Mages Are Too Op Chapter 485

Chapter 485 Feces Fire Tactic Is Awesome

A sealed concrete square room, and a black ball.

The black ball was a stereoscopic projector, surrounded by a lot of stereoscopic light and shadows, and one could interact with what was on it by walking up and touching it. They greeted each other and found their position.

There was a countdown to the start of the tournament.

There were twenty-nine minutes until the tournament started.

It also explained the rules for the five-versus-five matches.

The tournament was based on a point system, not an elimination system.

Three points for a win, no points for a loss, and one point each for a draw.

Once the tournament started, there would be a two-minute break for each match that ended, but of course, you could also fight earlier if you felt like it.

The tournament matched those with similar scores and didnt guarantee complete fairness, only relative fairness, as the former was impossible.

Occasionally, there would be matches where the score difference was more than twenty points.

This wasnt a system error, just a matching mechanism issue, and after all, luck was a part of strength.

The tournament would last for 24 hours in-game. The team with the highest score at the end of the tournament would be the winner.

"According to the rules, our equipment set-up needs to have a specific purpose." After reading the rules of the match, Roland immediately said, "I looked at the equipment provided by the system and they are all low-grade standardized enchanted equipment, with only one or two special properties. So I suggest that a pure physical professions set up must focus on physical stamina recovery. A balance of stamina, constitution, and magic power for Schuck and Betta, and Ill have pure magic regeneration. Under these match rules, we have to keep fighting, so battle endurance is important."

Schuck thought for a moment and said, "But this way, our base attributes will be worse than the opponents. Although I also have a combat aura that can boost certain attributes in a wide range, the boost is not large; it mainly has a wide range thats suitable for large groups."

"Its okay, I can take care of the attributes."

Roland snapped his fingers repeatedly, and a magical glow spread over the seven of them. Extreme body fortification, agility, attack speed increase, movement increase, lesser physical defense boost, and so on.

At least eight different types of buffs were stacked on them.

"But I dont have the means to add stamina and endurance to eliminate your fatigue, so combat endurance is of paramount importance to us."

Suddenly feeling much stronger, Schuck gave Roland a thumbs up. "Mages are awesome."

He was originally level eight, but after teleporting in and becoming level five, he felt a lot weaker.

With a round of buffs added, he felt as if he was back to level eight.

Roland smiled.

It wasnt like he hadnt prepared for anything in the previous ten days. Since his blue fireball was officially banned, he would naturally make up for it in other ways.

So he optimized a large number of enhancement spells first.

Some spells could deal with complex environments that were also optimized to gain a greater advantage in the second tournament team battle royale.

The F6 members all felt the enhancement in their attributes, and besides, Roland had always been the army adviser type of character in their group, so the others would consider what he said a little more, even if it didnt sound reasonable.

Since there was no problem in terms of attributes, then naturally they would listen to Roland

Within ten minutes, everyone had their gear readied.

The next step was to wait.

Schuck and the others were a bit nervous, but Roland seemed calm and collected because of the mental power enhancement that came with the Mage profession. He continued to operate the black balls stereoscopic projection and found that he could search for videos of other teams games. He entered a random number, and the system prompted, "The tournament hasnt started, there is no such team number."

I see.

Roland went back to his friends and chatted with them, making dirty jokes to lower the tension.

Time passed quickly and then five minutes before the start of the tournament, they got their team number.


Well, thats an interesting number.

Everyone revealed ambiguous smiles, including Betta.

Schuck then spotted Bettas smile. "Boy, it looks like youve lost your virginity, and you even know what 69 means."

Betta could only laugh dryly.

Li Lin and the others immediately became curious, and they surrounded Betta.

They asked him about the brothel where his first rite of passage was held, how old the girl was, if she was pretty, and so on.

When men got together, they either talked about politics or women-boring and vulgar was just the way it was.

Betta could still only laugh embarrassingly without saying anything.

As they pressed Betta to confess, Betta gradually couldnt resist anymore.

At this moment, the black ball made a sound: "The tournament has officially started, would you like to start matching?"

They then let Betta off the hook.

Betta sighed in relief.

Schuck put on his heavy armor, and under the effect of Saint Samurais specialty, Body of Light, golden veined magic patterns gradually appeared on his standardized armor, looking extremely beautiful.

He looked at Roland and asked, "Surely there will be teams that wont be in a hurry to fight, but will watch the others fight for a game or two before deciding on their equipment set up and tactics. Should we also watch for a while?"

