Mages Are Too Op Chapter 523

Chapter 523 Kill Stealing

Chapter 523 Kill Stealing

Roland looked in amazement at the supersonic flying bird Nia.

And Nia looked at Roland with even more astonishment.

Her eyes were bulging as if she had seen something extremely strange.

Both sides stared at each other for a moment, and then Nia gradually leaned in.

Then Roland realized that something was wrong.

She also had a pale green Magic Shield around her and her wings were within the protection of the green shield as well.

In other words her wings were fluttering, but they were not providing any aerodynamic thrust at all.

Rather, she was using a very unscientific, magical thrust.

If he could understand the principle, could he not use Spatial Bubble and just use this more convenient and smoother way of flying?

Just as Roland was pondering this, Nia made a few gestures to him.

These gestures were easy to understand, and Roland immediately understood what she meant.

"Ill stop him, you sweep behind him!"

You can go even faster?

Roland was shocked, and then he nodded.

After receiving Rolands reply, Nia fluttered her wings a little faster.

Her speed then increased dramatically, at least nearly one-fifth faster than it was earlier.

In a short time, she left Roland behind and was soon behind the black spot.

Roland thought about it and turned on the systems video-recording function.

After all, it was probably the second time in the game that a Demigod angel fought, so it wouldnt hurt to record it and show it to other players.

As soon as Roland opened the recording, a green light suddenly lit up in front of him. Then a disc of light appeared as if an asteroid had exploded.

The light was extremely dazzling.

Roland gaped at this, and before he had time to react, he saw an exaggerated torrent of green magic power coming at him.

He subconsciously increased the power supply of Magic Shield. The shields hardness was already equivalent to about three centimeters of finely-forged steel, but the entire shield still shattered in the instant it came in contact with the torrent of magic. Roland was swept back several hundred meters.

But the good news was that the real damage had already been blocked by the Magic Shield when the torrent of magic made contact with Roland, and now he was just being held back by the torrent and flying backward. When he fell into the torrent, he felt the green magic power in every direction, endless.

This magic power was quite warm and seemed to have a sweet smell to it.

Magic power was like a person!

Depending on ones personality, the magic power would manifest itself into a representative substance.

In other words, Nia is sweet?

Well Roland suddenly came back to his senses. What the heck am I thinking, might as well try to absorb some of this green magic power.

After all, it was created by a Demigod, so it was probably quite interesting.

Generally, the magic power made by someone else would leave a distinctive personal mark for a short time, and rashly absorbing it would cause a great deal of mental discomfort.

It was like type-A blood being transfused into the blood vessels of a person with blood type B. It could be fatal.

But again, as usual, it was foolish to talk about toxicity regardless of dose.

If only a little was absorbed, there would be absolutely no problem.

Even as Roland rolled through the torrent of magic, he was able to remain calm.

His mental power was released slightly, capturing a little bit of magic power, then dragging it into his body, wrapping and digesting it with his mental power.

Many broken images flickered before his eyes, but they were too fragmented, like a thousand pieces of broken glass.

There was no correlation between the fragmented memories, and it was impossible to put them together, so there was no way to know what the other persons memories were.

Of course, Rolands target was not the memories.

He just wanted to experience what it was like to have Demigod-level magic power.

What kind of experience he could get from it!

Then at that moment, a squeal suddenly sounded in his ear. "Dont lick around, its affecting my performance!"


Roland looked around and didnt see anyone.

Then he felt that those squeals were quite familiar, and seemed to be Nias voice. He had already flown hundreds of meters backward, and the green magic power around him was fading away.

Roland saw a green light and a cloud of gray light tangled together in the distance, charging at each other, and at the moment of collision, there would be a bright flash.

Half green, half gray.

These different lights were the embers produced after the collision of magic power between the two sides.

Just by floating in the air from afar, he could feel the strong magical radiation near the center of the battle ahead.

Roland felt that if he ventured in, he wouldnt even have to be attacked; after three flashes of light, he would have to go to the Temple of Life to be resurrected.

A Demigod-level battle was so terrifying!

Roland took a deep breath. It turned out that the black figure was also Demigod, and it was good that Nia had followed; otherwise, he and Schuck alone would not have been able to deal with the black figure.

However, the black figure didnt dare to mess around near the Holy Realm.

After all, it was watched over by the Goddess of Light, and in a real fight, the light would suppress the darkness. With at least half a million fanatical believers, thousands of Master clerics, more than a dozen Legendary archbishops, and more than a dozen Saint Samurai even a strong Demigod wouldnt have a good time in front of such a terrifying sea of people.

Besides, the Goddess of Light would probably descend.

If its identity was exposed, itd be a fool not to run.

At this time, a rumbling sound came from the direction of the fight.

