Mages Are Too Op Chapter 492

Chapter 492 Trouble Deviation

Chapter 492 Trouble Deviation

The girls searched the area for nearly two hours but didnt find any clues. In the end, they had to give up searching the place and go back to meet up with Solisa and the others.

However, in the process of retreating, Roland got a dozen more summons killed through gaps in defense.

From a purely statistical point of view, killing these summons did not affect the summoner. As long as they still had magic power, they could summon again at any time.

But from the psychological perspective of the contest, it could put a certain amount of pressure on the Summoners.

After all, having an attacker messing around right under their noses and never being able to find them would definitely make them feel uncomfortable.

Besides, one of their companions had already been assassinated somehow, but they hadnt even found the enemys shadow. This was a kind of pressure in itself.

When the two scouting teams returned to the lake, Solisa thought for a moment and said, "Anyway, professions like Assassins and Thieves have a definite advantage at night, and there may be some special skills we havent learned about, but from the fact that he only assassinated one person, there are prerequisites to activate this ability. Therefore, well stay here until daylight before moving on

Assassins will be more or less affected during the day. Also, catch more fish and scoop more into your Backpacks, this might be our food for nine days."

This was also a word of caution.

Solisa was expressionless, but on the inside, she sighed.

It was only the first day, hundreds of thousands of players were still scattered over this huge map, and with few battles occurring, they were already starting to suffer losses.

And it seemed like they couldnt keep up with the problems regarding survival. Those fish in the small lake, even including all the small shrimp, would at most sustain the entire group of fifty people now forty-nine people for two days.

After all, it was only a shallow lake. There couldnt possibly be much fish.

And in two days?

How would they find food?

Find another lake?

How were they going to deal with the people who eyed and followed them around?

Solisa felt a headache at the thought of this.

Since entering the game, the idea of a Summoners legion overpowering everything seemed further and further away from their reality. She noticed that while she could manage a guild, she might not be able to lead it to victory in battle.

How to locate the enemy, how to ensure logistics, how to determine the marching route, these were all things she had no clue of and everything she did felt aimless.

To put it simply, she didnt have talent as a general.

She was more suited for internal affairs. At this time, Roland and the others started to move away from the Phoenix Guild and managed to meet up with Schuck and Raffel. "Next, lets go to the ruins and explore," Roland said indifferently as he chewed the tasty wild herbs. "The Phoenix Guild wont dare to search tonight, they are already a bit uneasy, so this is our chance." Everyone nodded, agreeing with Rolands judgment.

Besides, even if they didnt agree, at this point, taking action was better than no action at all.

Someone had to suggest a course of action. Schuck and Raffel harvested some wild herbs and a few small animals.

For the seven of them, this amount could only fill the gaps between their teeth, but it was better than nothing.

They rested for a while and then traveled for half an hour before arriving in front of the ruins Roland had found.

It was a small elven-style town, and it didnt cover a large area, the size of a normal community.

It was full of undead creatures, none of which were strong.

They had Rolands various enhancement spells on them and Schuck, a Saint Samurai.

Saint Samurai countered undead creatures to an outrageous extent.

With the Holy Ring of Light on, the weak undead creatures within a twenty-meter radius of him were directly turned into bone powder by an inexplicable appearance of golden light.

The stronger ones were just suppressed by the golden light and then were smashed into bone fragments by Schuck using the round stone hammer enchanted with golden holy power.

Not to mention the help of Roland and the others.

It took less than forty minutes to clear all the undead creatures in the ruins, and then Husseret, a Thief who specialized in Pilfer and Secret Door Discovery, played a big role.

It took nearly four hours, and they took everything of value from the ruins.

By the time it was dawn, Roland and the others left the ruins satisfied and found a safe place to begin inventorying their weapons.

The iron weapons of the elves were a bit rusty, but they were still usable after some sharpening.

Several sets of magic leather armor were found, which were perfectly preserved because of the magic.

Then there was a large amount of magic materials.

Plant-based materials and gemstones.

These magic materials would have been worth a huge sum of money in the course of a normal game.

However, in this kind of official event, all the equipment and materials would disappear after leaving the event map, so for the vast majority of people, these materials would be of no use at all.

But for Roland, it was different.

He knew enchantment and how to create magic arrays.

Betta also knew some simple enchanting tricks.

So these magic materials would be of great use.

