Mages Are Too Op Chapter 503

Chapter 503 Big Mouthed Friends

Stephanie Fareins was the full name of the First Princess.

Almost all of the countrys royals used the countrys name as their last name.

This trend was also started by the royal family of Fareins.

As the First Princess, the kings most favored daughter, Stephanie had never been wronged since she was a child. Life went smoothly all the way. Although she was arrogant at the time, her innate character wasnt terrible, and the other big shots from other forces also couldnt be bothered to fuss over minor matters with a little girl.

It wasnt until she was sixteen and really bored that she took the assignment to go on a mission to Hollevin.

Then came the first time she was beaten up.

Beaten by someone her own age, almost to tears.

And she had no reason to be angry; after all, it was normal to get beaten up when she made impertinent remarks at the other partys wedding

Moreover, the Stephanie back then wasnt as powerful as she was now, and even if she wanted to deal with Hollevin, it wouldnt be that easy. After all, in a feudal and divided country, even if the royal family had much control over the lords of the various regions, sending an expedition to deal with Hollevin because of this small matter would be impossible.

Andonara, who had beaten her almost to tears, had a rather special place in Stephanies heart.

As soon as she entered the room, she saw Andonara laying out Rolands blanket in a wifely way.

The two of them pulled off their hoods, and Stephanie looked at Andonara and said in confusion, "Why dont you find a maid to do these things? You are a queen and a Legendary Great Swordsman, its not right to do these jobs in either capacity."

"Theres no should or shouldnt about cooking for your man and helping him spread his blanket." Andonara turned back and looked at Stephanie. "Its a wifes duty. Or is it that you women of the royal family of Fareins dont know how to get along with their husbands?"


Stephanies expression was stern. "Although Mr. Roland is a Golden Son, you really dont have to do this."

As she spoke, she looked distressed.

Roland interjected, "You three can chat, Ill sit in the living room."

Three women were enough for a drama, and Roland didnt want to get involved in it.

He took the initiative to go to the living room and closed the bedroom door for the three of them on the way.

This time he started not by extrapolating magic data or looking at the forum, but instead went into the guild systems chat interface and pinged Schuck.

Roland: "Schuck are you still in Fareins capital? Im here now too, lets meet up and chat tomorrow."

Schuck: "Youre here too? Wait a minute I heard just 10 minutes ago that there was a Mage of the Golden Sons who attacked the First Princess Stephanie. It wasnt you, was


Roland: "That would be me."

Schuck: "Gee, awesome. Lets meet at the Moonstone Tavern in the city tomorrow morning around eight and take care of breakfast as well."

Roland: "Okay."

Schuck: "Ive got some work to do here, so Ill see you tomorrow."

Roland then had nothing else to do, so he started to open the system interface and continued to extrapolate the data of the Self-Destructing Inferior Fireball.

Time passed very quickly while indulging in his research.

About half an hour later, the bedroom door was pushed open and First Princess Stephanie came out, and as she passed Roland, she said, "Mr. Roland, if possible, I hope that tomorrow afternoon you will bring Andonara to the afternoon tea Im hosting."

Roland muttered to himself.

In his opinion, the so-called afternoon tea was nothing more than gossip among women.

Rather than going to such an event, it would be more enjoyable to lock himself in his room, even if he didnt study magic, just looking at the forums and seeing what breaking news the idiotic players had made.

Of course, this was just his thoughts as a dude.

If it were other players who were hitting on girls, they would have immediately agreed to


After all, Stephanie was really pretty and in great shape.

"Sir, if you really cant be there, its fine to just have Andonara come over."

With this one sentence, the First Princess revealed her true intentions.

It turned out he was just incidental. Roland shrugged helplessly. "Lets talk about it tomorrow."

"Please Sir, you must consider my suggestion," Stephanie said a little more aggressively, but not harshly. "I, however, would love for you to come as well."

Roland smiled slightly without speaking.

Seeing Roland being so obstinate, Stephanie clicked her tongue slightly, then turned and left with Sharon.

Just a few seconds after they left the room, Andonara came out of the room.

She sat next to Roland, leaning on him, and said, "This First Princess is not the same as before. She used to be arrogant and domineering, but now, she is willing to listen to people."

"People will always grow up, especially after being beaten by you." Roland smiled. "Are you planning to attend the First Princesss afternoon tea tomorrow?"

"Well, I havent decided yet."

Now Andonaras perception of the First Princess had changed a lot.

She did want to attend the afternoon tea hosted by the First Princess because the First Princess had said that only a few familiar noblewomen would be invited.

There would be no other men.

This way, it wouldnt make Roland jealous or inspire negative thoughts.

It was just that she wanted to be by Rolands side.

