Mages Are Too Op Chapter 517

Chapter 517 A Beautiful Womans Vomit Is Just As Foul

Roland was not in a hurry. Andonara was a Legendary Great Swordsman and Hero; it was impossible to catch and hurt her without sending more than five or six Legends.

And there were no traces of a fierce battle in the library

Besides, Roland had left complex tunnels nearby for them to escape.

They were probably in the tunnels.

Roland opened his great range of mental energy to sense them and indeed found them. The three of them were hiding in a small "node" of the tunnel

The Legendary Great Swordsman had a certain degree of mental power perception, and besides, Andonara was also a Hero, so her intuition was quite high.

The moment Roland sensed Andonara, Andonara also suddenly turned her head and looked in Rolands direction through the several dozen meters of earth, revealing a happy expression.

She was extremely familiar with Rolands mental power.

Using Andonara as a beacon, Roland directly teleported over.

As soon as he appeared in the node, Roland was embraced by Andonara.

After two seconds of affection, Andonara let go of Roland again.

Roland glanced around and was much relieved when he found that none of the three were injured.

"Why are you guys hiding here?" Roland asked. "Did you also encounter the man who used dark magic?".


"Not one, but several," Andonara said rather unhappily. "They suddenly appeared all together, frightening me, and although I cut them all in two in an instant, I discovered that they were magical replicas and immediately moved away with the others."

Andonaras decision was sound.

Roland reckoned that all of those magical replicas would explode, but because of Andonaras power as a Hero which came with evil dispelling, it directly purified all those dark shadows.

This was why they didnt explode.

"Anyway, its not safe here now, lets move." Roland snapped his fingers, and the earth around them began to melt and turn into myd, and finally into a stone path; a circular tunnel about two meters high appeared on their side, stretching farther and farther. "Andonara, carry Stephanie."

Beatrice covered her mouth gently at the exaggerated scene before her.

Roland walked ahead and the three of them followed.

When they got farther away, the passage behind them automatically closed up, and a large amount of debris blocked the area again.

Not knowing how far they had gone, Roland stopped and then created a large underground circular cavity with himself as the center. "Were pretty safe here." Roland used his mental power to perceive the surrounding soil and geological environment and nodded his head in satisfaction. "Even my mental power cant penetrate the underground library over there, so that dark Mage shouldnt be able to find us."

Stephanie was a little puzzled. "Why be afraid of him, when both you and Andonara can overwhelm him?"

"Andonara can overwhelm him, but Im not so sure about me. I guess it would be a draw," Roland said without pretense. "If it was just me and Andonara, we would naturally dare to fight him, but with you and Beatrice, our chances of winning would plummet, unless we completely ignored whether you live or die."

Beatrice was an ordinary woman who knew she was a burden, so Rolands truth did not affect her at all.

But Stephanie was different. She was the First Princess, and no one ever looked down on her.

Now she was looked down on by Roland, and her chest rose and fell in anger.

Roland saw it and averted his eyes, and clicked his tongue inwardly.

It was not as expansive as Andonaras, nor was it as bouncy and vibrant as angel Nias.

Andonara smiled and asked, "Roland, are we going to wait here then?"

Roland shook his head. "This place is safe for now, but it may not be that much safer. This is the first time Ive encountered a dark Mage who is so powerful, and Ive heard that their methods are very sinister, so Im not sure what other oddities to expect. Im going to move."

"Move to where?" Stephanie sighed. "They were even able to get into my basementteleport in, no less. I cant think of anywhere else thats safe but my fathers palace and the Holy Realm."

"Not even the Holy Realm is safe." Roland shook his head.

"Then where else can we go?"

"Lets go to Hollevin," Roland said after some thought.

Andonara was surprised. "Didnt you say that you didnt want Stephanie to know about multiple teleportation?" Under such circumstances, the only thing that could move people to the country of Hollevin, which was 7,000 to 8,000 kilometers away, in a short period was Rolands special skill.

Roland smiled. "Its fine. I suddenly realized that this might be a good investment too."

Stephanie looked at the two of them suspiciously, completely unable to understand what they were talking about.

Roland also ignored her and directly took the magic materials out of his Backpack, and spent more than half an hour drawing a magic array.

Stephanie leaned against the wall, watching Roland work.

She had seen many magic arrays, but this was the first time she had seen such an odd one.

Other peoples magic arrays were all circular.

But Rolands magic array was in the shape of a rugby ball.

"This magic array is so unique!" Stephanie was captivated.

Roland actually felt quite embarrassed. He also wanted to draw a circular magic array, but he had no art skills, and couldnt even draw a circle well, and when he drew it, it ended up crooked.

In reality, the shape of the magic array didnt impact the effect of the magic array.

