Mages Are Too Op Chapter 489

Chapter 489 Deflower

Chapter 489 Deflower

It had been three hours since the start of the tournament, and the first group of fifty people from the Phoenix Guild was stationed on a small hill.

It was high ground, so the surrounding area could be seen.

And if the enemy wanted to attack, they would have to climb the hill and would definitely be at a disadvantage.

There were many summoned creatures patrolling the entire hilltop and the bottom of the hill, Sirius, forest leopard, deer women, and so on.

There were also many flying summoned creatures in the air, such as black hawks, little fairies, and others patrolling the surroundings.

Together, these summoned creatures numbered at least a thousand.

This terrifying number was formed by half of the Phoenix girls, the other half of which were not involved in the summoning and were recovering their magic power. Logically, gathering troops high up allowed for ease of attack and defense, and Solisas decision was not wrong.

But now, her team was facing a big problem.

Some people were starting to get thirsty.

And no water source could be found nearby at the moment.

Solisa gathered four group leaders together. She looked at the rolling forest in the distance and said helplessly, "We are now facing two problems: water and food sources. The situation isnt critical, and the food can be placed down the line of priorities, but the water source has to be addressed immediately. In three or four hours, everyone will be thirsty, and while it wont be to the point of dying from thirst, it will definitely affect our battle power."

The other four beautiful girls all sighed in unison.

When they first entered the game, they were pretty excited.

They believed that the complex battlefield environment of the team scramble was where they could use their true strength.

Right from the start, they could summon a large number of creatures to protect themselves, without the weakness of needing to pre-summon.

With fifty people working together, even if only half of them maintained their summons, they could form an army of a thousand summons.

There were all kinds of land, sea, and air forces, with scouting and striking integrated.

If summoned with full strength and the addition of the specialty Special Extra Summons, fifty people could pull together an army of summoned creatures of at least 3000. It was a true sea of beasts that could crush everything

e se

Roland, who was good at wide-range attack magic, was also restricted, and he could be now considered half-crippled. With no counters, how could they lose!

As for maggot Warlocks, heh!

Their sea of summons had excellent scouting ability and could move three or four kilometers away from them before the maggot Warlocks even got close to them.

Then the summons could swarm in and annihilate the enemy two or three kilometers away.

This was the high-level tactical systems dominance over low-level tactics.

Those maggot Warlocks in particular were their main target of attack this time.

There were even already girls who shouted that they could lose the group battle, but the feces fire Warlocks must die. It couldnt be helped-fire feces Warlocks were too disgusting

Too obscene.

They had suffered greatly during the five-versus-five team battles.

They had to take revenge.

They had looked forward to the wonderful scenario of their three Phoenix groups killing gods and demons before the game.

The anticipation was that the three sub-groups of the Phoenix Guild would kill all the other players and fight it out in the final venue, taking the top three places.

Theoretically, this was correct. After all, before the tournament, the vast majority of players believed that everything was in the Phoenix Guilds favor.

Even a big data projection company Solisa hired to do a few calculations with a data model thought they had over a ninety-percent chance of winning.

However all of them did not expect the game officials inclusion of a hunger bar. If it was said that limiting the power of group damage spells was a great nerf to Roland, to the F6 guild

Then, the addition of the hunger bar was a demotivating blow to the entire female population of the Phoenix Guild.

The girls of the Phoenix Guild were all born as little princesses; after all, those who could take out 50,000 yuan to buy a game cabin definitely did not come from poor families.

Nowadays, it was popular to have rich daughters, so many girls led a pampered life.

Even though many girls knew how to cook a good meal, that was only if they went to the food market and bought the food first.

Usually, in the game, they could use gold coins to buy food or prepare plenty of delicacies to put in their Backpacks, and the Summoners were so efficient at completing quests that none of them ever lacked money.

So there was never any need to worry about food.

But now the situation was completely different.

Let them survive in the wild? This world was different, the wild vegetables they could eat all looked different. They had no idea how to tell if they were poisonous or not.

Eat bugs? No way.

Their own summoned creatures were not edible, and the vast majority of them were magical projections. The beasts here could be considered, but how to butcher and gut them, they didnt quite understand.

Also, they didnt know how to effectively find water sources, and after nearly three hours of walking, they couldnt even find a small puddle.

So now their morale had taken a huge hit.

They couldnt even guarantee their survival, let alone win in ten days. Solisa sighed. "If things really dont work out, well have to split up into two groups and head in different directions to find water. Since the officials created a hunger bar, there must be places to obtain water sources, and there shouldnt be too few water sources, its just that we havent seen them."

The four other group leaders all lowered their heads.

Someone said, "But this way our advantage in numbers will be weakened."

"Its better than everyone dying of thirst, and if one group finds a water source, they might be able to inform us," Solisha said bluntly.

But at this moment, a big fierce girl in a white robe came running over. She said rather excitedly, "Chairman, weve found a water source, a lake, hidden in the woods about two kilometers to the east. Its not big, but in the picture that black hawk sent back, the water is quite clear, and there are fish swimming around, so it should be drinkable water."