When Roland saw her struggling expression, he smiled and said, "Tomorrow Im going to meet with an old friend, its not a good idea to bring you along. It just so happens that the First Princess invited you, so you can say yes."

Having lived together for more than a year, Roland naturally knew very well that Andonara was fond of having afternoon tea with her friends.

It was her way of relaxing and socializing.

When she was in Hollevin, as long as it wasnt raining or windy, Andonara would always invite the mayors wife and other noblewomen over for afternoon tea. Women could talk very happily into the evening over a few cups of fruit wine and cakes.

And they still wouldnt get enough.

Hearing Rolands words, Andonara nodded. "Then Ill be back earlier tomorrow.

The next day, Roland washed up and went to the Moonstone Tavern.

As soon as he entered the tavern in the morning, Roland saw Schuck.

Schuck was surrounded by three female sommeliers, who were chattering to him about the taverns signature wine and signature dishes.

And there seemed to be a bit of a bad vibe between the three female sommeliers. Schuck looked helpless.

Roland walked over and sat down across from Schuck.

Schuck causally ordered several dishes, and the three female sommeliers had to leave to prepare. The female sommeliers took three steps and then stopped to look back, looking rather reluctant.

Roland shook his head helplessly at the sight of them. "As expected of you, youre always attracting women wherever you go."

"Its normal, cant blame me for being so handsome." Schuck smiled matter-of-factly, then asked, "Why are you here?"

Roland then told the story of how it all started.

After hearing that, Schuck was a bit confused. "Indeed, recently weve cooperated with the Association of Mages, but its something relatively small. I havent heard anything important!"

Roland threw up his hands. "I dont know about that, but I came here just to scrounge up a book anyway."

"Its probably a confidential matter. After all, we Saint Samurai dont have to deal with internal affairs, so, normally, we wont be told." Schuck nodded indifferently.

Roland looked around and asked, "Wheres your little dragoness, didnt she come along?"

"Shes still asleep, dragons are rather narcoleptic."

As Schuck spoke, a female sommelier brought up a meat dish. She pulled her collar down low, revealing two big fat lumps of meat, and winked at Schuk.

Unfortunately, Schuck completely pretended not to see.

The female sommelier walked away very lost.

Schuck used his fork to pick up some meat from his plate, ate it, and continued, "You should be more careful when you stay in the capital, I always feel that something is not right, like something is about to happen. Its just a pity that Ive been here for too short a time, and I havent built up my squad. Im completely blind, and I can only judge a lot of things by feeling."

"Its none of my business, Im just a passing onlooker." Roland didnt think it was a big deal. "Lets say theres a civil war in the Fareins Kingdom, Ill just teleport away before things affect me."

Schuck said enviously, "Being able to teleport means you can do whatever you want."

"You still have the nerve to talk about me? You get a dozen gold coins every month for doing nothing, you have a dragon mount, and the status of a Saint Samurai is extremely high. How can you still be envious of me?"

Schuck smiled. "We all envy what we dont have and cant see what we do have."

The two of them then ate and drank and talked in the tavern, and although they often met in reality, talking in the game felt like something else.

Because there was enough time. Six hours of chatting in the game, only two hours wouldve passed in the real world, and they were still sleeping at night. Starting in the morning, the chat went on into the evening

They talked about everything in the game, outside the game, and so on. Often, talking to friends was just about a certain feeling, and it didnt matter what exactly was the topic.

When Roland returned to the guest room of the Association of Mages, he found that Andonara had already returned.

She was preparing dinner.

"Did you enjoy your afternoon tea today?" Roland stood off to the side, leaning against the wall.

Andonara turned her head. "It was fine. Stephanie took quite good care of me. She explained the gossip the other noblewomen talked about that I didnt understand, and the fruit wine provided by the Fareins royal family is much better than the fruit wine provided by the Hollevin royal family."

Roland could see that Andonara was indeed much happier.

When she was at the Red Magic Tower, although Andonara also drank afternoon tea, most of the time she drank it alone.

Occasionally, she would bring the catgirl, but how would a little catgirl know how to "drink" afternoon tea.

In the eyes of the noblewomen, the so-called afternoon tea was a means of socializing, a place to exchange information, and even more so, a chance to cultivate relationships.

The catgirl just drank juice and ate cake.

Hardly talking at all.

It was very boring.

Soon dinner was ready, and they were in the living room putting dishes on the table and about to start eating, when there was an urgent knock on the door. Roland opened the door and found a group of black-robed soldiers standing outside.

The lead soldier said hurriedly, "Sir, Im very sorry, could you bring your family members to gather at the airship docking plaza? The Deputy Chairman has been assassinated, and we need your cooperation to find the killer."

Roland: Huh?