Mages Are Too Op Chapter 499

Chapter 499 A Rare Kindred Spirit

In reality, Roland could more or less understand the old king of Hollevins anger at that time.

The Fareins kingdom was the most powerful country in the world, and if a comparison had to be made, it would be the difference between a beautiful country and a small African country. It was already a great honor for them to send a princess to your wedding.

In the end, due to some sarcastic comments, Andonara almost made the princess cry.

If the old king didnt send the queen to solitary confinement, who else would he send?

It was probably due to this incident that the old king felt the need to wear down Andonaras temperament.

However, Andonara was naturally insecure, and being so slowly worn down by the old king, she grew cold toward her husband.

In the end, Roland intervened and easily pulled her away.

In any case, the fact that Andonara had beaten up the First Princess of Fareins back then was a truly shocking act.

Sharon looked at Andonara with a little admiration. "At first, the First Princess had a problem with you, and after she returned, she would talk about you from time to time, but she still believed that a woman should be strong and self-reliant. It wasnt until later on when she got married that she often quarreled with her husband because of her overly dominant personality, and in the end, the two of them were almost like fire and water. It was only then that she occasionally told me privately that she thought that being a little weaker like you might be the way to get along as a couple."

Hearing this, Andonara shook her head. "Im no good either. My life with the old king wasnt happy. But fortunately, I met Roland." After saying that, Andonara looked at Roland beside her with affection.

Sharon sized up Roland for a while longer, then she continued to say to Andonara, "Since youre here in Fareins, are you interested in meeting the First Princess? Im sure shell be happy to see you."

Andonara froze for a moment. "I almost made her cry; itd be a wonder if she doesnt hate


"The First Princess is not the kind of person who seeks revenge for the smallest grievance." Sharon smiled. "If she saw you, she would be happy. After all, right now the First Princess needs a friend who can talk to her as an equal without making her feel in danger and wouldnt be treated by her as an enemy." Andonara shook her head. She had been in the royal family for a few years, and she knew too well how small-minded the so-called royal family of Hollevin was. Not to mention getting beaten up, even if you accidentally bumped into them, if you gave them a chance, they would retaliate.

The members of the Fareins royal family were probably the same.

Sharon didnt mind. She had guessed that Andonara would refuse.

She then stopped talking about this and instead talked about some of the interesting things happening in the capital of Fareins right now.

For example, the open rivalry between several grand dukes, a certain nobles youngest son not being his real son, and other such upper-class gossip.

Essentially, the life of a noble was no different from those of the countryside.

Farmers and their wives were at the edge of the fields, holding hoes and forks, talking about household affairs and the effects the phases of the moon had on their crops.

Nobles sat in lavish houses, holding the edges of ornate cups with their pinky out, talking about killing and f**king, and deciding where their interests lie in conversation.

Apart from identity and status, at the core, the two were of exactly the same nature.

That wasnt the information Roland wanted to hear. He was more interested in knowing how much magic materials were available in the Association of Mages in Fareins, which ones were cheaper, and which ones were more expensive than in Hollevin.

And what the Association of Mages policy for educating people was.

He could learn from that and see if he could use it in his own magic academy.

However, Sharon didnt talk about those things. She just focused on talking about noble gossip with Andonara.

Andonara listened with rapt attention.


Roland couldnt help but sigh inwardly. Andonara was good in all aspects, but it was just this part of her personality that wasnt any different from an ordinary noblewomans.

Loving gossip.

Not at all like a powerful female Warrior who had reached the Legendary level.

Roland tapped the tabletop twice with his fingers, making a faint noise to interrupt their conversation, and then said, "Andonara, you and Lady Sharon can talk for a while, Ill go walk around and see what else is here."

Andonara nodded. She knew her mans personality; he wasnt interested in these things.

When Roland left, Sharon said with some uneasiness, "Did I snub Mr. Roland, he doesnt seem too happy?"

"Its okay, he has a good personality and wont get angry about it." Andonara smiled. "The happiest thing thats happened to me until now is having met him."

Looking at Andonaras happy expression, Sharon was somehow envious because she could tell that Andonara wasnt faking it. She was reminded of her own man, a matrilocal husband who knew nothing and could do nothing, but who liked to do things to his maids.

Now that there were three illegitimate children, she was contemplating whether or not to drown them.

After Roland left the shop, he walked around the neighborhood casually.

Other than shops, some open spaces were occupied by groups of Mages gathering and talking about magic.

Roland walked past group after group of gathered Mages, and from the occasional statements he heard, he found that these Mages were quite solid in their theoretical knowledge, and when discussing, each one of them quoted classic worksthe Mages in Hollevin were really not on the same level as them.