There were no spells, and both sides were fighting in close combat with magic, a fight with the most basic magic elemental attacks. Roland was frustrated at this point. Nia had him sweep behind, but in this situation, how could he participate in the attack?

These two were incredibly fast and strong.

Not to mention locking onto them, Roland couldnt even get close to them.

What could he do on his own?

Roland was floating in the air, his hands in his robe, his thoughts racing, coming up with one plan after another, and then abandoning them one by one.

After more than ten minutes of pondering, none of them were suitable.

The battle ahead was still fierce.

Roland continued to wait.

By now, he had an inkling of what Nia was thinking


Demigods were not gods after all, and they would also get tired. Would that be the chance to make his move?

Roland continued to wait.

Patience is a virtue and an essential quality of a hunter.

After half an hour, Roland watched the green dot and gray dot collide with each other, still rumbling in the air, and with every collision, half of the sky would be lit in green and the other in gray. But Roland had sensed that their momentum was not as strong as it had been at the beginning

After another half-hour, the speed of their collision slowed, and the moment of inertia after the collision was much lower.

They were getting tired.

Roland began to approach slowly.

Another half an hour passed. When the two dots of light collided, the resulting magical glow produced was already quite faint.

The speed of their flight had been reduced dramatically, no longer supersonic. It was estimated to be about the same speed as an ordinary falcon.

This was probably the right time.

Roland took a deep breath. He used Human Cannonball with all his strength and charged straight at the two points of light at nearly 1.5 times the speed of sound.

The flight speed was so fast that the Magic Shield on Rolands body looked like the surface of a lake crumpled by wind resistance.

Several hundred meters, this would only take about two seconds.

The black figure was in sight, and Roland drew out a long, flaming miaodao with his magic power.

A wide, long, bright red light was drawn through the air like lightning, passing by the two bird humanoids.

It took half a second for the rumbling sonic boom to register. Nia, holding a green sword of light and a small white and gold round shield, flew backward a few meters from the sonic boom.

The black figure remained motionless, and half a second later, his body broke into two pieces.

The body below the waist fell straight down, but the upper body still fanned its wings. He withdrew the dark magical elements from his body, revealing a rather handsome face.

And a full head of dazzling blond hair.

"Sister Nia, you win this time, but next time it wont be so easy."

The man smiled gently, then closed his eyes, and his upper body fell to the ground as well.

But in midair, he vanished into a wisp of black smoke. Nia floated quietly for a moment, a tear streaming from the corner of her left eye, then shook her wings and flew diagonally downward.

She soon found Roland in the meadow.

At this time, Roland was sitting on the ground, healing himself.

His arms were gone and both shoulder bones were exposed.

The lower half of his robe was blackened with his own blood.

Since there was only a tenth of the pain, Roland didnt feel too terrible, but his face was still awfully pale.

The black bird humanoids body was so hard that when Roland slashed it at high speed, although he managed to cut it in two, the powerful reactionary force actually passed back along the flaming miaodao and shattered Rolands hands into pieces.

Nia landed on Rolands body and pointed her finger lightly at him.

Two green clusters of light directly blocked Rolands left and right shoulders, and in a short time, a large amount of flesh started to bud, and the limbs were growing and recovering at an extremely fast rate.

"Good job." Nia stepped a little closer to Roland, smiling quite happily. "I knew you could take him out when you had the chance."

Roland looked up at Nia. He found that she was covered in sweat, hair sticking to her cheeks, and the close-fitting white robe she was wearing was also drenched in sweat and clinging to her body.

Roland took less than 0.3 seconds to glance at her from top to bottom, then subconsciously turned on the systems camera and took several photos.

Nia was not wearing anything underneath.

The close-fitting dress faithfully outlined her body. Two extremely elastic balls of flesh, so clearly shaped that even the color of the flesh could be seen.

Hmm since Ive already gotten a photograph, I shouldnt be too blatant about it. Roland subconsciously averted his eyes and didnt look anymore.

The Demigods senses were very keen, and another glance might have caused her disgust.

"Paines clone has been destroyed, and it will take him at least ten years to recast it if he wants to appear on the main plane again." Nia squatted down and placed the small bright gold shield she was holding in her left hand in front of Roland. "I dont have anything good on me right now to reward you, so Ill give you this small shield; a Mage can use it too."

Roland stared up into Nias big beautiful eyes. "Youre going back to the divine realm now?"

"Of course." Nia smiled apologetically. "Ive been sneaking down here for over a year now, and the goddess is already a little angry. By the way would you like me to help you get rid of the smell of the Goddess of Magic? Otherwise, when our goddess pulls you up to the divine realm one day and finds the smell of another woman on your body, it would be a wonder if she didnt blow a fuse."