Mages Are Too Op Chapter 495

Chapter 495 The Mage Is A Class With High Upper And Lower Limits

In the next few days, the curtain of light gradually shrank. As the curtain moved, Roland basically figured out where the center of the map was.

He estimated that the center would be the battlefield for the final battle.

So, F6 marched to that location.

On their way, they ambushed many other groups, explored a lot of ruins, and gradually replaced their equipment. With Rolands expertise in Enchantment, the quality of their equipment was increasing.

On the sixth day, Roland and his friends came to the center of the map.

This place had massive ruins. Taking advantage of their excellent equipment and resources that were enough to last them to the end of the event, they spent a day and a night clearing the undead creatures in this place and looting all the treasures in the ruins.

They found equipment of higher quality and countless magic materials.

In the best-preserved building among the ruins, Roland enchanted the equipment with the precious magic materials he found.

Schuck and the others simply kept an eye on the surroundings from the top of the building.

They were the first to arrive at the central ruins. By Rolands estimation, the other players would be coming in half a day or one day. They had to be prepared for skirmishes in the ruins.

However, after a day of waiting, when Roland had enchanted all the equipment, no other groups came at all.

This was already the eighth day of the event.

What happened outside?

Everybody was ill at ease.

Eventually, Husseret said, "Ill go out and take a look with stealth. You wait here."

But Husseret didnt come back after a whole night.

The weather changed in the morning of the ninth day. It began to drizzle. Roland was standing on the tallest building. He had crafted a set of ultimate enchanted equipment for everybody, and a set of equipment that could increase his mana capacity as well as several accessories that could accelerate his magic regeneration.

At this moment, he was glowing with blue magic brilliance, as if he had installed blue LED lights all over his body.

As Roland stood on the top of the tower, the rain fell upon his head only to be deflected by his flowing magic power.

"Husseret isnt back yet." Roland heaved a sigh. "Something probably happened to him." "His equipment enhances the stealth effect and increases his stamina regeneration. He runs even faster than a ghost." Schuck frowned. "Who could possibly catch him?" Roland shook his head. "Weve only explored the ruins in our path, not all of them. Chances are that other players found equipment that can grant True Sight. Its hard to say."

Schuck furrowed his brow even harder. "Then what do we do? Its already the ninth day, but no players except us are here. I think something is wrong. I feel ill at ease." "Me too, so I intend to go out and take a look." Roland took a deep breath.

"Husseret is a Rogue who specializes in spying, but hes gone missing. What can you do?".

"I have an advantage he doesnt have. I can fly, and I fly very fast." Schuck thought for a moment and nodded. "Thats true."

"You hide yourselves well. If anyone comes when Im away, just lay low until I come back."

Got it.

The rest of F6 nodded.

Activating his spatial bubbles, Roland swooshed to the sky and flew out. With equipment that increased his mana capacity and regeneration, he had as much mana here as he did in the outside world, so flying with spatial bubbles wasnt too exhausting for him right now.

He circled in the sky, and his expression became more and more awful. In the end, he returned to the heights of the ruins at a high speed.

He had only been gone for no more than an hour before he returned. Schuck and the others approached him and asked, "Did you find anything?"

"The Phoenix Guild has annihilated almost all the other players. I saw at least sixteen squads of the Phoenix Guild killing players in various locations during my flight.

"They summoned creatures and harassed their opponents while they rode their mounts. Whenever the opponents were surrounded, they would kill them and flee before the rest of the opponents came to reinforce their friends.

"After they rest for a while in a safe place, they come back and look for other opponents."

"Guerrilla warfare?" Schuck took a deep breath.

"I estimate that at least fifty thousand players have been killed by the girls of the Phoenix Guild." Roland closed his eyes and said slowly, "Not many players are left right now. They have been clearing the ground. They probably want to reduce the number of their opponents before the final battle on the tenth day."

Li Lin was quite angry. "Does that mean well have to confront a hundred players from the Phoenix Guild and thousands of summoned creatures?"

Roland nodded.

Raffel slapped his shield to the ground and sat on it. "How can we fight them? The group attack spells of Mages are limited, but Elven Summoners were not nerfed at all. This is so unfair."

Schuck heaved a sigh. "Well probably lose this time. When the girls of the Phoenix Guild are united, they can destroy anyone with their advantage in numbers, not to mention that were only level five. If Rolands offensive spells were not restricted, the victory would be ours."

Betta and the others all heaved helpless sighs after hearing that.