After having a small breakfast, Schuck and the others set out to explore the surroundings and survey the terrain and vegetation, and see whether the animals were edible.

Meanwhile, Roland turned the magic materials into stats.

The ordinary iron weapons brought out from the ruins were enchanted with new magic effects.

Sharpening, Hardiness, Silent Attack, and so on.

All of a sudden these ordinary pieces of equipment turned into magic equipment. Of course, because of the incomplete collection of magic materials, some special enchantments were only available for one or two pieces of equipment. For example, Sharpening. As Roland was focused on adding stats to the equipment, half a day went by without him noticing Looking at the pieces of equipment emitting a magical glow, Roland stood up quite satisfied and stretched.

Then he saw the purple circle of light in the distance, which seemed to have become smaller.

And about ten kilometers east of Roland and the others, a guild called Last Exile had just wiped out a small guild of fifty people.

The captain Algiers stood on a rise, looking at the summit in the distance, and sighed a little.

The deputy captain came over and said admiringly, "Its just as you predicted, Captain. We didnt lose a single person, and we destroyed everyone on the other side. I guess even those Summoners of the Phoenix Guild are no match for us."

"They definitely arent our match," said Algiers matter-of-factly, scratching his hair, somewhat gloomy. "We have five fire feces Warlocks, ten male Summoners, and all the other professions, so its already quite comprehensive. Its just that the Mages are a bit weaker, but that cant be helped. There are only three or four strong Mages right nowRoland has his own group, and ONeal is not on the same page as us. So thats our weakness."

"Mages dont count as our weakness, right?" The deputy captain didnt quite agree with the captains view. "Roland is restricted. The Mages greatest trait is crowd attack spells, and without that, a Mage is like having lost an arm, how strong can he still be?"

"But I always think that Roland will always pull some surprising and unexpected moves."

Algiers spoke as he looked at a piece of "black cloud" flying in the distance, the expression in his eyes startled. "A large number of flying summons; it should be one of the three groups of the Phoenix Guild coming over. We just finished a battle and are not in good shape, take shelter for now. While retreating, take everything edible in the area, and dont leave a single insect for those girls.

"Also, we need to find a water source as soon as possible, we wont last long just by licking tree sap and harvesting loot." At this point, Algiers suddenly remembered something. "I remember Roland seems to have invented a water-making spell, I wonder if there are any Mages in our group who know it?"

"Dont think about it, surely no one will." The deputy captain said helplessly, "Most Mages are now working on spell models for offensive spells, and only that freak Roland can bother with a spell model of the auxiliary type."

"If his water-making spell can be used in the event, then he has too much of an advantage," Algiers said with extreme displeasure. "If theres a water-making spell, will there be a food-making spell? If there is, then even if Rolands group attack magic is restricted, it still wouldnt have much of an effect on him. Without having to go looking for water and food, he can avoid a lot of unnecessary fighting, which is already considered a cheat in itself."

After hearing this, the deputy captain thought of the fifty men on his side who worried ceaselessly over finding food and water sources from yesterday to today. If Roland really knew water-making and food-making spells, then Roland would indeed be having it easy.

He felt so jealous.

It was too hard on their side. If they hadnt just exterminated a small guild and picked up all the food and water resources that had fallen from the enemys Backpacks, their team might have been divided now because there wasnt enough to eat.

Now they had determined that by killing the other players, they would be able to make stuff fall out of the players Backpacks.

Going to kill other players when they couldnt find water or food would be a shortcut to "getting rich." Eventually, the Last Exile quickly evacuated from the area.

Not long after, a large number of summoned beasts passed through here.

Other than F6, all the other guild teams were worried about survival.

They felt that this was a deliberate move by the games officials to lower the amount of supplies so that the players would fight for resources from the start

Rather than letting most people casually survive until the final day.

After all, there were over 400,000 players across the map.

How boring it would be to let most of them survive until the end. Everyone would be crowded together to fight.

Back on Rolands side, shortly after he finished enchanting the equipment, Schuck and the others returned as well.

Betta had returned with plenty of wild plants and insects this time, and also captured a few fat rabbits with black horns on their heads.

Li Lin didnt bring back any supplies, but he did bring back an extremely useful piece of information. "I saw that over to the east, a small group is slowly coming this way. Should we let them make contact with the girls from the Phoenix Guild?"

"That can work!"

Roland and the others laughed wickedly.