Mages Are Too Op Chapter 488

Chapter 488 A Mages First Priority Is To Protect Logistics

The worlds largest true-to-life scale map.

For the first time in the world, more than 400,000 players on the same server were competing These two elements alone combined were already extremely appealing, not to mention the fact that this was the worlds first immersive virtual reality game.

This was why all the players who participated were so excited.

The previous team battles were not really of great interest to the players, who emphasized participation, but it was a drill to see if the five-versus-five team coordination could be useful on the large battlefield.

More importantly, the rewards for the top ten in the five-versus-five team battles were so-so.

It was just one piece of excellent magic equipment of each team players choice for the victors.

The second to the ninth place was just awarded with some gold coins.

The real reward was in the team scramble battles.

The first team would receive two additional professional specialties.

The second team would receive an extra specialty

The third team could choose to receive an attribute boost of one point of their choice.

Players were well aware that specialties were fundamental to a profession, the second being attributes.

Being able to get two specialties meant that you would have an advantage over others with equipment of the same level that was similar.

And some skills and specialties, if paired well, were greater than the sum of their parts.

Roland entered the game on time and was transported directly to a sealed room like last time, but it was so much bigger that there would be no problem fitting a hundred people into it.

It didnt take long for all the F6 members to arrive.

Roland carefully inspected the detailed rules of the team scramble.

First of all, the real-time for the tournament was eight hours or one night, but in the games time, it was ten days long.

It was no longer a matter of super-advanced technology, and it even gave the terrifying illusion that the game officials could even stop time.

The explanation given by the games official was: we temporarily froze the entire game worlds time, giving up the vast majority of computing power over there to put it on this tournament map. Roland snickered after reading it.

He certainly did not buy that.

He quickly navigated through the rules of the game, then looked at the time. There were still ten minutes until the match started.

Turning around, he said to his friends behind him, "This team scramble is different from the team battles. First of all, the map is extremely large, and the game is extremely long, and most importantly, this game is very focused on survival. Right now, under the character status bar, there is a hunger bar, and our Backpacks are temporarily emptied, which means that in addition to competing with players, we also have to solve the problem of survival in the wild, so after entering the game, if there is no danger, prioritize collecting survival resources." Everyone nodded their heads to show that they understood.

Only Li Lin was upset and said, "The game officials are so troublesome. Its rare that theyve held an event, why cant we just fight or do whatever feels the best. Whats with so many random configurations!" "I think its more interesting this way." Roland smiled. "This is fit to be called a survival battle


Li Lin shrugged.

"Its the same as before: were outnumbered, and well survive as long as we can last in the early stages until the mid to late stages, then well power on."

Schuck smiled. "No problem."

It was F6s habit to set a simple plan for the time being

After all, there were a lot of variables in the tournament, and other plans had to be improvised based on the situations after entering the tournament.

They sat down and waited patiently, and after several minutes, the system sent out a countdown to the start of the tournament, and as the time reached zero, their vision went white, and then they realized that they had arrived on a hill.

There was a blue sky and white clouds overhead, and in the surroundings, there was a purple curtain of light descending from the void in the distance, forming an immeasurably large circular wall, isolating the outside world.

It seemed that the purple light curtain was the so-called wall of air and poison.

The wall of light was so far away from them that Roland intuited from his own experience that the inner diameter of the circle of light was at least forty kilometers.

"What a big map."

Roland exclaimed.

He couldnt help but get excited just thinking about the fact that there were around 400,000 people hidden in this large map.

Beside him, Schuck asked, "What next?"

The F6 members all gathered around, waiting for Roland to give orders.

"The guild system is blocked and the chat system cant be used." Roland had already checked the function of his system. "So first we have to figure out long-distance contact." Everyone frowned.

The terrain of this map was very complex.

Now that they were on the hills, there were already a lot of trees here, and the terrain looked green and undulating from afar. It was easy to lose track of their companions if they werent careful.

But if they didnt spread out and explore, it would be hard for them to gain an intelligence advantage.

After all, they were already outnumbered; the other groups all had fifty members.

"Dont worry, I have a way." Roland threw out three magic spiders. "The seven of us will split into four groups, Schuck and Betta, the two cousins; Raffel and Brazil; and Husseret and Li Lin. You all take a magic spider with you. Though you cant talk to each other, I can keep track of your actions, and I can make the spider make some simple movements that represent some basic tactical guidelines. For example, a spider jumping three times means make a quick retreat, rubbing its front claws in a certain direction means to go in this direction, and so on."

