Mages Are Too Op Chapter 522

Chapter 522 Youre So Fast

Chapter 522 Youre So Fast

Looking at the sixteen huge blue Hands of Magic, the black figure stopped moving.

He didnt care about an ordinary Hand of Magic.

A huge Hand of Magic, he didnt care about either.

But when sixteen huge Hands of Magic surrounded him in a semicircle, he had to be careful.

No matter what kind of magic, as long as the original power wasnt weak, multiplying it by sixteen would have a mighty result.

Besides, this Hand of Magic was the result of a special modification.

After the black figure stilled, he quickly began to cast.

But Roland wouldnt wait for him to finish casting his spell; this wasnt a turn-based game.

He snapped his fingers and fired a Prismatic Spray the size of a basin right at his opponents back.

The black figures reaction was quite fast, and as he felt the magic power at his back coalesce at a very fast speed, he subconsciously dodged to the side.

Although Mages were not as strong as Warriors, they were much more agile than normal people.

The jet of Prismatic Spray grazed the edge of the dark magic layer, taking away a large chunk of the dark magic.

The dark elements of the opponents body were temporarily swept away, revealing half of his body.

It was a somewhat muscular male body a bit strange in color.

It was a pale blue and seemed to have little vitality.

And then Roland also saw the mans face, the face of a young man, blond and blue-eyed.

It turned out he was naked-no wonder he had to wrap himself in magical elements.

Couldnt he just put on a shirt?

While Roland was confused, the man looked around and realized that he was completely surrounded by sixteen Hands of Magic.

And, he was facing a powerful Mage who could instantly cast powerful spells.

Teleportation was restricted and there was almost no way to escape.

"Roland, youre quite impressive." When this man spoke, the expression on his cheeks was quite stiff, as if he couldnt quite control it. "Why do you want to help that disgusting, vicious woman, Stephanie!"

When speaking of Stephanie, the mans tone of voice showed a clear hatred.

"Arrogant and uncaring she may be, but I dont see the disgusting cruelty you speak of at all." Roland chuckled. "You seem to know her well. Who are you to her?"

The man on the other side simply scattered the dark magical elements from his body completely, and his entire figure was revealed.

Roland found that the other mans body had no vitality left, only his mental power was functioning.

"Im her husband." The man laughed aloud. "You probably slept with that bit*h Stephanie, wasnt it great?"

The mans body was trembling all over. He was in a trance, his eyes drifting as if he was imagining something shameful. His trembling was not the kind that came from extreme anger, but the kind that came from excitement, from pleasure.

The scene in front of him was so unbearable that Roland shook his head subconsciously, trying to shake it out of his mind. "It truly is the man who wrote that kind of diary. But Im curious, if I really did it with Stephanie, you should have been hiding in the dark, jumping up and down with excitement and panting like a dog. Why did you come out here to stir up trouble?"

"Thats because Im dead!" The man had a furious look on his face. "Only when I was alive and still her husband and she was defiled could I have the highest and most perfect pleasure, and yet that bit*h, who did not agree with me, killed me!"

Sheesh! Looking at this man, whose demeanor already seemed quite insane, Roland didnt even know how to describe what he felt anymore.

It was the first time he had ever seen such a strange man.

To push his beautiful wife out there and then conceal himself and derive pleasure from it.

It was a waste of time to talk about this with such a neurotic man. Roland looked around, and asked, "Im curious, if you wanted to deal with the First Princess, you could just go after her. What did the deputy chairman of the Association of Mages and Menon do to get in your way that you had to kill them?"

Upon hearing Rolands question, the man quickly calmed down. He sneered and said, "Because I want her power to disintegrate; as long as she doesnt have fangs, shes just a kitten. At that time, shell have to do whatever I tell her to."

Thats it?

Roland felt that his outlook had been greatly affected.

Forget the fact that he wanted to push his wife onto another man before he died, now that he was dead, he was still thinking about such things.

He was truly boring and disgusting.

Before, Roland thought that killing the deputy chairman of the Association of Mages and killing Menon was probably the result of someones dissatisfaction with Stephanies future position as queen.

At least, it was reasonable to assume so.

He didnt expect that the murderers reasoning would be so strange.

But Roland was still a little puzzled. "I understand killing the deputy chairman of the Association of Mages; after all, she was one of Stephanies people. Menon seems to belong to a neutral party, right?"

"Menon?" The man snorted, his expression somewhat disdainful. "When I was still alive, I wanted to ask him to help me use magic to dazzle and temporarily control Stephanie, but he refused me and even told Stephanie about it. Doesnt he deserve to die?"

"I think you should die." Roland held up his hand and was about to snap his fingers.

"I dont need you to do it, Ill go on my own."

