Mages Are Too Op Chapter 496

Chapter 496 Give Him Friendship And Warmth

After the playback system was opened, F6 and the three squads of the Phoenix Guild were the most watched.

Almost every player watched F6s performance in the past ten days in fast forward.

Then, they would watch the Phoenix Guilds videos.

It took them a whole day to watch the videos even though they used fast forward and skipped through the videos.

At first, there werent many posts on the forum, but there were more at around nine at night.

Most of the threads had such titles like:

Roland proves that the Mage is the real center of a team with his capabilities. All the guilds have to raise their own Mage in the future.

Everything is predictable without Mages, but Mages can create miracles. But of course, the most heated thread was this one:

Who can tell me how I can become a Mage like Roland?

There were all kinds of amusing replies.

"First of all, go to a good college and relearn advanced mathematics, calculus, and other important courses. Then you may have a chance."

"I think you can become like him in your dreams."

"Who needs to pee? Go pee on him and wake him up." "Dont be so mean. Everybody should have a dream. I, for example, have finally learned Hand of Magic after playing the game for two years. My future is nothing but promising!"

"You want to become a Mage like Roland? Thats simple! Create a Mage character and name it Roland! This game doesnt forbid repetition of names anyway!"

Apart from the threads about Mages, there were also a lot of threads about the Phoenix Guild.

"The biggest reason for the Phoenix Guilds failure is that they unfortunately encountered Roland."

This was a popular post too. The person who made the post praised the girls growth after their setbacks at the beginning. They almost dominated the match toward the end, and nobody could resist them at all.

It was partly because the Elven Summoner was itself a powerful class, and when they were gathered, it was impossible for other people to defeat them with their mobility.

But of course, the girls had shown remarkable determination in fighting too.

They couldve won the match in the game.

At the end of the match, more than eighty Summoners still lived, and they could summon more than five thousand creatures.

F6, on the other hand, only had six members.

But the Phoenix Guild lost the match even though their enemy was terribly outnumbered.

Their failure was unexpected but reasonable, because Roland was too strong.

As long as Mages like Roland existed in this game, Elven Summoners couldnt be the best in the server no matter how many of them were out there.

Then, there were replies from other players. "I feel like the Phoenix Guild was there only to set a stage for Roland. Im a woman too, and I wanted the Phoenix Guild to win, but they lost. F6 and Roland had a remarkable victory. Nobody thinks that Rolands method is shameless."

"Thats not shameless but smart. Under these circumstances, blocking the enemy with a wall was the best way to win the match."

"He only took advantage of the Summoners weakness, that they couldnt summon flying mounts at low levels. If the character levels were restricted to LV8 or above, Rolands move wouldnt have worked at all."

"Roland was already strong enough at LV5. How strong would he be at LV8? Do you think the Mages wont get stronger when the Summoners get stronger?" "Just leave the flying mounts behind. Dont limit Rolands massive destruction spells if you think youre good. He couldve killed as many summoned beasts as possible." "I actually quite admire Roland for coming up with such a method in the end. When almost all the players were eliminated by the Phoenix Guild, I thought that Roland would surely fail. I didnt expect him to win in the end." "Im quite impressed by the girls of the Phoenix Guild. They had advantages at the beginning with their strength in numbers, but after they were taught a lesson by F6, they immediately adopted a guerrilla style. Solisa is already like a seasoned general now." "Speaking of F6 and the Phoenix Guild, I remember how Roland flashed and killed the girl. He covered the girls mouth, stabbed her, and immediately left. The whole process took less than three seconds."

"Mud to Stone and Stone to Mud are so useful. They can be used to construct caves and walls, but I dont know how to pick them up yet." "Mages can create water and oil. They can cast buffs and work construction. They can chant and teleport. Theyre both good at survival and at dealing damage. They can even change the terrain. Why do some people still think that the Mage is a weak class?"

"The Mage is definitely a weak class, but some Mages are certainly not."

The players were quite active on the forum, discussing with each other and expressing their findings.

From the chaotic battle, they discovered the advantages and disadvantages of their classes.

A battle was always a good opportunity to see if their ideas worked or if their battle principles were useful.

They didnt really envy the Summoners in the Phoenix Guild.

Those girls were indeed strong, both as a group and as individuals.

But they were too dependent on their summoned creatures.

Between the third day and the eighth day, many people fought the girls of the Phoenix Guild.

They did have a lot of summoned creatures, but most of the time, they only defeated their enemy easily because they caught the enemy unprepared. Now that the other players had learned a lesson, they wouldnt lose so quickly and brutally to the Summoners later.

Also, many of them had actually killed Summoners, for example, with the equipment they found in the ruins that could increase the damage on summoned creatures.

With such equipment, many people passed through the line of summoned creatures like a kitchen knife cutting butter, slaying the careless Elven Summoners.

While such equipment was rare in the ruins, it wasnt too hard to get such an Enchantment in the game world.

They could prepare a few pieces of equipment in their system Backpack and use them against the Summoners. It might not be enough for them to beat the Summoners, but they would at least be able to fight back.

Roland had been browsing through the forum too.

Naturally, he wasnt reading other peoples adulations but the battle analyses the experts wrote.

Then, he recalled his battle experiences and cross-checked them with the analyses, turning the knowledge into his own.

After a day, he felt that he had learned a lot of stuff.

After the game reopened, Roland entered the game again.

Waking up in his lab, Roland found that he had another two free specializations. They were the rewards for winning the game.

After considering for more than ten minutes, he chose two specializations that were very suitable for him.

