Mages Are Too Op Chapter 493

Chapter 493 The Oriole Is Behind

Chapter 493 The Oriole Is Behind

The team that was approaching the Phoenix Guild was the Guild of Foodies, which was a small and non-influential guild in the game.

The guild was named this because all its members were gourmets. They were either cooks or people who were highly interested in food.

Essentially speaking, they had nothing to do with the Guild of Cooks, another guild established by players.

The Guild of Cooks aimed to develop daily cuisines in this game world, but the Guild of Foodies were more interested in developing unique recipes, because there were more ferocious beasts and unusual plants here than there were in reality.

So, how did those ferocious beasts taste?

Would they taste differently when they were boiled and when fried?

Did the Astral Plane Wolf taste beefier than the Star Frost Wolf?

How different was a unicorn from a regular magic horse?

Were there special ways to cook the oil of the magic crocodiles and the fire crocodiles?

The members of the Cook of Guilds were all leisure players, while those in the Guild of

After all, rare magic beasts could be very powerful.

Certain weird magic plants could only be acquired in dangerous places too.

Therefore, they had to be strong in order to acquire the best ingredients.

Now, this group had the most survival resources of the ten thousand existing groups. They could find insects that contained a lot of proteins from under the grasses, and distinguish edible vegetables from weeds. They could also collect drinkable water with rock slices by taking advantage of temperature changes.

Betta was quite good at wilderness survival, but still not as good as these people.

He was just an amateur, but these people were professionals.

On their way, they picked up everything that could possibly be eaten.

They were almost all physical classes, so while they were busy looking for food, they didnt notice that their team was being monitored by three little magic spiders.

Receiving picture and sound from the three spiders at a distance, Roland said to his friends a moment later, "These guys are very good, but they seem to be only looking for food. They will probably dodge the Phoenix Guild even if they encounter them. They wont fight." "Then what do we do?"

Roland thought for a moment and said, "They dont want to fight the Phoenix Guild, but we can make the Phoenix Guild fight them! Well taunt the Phoenix Guild later and ask Husseret to lead them to the Guild of Cooks, so that they will think that Husseret belongs to the Guild of Cooks. How does it sound?"

"It will probably work!" Everybody nodded. F6 quickly carried out their plan. They killed a dozen creatures that the Phoenix Guild summoned at the edge of their scouting range.

Roland and the others hid themselves, while Husseret showed up on purpose and got caught by the summoned creatures.

Then, all the summoned creatures in the area went on a rampage. Thanks to the mental power reverberation among the summoned creatures, all the female players in the Phoenix Guild saw Husseret and thought that he was the assailant who had accidentally revealed himself.

"Hes indeed a despicable Rogue," said Solisa angrily. "Everybody, summon your mounts and the nocturnal beasts, and try to catch this scoundrel alive."

Two thousand creatures were summoned. They swooped in the sky like dark clouds and stampeded on the ground.

When the thousand summoned creatures ran at the same time, it almost felt like heavy cavalry charging forward.

Husseret pretended to run in panic. He also tried to hide himself, but the celestial wolves behind him as well as the pixies that were flying in the wood drove him out of the stealth status again and again.

Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for a man to outrun animals. The hundred celestial wolves drew closer and closer to him.

They were only thirty meters from Husseret, but then he simply jumped into a pit where a masked man was standing. Then, after a flash of blue light, both of them disappeared.

The celestial wolves over close and surrounded the pit, only to see nobody in it.

These celestial creatures were quite smart. They searched for their enemies in a larger range out of instinct.

As they expanded their search area, they found a team who seemed to be having a barbecue party not far away ahead.

A ton of information was sent back to the minds of the girls of the Phoenix Guild.

Riding her glittering unicorn, Solisa roared, "Enemy spotted! Everybody, summon as many creatures as possible. Lets kill them first."

At this moment, a captain nearby said quickly, "Boss, this is too uncanny. Somebody might be manipulating us to fight them."

"It doesnt matter." Solisa waved her hand. "They will be our enemies sooner or later. This is a good chance for us to take them down and loot their resources."

Solisa was quite confident. She believed that nobody could resist an ocean of beasts as long as she found the enemy. At this moment, she finally realized that the authorities had purposefully minimized the survival resources so that they would fight each other.

