Mages Are Too Op Chapter 490

Chapter 490 Forever The King Of Adorably Stupid

Chapter 490 Forever the King of Adorably Stupid

F6 was the best at messing with peoples minds.

After all, in their past games, there were always only six of them; not to mention their disadvantage in numbers, none of them were particularly outstanding.

Everyone was from an ordinary family, and even Schuck, who had the title of foolish son of a landlord and young clan leader, only had more immovable assets, such as land and houses.

Most of the old houses left over from the Ming and Qing dynasties had been rented by the government for projects such as cultural heritage exchange centers.

Money was paid, but not much.

Among the six people, Li Lin was the one who was more in line with the public perception, the true rich second generation, and only the rich second generation of a small county. Although he was considered rich, compared to the top rich second generation in the big cities, there was a gap. So Li Lin was certainly able to spend money on excellent equipment to rank at the top in many games, but there were always a few players who were richer than him, always standing on top of him.

They didnt have the numbers, the difference in equipment was too great, and it was impossible for a small guild to win in a head-on fight against a large guild.

Under these circumstances, F6 didnt care about winning or losing. They simply messed with peoples minds, irking them. For example, they secretly stirred up confrontations between big guilds and take advantage of conflict, starting an alt account to infiltrate into the enemy guild to stir up trouble, then inducing a change in the feelings of male and female players, undermining the morale of the guild, and even dissolving the guild as a result.

Li Lin would also occasionally hire paid posters to smear the leader of a rival guilds reputation. Back then, a certain affair[1] was also fueled by Li Lin in the dark.

It was soon night, and the three magic spiders blended into the small lake.

The three magic spiders were quite small and hard to spot. Even if they were discovered, it wouldnt matter.

There were summons all over the place, and even if someone found a small spider, they would at most think it was summoned by one of their companions.

This was why sometimes groups with too many people were hard to manage; it wouldnt even be clear whether an enemy was mixed in among them.

The three spiders scouted in separate directions before sending images and some distorted sounds to Roland.

It was night, the moon was clear and there were few stars, and the F6 members were taking their time eating the worms stir-fried with vegetables, which actually tasted quite good.

The insides of those worms had been cleaned and their heads were removed by Betta, so they were clean and tasted like frog meat.

Most importantly, because of the astral oil, these dishes had a mildly salty taste that took care of salt intake altogether.

Everyone ate with relish except for Roland, who ate and stopped.

He was always distracted because he had to receive information from magic spiders.

After a while, Roland said to his friends, "I see their leader, an old acquaintance, Solisa. They are now catching fish from the lake and grilling them, saying that the fish is so fishy while eating them, fishier than their boyfriends and that it tastes terrible without seasoning."

Everyone laughed at that.

The happiest thing in the world was to come out on top after comparing each other.

They were eating delicacies here, but the other side probably couldnt even cook the fish thoroughly.

Even if one or two girls were good at grilling, that wouldnt help all fifty people grill fish to eat.

They still had to catch fish.

Li Lin swallowed the last of the worm meat in the stone bowl and asked, "Roland, what are we going to do about those chicks?"

"Same old rules, screw with their mindset," Roland muttered. "What are they most afraid of now?"

"Feces?" Li Lins eyes lit up. "Should we throw a few piles of feces in their water source? I can provide a certain amount of chemical weapons."

With that said, Li Lin patted his stomach wickedly.

Schuck shuddered. Thinking of the flying feces he saw in the five-versus-five match, the remaining insect meat in his hand became unappetizing. "Youre a rich second generation, how can you do something so nasty? If you really threw a few lumps in, those girls would hate you to death."

Li Lin said with contempt, "I wonder who took us to blow up cesspits with firecrackers back when everyone was still young and ruined the entire old villages cesspit several times?"

Schuck mocked, "Hehe, who wasnt a brat back then."

It was hard to imagine an adorable little boy whose favorite thing to do back then was to blow up cesspits with firecrackers.

Watching the black-yellow and black-red stuff splash up from afar made them smile quite happily.

Roland laughed. "Theres no need for such troublesome tricks. What they fear most now is indeed feces, but what they hate the most is also feces. If we use such means to pollute the water source, even if we win the tournament, Solisa will hate us to death afterward. After all, she is also familiar with us, so we cant use such nasty means to deal with her."

"Then what?"

"The usual, harassment." Roland laughed. "One thing were good at is being flexible. I already know the effective control range of their sea of summons. The next step is to keep hunting them near their effective range. Theyre in the light, were in the dark, and with my three magic spiders scouting their movements from within, we can take our time hunting their summons."

