Mages Are Too Op Chapter 487

Chapter 487 Victorious In Small Team Battles

For both Hawk and Link, meeting Roland was the last thing they wanted to happen.

The F6 team was recognized as the strongest, which could be seen from their two battles.

Unlike those teams that won in strange ways, the overall strength of F6 was really strong, with no shortcomings.

The front line, backline, support, and healing, they had it all, and none of it was bad.

Even such a disgusting stench attack could be endured purely with their attributes, wearing down the fire Feces Warlocks.

The win rate for such a team was very high.

Also, Hawk and Link owed a lot to Roland. Now that theyd bumped into him if they fought seriously, they would feel sorry for doing so, and if they didnt fight seriously, they wouldnt enjoy themselves and would feel uncomfortable.

While they were still at a loss, Roland didnt think about it that much.

Whats the point of being a pussy during the match? Just go!

Several group enhancement spells were added to his teammates, and the Barbarian Li Lin jumped right over, followed by the Shield Warrior Raffel.

Schuck spread apart a pair of light wings, looking unbelievably handsome.

Brazil already fired the first arrow.

Roland, on the other hand, stared at Link and directly used Hypnosis on him.

Based on his previous experience, Roland found that Link had a slightly weaker soul for some reason, and his mental power was slightly lesser as a result.

Using mental magic on him was extremely effective.

Sure enough, just as Link was about to resist Li Lins Leap Slash, Rolands Hypnosis hit him first, and Links consciousness fell into a trance and his movements stalled.

Experts exchanged blows in an instant. During this trance, Li Lin came down from the sky, his giant sword about to slash Link.

Hawk noticed that something was off with Link, and blocked directly in front of him to hold off Li Lins attack, but after a loud metallic crash, Hawks entire body was pressed down such that he was on one knee because of the blows immense power.

This shook the ground and raised a cloud of dust.

But it wasnt over yet, and Raffel charged in, hitting the unsuspecting Hawk.

Hawk was knocked right off the cliff, letting out a sharp scream-he was afraid of heights.

Link then shook his head, coming to his senses and looking at Hawk who was sent flying backward. He shouted sadly and furiously, "No"

An arrow went right through his eye, and with an "Oh" he fell on his back, his body seizing a few times before all movement ceased.

Li Lin tsked; as a Barbarian he instinctively liked to fight and felt quite annoyed his target was killed. Looking around, he found that the enemies were all dead.

Two others also died under Brazils arrows, and one was cut in two by Schucks giant sword.

F6 settled the fight in almost half a minute.

Hawk and Link of Silver Wings, who were already behind Roland and the others in level, and who had recently been running the port business, hadnt clashed with anyone for a long time and were a bit rusty in terms of fighting. Besides, Roland and the others didnt feel any mental pressure when they fought, whereas Hawks and Links mentalities were weakened when they saw Roland.

With these two combined, the difference appeared great.

The livestream of the F6 teams battle was the most watched.

At this time, many people were exclaiming on the pop-up comments: Silver Wings is no good after it disbanded that time, and although it is now reconstituted, their ambitions are gone, and a few core members alone cant accomplish anything.

More people were thinking about how they should deal with F6.

The team was so well-rounded that it was almost impossible to find any weaknesses.

The other teams in the tournament started a lot of shenanigans, but they were also easy to counter.

For example, a team full of Summoner girls was instantly annihilated by a shot of yellow and white stuff.

The teams with maggot Warlocks, on the other hand, as long as one could endure the stench and toxin attacks better than they could, it was almost a sure victory.

Exiting from the playing field, Roland and the others took a break of about two minutes then started the next game.

Now that they were in first place, they obviously had to keep extending their advantage.

"No matter what, you guys just charge forward after I add buffs. Dont wimp out, it doesnt matter even if we lose occasionally, we have a high win rate. As long as the number of fights is high enough, our score will be high.


In theory, Roland was not wrong to say this, but as soon as he finished his sentence, he was proven wrong by a bizarre team.

The match was on the beach.

The opponents were five Priests.

Priests were a very versatile profession, able to resist and fight, capable of long-range and close-range combat.

It wasnt unusual to have two Priests in a team of five, but having all five as Priests wasnt good.

According to the previous tactics, as long as it wasnt maggot Warlocks, everyone could charge up directly.

This was what Schuck and the others did.

But that was when the accident happened; as Schuck and the others rushed to the five Priests, they tore their heavy armor to shreds with their magic and spewed it.

The Water God Churchs unique skill, Exploding Armor.

The dense shards of metal armor spewed out like sprawling black sands, shooting Schuck and the other two, who were rushing forward, into sieves.

Their bodies were densely embedded with sharp, irregularly-shaped pieces of metal. Those with trypophobia would pass out on the spot if they saw it.

Even having Protection From Arrows didnt help, as too many attacks directly exceeded the strength limit of the protection spell.

Brazil, in the middle of the field, was struck by a dozen stray shots of metal armor shrapnel, one of which hit him directly in the heart, killing him instantly.

Then in the blink of an eye, Roland was left alone.

