Mages Are Too Op Chapter 506

Chapter 506 Come Out If You Think Youre Good

Stephanie looked sincere and serious.

Pondering for a moment, Roland said, "But Ive been brought here by Alfred just to broaden my mind. I need to ask him if I am allowed to help you."

This was a matter of stance. It was fine when Roland offered a few ideas to Stephanie, but if he were to be hired by Stephanie, he would really be considered to be on her side. He hadnt forgotten yet that he still belonged to the Red Magic Tower.

He was now studying in the Red Magic Tower, and he was quite grateful to them. "You dont seem like someone who cares about whom you work for." Stephanie wasnt really convinced.

Roland agreed. "No, not really. I wont join any force easily, but several people in the Red Magic Tower are my teachers. I have to pay them enough respect."

Stephanie glanced at Andonara and asked, "If the Red Magic Tower is really my enemy, and if Andonara is willing to help me, you still wont help Andonara?"

Stephanie was apparently trying to turn them against each other.

Roland frowned.

If Roland were alone, this play wouldnt have worked at all.



But Andonara was here.

Women thought differently from men.

On many occasions, what men thought to be unimportant was the fundamental reason for their disagreement in womens eyes.

Right at this moment, Andonara suddenly stood next to Roland. She gazed at Stephanie coldly and said, "First Princess, youre making me very uncomfortable. Please leave if you dont have anything else to say." Sensing the shaking body next to him, Roland turned his head and caught a glimpse of sorrow in Andonaras eyes.

Stephanie was dazed for a long time, before she finally said, "Anna, arent we friends?"

"We were." Andonara shook her head and said, "But not anymore. Friends shouldnt play games with each other."

Andonara was a queen who spent a fairly long time in the royal palace. She knew all the dirty games of the nobles.

She wouldnt mind if Stephanie was dealing with an outsider, but she was quite unhappy that she tried this on Roland.


Andonara interrupted the First Princess. "Please go."

Stephanie felt extremely uncomfortable seeing how serious Andonara was. She heaved a sigh and took Sharon, who had been watching the drama in silence, out of the room.

After Stephanie left, Andonara began to clean the cups on the table.

Roland asked, "Are you all right?"

"Im fine," Andonara said with a smile. "Friends are not as important as family, as my husband."

Roland walked to her and held her in his arms.

Andonara gently hugged Roland back and buried her head in his chest.

This woman was unbelievably strong, yet she had a heart that was as soft as jelly.

At night, because she was unhappy, Andonara cuddled up to Roland.

They couldnt do anything more than that. But as a woman, she was more focused on the pleasure of her mind. It was the happiest thing for Andonara to be physically close to the man she loved.

She would be happy when Roland was happy.

It was as simple as that.

The next morning, Andonara made breakfast for Roland after she woke up.

Because the Golden Sons didnt need sleep, Roland had been surfing on the forum during the night while he lay in bed with Andonara.

Then, during breakfast, Roland received a message through the guild chat system.

Schuck: "Roland, wait for me at the Moonlight Stone Tavern at around half past eight."

Half past eight There was still an hour to go. Roland enjoyed the breakfast that Andonara made and then walked to the Moonlight Stone Tavern unhurriedly.

By the time he arrived, Schuck was already waiting for him at the usual table.

Roland walked to him and sat down. Then he asked with a smile, "Whats the rush?"

Schuck poured a cup of wine for Roland and said, "I applied for an investigation team, and the pope has approved my request." "The Saint Samurai are truly powerful."

"Thats not the only reason." Schuck waved his fingers. "The Church of Light seems quite interested in the matter, so they accepted my request the moment I reported it."

Rolands face slightly changed. "Even the Church of Light is intrigued? This thing does not seem simple."

Schuck chuckled. "How can an epic quest be simple? Im told that youve made a connection with the First Princess, right? Later, you can acquire intelligence from the royal family while I look for leads on the Church of Lights side. It wont be hard for us to complete this quest."

"Im cut off from her now."

Schuck was slightly surprised. "What happened?"

"The First Princess and Andonara became friends, but last time, she tried to play games with me and infuriated Andonara, who said that she wouldnt be our friend anymore." Roland found it rather amusing. "What can I say? Women can be very childish when they fight." "Thats normal." Schuck nodded and said, "All women are sentimental. Thats based on my personal experience."