"No need." Roland waved his hand. "According to the rules, as long as we get points to place in the top as soon as possible, there will only be the top ten teams that will be matched afterward, and its all those teams back and forth, so we dont need to think about too many tactics. You have to understand that the configuration of the best teams is similar, and the budding players tactics are very strange. The masters tactics can still be traced-how to counter and prevent can be considered. The newbies all kinds of strange configurations, playing against them will be quite a headache. Thats why I think its easier to keep winning by trying to increase our score first and fighting fixed teams." "Okay, Ill start then."

Schuck, the titular captain, walked up to the black ball projector and clicked on the match option.

A pale white circle slowly rotated in the center of the interface, and in a short while, the black ball emitted a ding, then the five people saw a blur and were transported to a grassland.

A blue square boundary spread out around them. Roland looked around and saw that the boundary was quite large, about a hundred by hundred by a hundred-meter cube of space.

On the opposite side, there were five pixelated shadows.

At this moment, it was the battle preparation state, and the personnel involved in the match could be changed.

Shuck looked around and said, "This is grassland terrain, should we switch Husseret


"No need." Roland shook his head. "The grassland terrain isnt complicated, and Thieves have no advantage in this environment, so just start."

Schuck chose the option "ready to go" in the system.

It wasnt long before the other side was ready as well, then a gong suddenly sounded in the boundary and the match officially began. The five pixelated shadows on the other side became five archers at once.

Roland subconsciously ducked behind Schuck.

Next, he snapped his fingers repeatedly and applied all kinds of enhancement spells to everyone, followed by level-two spell Protection From Arrows. "The other side is going to lose for sure," Roland said bluntly.

After casting enhancement spells, Roland had no desire to attack at all. He hid and watched his three friends charge up, and Brazil, the ranger, slowly moved forward, releasing arrows out of the blue from time to time to interfere with the enemys attacks.

His blank panther turned invisible.


The five archers on the other side, all of whom seemed to have special professions to enhance their rate of fire, shot in rapid succession at the same time, and actually produced a kind of Gatling gun effect. A continuous stream of arrows was fired at the four of them, but they were bounced off by Protection From Arrows.

Seeing that long-range attack was ineffective, the five began to retreat and fire.

Generally, there were limits to defensive spells, and even Protection From Arrows would disappear after blocking a certain number and power of arrows.

So they continued to pull back.

The archers were good at maneuvering, but unfortunately, Rolands friends with various enhancement spells were not slow either, not to mention that the boundary had a range, and the archers couldnt forever keep their distance. Once they reached the end of the boundary, they were bound to turn the corner, and then they were caught up by the three melee professionals.

As a Saint Samurai, Schuck was capable of long-range attacks, but to save his magic power, he chose close combat.

With the Saint Samurais unique White Sun Assault Sword Art, the golden wings behind him, and the acceleration spell, he easily caught up with the two archers and took them out with ease.

Li Lin and Raffel each took one out.

Brasils pet panther, in steal mode, took out an archer.

In less than two minutes, the five opponents were killed.

They were then teleported back to the small house.

Husseret and Betta were waiting there. They had watched the entire match through the projector.

As soon as they appeared, Betta shouted, "Everyones so impressive. Were number one for now, and we were the first to end our match."

Beta spoke as he pointed to the ranks on the black ball projector.

But in the few moments that he was talking, three teams won almost simultaneously, and all of a sudden there were four teams tied for first place.

"Everyone, sit down and rest, and as soon as your strength returns, say so and well continue to match for opponents."

Thanks to Rolands previous comment about setting up with endurance equipment, all five of them were able to recover their stamina or magic quite quickly. In less than three minutes, everyones status was at 100% again.

Schuck again immediately pressed the button to match for opponents.

In the second match, the opponents were a combination of two shield Warriors, an Archer, a Priest, and a Warlock.

And that Warlock was the disgusting fire feces Warlock.

There was supposed to be an advantage on Rolands side; the shield Warriors and the Archer had been taken out and no one was taken out on Rolands side.

Victory was in sight.

But in the end, the Warlocks big white maggot self-destructed.

Feverishly spewing out massive amounts of hot, yellowish-white liquid feces.

With fire feces flying everywhere, there was no place to land in the sky or on the ground.

The space within the boundary looked quite large, but not for the smell, and there was no wind!

The entire boundary stank and was so disgusting that it made people dizzy and want to vomit.

Luckily, with the Extreme Body Fortification, Roland and the others had better physiques than the opponents, and the two sides stayed where they were and endured, vomiting and waiting for each other to die.

This battle lasted thirty-seven minutes.

When they came out of the arena, Rolands face was pale and his steps were wobbly.

"Thats why I hate fighting against newbie teams. You never know what kind of shenanigans theyll pull." Roland covered his mouth, and just as he spoke, he almost coughed up bile. "This wont do. Magic Shield cant defend against this feces smell which has magical effects, I have to specially create a spell that can defend against this disgusting thing."