Now that she had finally run into an opponent, she would be regretful later if she didnt rob them with her teammates who were all Elven Summoners.

The captain thought for a moment and realized that it made sense.

The top priority at this moment was to loot as many resources as possible.

Immediately, she sped up and led the charge before Solisa with her summoned creatures. At this moment, the fifty members of the Guild of Foodies were roasting vegetables and fat insects over a few bonfires.

They were enjoying the delicious food they made happily, when they noticed that many creatures were flying toward them in the sky and a hundred celestial wolves were dashing closer over the ground.

It was a full moon tonight. Under the moonlight, the shiny celestial wolves were both beautiful and lethally dangerous.

When they ran at a high speed, their eyes left streaks of fluorescence that gradually vanished.

"So many wolves F*ck, its the women from the Phoenix Guild!"

"Theyre coming to us?"

"Should we retreat? Were no match for them!"

"We cant possibly escape. We only have two legs. Its impossible for us to outrun the creatures that have wings or four legs."

"Lets fight them and kill as many as possible!"

"It would be great if we could penetrate the line of their summoned beasts. As long as we reach the center, it will be easy for us to take down some of those women."

All the members of the Guild of Foodies jumped to their feet and charged at the ocean of summoned beasts furiously.

Since they were going to lose anyway, they would rather lose in a manly way.

Most of them were barehanded. Only some of them carried simple stone hammers or rock daggers. They all lunged at the enemy crazily.

At this moment, another advantage of the Summoners was revealed.

They didnt really count on equipment. The creatures they summoned were their spears and shields.

Even if they needed equipment, their first choice would be beautiful clothes instead of gear with high stats.

The members of the Guild of Foodies were all physical classes. They were too busy looking for survival resources during the way to explore any relics, so they had little equipment. Without equipment, the physical classes would lose eighty percent of their combat ability.

It was also why a Mage who was capable of Mages Disjunction could easily defeat a physical class of the same level.

All their equipment could be shattered by Mages Disjunction, so the physical classes couldnt possibly resist. Actually, the players of the Guild of Foodies were quite strong, but since they didnt have equipment, most of them were tackled by the wolves easily before their throats were bitten to shreds.

Only the players who practiced Boxing or who specialized in blunt weapons could deal some damage to the celestial wolves.

After all, fists were considered to be blunt weapons by the system, and the damage they dealt was enhanced by Constitution.

Those boxers waved their fists as fast as fans and made the celestial wolves around them cry and scream.

But then, the deer, pixies, nocturnal leopards, long-horned bulls, and other creatures easily drowned these opponents with their numbers advantage.

Whenever a player of the Guild of Foodies died, a bunch of survival resources would drop, including vegetables, water, insects, and the meat of some small animals.

Receiving the information that the summoned beasts sent back, Solisa couldnt help but chuckle at the rear of the formation.

"Its true that war is the shortcut to fortune."

The other female players were delighted too.

They had really made a fortune this time.

"I think our previous plan was wrong," continued Solisa with an "I got it" expression. "Searching for water and food on your own is the lowliest approach. The best method in this case is to kill your enemies whenever possible.

"If you kill other players, you will have food and water. Also, the resource consumption in the whole area will be reduced when there are fewer players."

The other girls were all listening. They all felt that their leader had a point.

Certain sharp things were sprouting in their eyes and getting brighter and brighter. At this moment, however, Solisa suddenly looked back. "Not good. Somebody is attacking us from the rear!"

Hardly had she finished speaking when a blue Inferior Fireball exploded fifty meters behind them.

After the deafening, glittering explosion that was about eight meters in diameter, at least four summoned deer were reduced to magic elements.

A Barbarian whose naked upper body was full of weird blue tattoos jumped close with a special iron sword in each hand that glowed with magic brilliance. He crashed into the ground like a meteorite.

A long-horned bull was cut into three parts, and another one was flung away by the impact of his landing

The Barbarian stared at Solisa and the other female Summoners around her with bloodshot eyes.

He was forty meters away, and there was still a defensive line of summoned beasts between them.

However, all the female players felt that their hearts were trembling beyond their control as the man gazed at them with red eyes. Someone had attacked them from behind!