.

When todays game time was over, Roland exited from the game and rode a public bike to the cold drink bar.

As usual, Schuck was the first to arrive and had already had the waiter prepare breakfast.

Roland still wasnt shy about pouring himself a bowl of soy milk before picking up a youtiao and eating it, chatting casually with Schuck while they waited for their other friends to come over.

About half an hour later, everyone who was supposed to be there had arrived.

Betta, who was still in college, certainly couldnt run back.

Schuck finished his soy milk, put down the porcelain bowl, and said, "What do you all think about the team survival battle, just the seven of us and no more?"

No one spoke.

At this moment, Li Lin said, "But the team survival battle, a group has a maximum of fifty people, and we, including Betta, are only seven people, so I dont think we have much chance of winning. We can work with others for now I want to win."

"I have a different opinion about that," Schuck said lightly. "Seven of us is enough, and calling in others feels like there will definitely be problems with coordination. Its hard to establish a good enough rapport now that we only have ten days, and I wouldnt even want Betta to join us if not for the consideration of how easily the young minds of children can be influenced."

Thats cruel, so heartless to even your own cousin.

"Since youve made your point to such an extent, I have no problem with seven people." Li Lin smiled. "Fewer people will make it more challenging."

"Actually, in a chaotic fight like this, fewer and better may not be a good thing," Roland suddenly said. "According to the information given by the officials, what were entering may be a super large map; the event format may be drawn from the current popular battle royale mode. Because its the first official event, the battle time is ten days, so I think that there will be many people participating in this event. Out of the five hundred thousand players, I guess there should be three hundred thousand to four hundred thousand players because I saw an option to randomly match teammates in the registration system. Its estimated that a lot of people will be involved."

"Wouldnt more people be more disadvantageous to us?" asked Li Lin.

"No, on the contrary, small groups are more conducive to raiding and evading. The maps terrain must be quite complex, and large groups are affected more than small groups. After all, dispatch and command is a big problem. Small teams arent at a huge disadvantage."

Li Lin replied, "Oh, I understand what you mean. Small teams are more conducive to surviving in a complex natural environment, right?"

Roland laughed. "Hundreds of thousands of people running into the circle[1], a super large map, maybe as large as a municipality, like Shanghai, I feel so excited just thinking about it."

They couldnt help but fantasize about hundreds of thousands of people fighting each other on a complex, super-sized map.

Forceful attacks, hiding, trapping, outflanking, deceiving, using everything that could be used.

After ten days of bloodshed, the person or group that was left at the end would be the winner.

Gee, so f**king cool.

A real spectacle; the battlefields of World War II were probably on this scale.

Schuck breathed out, as he also became excited.

For most men, such a scene would be impossible to resist.

"Well talk about the battle royale later, but for now, lets talk about the team battle at the beginning." Schuck slapped the table and said, "There are seven of us, exactly five mains and two replacements. The replacements will be Betta and Husseret. One of you is a balanced professional and one is a Thief, and youre somewhat vulnerable in a frontal five-versus-five battle, so replacements will depend on the situation."

Husseret nodded, having no objections.

As for Betta, he was still in school, so he definitely wouldnt have a problem.

"All right, lets lay out the tactical cooperation," Schuck continued. "Everyone tell me your abilities and specialties, Ill produce some statistics, and finally leave it to Roland to combine and optimize them and come up with the right tactical play for us."

"Why me?" Roland was a little puzzled. "Youre a Saint Samurai, the absolute core of the team. Im just a Mage, I only need to be in charge of controlling the field. Naturally, you should be the one to set up the tactics."

"Youre already setting up the tactics for us." Li Lin laughed. "Then thats settled, develop a corresponding tactical system with Schuck as the core."

Schuck frowned. "Me as the core, thats not good."

"Having the ability to fight, tank, heal, deal damage, whether solo or in a group, youre always the boss." Roland chuckled. "If youre not the core, who will be? And once you wear armor, it shines with golden light, taunting enemies-only you can be the core."

"Fine," Schuck said helplessly. "Then Ill be the sandbag. Roland came up with a good tactic."

"No need, just improvise as usual." Roland waved his hand indifferently. "Weve all been working together for so many years, playing together since we were kids. What kind of personalities we have, are we all still not clear about that with each other? Just be casual when the time comes, I feel we have a good chance of winning." The F6 members smiled.

The odds were very good indeed.

Although Li Lin and Brazil and the others werent famous players in the game, they were the top ones.

Most importantly, Roland and Schuck were too strong.

The other teams had a single core. They had twin engines on their side.

For the rest of the day, players called out to others on the forums and formed teams.

Surprisingly, a total of 490,000 players opted to participate in the event.

It was almost one hundred percent of all players.

It could be seen how much players valued and looked forward to this event.

Ten days later, as soon as Roland entered the game, his consciousness was transported to a small, strange sealed house.

There was a black ball in the middle of the house stereoscopic projector.

[1] safety zone in battle royale games