Mages Are Too Op Chapter 498

Chapter 498 There Are No Peers That I Cant Beat

Although she was already a Legend, Andonaras Intelligence was only slightly above that of the ordinary person.

She wasnt stupid, but she wasnt interested in thinking about things, particularly not after she got with Roland. She left all the big things for Roland to decide and simply managed the little things at home. Ones brain tended to get rusty if not used very often.

Therefore, her memories were actually worse than what she should have with her Intelligence stats.

She did find this female Mage familiar, but she had a hard time remembering who she was.

"It seems that I didnt leave a deep impression on you." The female Mage smiled. "A few years ago, when you got married to the king of Hollevin, I attended your wedding as a member of the mission. Back then, your hair was still brown. It looks prettier blonde."

The female Mage looked at Roland as she went on. "But as far as I remember, the king of Hollevin doesnt look like him, nor should he be so young."

As a result, Andonara looked rather awful.

She really loved Roland, much more than Roland loved her. Once a person surrendered too much in a relationship, they tended to lose their pride.

When they lost their pride, certain things would understandably be considered as stains to them, such as Andonoras previous marriage.

Although Roland seemed to like her more for her identity as the queen, Andonara had always been slightly bothered by it.

What the female Mage said was like tearing her wound open.

She had every reason to be upset.

Andonara glanced at Roland. Seeing that he wasnt angry, she was finally relieved.

Then, she said rather unhappily, "Sorry, I dont know you. I never met you before."

"But you just said that I looked familiar" The female Mage was briefly stunned. Then she realized what was going on and said, "Sorry. I think I misspoke just now."

As she talked, she curtsied apologetically.

Andonara felt a lot better, as this woman did not seem to be cruel on purpose. "You two are new to this place, arent you?" The female Mage looked at Andonara rather curiously. "Can I interest you in afternoon tea here? I know a store that sells the best cakes."

Andonara was going to decline her, but Roland said, "Of course. Thank you, my lady."

Roland wanted to collect more intelligence about this place.

Now that Roland accepted her request, Andonara naturally wouldnt refuse.

They were taken to a store not far away by the female Mage This enormous square building could accommodate at least twenty thousand people and was as large as a massive mall in reality, so some people had opened shops in the building to make a living.

The store was clean and well-decorated.

The three of them sat down.

The female Mage introduced herself. "Im Sharon Arnold, a member of a branch of Archduke Arnolds family."

Archduke was a noble title only second to the royal family. It was not hard to imagine that

"Im Andonara Reed."

Sharon was briefly dazed. "Wait, your name should be Hollevin. Why is it Reed? Youre not the queen anymore?"

Andonara looked at Roland again and said casually, "Im still the queen. The old king dared not take the title away from me."

"That sounds interesting. Can you tell me why?" A weird interest flashed in Sharons eyes.

Andonara smiled stunningly. "Because I would kill him if he dared to do that."

Huh Sharon raised her eyebrow. "You seem to be beyond a Master now. Are you on your way to becoming a Legend?"

Since the woman couldnt see through her capabilities, Andonara would rather not expose herself. She simply nodded and admitted it.

"That explains a lot." Sharon smiled. "Hollevin is just a small country with few experts. Also, as a Great Swordsman, you are already half a Legend if you are a Master. Nobody in Hollevin dares to do anything to you! Actually, when I first saw you, I knew you would leave the old king and Hollevin sooner or later." At this moment, cakes and fresh juice had been served. Andonara loved sweet food. She grabbed a spoonful of cream and crewed it for a moment. Then she said, "I remember you now. When we were married, the old king sent invitations to all countries. There were too many guests back then. You didnt leave a deep impression on me."

"But Im sure that someone else definitely did." The female Mage smiled and said, "Our First Princess, Stephanie!"

Andonara frowned now that the woman was mentioned. "That princess who was arrogant and looked down on everybody else?"

"She wasnt arrogant; she was just confident." Sharon chuckled. "It seems that the First Princess really left a deep impression on you. You still remember her after all these years although you barely remember me."

"Of course I remember her." Andonara blinked her eyes. "After all, she was the first princess I defeated."

Listening the whole time, Roland grew quite curious. "You defeated her? Did she cause any trouble at your wedding?"

Sharon turned around and looked at Roland. "Please forgive me for overlooking you. I was too busy talking to the queen. May I know who you are?"