"Great." Solisa waved her hand. "Everyone move, the scouting team will go over first, eliminate any danger, and surround that lake. The water is ours, the fish is also ours, the others cant take it. If any other players come near, kill them on sight, dont need to think too much about it."

At the command, fifty girls with thousands of summons surged eastward like a tidal wave.

They were getting increasingly thirsty and were happy beyond measure to hear that there was a water source.

On Rolands side, he was hovering in midair, peering down at the large ruins below and looking slightly happy.

They were half-collapsed ancient elven stone buildings overgrown with weeds.

There were also vague shadows of something moving about below.

Roland slowly descended and found that all that was active below were skeletons.

Looking at their levels, all of them were around level three to level five, and there were thirty-two of them as far as he could see.

I wonder how many items are inside the building.

According to the way the event was set up, the players started out with nothing, and everything had to be acquired, whether it was food or equipment. And this ruin obviously hadnt been explored by anyone yet, so if he wanted to acquire equipment, he had to do it quickly.

After flying over the ruins and memorizing all the terrain nearby, he then found a small lake not far.

There were also fish there.

It was an excellent resting spot, and an excellent hunting ground as well.

After considering for a moment, Roland activated Teleportation and returned to the previously marked place.

Then he noticed that Betta and the others had already returned.

When they saw Roland suddenly appear, they all sighed in relief.

All of them shared what they had gathered, whether it was information or food.

Bettas harvest was the most plentiful. He had brought back an extremely large amount of ingredients all by himself; even Schucks Backpack had been stuffed with a lot of fat worms as well as wild berries.

Roland told them about the ruins he had seen.

Then everyones eyes lit up.

The equipment provided by the event was definitely better than the stone hammer and stone pike that Roland had createdthere was no need to question that.

And better equipment was what would give them a competitive edge against other players over the next few days.

"Lets go over there right now." Li Lin added anxiously, "If we go too late, someone else might take it all."

"Theres no rush, were thirsty and hungry now, so lets fill our stomachs first." Roland took out the insect oil and a large jar of water and gave it to Betta. "Ill leave the cooking to you. Everyone, drink the water if youre thirsty, its clean."

They were indeed a little thirsty, so they took the stone bowl and scooped it up and poured it into their mouths.

After a while, all six of them drank their fill of water. Li Lin burped. "This water is so sweet, where did you get it?"

"Brother Roland invented the water-making spell." Betta explained, "Its something that only a small number of Mages are aware of, and the average player doesnt know about it because its not a spell with immense lethality, so very few people are interested in it, including many player Mages."

Many of them looked at Roland with strange expressions.

Putting aside the invention of spells with destructive power, but actually inventing this convenient little spell, it was truly prescient. Roland then created a stone pot and a stone spatula with a Mud to Rock transmutation.

Betta happily gathered some firewood and used this stone pot and spatula immediately, gathering his ingredients and cooking them with insect oil.

Shortly after, the aroma began to spread.

Betta was a really good cook, and with the insect oil, he was able to make a big pile of vegetables and worms that were quite tasty. Soon everyone was full, and there were even two extra servings of freshly baked greens and fried worms put in their Backpacks.

For a short time, F6 didnt need to worry about food.

"Lets go." Roland looked at the sky; the sun was already off to the west. "We need to find a way to get there before dark and take all precautions in case someone comes over while were halfway through the ruins to reap our rewards and kill us."

As the inept advisor, Rolands words held quite some weight.

The F6 members immediately began to move.

Roland released three magic spiders to scout the road ahead.

After walking quickly for more than half an hour, passing through a small forest, about ten minutes away from the ruins, Roland suddenly stopped. He gestured to hide, and the F6 members, who were already extremely well-coordinated, immediately found obstacles to hide behind.

In a short while, a large, fully white Sirius appeared in front of them.

This Sirius also stopped, and it began to sniff around the surroundings, sensing a strange smell in the air.

But just at this moment, a high arching arrow suddenly appeared above its head and dropped down, directly piercing its skull and pinning it to the ground.

High arching guided arrows, one of the Forest Eangers best skills.

The Sirius let out a miserable cry and turned into specs of light and disappeared.

Roland gestured and the F6 members immediately retreated from the area.

After retreating a few hundred meters away, Roland said to the others, "A Sirius scoutinga summons-obviously means that Phoenix Guilds Summoner girls should be up ahead."

"What should we do? Bypass them and give them the ruins?" Li Lin was upset. "This kind of team is not easy to fight. There are too many summoned creatures, and we dont have weapons."

Roland smiled. "A team of fifty is not easy to lead. They wont find food that easily, and if they do, its definitely not enough. Why dont we create some trouble for them and make it less easy for them to gather foodat least starve some of them to death to take the burden off of us later in battle."

The F6 members all smiled wickedly at the same time.