Extraordinary Smartness: Intelligence +1

Magic Power Coordination: Magic power upper limit +30

The increase of Intelligence could improve the power of a Mages spells and slightly increase their magic power capacity. Magic Power Coordination could also increase the upper limit of magic power. The thirty points were a major improvement.

During the chaotic battle, Roland had realized that the Mage was truly very short of mana.

Even a great expert like Mordenkainen had built the floating city mainly because it could provide almost infinite energy for him.

If Roland had abundant magic power at his disposal at the beginning of the match, he couldve gotten off to a better start.

His mana wouldnt have run out after he flew for a few minutes.

After selecting his specialties, Roland came to the bedroom. Andonara wasnt in bed, so he went downstairs and found Andonara making breakfast in her pajamas.

Roland walked to her and hugged her for a while.

Andonara was slightly confused. After all, Roland was passive most of the time. He was never this willful.

She decided to drop it since she couldnt think it through. She was a lot happier feeling Rolands love for her.

For Andonara, Roland had never been gone. But for Roland, it had been more than ten days since he last saw Andonara. Naturally, he missed her.

His life then became peaceful, if not boring.

Roland continued studying magic, and Andonara took care of him.

A month passed. Then one day, Alfred the Great Elder invited Roland to his study.

The study wasnt very large, with only two black wooden shelves that didnt display many books.

Alfred was sitting before the bookshelves. Seeing Roland, he pointed at the chair on the opposite side of his desk.

Roland sat down.

According to rumors, the Great Elder seemed to be more than a hundred years old, but nobody could tell his age exactly. He still looked like a man in his fifties, and he was healthy and energetic.

"Roland, the leaders of the Council of Elders are going back to the Fareins Kingdom, mainly to meet up with the leadership of the Church of Light."

Roland was slightly confused. Why would the Great Elder tell him this?

"While we meet with the leadership of the Church of Light, we will leave some privileges, for example, permission to enter the Grand Library of Light." Rolands eyes immediately glittered.

At this moment, Roland had studied spell models and magic arrays profoundly. It wouldnt be bad if he had a chance to study theurgy.

However, not everybody could enter the Grand Library of Light Although Schuck was a Saint Samurai and had a lofty position in the Church of Light, it was not easy for him to let an outsider enter the library.

But the case would be different if the Church of Light intended to make a deal with another major force. "So you want me to come with you, Great Elder?"

Alfred said with a smile, "You are a diligent learner, and you love reading books in the library. I think you should have this opportunity." "Thank you, Great Elder." Since the guy gave him such a great privilege, Roland wouldnt mind fawning over him. "Great Elder, whenever you need me, just say the word. Ill do it as long as I can do it."

"Youll do it only if you can do it?" The Great Elder shook his head with a helpless smile. "Arent you cunning? Okay, you can go back now. Well set off the day after tomorrow."

Roland stood up and asked, "Can I take someone with me?"

"I know you cant leave your queen behind. Bring her with you. Theres enough room for her."

Roland smiled.

Soon after Roland left, Murphy came in with a piece of paper. "Great Elder, something is still not right," Murphy said. "Ive checked all the port registration records and the rental records of the flying boats. Neither Roland nor the queen is on them. How did she come to the Red Magic Tower across the ocean from tens of thousands of kilometers away when Roland was on vacation?"

The Great Elder thought for a moment and said, "She might have set off a long time earlier and arrived exactly when Rolands vacation was over."

"But she shouldve been registered at the port. Shes too beautiful to escape anyones attention."

Deep in thought, the Great Elder subconsciously scratched his beard.

Murphy continued, "Also, based on the intelligence we acquired from Hollevin, Roland was indeed in Delpon during his vacation."

"Are you suggesting that theyve created a spell that can teleport multiple people?" Alfred said with a weird smile. "Is it a spell or a magic array?"

"I think its the latter," said Murphy. "Roland has been studying magic arrays. He may have made a breakthrough and combined Long-Distance Teleportation with a magic array."

Tapping the surface of the desk, Alfred was deep in thought and used more and more strength, until the desk was cracking. In the end, he moved his right hand back and said slowly, "Roland is truly a genius, but are you exaggerating his intelligence? Even the Monochrome Magic Tower hasnt achieved multiple-person teleportation yet. Do you not feel that Roland is too young to do that?"

"According to common sense, its impossible." Murphy shrugged and said, "But some people defy common sense, such as Mordenkainen and Melf. I still maintain what I said before. Roland will be similar to Mordenkainen and Melf after he grows up."

Alfred slightly nodded. He thought for a moment and asked, "If Roland has indeed created a multiple-person teleportation spell or magic array, what do you plan to do?"

"How about we ask him to submit it?" Murphy took a deep breath and said, "He cant expect to monopolize such a spell." Alfred chuckled. "Why cant he? Hes an undying Golden Son. How do you plan to threaten him? Also, hes not a weak fighter at all. Im afraid that we might not be able to catch him even if we can suppress him. He can teleport."

Murphy heaved a sigh. "But my heart is itchy every time I realize that he has the ability to teleport multiple people. I want to see the spell model immediately."

Alfred comforted him. "Dont be hasty. Lets take things slowly. Im going to take Roland to the Fareins Kingdom. I told him that were visiting the Church of Light, but Im actually hoping to let him meet the First Princess. Considering Rolands predilection for mature women, he will probably hit it off with the First Princess. Well give him some benefits and let him experience the warmth of the Fareins Kingdom. One day, hell become one of us. Then, even if he doesnt submit his new teleportation spell or array, it still wont be bad because the skill will stay within Fareins."