After saying this, the mans expression turned odd, his cheeks twitched, and his entire body quivered. Then the mental power in his body quickly faded, and in less than a second, it disappeared without a trace.

The mans body collapsed backward, an odd smile on his face, no longer moving.

Roland dropped his hand and dissolved the Dimensional Anchor.

He walked up to the corpse and sank it into the ground using the Rock to Mud transmutation.

It was a way to help the dead rest in peace.

It was just a vessel, a body used temporarily by the Lich.

Until the Lichs soul vessel was found, it could not be killed.

Roland turned around, looked at Buschdomin, who was still frozen in place, and said, "This is the capital and the Holy Realm, and you are harboring dark Mages with the intent to harm the royal family. Do you think you have a chance of surviving!?"

Buschdomin didnt speak and just stared at Roland with a resentful gaze.

Roland shook his head and left the manor.

He didnt want to bother with Buschdomins matters, he just needed to talk to Stephanie about it. When Stephanie came back, she would deal with it.

Roland returned to the hotel where he was staying and pinged Schuck in the guild chat. Roland: "Schuck, I found a Lich in one of the manors of the Pine Needle family, but the Lich abandoned the vessel and left; I couldnt stop him."

Schuck: "Wait, the Pine Needle family? I see. I seem to have found a clue on my side as well. Ill talk to you later."

In the Holy Realm, after reading the chat, Schuck stood up and said to his subordinates, "Tell everyone to equip their weapons and armor, and follow me."

A small squad of twenty people immediately assembled, with Schuck leading and the others following.

The Holy Realm was large, and there were many people.

Schuck looked icy cold, and with twenty men, fully armed and moving quickly, everywhere they passed, all the clerics and bishops gave way of their own accord.

And the vast majority of them even took the initiative to salute Schuck.

Many of them knew of this most gifted Saint Samurai.

Schuck walked quickly to a small building, pushed open the stone door with both hands, and strode in.

There was an old bishop in the room, teaching the power of light to a dozen young clerics.

Schuck took the men with him and surrounded him.

The old bishop, holding a book, looked at Schuck and was surprised. "Your Excellency, what can I do for you? You seem to look very unhappy."

Schuck smiled. "I am quite happy because Ive finally found the so-called darkness."

The old bishop had a puzzled look. "Your Excellency, what do you mean? I dont quite understand."

"Bold devil, still pretending! I knew you werent human at first glance!"

Schuck roared, pulled out the greatsword behind his back with both hands, took one step forward, and struck down with the sword.

Golden holy light surrounded the greatsword, and the entire hall was filled with golden light.

The old bishop took a step back, and all his clothes shattered. Even his skin turned into pieces, flying all over the place.

Then a black, humanoid creature stood before them.

A pair of black wings slowly spread out behind this black humanoid creature.

"How did you find me? I should be reasonably well hidden."

There was a long crack in the ground. Schuck withdrew his greatsword and said, "My friend was out there, and he found another dark creature that was hiding in the Pine Needles manor. In recent times, you have been visiting the Pine Needle Family, which is very strange; there must be a reason. In previous decades, youve rarely gone out."

"What a pity!" The black humanoid creature fluttered its wings and slowly floated up.

"Dont try to escape!"

Schuck jumped up with a slash attack but missed.

The black humanoid creature crashed straight through the roof and flew high into the air.

Schuck rushed outside.

Margret, who was already waiting outside, turned into a small red dragon about five meters long within three seconds.

Schuck jumped directly onto the red dragons back, and with a clear roar, the red dragon quickly took off, chasing after the black spot in the sky.

But then Schuck realized that he couldnt catch up, and the difference in speed was too large.

At that moment, a figure passed the red dragon silently from far behind, and it wasnt until the figure flew far ahead that a rumbling sonic boom could be heard.

Supersonic flight! With such a sonic boom, Margrets flight was greatly affected and she had to reduce her speed to maintain her balance.

Schuck knew who the figure was.


"Way to go, brother." Schuck sighed in relief. "Its all up to you to get the large sum of experience from the epic quest."

High in the air, Roland used all his strength, flying faster than the speed of sound, but could only catch the tail of the black dot in front of him and keep it within his sight.

"What is it!" Flying so fast!

Roland found it a bit unbelievable. Werent dragons said to have the fastest flying speed? This black dot in front of him was probably the fastest flying object in the world.

Just as Roland was thinking this, from the periphery of his eyes, he noticed a white spot in the sky to his right, flying parallel to him at an extremely fast speed.

It was chasing after the black dot, and at the same time, it was approaching him.

After ten seconds, the distance between the two sides was only about a hundred meters, and Roland found that the white dot was a bird humanoid.

It was an acquaintance of his. Nia, the angel of life.

Shes ridiculously fast too?

Roland was quite surprised.