Mages Are Too Op Chapter 521

Chapter 521 You Cant Get Away With This

Chapter 521 You Cant Get Away With This

In the capital, only the royal family had the right to intervene in the affairs of nobles.

Wasnt it normal for a nobleman to kill a dozen or so of his slaves?

This was the rule, this was the law. This was why the young man in front of him was so confident.

Even if a famous Mage came to his door, he dared to curse at them.

It was true that Mages were powerful, but nobles all had a few Mages protecting their estate nowadays.

Besides, he knew all the powerful Mages in the capital. This little Mage in front of him was probably not a big deal, so there was no need to concede.

As the young man arrogantly walked out, Roland smiled and said, "Even if Im not royalty, I still want to meddle. After all, youre stepping over me."

"What do you mean by that?" The young man stopped behind the gate of the manor, looked at Roland through the gaps in the iron gate, and said, "And who the hell are you?"

At this point, this young man already had a scrupulous look on his face.

Because he was followed by three Mages.

He had no idea, but the Mages behind him could tell

Rolands magical capacity was almost touching the edge of a Legend, and such a Mage was simply not an ordinary person.

One of the Mages warned the young man in his ear, and then the young mans attitude was much less aggressive.

Roland swept a glance at the three Mages. All of them were level five, just having reached Elite, and their magic power fluctuations were not obvious, so they werent strong at all. "My name is Roland, and Im here to settle the score for my household servants."

A very plain tone, even with a slight smile. Such an attitude was not at all a genuine attempt to settle a score, but rather to pick a fight.

The young mans expression changed slightly. Roland then asked, "Are you the owner of this manor?"

"I am." The anger on the young mans face slowly subsided, and his tone became calm. "This honorable Mage, is there something I have done to offend you in the past? If so, Ill apologize to you right here."

Roland turned his head sideways and indicated the four crying men beside him. "Didnt I say that these women were my familys servants relatives? They died for no apparent reason, so I had to come and ask about the situation."

Seeing that Roland drew attention to them, the four men immediately cried even louder.

"Oh sister, you died so tragically."

"Oh daughter, you havent even gotten married or had children yet, its too soon, too pitiful."

The young mans face soured into a greenish-blue shade. These four peoples cries were so fake, how could he not know that these people were just acting. "Sir, youre here to mess with me, right?" He felt his intelligence had been insulted and stared Roland dead in the face. "The lives of a few commoners are worth your time against an earls son?"

"Whether its worth it or not is for me to decide."

Roland stretched out his finger and gently touched the iron door. The iron door turned red at an extremely fast speed, then became liquid metal dripping onto the ground.


The hot air twisted between the two parties.

"Stop it. Im willing to pay," said the young man, enduring his anger.

Roland shook his head. "Whats your name?"

"Buschdomin Pine Needle. Ill compensate with a large amount of gold to these womens families." The young mans eyes swept gloomily past the crying men, then returned to Roland. "Consider it a favor from the Pine Needle family. In the future, we can take care of each other if anything happens."

"The lives of these maidservants can indeed be repaid with gold coins."

Upon hearing this, Buschdomin looked pleased. The lives of a few maidservants, no matter how expensive they were, were at most twenty to thirty gold coins. He could afford it.

However, Roland continued with a smile and said, "But I also have a dozen or so servants daughters or sisters who used to work for you, but have now disappeared, so I ask you to hand them all over."

Rolands smile had a mocking edge to it that was quite unpleasant to look at.

Buschdomins hostility finally couldnt be repressed anymore. He knew very well where the previous batch of maids had gone. Now, he stared at Roland viciously. "Mage, dont be shameless! We, the Pine Needle family, also have Legendary Mages keeping watch." "What does that have to do with me?" Roland said to Buschdomin. "It seems that you dont want to hand them over, so Ill go in and find out for myself."

"Dont you dare!" Buschdomin was roaring through gritted teeth, his expression quite twisted.

Roland raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

"Stop him." As Buschdomin stepped back, he said to the three Mages and a group of guards, "Ill be responsible for anything that happens."

"You cant bear the responsibility, Young Master Pine Needle."

None of the Mages moved forward to attack; instead, they were all slowly backing up with Bushdomin. "Hes Roland. If my information is correct, hes the creator of the water-making and oil-making spells. And the Red Magic Tower and the Association of Mages seem to be focused on cultivating and protecting him."

Another Mage continued, "We are all members of the Association of Mages, so theres no way we can do anything to him."

In between the words, the three Mages retreated far away, and then also gave Roland a slight salute, indicating that they would not participate in this farce.

Roland also nodded, expressing his gratitude.