Just like a circuit board, square or round, as long as all the parts were there and the wires werent connected wrongly, even if it was an amoeba-shaped circuit board, it wouldnt hinder it from functioning properly.

The same was true for a magic array.

"Come in," Roland said to them calmly.

Andonara carried Stephanie directly into the magic array.

Beatrice stood by Rolands side.

And Roland immediately placed Body Fortification on Beatrice, who was a little stunned.

Then Roland activated the magic array.

After a flash of white light, the four of them disappeared and the magic array destroyed itself, turning into basic magical elements. Roland didnt want other people to see what the magic array looked like. Long-Distance Teleportation wasnt instantaneous, but required a certain amount of time; after all, space had to be folded.

Depending on the distance, the time varied.

About three minutes later, the four of them appeared in a remote area outside of the city of Delpon.

As soon as Beatrice appeared, she collapsed on the ground, her face frighteningly white.

She was, after all, an ordinary person, and even with Body Fortification, the burden of Long-Distance Teleportation was still a bit too much for her.

But this was to her benefit! When she passed out, she naturally did not suffer from extreme nausea.

Passing out itself was a measure to protect humans from too much pain and suffering.

But not for Stephanie, and as soon as they teleported out, Andonara threw her onto the grass and jumped to the side.

As expected, Stephanie began to vomit wildly.

At only level four, she could barely maintain consciousness, but she couldnt counteract the negative effects.

She fell to her knees, covered her stomach, and vomited up a mushy, sour-smelling mess.

Roland and Andonara subconsciously took another step back.

After vomiting for nearly ten minutes, Stephanie finally felt better. She stood up, looked around, and then stared at Roland, her eyes terrifyingly bright. "You actually teleported us all out. Where is this place?" She now knew why Andonaras words had sounded so odd earlier. "The country of Hollevin, the city of Delpon," Andonara replied.

Now, even if her foot hadnt fully regenerated, she stood up desperately, jumped on one foot over to Roland, tugged at his lapel, glared at him with her beautiful eyes, and said fiercely, "This is a multiple teleportation magic array? It is, isnt it?"

As a future queen candidate, Stephanie was not very competent in magic, but she had some basic knowledge.

The emergence of the multiple teleportation array could be extremely beneficial militarily, politically, and even economically, and what it meant, she knew quite well without having to think about it.

It was not surprising that she reacted this way.

The country that mastered the multiple teleportation array would hold the power of initiative.

She already knew about it and had even experienced firsthand what it was like to teleport with multiple people, but still instinctively couldnt believe that fact.

Such a technique hadnt been developed by more than a dozen Legendary Mages in the Fareins Kingdom, but it was mastered by a young man from a small country who had not even reached Master.

It was ridiculous and terrifying. She shouted excitedly, but Roland leaned back subconsciously.

Stephanie had just thrown up, and her mouth still had some stomach acid residue, full of a sour stench, and as she spoke, it was like being hit with a poisonous gas attack.

Seeing Rolands disgusted expression, Stephanie was furious, but she then also smelled the stench that spewed out of her mouth. The nausea itself had not even completely gone away, and once she smelled the stench, her stomach acid bubbled up again, and she turned around abruptly and fell to her knees to vomit on the ground.

A beautiful girls feces couldnt possibly be fragrant, nor could their vomit.

Stephanie vomited for another ten minutes until there were strands of blood in the bile before she stopped.

Feeble, Stephanie was no longer in the mood to question Roland. She sat down on the ground, hugging her legs, and eased her breathing.

Vomiting was too painful.

It took half an hour before she could stand up slowly. When Beatrice still did not wake up, Andonara picked her up and threw her over her left shoulder like a sack.

Then with the other hand, she supported Stephanie and led her slowly in the direction of the city gates.

Roland was standing behind them.

It looked like Roland was doing nothing. She was doing all the work while he was walking leisurely without giving a hand.

But in reality, Andonara would like nothing more.

If Roland took the initiative to get close to another woman, Andonara wouldnt have a problem with it as long as he didnt abandon her.

But this didnt mean that Andonara wouldnt, intentionally or unintentionally, stop other women from getting close to Roland.

Everyone had some desire for exclusivity.

It was still a long way from the city gate, and after walking for a while, Stephanie felt much better and less nauseous than before.

She asked Andonara, "Why didnt you tell me earlier that Roland knew the multiple teleportation array? Were good friends." Andonara said matter-of-factly, "A good friend is not as important as my own man!"

Originally, Stephanie was still a bit bitter, but when she heard this, she was so furious that she didnt even want to talk to Andonara.

Of course, the grudging bitterness was gone.

She then stared at Roland fiercely. "When I go back, if I can become the queen, I will make you a duke. Come to the royal court to help me."