Rolands eyes widened, appearing extremely surprised. Then he shook his head helplessly. "S**t, so the Water God Churchs Exploding Armor skill is this terrifying when multiple people use it at the same time."

He then watched as five strong men wearing only their underwear, holding spiked spike hammers, rushed toward him with grim looks.

Although he could still resist a bit, his opponents already had no "ultimate move" and no means of defense and he might win, it would be too much of a waste of time.

And "wrestling" with five muscular, topless, fierce men was not a pleasurable thing to do.

Roland didnt hesitate to throw a small blue fireball at his feet, and the violent explosion and flames directly engulfed him.

He revived inside the match waiting room.

The F6 members expressions were befuddled, and after a while, all seven of them laughed almost simultaneously.

This game is too damn interesting.

There was always a surprise coming when they thought they were about to be invincible.

Roland said, "We failed miserably. Next time, be careful when we encounter Priests. Brazil and I will test them with long-range attacks to make sure they arent Water God Churchs Priests, then you guys can go up for melee combat, otherwise, Ill take care of it. Everyone, keep recovering, and once youre in good shape, Schuck will keep matchmaking. Were still in the first place right now, theres no need to rush."

It was indeed as Roland had said; they had a relatively higher win rate.

The other strong teams each had their own special characteristics, but each of their own natural counters.

For example, the Summoner girls had no way to deal with the maggot Warlocks.

They would just lie down and admit defeat when they encountered them.

And the team of maggot Warlocks wouldnt have it easy if they encountered those that were particularly tolerant of the stench.

As F6 continued their games, their win rate increased.

Because for the next few matches, they never lost again.

And the top ten were also roughly set.

Two teams from the Phoenix Guild were on the list, and the Summoner girls had almost no rival other than the maggot Warlocks, who they were most afraid of. Then there were also two teams in the top ten with maggot Warlocks at their core, and in the ranking between the eleventh and the hundredth place, the share of teams with maggot Warlocks was quite high.

Among the top hundred teams, those with maggot Warlocks accounted for more than thirty of the teams.

Teams with a full Summoner configuration only accounted for five teams.

One could imagine how strong the maggot Warlocks battle adaptability was.

After a dozen more rounds, Roland and the others battle frequency slowed down.

They were the ones who had deliberately slowed down because F6s score was already leading by thirty-three points from second place.

The second places score was only half of theirs

Once they had enough points, they calmed down and only played one game about every half-hour.

The rest of the time they spent watching livestreams.

Seeing how the others played, looking at the configurations of the other teams, learning something from them, and also finding ways to target these tournament teams.

In the livestream, there was a Great Swordsman who started with a Whirlwind Slash in a sea of summoned creatures, but unfortunately, some of the summoned creatures were flying.

The man was then flooded by the spells of summoned creatures flying in the air.

"Summoning is still powerful." Schuck sighed. "Its mostly the rules of the game that limit them, otherwise theyd come out with hundreds of summons and I dont think anyone could beat them."

"How could they not restrict them?" Li Lin grunted, dissatisfied. "Youre both restricted, or else one of you would be riding a dragon and one of you would be using super-powerful group attack spells, see if the Summoners can resist!"

Good point!

It would be useless for the opponent to have any more summoned creatures if they did not limit the power of Rolands Inferior Fireball.

"The five-versus-five team battles are still not very fair," said Roland. "The playing field is too small for long-range professions, which basically limits their survivability. The only thing that can really tell if a profession or a group is strong or not is probably the team scramble tournament that will be held tomorrow."

Roland started talking about tomorrows tournament, and it was clear that he meant that victory was already in their hands.

And indeed it was.

Theyd played against the top twenty teams once.

The only defeat was a surprising feat by the Priests of the Water God Church and the rest of the games consisted of F6 crushing the other teams.

Even after encountering the Phoenix Guilds female Summoners, Schuck and the others rushed up, tangled with the other team, and attracted their attention. Meanwhile, Roland just had to bombard the rear with small blue fireballs with a five-meter radius in a frenzy, and Roland blew up as many creatures as the other party summoned. It was simply ruthless to the extreme.

Of course, this was also related to the fact that the opponents summons had been disproportionate in size, or else, once the number was large enough to trigger the summoners unique summoning force field boundary skill, it would be difficult for Rolands fireballs to break their defense.

Unless the fireball was increased to more than two meters in diameter.

That kind of blast had a tremendous range and was completely powerful enough to break the defense of the summoned creatures force field boundary. Having beaten the maggot Warlocks and the Summoners, they had a clear idea of what the top twenty teams patterns were.

There were no more surprises to speak of, and now it was just a matter of waiting for the days small team battle tournament to end.

What happened next was just as they had expectedthere were no surprises to speak of.

Roland and the others took their time and played another dozen games, maintaining the first-place score until the end of the tournament.

The official announcement of the 69th teams win came in the system announcement.

Then it was announced that the real highlight of the event, the team scramble, would begin tomorrow at this time.

Everyone in F6 seemed quite excited.

There were no space or rule restrictionseverything could be used-so the truly brutal battle would begin tomorrow.