Seeing that the three Mages instantly rebelled, Bushdomin roared, "You traitors, eating whats mine, using whats mine, and in the end!"

"That doesnt sound right, Mr. Buschdomin." The third Mage smiled and said, "The one who trained us, taught us, and turned us into Mages is the Association of Mages, not the Pine Needle family. We only have a contractual relationship, and even before we were hired, we already said that we would not go against the Association of Mages."

Buschdomin pointed at Roland and said furiously, "But he cant represent the Association of Mages."

"Thats hard to say."

Listening to the three Mages who stood farther and farther away and even seemed to be watching on, Bushdomin was so furious that his body was shaking.

He had never seen such shameless people before, more shameless than those from his own family.

"All right, Bushdomin, please get out of the way," Roland said with a rather obnoxious smile.

Buschdomin laughed in exasperation. "So what if I dont move aside? Are you going to kill


"Thats not necessary."

Roland snapped his fingers, and Ice Ring was instantaneously released, freezing Buschdomins legs on the ground

After that, he waved his hand and let the men, who were pretending to cry, leave with the bodies of the maidservants.

He then walked around Buschdomin, who was staring him dead in the face, and entered the manor.

Struggling to escape with all his strength, he was still frozen in place and could not turn around, so he could only roar, "Roland, you bastard! We, the Pine Needle family, will not let you go, and will use your blood to wash away the humiliation our family has suffered."

Roland was unmoved and walked out into the garden.

He was just using the death of the maids as a catalyst for a ploy to force his way in and search.

His vast mental power unfolded, and when he was in the middle of the garden, it was just enough to envelop the entire manor within his mental field.

It was far more convenient to use the mental field as a means of exploration than to search with the naked eye.

Roland closed his eyes as the seconds passed.

On the surface of the manor, there was nothing noteworthy. But when Roland probed with his mental power into the ground, he soon encountered a large, smooth dome that isolated all mental threads.

This was a peculiar sensation that only occurred when mental energy touched a magic barrier.

"Theres something underground."

Roland opened his eyes after he muttered to himself. He snapped his fingers three times, and under the effect of Rock to Mud, a huge hole appeared and the mud shifted outward by itself.

In a few moments, the hole opened up to a diameter of eight meters and a depth of two meters.

Then a gray layer of magical barrier could be seen.

"Dark magic."

Roland fired a Chain Lightning, resulting in nothing at all from the boundary, just a faint ripple.

The barrier was hard.

Roland was going to try another spell, but suddenly, a strong and eerie mental power penetrated the barrier and locked on to him.

Although it was only locked onto him, the others could feel it too.

The three Mages immediately slipped away, running as fast as they could.

They could feel that this dark mental power was deeply malicious. Roland frowned and was considering whether to evacuate the maidservants and guards in the manor, but then he saw many black striped mental threads sticking out from the barrier, densely packed, like black worms squirming in the stinking gutter. The boundary then shrank and disappeared with a whoosh and a "person" whose entire body was wrapped in dark magic elements and whose appearance and physical features were not visible appeared and slowly rose.

Roland recognized his magical fluctuations and noted that it was the black figure who had gotten into a fight with him the day before at Stephanies house.

"Its you again, Roland." The black shadows voice was strange, rather hoarse, but carried a metallic echo, unlike anything a human could produce. "Wouldnt it be nice if we minded our own business?"

Roland, however, was not willing to chit-chat with him, and first snapped his fingers several times.

In the air around them, several transparent chains appeared out of nowhere, looking a bit tattered and easily broken. They hooked directly into the surrounding soil.

This was the famed Dimensional Anchor.

This was a level four-spell, given by Tobian.

Normally, this spell could only be learned after reaching Master and having a great understanding of spatial magic.

But Roland had Spatial Specialization, and so this spell was considered a level-three spell that he was already able to learn.

It was still a struggle to learn, and the Dimensional Anchor could be successfully cast, but the anchoring space was a bit small and the strength of it was a bit low.

Roland originally didnt want to use this move, but there was no other way; the other party could also teleport, and without first forbidding spatial magic, the other party would definitely run away.

Seeing the appearance of the Dimensional Anchor, the black figure was silent for a moment, and those black threads suddenly came at Roland.

Each one of them was like a black javelin.

Roland had no way to move instantly, and Mages didnt have many evasion abilities, so he could only open his Magic Shield to counter the damage.

Just after blocking all the black threads with the shield, Roland saw that the black figure had fled to the back of the manor.

He was very fast!

Roland, however, was faster.

een huge Hands of Magic suddenly fell from the sky and blocked the black figures path. "You cant escape."