He retraced his steps to the magic fountain, as it was quite interesting in its design.

The phenomenon of siphoning was prevalent in nature and was not a profound principle, but it was interesting to apply the siphoning principle to the flow of magic.

Roland had tried to apply this, but pure magic power was not affected by atmospheric pressure, which meant that under normal circumstances, the flow of magic could not produce siphoning. How did this man do it?

Roland came over just to see how the magic fountain worked.

It would be even better if he could secretly tear down this magic fountain!

As a result, as soon as he arrived, he saw three young Mages standing nearby as well.

They were discussing theoretical knowledge about magic.

As they discussed, they had an argument.

"As I said, the wind element is essentially the manipulation of air currents, and it should be a force field spell, not an evoking spell because it is not a transformation of magical elemental energy, just a flow of energy." The young man with short black hair shouted, "Wind elemental magic should be categorized as a force field spell, not in evocation!"

"But that is the decision of the Legendary Mages." The young man with short blond hair and grey magic robes said disdainfully, "Who do you think you are to overrule the decisions of the Legends?"

The other brown-haired youth nodded and said, "Thats right, Menon Boris. Dont think that just because people praised you for your genius a few times youre really an omniscient sage. As impressive as you may be, can you be more powerful than a Legendary Mage?" The black-haired young man sneered, "What? The Legendary Mages were able to overturn some of Mordenkainen and Melfs theories and say that they were wrong, so are their theories completely right? By your logic, I cant say that the Legendary Mages are wrong because I dont have enough of a reputation and am weaker. Then why can they say that Mordenkainen and Melf are wrong!?"


Their argument had been turned against them.

The other two were speechless.

The blond youngster snorted. "Boris, I dont want to argue with you. You should know that even if youre a genius, your ideas and concepts are completely on the wrong path. Magic isnt for messing around with these miscellaneous toys that please women and children. Magic fountains, what a ridiculous thing. Magic is supposed to be used to deter enemies and change the layout of the worldyoure too small-minded. If you dont change your mind one day, youll just sit at the bottom of the well, looking up at the stars, never jumping out. The three of us grew up together, progressed together, and we dont want you to stray from the right path of magic and get further and further away from us. I want you to lead the two of us forward again."

"Lets go."

The two youngsters left, leaving the black-haired young man standing alone by the magic fountain.

Roland walked over and asked, "Is this magic fountain your work?"

The black-haired young man was contemplating when Roland suddenly spoke, startling him. He then sized up Roland and asked, "A friend from outside?"

"Cant I be a new student here?"

The black-haired young man smiled confidently. "New students can only come in after a year. Besides, I have a good memorythere are 13,274 people in the entire Association of Mages, this includes the servants. Everyones faces are imprinted in my head, but not yours."

This memory is a little freakish.

Roland didnt know if this person was bluffing or not, but he just assumed it was real for now. He exclaimed, "What a genius! With this memory, learning anything is definitely twice as effective with half the effort."

"Its all right." The black-haired young man sized up Roland again. "Can you show your identification? There are quite a lot of spies in the Association of Mages lately."

As he said that, Roland sensed that this black-haired young man, Menon Boris, had already been surrounded by extremely subtle magic fluctuations, and the spell was one step away from taking shape.

Roland took out the blue card from his pocket and dangled it.

Menon relaxed.

The subtle magic fluctuations disappeared as well.

"Friend, may I ask where you are from and your name?" Menon didnt have much interest in Roland, most of his mind was still thinking about what his friend had just said.

Roland smiled. "Roland, from Hollevin, a Golden Son."

Menons eyes lit up. "Golden Son? The rumored immortal Golden Sons? Youre not an imposter, are you?"

Roland was somewhat surprised. "Are people impersonating us?" "They are." Menon nodded vigorously. "Immortality is a terrifying trait, and people generally dont want to offend you, so some people want to use that for some purpose, like threatening others before a battle. But a fake is a fake, and you can test it out when you try."

"Test how?"

"One gold coin for a small piece of your flesh and blood." Menons eyes seemed to glow. "I want to study how your blood and flesh is different from us ordinary people. My family isnt very wealthy, so I can only offer one gold coin, which is almost all of my savings already."

This young man is a research maniac. Roland became interested as well. "Theres no problem in giving you a piece of flesh, but I dont want gold coins." "Then what do you want?"

Roland pointed to the magic fountain next to him. "Whats the principle of how this thing works? I want to know that. Deal?"

"Deal, of course! Looks like youre also someone who loves to study the nature of magic Wait!" Menon suddenly remembered something. "Roland, thats a familiar name, let me retrieve the memory Huh? Oil-making and water-making spells?"

Menon now showed a feverish sense of excitement at seeing a kindred spirit.