"Roland, no last name. Im a Golden Son." "No last name?" Sharon sounded rather suspicious.

She had thought that this man who made Andonara so sensitive and who didnt look very handsome definitely had a powerful background, or he couldnt have been worthy enough for a great talent like Andonara.

But he didnt have a last name. Did this mean that he was a civilian?

All the Mages were untitled nobles, but the young man couldnt be very strong. He was still way below Queen Andonara even if he were a minor noble.

Why did Andonara end up with such a man? Was it really because of love? Wait a Golden Son?

Sharon finally realized what was going on.

Although the players hadnt entered the Fareins Kingdom on a large scale, the rumors about them had arrived before they did.

Those hilarious and mysterious stories made the Golden Sons quite famous, some in a good way and some in a bad way. Besides, there were Golden Sons in Fareins too.

Schuck, the newly promoted Saint Samurai in the Temple of Light, was praised as the most gifted Saint Samurai in the past three hundred years. He had almost become a Master after only two years.

Also, his strength was significantly boosted by the red dragon that he rode.

Furthermore, rumor had it that a group of Golden Sons who focused on hunting vampires had appeared near the capital. They all wore silver equipment. They usually made a living by taking mercenary missions, but whenever they spotted vampires, they would track them down and demolish all of them.

After that, they would sell the vampires bone powder on the market.

They were truly a bunch of brutal men.

Because of them, the market price of vampires bone powder had dropped by almost twenty percent. Sharon, as a female Mage who spent most of her time at home, had never been in contact with any Golden Sons. Schuck, on the other hand, always stayed in the Holy Realm and rode the red dragon whenever he was out. Only the royal family and the grand nobles could meet him once in a while.

The Golden Sons who were devoted to hunting vampires were mysterious and couldnt be seen easily, either.

Whenever they showed up, they were either selling bone powder, or on their way to selling

Sharon was quite interested in the Golden Sons as a community. She learned that the Golden Sons were mostly active in Hollevin and planned to visit them there someday.

She didnt expect to meet a living Golden Son here.

She looked Roland up and down and couldnt help but investigate Rolands strength with her mental power, only to be shocked.

"Youre almost a Master now?" Sharon asked in surprise. "But youre so young. Youve been growing too fast even if you started learning magic when you were eight."

Actually, Roland had studied magic for only two years.

But he didnt need to brag about himself at this moment. He simply asked, "What did your First Princess do at Andonaras wedding?"

Sharon looked at Andonara and then Roland and said, "I think its best that the queen tells the story." "She was beaten up by me." Andonara said rather embarrassedly, "She was the head of Fareins mission group back then. At my wedding, she mocked other young nobles and said that they were all weak wussies. Then, she mocked me because I would rather acquire power by marrying an old man than get it on my own"

Andonara gradually lowered her voice as she talked on.

She stared Roland in the eye. Seeing that Roland wasnt mad or upset, she was greatly relieved and continued, "I was very angry, so I had a duel with her and almost beat her to tears."

A duel with Andonara?

Tsk. Roland shook her head.

Andonara had been very strong before she obtained the Phoenix Blood. The Great Swordsman was itself one of the three OP classes.

It was almost impossible for someone else of Andonaras level to defeat her.

Sharon smiled and said, "Our Princess Stephanie has always been an independent woman. She believes that a woman can thrive without counting on any man. Also, there have been female monarchs in Fareins before, so the First Princesss dream was always to be the queen. Its not a secret in Fareins. However, she was beaten into tears by you and almost lost her confidence because of it."

Andonara cackled awkwardly. "I was too furious back then. How I wanted to live my life was none of her business. She had it coming for mocking me on my wedding day."

Sharon put on a self-deprecating smile.

Fareins was the most powerful country in the human world. What about Hollevin? It was only as big as a medium-sized county in Fareins, which had 37 such counties.

A small noble of Fareins would be considered a grand noble in Hollevin, not to mention the members of the royal family such as the First Princess.

Not only did Andonara show her no respect, but she even beat her up. It was a miracle that the king of Hollevin didnt punish Andonara.

Right when Sharon thought that, Andonara said, "After I beat up the cynical First Princess, the old king locked me up for two months as punishment. I was really angry. Although I knew that she was the princess of a major country, and what I did was a disaster for Hollevin, I couldnt forgive my husband for putting me in custody."