Mages Are Too Op Chapter 502

Chapter 502 The Support Of The Red Magic Tower

This was the center of the entire dinner venue, and everything that happened would be noticed by the other guests.

The atmosphere suddenly changed when many of the guests noticed that Alfred had brought a man and a woman with him to chat with the First Princes for a while.

There was a momentary lull in the banquet.

It was as if something unbelievable was happening

They even saw many of the big shots take a step back simultaneously.

What had happened?

Right at the center of everyones attention, several of those involved wore rather strange expressions. The First Princess was livid but seemed a bit expectant.

Alfred, on the other hand, was all smiles and seemed to be fine with it.

The surrounding major figures, surprised, were staring and waiting for things to unfold. To put it bluntly, they were watching the show. The sweetly smiling Andonara had already moved forward.

Roland said to beat her up, so naturally, she had to.

The First Princess subconsciously stepped back, and then two young nobles suddenly stood in front of the First Princess.

Even if it seemed like a dinner party with no danger, as a member of the royal family, she still had protectors hidden in the crowd.

Just a step forward by Andonara, and with two thuds, the two young men covered their abdomens and fell to their knees retching.

Andonara struck so fast that only a handful of people could just barely see her move.

The First Princess turned a little pale and took another step back.

She couldnt beat Andonara a few years ago, and naturally that was even truer now.

Just as Andonara was about to strike, Alfred suddenly stretched out his hand and a light blue boundary protected the First Princes. Looking at the blue boundary, Stephanie sighed in relief. She finally felt somewhat safe, then nodded her head slightly to Alfred in gratitude.

Andonara looked at Roland.

After all, it was a spell cast by a Legendary Mage. This boundary was a bit hard, and she couldnt penetrate it with her bare hands. She had to use her sword.

Her sword, however, was stored in Rolands Backpack

Roland looked to Alfred and smiled, asking, "What do you mean, mentor, you wont let me beat her up?"

"Give me some face." Alfred sighed. "She is, after all, somewhat related to me by blood, so I cant just see her lose face."

Roland nodded. "So can I leave the party now?"

Although Alfred was not his direct mentor, occasionally when Roland met him, he would ask him about some unclear aspects of magic philosophy.

And Alfred usually took quite a lot of care with Roland, so Roland had to listen to what he had to say.

"Feel free." Alfred shrugged his shoulders and spoke indifferently.

In his opinion, the First Princess Stephanie really wasnt as important as Roland.

While it was true that she had a good chance of becoming the future queen of Fareins, that was without the intervention of the Church of Light or the Association of Mages.

And it was true that Stephanie was considered quite capable among the younger generation of the royal family, but there were a few princes who werent bad, only they had made their moves too late and so had been suppressed.

If someone could help them lift the stone that was weighing them down, they might be able to stand on the same high ground as Stephanie did.

Roland was different; a Mage was a profession that required a lot of talent, and it would be nice if one could come out of ten thousand. A Mage of Rolands talent might not be able to come out of one in ten million.

The First Princess, the queen, and whatnot were not as important as a powerful and innovative Mage.

With such a Mage in Fareins, as long as he reached the Legendary level, his lifespan would be at least two hundred years, and he could keep the entire Fareins Kingdom safe for over a hundred years.

With Alfreds permission, Roland turned around and left, Andonara following after him.

Stephanie stayed in the blue circular boundary, pursing her full red lips slightly as she watched Andonara leave.

After leaving the corner of the palace, Roland took Andonara for a stroll through the night market in the capital before returning to the Association of Mages. He didnt know that because of him, the banquet hosted by the First Princes ended much earlier than planned.

When Roland returned to the quarters the Association of Mages had prepared for him, Andonara got busy making dinner. The two of them thought they would have a full meal at the banquet, but they didnt expect to be back out again within ten minutes of going inside.

And they didnt want to eat in a tavern or something like that, mainly because Andonara felt that it was her duty as Rolands woman to take care of his food and shelter when there were no servants.

Roland, on the other hand, sat at his desk and used the systems notepad to continue deriving magic data.

As his level increased, and as he understood theories and concepts of magic, some of his previous ideas had become outdated, and much of the data had to be updated according to the current level of his characters attributes.

He had to correct the database.

The Mage was a profession that had to keep up with the times.

They relied mostly on data and not as much on experience and intuition as Warriors, Assassins, and Archers did.