Roland shrugged. "Lets put my matter aside. You looked rather awful yesterday. Did you find anything wrong when the Holy Lady examined your mind?".

Schuck shook his head. "There was no sign of mental control. I assume that I was just too cocky. After all, Ive been an ordinary person in reality but a revered Saint Samurai in this place, so my personality mightve changed. It seems that Im just a scoundrel who becomes arrogant the moment he has power."

"Dont say that." Roland shook his head. "If I were you and had your power, I wouldnt have been better than you."


But Schuck was not convinced. "You are the de facto controller of Delpon. A million people are under your administration. Youre as powerful as me, but you dont seem too haughty."

"I am very haughty," said Roland.

Schuck raised his head. "Give me an example." "For example, Im bold enough to claim on the Internet that I have the experience of administrating a small city."

Schuck immediately laughed aloud. "Youre truly haughty." They talked for another hour. Then, they split


Roland returned to the Association of Mages, but he saw a person in black robes at the door before he came in.

Judging from the figure, it was probably Stephanie the First Princess.

What was she doing here?

Roland walked to her and asked casually, "First Princess, what are you doing here?"

"Im here for you." Stephanies face, hidden in the shadow of her hood, was unclear, but her blue eyes were as bright as two glittering sapphires. "I spoke to Alfred a moment ago. He agreed that you could stay by my side and work for me for a while."

"Im rather surprised Arent you three forces supposed to check and balance each other?"

"Hes my family no matter how we check and balance each other. Theres no need for him to hinder me in this matter."

Roland realized that she did have a point.

The big men and the powerful forces were supposed to be open-minded.

But actually, neither Roland nor Stephanie knew that Alfred only wished that they could spend more time together. Stephanie continued, "So, I ask you again, sir. Would you like to be hired by me? My rewards will be satisfactory."

Roland thought for a moment and asked, "Is there a library in the royal palace?"

Stephanie smiled. "Yes."

"Do you have the power to let someone visit it?"

Stephanie smiled even more delightedly. "I


"Then youve got yourself a deal."

Stephanie looked around. There were few passersby, and none of them were interested in her or Roland.

Although Stephanies clothes looked rather suspicious, there were a lot of people in the Association of Mages who had attires that were ten times weirder.

So, nobody was surprised at her appearance.

Stephanie asked again, "What else do you want besides access to the library?"

Roland thought for a moment and shook his head. "I think thats all for now."

"Very well. Please take Andonara to my manor this afternoon."

After that, Stephanie turned around and left.

Roland asked at her back, "You dont want to come in?"

"Thats unnecessary. Well meet again when you come with Anna this afternoon. Theres no need to rush."

Roland shook his head helplessly and opened the door. He found Andonara sitting in the living room.

"Did you hear?" asked Roland.

Andonara nodded and hesitated for a moment. Then she said, "Roland, you dont need to consider it for my sake. If you dont think Stephanies request is suitable for you, you can simply turn her down."

Roland knew that Andonara was telling the truth, but it wasnt easy for Andonara to have a friend. As her man, he should help her with this friendship.

Besides, Stephanie was quick to recognize and correct her mistakes. He didnt despise her for long.

"This is not just because of you. Theres something that I need to take care of too."

After all, there was still an epic quest weighing on Rolands mind.



If he started from Stephanies side, he could gain more intelligence and clues. After all, she had a lot of men at her disposal.

It would be much better than investigating on his own.But Andonara didnt think so. She thought that Roland accepted Stephanies job because of her.

She loved Roland very much to begin with, and she was even more moved at this moment.

Hugging Roland, she said with a happy and charming smile, "There are still more than two hours to go before afternoon. Let me give you some pleasure."

Well He wanted the magic experiments, but he wanted pleasure too.

That was really a dilemma. It was true that one couldnt play and study at the same time.

Eventually, Roland turned down Andonaras enticing suggestion, mainly because he was still exhausted from last nights fun.

In the afternoon, Roland took a carriage to the First Princesss manor, only to find that the gate was blocked by some thirty soldiers, who were stopping people from entering or exiting the manor.

A noble lady was shrieking at the gate, "Stephanie, you had the courage to kill my brother, but you dont have the courage to come out?"