Mages Are Too Op Chapter 500

Chapter 500 Which Is More Important Depth Or Breadth?

Menon was a different breed of Mage.

The vast majority of Mages majored in attack-type spells, and even if they had a minor in protection-type, it was to protect themselves on the battlefield or in battles with others.

Menon, on the other hand, preferred to pursue the essence of magic, and he was not interested in magic with lethality, instead preferring to create strange magical items. For example, magic fountains and magic rainbows.

This kind of magic that could bring happiness to people was what he was after.

And such behavior, in the eyes of his teachers and friends, was simply deviant. A Mage wasnt a Mage if they didnt pursue high lethality and great strength.

Menon remained true to his path, and because of it, he drifted away from his friends.

While he studied how to gather magic, his friends were learning how to make their spells more lethal.

While he researched how to manifest magic to ordinary people and not hurt them, his friends were already building up their careers.

If Menon hadnt been from a good family and pulled some strings, he wouldnt have had the right to stand in the Association of Mages.

The Association of Mages, the elite gathering place for all of Fareins, was home to a large number of Mages.

But Menon had not found anyone who thought the same way as he did.

In the Association of Mages, all of his peers except him were seeking greater power.

This left Menon feeling particularly disappointed and lonely.

Especially when his former friends also started to oppose him, he felt that no one in the world could understand him.

Whats wrong with bringing joy to people? Whats so great about fighting and killing.

It was at this time that two new spells appeared in the Church of Magic. The oil-making and water-making spells.

Both of these spells were created by a man named Roland.

Though it seemed from these two spells that the creators intent was still to strengthen Mages

The oil-making spell made it easier for Mages to make money, and the water-making spell was also made for Mages, as it could be seen from the amount of water that could only quench thirst. Allowing Mages to make more money earlier on gave Mages more flexibility to survive in the wild.

nore 110.

This Mage called Roland was essentially still creating spells for Mages, not for all the masses, all intelligent beings.

Understanding this, Menons excitement diminished a little.

This man named Roland was still seeking greater power just like any other Mage, but he was just pursuing it more comprehensively.

However, Menon paid more attention to this man named Roland and his invention of the oil-making and water-making spells. Then, after a few months, Menon gradually lost the name Roland in the depths of his memory.

But he never expected that the other party would appear in front of him today and that he would be a Golden Son. Menon was excited. Though it seemed to him that Rolands intent still seemed to be the pursuit of great power, Roland was willing to invent some unique spells, so the latter was probably able to understand him.

"Why are you interested in this magic fountain?" Menon asked curiously. "After I made this thing, most people said that I put my energy into crooked things." Roland pointed at the structure of the magic fountains shell. "This thing is a magic formation that can manifest the flow of magic power, making it visible to ordinary people. But I dont understand how you made the magic flow like water. It is reasonable to say that the magical elements cant produce this siphoning principle of drooping water columns, because they arent transformed into magic water streams." Menons eyes lit up. "You can understand! Youre also pursuing the essence of magic?"

Roland nodded. "You could say that."

"Come, come, Ill show you the results of my latest research." Menon grabbed Roland and headed toward his room.

His room wasnt far from here. Once inside, Roland saw that there were drawings all over the place.

e were

As everyone knew, a piece of white paper was very expensive, and the fact that Menons room had so many drawings was enough to show that he was extremely rich.

"Look, this is what Ive researched about the conditions and methods of magic elements resonance."

"Its how the magic element changes its properties for a short time and then produces a seven-colored rainbow-like effect."

"And this, my masterpiece, the control of the flow of pure magic elementsthe magic fountain is an extension of this concept."

Roland grabbed the three drawings in his hands and slowly looked at them.

Menon was in no hurry. He was sitting in a chair at the side, looking at Roland rather expectantly.

This was Menon showing off and it was also his test.

If Roland could understand these things, then Menon would think that he was a kindred spirit.

This was why Menon wasnt in a hurry. He crossed his legs and waited patiently.

All three things were his masterpieces, and even if Legends came, theyd probably be able to look at each one for half an hour before they could understand it.

Roland was not yet atMaster, so no matter how smart he was, it was estimated that it would take five or six hours before he could fully understand it.

However half an hour later, Roland finished flipping through the three drawings and then contemplated them.

He finished reading so quickly?

Menon was somewhat in disbelief!

Might he be pretending? Roland then snapped his fingers and the magic around him began to manifest, then formed a small, curved, intertwined string of flowing water.