He started analyzing his self-destructing Inferior Fireball again, and after three months of studying at the Red Magic Tower, his understanding of the magical elements, and invoking them, had improved significantly.

Some of the previous nodes could be altered now.

And the capacity limit of this spell could be raised some more.

By dialing some nodes away from their current positions slightly, and with the increase in capacity, Roland added three small nodes.

If the analogy to the spell model was a sophisticated circuit board, then the function of these three extra nodes was to increase the current output.

To put it more simply, the explosion was more powerful.

The self-destructing Inferior Fireball, Rolands signature and his killer move, was a spell in which he had invested more energy than all other spells combined.

In other words, this spell alone accounted for about half of the total number of hours that Roland usually spent optimizing spells. It might not seem like it was cost-effective, but it was actually worth it for everything he did.

Roland had previously uploaded this spell to the forum, and then it was offered to the Goddess of Magic by other players with no shame.

However, the Goddess of Magic quickly took the spell back, and also seemed to realize that the creator of this spell should be Roland.

Compared to the first version of the Inferior Fireball he submitted, the spell had been optimized several times by now. Without considering the character level, equipment, or specialties; whether it was the magic power input speed, ballistic flight speed, the temperature of the flames, or even the blast range; all of these qualities had increased by at least twenty percent.

This was a great improvement. If the rise in spell power that came with Rolands leveling up, specialties, and other aspects were addedand now that he was wearing a full set of magic regeneration equipment-a full-strength Inferior Fireball had a blast range that could almost cover an entire football field. In other words, he was already considered a true long-range destructive Mage. Even at this level, Roland still felt that the spell model of the self-destructing Inferior Fireball could continue to be optimized.

Mordenkainens signature spell was Mages Disjunction, Melfs signature spell was Low-Level God-Slaying, and Mystras signature spell was Mystras Mansion.

So Roland felt that his own signature spell should be"Self-Destructing Inferior Fireball."

He looked at the spell model of his Inferior Fireball over and over again, while listing its data and extrapolating it to see if there was a better optimization solution.

Soon, Andonara had dinner ready.

Roland sat at the table, instinctively stuffing white bread into his mouth, but his eyes were unfocused, a sign that he was thinking deeply.

Andonara was sitting across from him and didnt care.

A clingy woman like her was happy as long as her man stayed by her side.

It didnt matter if he talked less and didnt know how to pamper her.

Just as they were about to finish their dinner, there was a knock on the door.

Roland snapped out of his thoughts and went to open the door to find Alfred standing outside.

"Ah? Great Elder, Im just in the middle of dinner, why dont you come in and have some." Roland gestured for him to come in. "Im sure you didnt have anything to eat at the banquet."

Alfred waved his hand very gently. "No, Im too old. I cant eat too much or my stomach will be upset."

"Then come in and have a seat."

Alfred continued to shake his head. "Ill leave you two to your private time. I just came to tell you not to pay too much attention to what the First Princess says, and dont mind her. We, the Association of Mages, and the Red Magic Tower are all on your side. As long as you feel that youre not doing anything wrong, just go for it, and if anything happens, well back you up."

Roland was stunned and quite touched, but at the same time, he was also a bit puzzled. "First Princess Stephanie should be the one with real power in the royal family. Is it all right for the Magic Tower to offend her for an unimportant person like me?"

"Unimportant person?" Alfred smiled. "You underestimate yourself. Enjoy your travels in Fareins, dont trouble yourself, and rest well."

After saying these words, Alfred slowly left.

Roland closed the door and returned to his room to finish the rest of his dinner.

Andonara was clearing away the dishes when there was another knock at the door.

Roland thought Alfred had left and returned with other things to tell him.

After all, he had just arrived in Fareins and didnt have any friends.

When he opened the door, he found two mysterious people standing outside the door in white robes, their heads covered by large white hoods.

Rolands gaze fell on the mysterious person in the front and he asked in confusion, "May I ask who you are?"

Both of them lifted their hoods a little, revealing their faces, then fell back into the shadows.

It was the First Princes Stephanie.

And Sharon.

"Its me." Stephanies voice seemed quite kind, completely different from the aggressive situation not so long ago. "After Mr. Roland left, I thought about it for a long time, and I know I forgot my manners and did something wrong, so I came to apologize to you and Andonara Sir, wont you invite the two of us to have a seat in the room? Standing here with this outfit, Ill attract more attention."

Roland thought for a moment, stepped out of the way, and closed the door gently once they were in the room.