Betta frowned. "But thats not a good idea. The Summoners sea of summons is almost infinite as long as they can supply magic power." "In theory." Roland nodded. "What we want is not to weaken their strength, but to dampen their spirits and lower their morale. Imagine having an unseen, untouchable opponent that has been hunting summons on their periphery

at first, they will indeed not be too concerned, but as time passes, they will have to keep up their spirits to deal with it and guess what group is targeting them. Then they will become more and more cautious, and wont dare to randomly send people out in search of food, nor divide their forces. How long can the fish in the small lake supply them with food? Two days, three? Besides, its hard to guarantee that no other groups will come this way, and then it will be a simple matter to lure them into a fight."

Betta nodded repeatedly after hearing this. "Brother Roland, you have a point, its quite nefarious."

This kid really doesnt know how to talk.

Roland rolled his eyes at him. "So during this hunting mission, we must not let our faces be seen, so we have to be masked. But Schuck, youre still handsome even if you are masked. The girls will easily guess your identity when they see you, so youre not included in this plan."

Schuck was extremely upset. "Its not my fault for being too good-looking."

"Also, Raffel, as a Shield Warrior, since your speed and mobility are too poor, you cant participate either. You and Schuck will form a team and find us some food nearby and dig up some vegetables."

Raffel nodded.

He was well aware of his biggest weakness, which was that he couldnt move fast enough, a problem all Shield Warriors had.

At this moment, Roland closed his eyes for a moment and smiled. "Well the magic spider sent new intelligence. I know where their defense is slightly weaker. Schuck and Raffel go dig for food, the others come with me."

By the small lake, the moonlight reflected off the lakes slightly rippling surface, giving off shimmering sparkles.

Solisa picked up half a piece of grilled fish, took a bite, then put it down.

It was too fishy.

With no utensils, no seasoning, and only the means to grill over a fire, the fish was really unpalatable.

And without a knife, it was hard to even remove the scales, which made it taste even fishier to the tongue.

Even though many people in the team were starving, they would take a bite or two of the grilled fish and then put it down, then wait until they were hungry again to try another


Solisa knew that this couldnt go on.

How could they have the strength to fight without eating? And if they didnt eat enough, their magic regeneration speed would become extremely slow.

However they couldnt be blamed, and Solisa herself couldnt quite stomach the foul-smelling grilled fish.

She sighed as she watched a couple of aquatic summons in the water, bringing up yet another large fish.

Before, the girls cheered every time a summon caught a fish.

But no one did that anymore.

Feeling a little hungry again, Solisa took another bite of the fishy grilled fish.

She knew that at this rate, they would definitely not starve to death; after all, when starved to a certain extent, all food smelled


The problem was, as soon as a little food was in their stomach, the fish would smell foul again.

Now she was a little envious of the Lorewalkers who had the specialty Iron Stomach and could even find dirt delicious if they were hungry.

When they werent hungry, they wouldnt feel sick from eating dirt, either.

Looking at the grilled fish in her hand, which didnt even have its guts completely removed, Solisa wanted to throw the thing away. But at this moment, a girl from the scouting team came over and whispered, "Captain, several of the summoned beasts I put in the southwest direction were killed."

As expected. Solisa became a little excited. "How many of them? Have they seen the face of the enemy?"

Can we fight now?

Let those men see what a pure girls team can do.

The girl shook her head. "None of the images that came back before the summons disappeared showed anyone, and I dont even know how they disappeared."

"Southwest, was it? Put a third of the scouting teams summoned beasts over there and try to find the enemy."

The girl nodded and left.

Half an hour later, another girl came over and said, "Captain, somehow over a dozen summoned beasts in the northeast were killed, and we didnt see anyone."

Hmm two completely opposite directions?

Were surrounded?

Solisa sprang to her feet and shouted, "Attention, all sisters, bring out all defensive summons, then send out all summons with nighttime abilities and surround the area. We may have encountered enemies."

The girls immediately stood up.

The magical glow on the edge of the lake shone brightly and dimmed, varying in color.

A large number of nocturnal summoned beasts were projected onto the main plane and then dispersed with a silent command. About half an hour later, Solisa frowned.

With them as the center, there was a large number of summons scouting and patrolling within two kilometers of them, but they found nothing

A level-five Summoner could only allow summons to move within a two-kilometer radius around them at most; any farther than that, they would lose their magical connection. More than a thousand summoned creatures had gone dispersed over the two-kilometer radius, but they didnt see a single person.

They did see quite a few small animals, but small animals couldnt make a dozen or so summons disappear at the same time.

Just as she was puzzled, another girl shouted, "The few leopards I put in the north are gone, they suddenly disappeared."

Whats happening?

Solisa asked urgently, "Did they see anything before they disappeared?" "No!" The girl hesitated for a moment and said, "But a celestial wolf seemed to have vaguely seen a husky before it died? Its that one with the blank baffled stare thats often seen."


[1] TongXu Men Incident was where a female player in WOW who was married had an affair with a guild leader called TongXu who was a college student; most likely fake news