Mages Are Too Op Chapter 51

Chapter 51

The player sent a direct message. "Are you Roland? You want to sell gold coins?"

"Yes," Roland replied.

"Ill transfer the money to you according to market price."

Roland was about to say that they should find a safe method of transaction that they both trusted first, but while he was still typing, he received a message on the forum.

He had got ninety thousand and five hundred bucks. The five hundred bucks was obviously the transaction fee that Roland had to pay in order to withdraw the money.

This person is truly bold Roland gasped and asked, "Bro, are you not scared that Ill run away with your money?"

Hawks message soon came. "I dont think so. Youre a celebrity on the forum. Besides, ninety thousand bucks is not a big deal."

Damn, another magnate! He talked exactly like Li Lin did.

"Fine. Im truly impressed by you people," sent Roland. "Come to me in the magic tower in Delpon tonight. You should know the magic tower, right?"

"Of course! Youre awesome, Roland. Youve joined an NPC organization so quickly."

"Ill see you tonight."

"All right."

Roland closed the forum and had breakfast. Then, he went to the boxing club.

He practiced with the coach.

Half an hour later, Roland discovered that the coach was now even slower.

Previously, he had been blocking the coachs attacks instinctively, but now, he could see the movement of the coachs gloved hands.

Was he so talented in melee fights? Had he known it, he wouldve chosen to be a Warrior.

But there were enough melee classes among his friends. It was not bad to be a Mage.

After a while, Roland sat down and took a rest, wiping his sweat with a towel.

At this moment, many students were gathered around someones phone and remarking in amazement.

Roland was not a nosy man. He glanced at them but soon lost interest.

However, someone called him. "Roland, check this out. This is truly amazing!"

Although he was not curious, Roland did not intend to be too unfriendly.

He saw a video on the phone and clicked the reply button.

About forty seconds later, he couldnt help but shout, "This chick is impressive!"

It was footage of a bus. About half past eight last night, a bus was moving from the suburb to downtown. It was not jam-packed, but there were no empty seats, either. A petite girl wearing earphones was highlighted by a green circle.

Several seconds later, a muscular man, highlighted by a red circle, got on the bus. Creepy background music began.

Another several seconds later, the man suddenly took out a knife, as if he was a robber. The passengers all backed away in fear.

The girl who was listening to music was briefly shocked, but then she charged forward and kicked the mans wrist, forcing him to drop the knife.

The man hadnt yet realized what was going on when the girl lifted his right hand and slashed the mans neck.

Roland could tell that the slash was fast and brutal. The man was brawny, but he lost his balance after the attack. Then, the girl turned her body and struck her right hand toward the mans right kidney.

The man fell and passed out immediately.

The girl, however, backed off and squatted. She held her hands and buried her head between her legs, as if she was crying.

In the last twenty seconds, a female narrator explained that the girls fingers were broken in the attack.

As for the man His neck was only bruised, but his right kidney suffered a heavy strike. He was still in the ICU when the video was posted.

All the comments on the video were praises about how good the girl was.

Some of the comments even said that if she had a sword, the man wouldve lost his head in the first second, and she wouldnt have been hurt at all.

Reading those comments, Roland realized that the girl must be a player of World of Falan, and she was probably a good one.

She was used to fighting in the game, and she subconsciously followed her battle instincts in reality. However, her body was not as sturdy and she was unarmed, so she did not feel too well although her enemy was crushed.

Roland returned the phone to the friendly student and chit-chatted with him for a while. Then he returned home.

He opened the forum again. Instead of checking the thread he posted in the morning, he went to the general discussion section.

The topic about the girl was trending on the forum.

Many were asking whether or not they would gain similar abilities in reality if they grasped them in the game.

Most players believed that battle experience could be transferred over, but class abilities couldnt be.

Otherwise, the real world would be too horrifying if Warriors were charging and spellcasters were summoning fiery meteorites all the time.

Then, Roland opened his morning post and found many replies.

Most of them were made by Mages.

They thanked Roland for his advice, some with tips.

Some even joked about how convenient it would be to peep at girls with mental power.

Roland keenly noticed that there were much fewer replies.

Then, he checked the number of posts and replies in the Mage section. It had plummeted compared to when the game was launched a month ago.

People are giving up after all.

Roland sighed.

Mage was too difficult a class. Different from the physical classes that were easy to learn, Mages had no abilities if they did not grasp any spells, and magic was an intricate subject to learn.

For Mages, their game experience was too bad.

Few people would be willing to spend time studying spells.

He estimated that the population of Mages had dropped by half. They all turned to other classes.

Roland actually hoped that there could be more Mages. After all, if more people worked on it together, it would be easier to figure out the particulars of this class.

There was strength in numbers.

He refreshed the section. Then, he saw a most astonishing new thread.

Judging from the time stamp, it was only just posted.

The title of the thread was "Based on my investigation and deduction, First Mage Roland may have special talents."