They were willing to fight, but the Phoenix Guild simply had too many summoned creatures.

"Why are those girls so tough now?" Li Lin was confused. "They were sticking together and slaughtered stupidly a few days ago, but now, theyve already learned to fight guerrilla battles with their advantages in mobility and number. Damn it. Who enlightened them?"

"They probably understood it as they played on." Leaning on the ragged wall, Schuck looked at the horizon. "You can really pick up a lot of abilities in such battles where there are no rules."

Everybody sighed again.

They had hoped to kill the girls by taking advantage of their lack of experience.

However, the girls had already learned and grown.

It seemed that they had absolute disadvantages in this situation now.

Roland, however, hadnt given up yet. He raised his head and looked at the purple curtain of light not far away, which reminded him of the circles in Battle Royale games.


Circles? Wait!

Rolands eyes suddenly glittered. He looked at the ruins and calculated their size. He then looked at his robe of magic power and slapped the wall before him heavily.

"Wait, Ive got an idea."

"If my instincts are right, the authorities want the final battle to be held in these ruins," said Roland excitedly. "However, if we are to seal the ruins and make it impossible for them to come in, wouldnt they be killed outside of the circle and deprived of the qualification to continue the match?"

"Huh? Thats an idea!" Schucks eyes glittered.

Li Lin patted Rolands shoulder heavily. "Impressive. You college graduates are truly smart."

"Next, Ill devote all my magic power into the construction of an enormous wall. You must protect me if anything happens."

Schuck and the others all smiled.

"No problem!"

He transmuted stone into mud and mud into stone.

His equipment that enhanced magic power regeneration couldnt be more useful. All the ruins were covered by Rolands mental power.

20US 1

An enormous rocky stump emerged around the ruins. It was only half a meter tall at first, but as time went by, the stump gradually grew taller and thicker.

An hour later, the stump was already a meter tall.

Schuck and the others stayed around Roland and watched over him carefully.

Roland had to rest for half an hour after every hour he used the spells.

The rocky stump was only two meters thick at first, but as time went by, it grew thicker and thicker.

Soon, it was the morning of the tenth day, which was the last day of the match.

When the first beam of sunlight tore the darkness apart, the Phoenix Guild, which had almost annihilated all the players around them, finally reunited.

A hundred and fifty of them joined this match, and only around ninety people were left now.

Many of their teammates fell in battle and were teleported to the small dark rooms.

But it was all worth it.

The surviving members of the guild were all battle geniuses who had been through hundreds of battles and each killed more than a hundred players.

The better ones among them even killed more than a thousand players.

Looking at her intimidating sisters all around her, Solisa smiled.

Looking into the distance, she smiled delightedly. "Only 89 people are left of the three groups. I dont think there are many players in the whole match area now. I hope that F6 hasnt been defeated by another team yet, or Ill be very disappointed. Next, well split into thirteen squads and march to the final battlefield from all directions. Well show these filthy men what women are really capable of."


The girls let out pleasant but nonetheless intimidating roars.

Solisa led the team and let her summoned creature lead the way. She was stunned when she reached the ruins.

A wall that was at least twelve meters tall and had an extremely smooth surface blocked them from the battlefield.

Many flying summoned creatures hovered above the ruins and sent information to the girls.

The wall was rounded and did not have any entrance.

Nobody could see into the ruins. They could be hiding in the buildings inside.

It was impossible for the flying creatures to scout inside the buildings or fight enemies there; it would be no different from birds entering a cage. However, they could not find any targets in the sky.

On the other hand, the wall was too thick to be broken through.

Some of the summoned creatures could climb the wall, but they couldnt carry anybody in.

Therefore, everybody in the Phoenix Guild was blocked out of the ruins.

Solisa gazed at the enormous purple curtain of light that was pressing close from behind.

Pursing her lips, she looked at the high wall before her and finally wept.

"F6, you scoundrels, Im not done with you yet!"

Her voice was both desperate and helpless.

Ten minutes later, the system announced that the match was over and all six survivors were members of F6, so F6 was the champion of the match.

"Based on the players kills, Phoenix Guild First Squad, Phoenix Guild Second Squad, Phoenix Guild Third Squad, and the Moon Shadow Guild are in the second to fifth places."

"The match is over. Please send congratulations to the winning teams."

"The reward of the match will be delivered to the winning players game characters after the game reopens tomorrow."

"Also, the playback system has been activated. Players and audiences across the world can watch the footage of this event match on the official playback page."