They were delighted. "Wonderful, thats a good method."

Schuck spotted the shortcoming. "Each of our group consists of two people who can look out for each other, so would it be dangerous for you to be in a group by yourself?"

"I can fly." Roland smiled. "Normally, Im much safer than you guys."

Everyone felt so too. Though Schuck also had a pair of light wings, he couldnt fly very high, just hovering two or three meters off the ground.

In comparison, Rolands flying speed was outrageous.

"Then well depart right now?" Schuck picked up a blue magic spider and placed it on his shoulder.

Roland waved his hand. "Theres no rush, Ill make some equipment for you guys."

With that said, Roland snapped his fingers several times, and the dirt on the ground quickly melted into black mud, which then caked into rock. In a short time, four round stone hammers, two long rock pikes, and a rock shield were built.

"It doesnt have a great touch, but its better than being empty-handed."

Schuck, Li Lin, Betta, and Raffel picked up round stone hammers, and Raffel also picked up a rock shield.

The two agility types, Husseret and Brazil, picked up the long rock pikes.

Schuck tapped the round stone hammer in his hand and smiled. "Its pretty hard. Its good to have a powerful Mage around, even equipment can be made."


The other F6 members all nodded in agreement.

At this moment Roland used his magic power to lift the soil on the ground upward, eventually turning it into a tall black rock pillar at least thirty meters tall. "Stop flattering me, lets all go out and explore. This rock pillar is the marker; we will gather here later." Roland thought about it and said, "During the exploration, if you find anything edible, try to put it in your Backpack and bring it back."

"Got it."

The three teams left in three different directions.

Roland wasnt in a hurry to explore, as he tested his oil-making spell first.

It works!

He quickly used Mud to Rock to create a few irregularly-shaped rock bowls to store the insect oil.

When surviving in the wild, there were many wild plants to eat, but not many people wanted to eat them-why?

It was too hard to swallow, but it would taste so much better if there was oil to use to fry it.

The insect oil was extremely fragrant and came with a flavoring effect and a slightly salty taste that could definitely turn something unpalatable into something delicious.

Next up is the water-making spell!

It also works.

Smiling, Rolands eyes narrowed when he looked at the pool of clear water in his hand. With oil and water, F6 would start with more advantages than the others.

They could even use this water to make traps to capture other players in places where water was scarce.

While he was at it, Roland summoned more oil and water, made two more rock vats to hold them, and only stopped when his magic power was halfway depleted.

In this way, he had saved ten kilograms of insect oil and about twenty kilograms of water.

He placed it all in his Backpack.

While the poisonous circle was still large, when there were few battles, it would be better to store some supplies first, or else, when they arrived at the middle or late stage, when the poisonous circle would shrink and hundreds of thousands of people would crowd together to fight to the death Not to mention finding food, at that time, there might not even be time to eat; it would be more probable that people would grab a handful of random things to eat during battle.

And preparing food and drink in advance might be the key factor in surviving to the end. Roland rested in place for a while afterward and judging from the images coming from the three magic spiders, none of the three groups had encountered any enemies, though Betta seemed to have found plenty of food.

A whole lot of edible wild plants, a dozen large white and tender worms, and two long, large worms.

Yes this kid is so good at finding food. What has he been through in his previous gaming experience?

Roland sat on the grass and rested for a while, and seeing that the magic was back to three-quarters, he used Human Cannonball and launched himself skyward.

With the wind whistling in his ears, Roland flew about five hundred meters above the ground and stopped climbing further up.

With no magic regeneration equipment, no Mind-Calming Necklace, and no special epic title buffs, Rolands magic power cap was no different from that of ordinary players of the same level.

Originally, he could use Human Cannonball casually, but with three or four uses, he now consumed a quarter of his total magic power.

Giving himself Slow Landing, Roland looked down at the earth from above.

Endless greenery stretched out beneath his feet, spreading into the distance-everywhere was woods and bushes. From the air, he could only see rough terrain, the ground rising and falling. He couldnt see the situation below.

This was why ground reconnaissance was the most important thing in this instance. The camera system was also disabled at this time, so Roland could only try to keep in mind the terrain as far as he could see.

He looked around in a circle, then suddenly saw a strange place to the southeast, a patch of earthy spots in the endless green as if there were buildings there.


Roland landed on the ground first and threw down a spatial mark, then activated Human Cannonball and flew toward the yellow spot he had just seen.