Menon couldnt help but jump at the sight of it. "You actually mastered it? So quickly?"

"Thats because your notes are well-written and easy to understand."

Menon tsked. He felt like he had been overshadowed and said, not too pleased, "You seem to have a good foundation and are almost at this point in your research."

"Indeed." Roland nodded.

He was using numbers to parse magic, so he was progressing rather quickly. But there was a limit to how fast it could be; after all, it had only been a little over two years since he had entered the game.

Still, while his depth of learning magic was sufficient, his breadth wasnt.

"After reading your three drawings, Ill take something out too, otherwise itd be rude of me."

Roland thought about it and took out the technique of making the magic sword.

Because Menon liked to make things, so naturally this would be to his liking.

Then this thing opened Menons eyes. Because aside from Mordenkainen, Roland was the only one who knew how to do this.

It was the first time hed ever seen this.

After telling Menon some of the key points so that he could learn and experience them for himself, Roland left.

Menon didnt send him off either. He was completely immersed in learning.

Roland went to the pastry shop first and found that Andonara wasnt there, so he went back to the room that the Association of Mages had prepared for him, and after swiping the door open with his card, he saw Andonara working inside.

She was cleaning the floor and laying out the bedding

Seeing Roland return, she said sweetly, "Ill make you dinner after I clean this place up."

Roland had gotten used to Andonaras wifeliness, and he felt like he was going to be a living wreck if he continued like this.

He watched Andonara walk around, then asked, "How did it go with Ms. Sharon?"

"She keeps trying to take me to see the First Princess, I dont know why." Andonara laughed bitterly. "That woman got a beating from me, wouldnt it be provoking dislike to go see her! But Sharons expression and tone were sincere, and I didnt sense any malice in her, so I guess she wanted me to make up with the First Princess Stephanie."

Roland was surprised. "Sharon was so enthusiastic, but why?"

"Who knows!" Andonara shook her head helplessly.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

Roland turned back and opened the door to find that it was the Great Elder Alfred.

"It seems that you have found the right answer," Alfred said happily. "As expected of an elite from our Red Magic Tower, you didnt shame us."

Roland accepted Alfreds compliment with a smile, then asked, "Great Elder, did you come here with any orders?" "Its a good thing, come to dinner with us," smiled Alfred. "The royal family has invited us tonight, and you will be able to meet lots of big shots."

Roland pondered. "I think its better to stay in my room and study magic."

"Arent you interested in a large number of beautiful noblewomen?" Alfreds enigmatic smile had a hint of crudeness to it. "A whole lot."

"More beautiful than my Andonara?" Roland turned sideways and pointed to Andonara, who was busy in the room.

Alfred shrugged. "I guess there are only one or two with such a figure as a Legendary Great Swordsman."

"Theres actually as many as one or two?" Roland seemed a little surprised.

Alfred felt the sourness of envy seep into his teeth like he had squeezed a dozen lemons.

He had no choice but to offer a great weapon: "But if you dont attend the dinner, how am I going to introduce you to the great figures of the Church of Light? Then you might lose your chance to enter the Great Library of Light."

"All right, Ill go." Roland stood up straight.

I knew it. Alfred rolled his eyes at Roland. "Follow me, and call your Great Swordsman queen too." A few minutes later, Roland and Alfred walked out of the Association of Mages. Andonara wore a white one-piece dress that was easy to move in, and she followed behind the two of them.

The world outside the Association of Mages was full of square houses made of white stone. There were crowds of people walking along the large, busy streets.

Alfred pointed to the towering castle in the distance and smiled. "Thats the palace, the banquet will be held there. We dont have a carriage, so well have to figure out how to get to the palace ourselves. For example, the easiest way for us Mages to get is by flying."

Alfred laughed and soared straight into the sky with Wind Soaring before disappearing into the towering background scenery of the royal palace.

It turned out that the Church of Light did not restrict flying spells.

Even if they didnt restrict flying spells, Roland wouldnt bother to fly now.

Rather than flying off alone, it was more romantic to walk slowly with Andonara on the streets.

Besides, it was still early in the morning, and there was still a long way to go before the sun would set. Roland didnt believe that the palace would start the banquet so soon. Then he was proven wrong.

When the sun was still more than half a distance away from setting, a rather beautiful woman in a gorgeous dress suddenly announced that the banquet had officially started.

Roland almost couldnt get into the banquet.

Alfred came out and brought him inside.