Mages Are Too Op Chapter 524

Chapter 524 A Noticeable Transformation Has Begun

Chapter 524 A Noticeable Transformation Has Begun

Roland shook his head.

You can add as much as you want, and you can remove the flavor if you want to, but do you really think Im made of mud and can be kneaded as you please? Now Roland was a little upset. Nia was a Demigod after all; she was quite sensitive to changes in peoples emotions, so she was suddenly stunned. "Why are you angry again!? Im just suggesting it. I didnt think to force you."

Looking at Nias rather aggrieved expression, Roland sighed, and that little bit of displeasure was gone at once.

Whats the point of being angry with this unworldly angel

Feeling that Rolands mood seemed to have changed for the better, Nia stood up and said happily, "Then Ill be going back to the Paradise of Life. If I dont, the Goddess will probably punish me by making me copy the Life Doctrine a hundred times a day."

"Goodbye." Roland waved his hand.

But Nia still didnt leave, her eyes burning and looking at Roland very expectantly.

Roland was stunned for a moment, then reacted, and from his Backpack, he took out a not so valuable but quite artistic wood carving and handed it over, saying, "This is a return gift, thank you for the round shield."

"And thank you for the gift." Nia held the wooden carving tightly in one hand and waved at Roland with the other. "Ill come down to play with you again when I have the chance."

She then turned into a green light and instantly disappeared into the sky.

Roland was relieved. Nia had asked Roland for a gift because there was such a rule in the Church of Life.

If you send a gift, you should expect to receive a gift back.

Roland had read about this custom in a book more than a year ago but didnt take it too seriously, as he didnt have much contact with the people of the Church of Life.

It hadnt occurred to him until just now.

Nia was an angel who strictly followed the doctrines and didnt have much experience with others.

Then, Roland grasped the small round shield in his hand.

On the surface of the small, round, golden shield, there was also a cross stamped out from green vines.

It looked very beautiful.

What surprised Roland, even more, was that the attributes of the shield were quite good.

Item: Button of the Goddess of Life (Epic)

Attributes: Maximum health increased by 100, maximum magic power increased by 30.

Special effects: Life Shield, Auto Block, Breath of Life.

Requirements: No profession requirements, no level requirements, no gender requirements, requires neutral or lawful alignment to equip.

Life Shield: Convert non-dark magic shields on the wielder to life shields, and benefit from a greater increase in magic power.

Auto Block: When the Life Shield is depleted, the shield automatically blocks all direct damage and attacks, including ballistic magic. The blocking effect is proportional to the characters level and Intelligence attribute, and the cooldown for autoblock is 5 seconds.

Breath of Life: While holding this shield, wounds heal faster, limbs regenerate, and magic regenerates at a slightly higher rate. The attributes of this epic equipment were outrageous. 100 points of maximum health was the amount of health that a full-constitution Warrior would attain at level ten without any other specialties added.

There was also an increase of 30 points in max magic power which was a value that Roland, a pure Mage, could only increase by leveling up three times.

These two attributes alone were scary enough.

After wielding this shield, coupled with the special title, the increase in health from the Mind-Calming Necklace and the blessings of both the Goddess of Magic and the Goddess of Life, Rolands max health reached a terrifying amount of over three hundred points, already quite beefy. Most Warriors, in terms of health, were no match for him. The Magic Shield conversion to Life Shield, Auto Block, and Breath of Life were also very practical and special abilities.

No wonder Nia said that Mages could also use this small round shield.

Even if a new player who had just entered the game and was only level one, with this equipment, their health would be almost on par with that of a level-ten Warrior, and as long as they learned a magic shield ability, their survivability would be quite formidable.

Not to mention Roland was a highly mobile Mage, and usually, it would be quite impressive just to be able to hit him once. Even if he was hit, the attack would be blocked by the Life Shield, and if the Life Shield was gone, there would still be Auto Block to parry the next fatal blow. Surviving for five more seconds, he would be able to use Auto Block once again.

This would be extremely annoying.

It was also an epic piece of equipment, but it was much more powerful than the Mind-Calming Necklace.

Roland looked at the small round shield over and over again and couldnt bear to put it down, and the more he looked at the attributes of the shield, the more he liked it, and couldnt help but kiss it.

Then he felt a faint scent.

Even so, Roland still couldnt calm his inner excitement.

He opened the forum and then wrote a post.

A Pretty Girl Gave Me a Piece of Equipment, Help Me See if the Attribute Is Good.

Originally Roland wanted to upload the video of Nia giving him the small round shield, but then he realized that Nia was in a semi-wet state-semi-transparent.

Leaving aside whether or not it could pass the forums moderation, Roland suddenly felt rather bitter showing the beautiful Nia to other

Then he just put a picture of the round shields attributes on the forum. Patiently waiting for two minutes, Roland then refreshed the post. It was accompanied by a large number of follow-up replies.

"WDNMD[1], a gift from a girl, what kind of girl would gift such equipment? I have a friend with a big one who wants to know if I can introduce her to him."

"Principal Wang cursed and exited the forum."

"Youre showing off, right? Roland, youve changed."

"It cant really be from a girl, no, no, no!"

"For sale? Ive got money at home, 10 million RMB, sell it to me."

"What are you joking about upstairs, do you really not know or what? This kind of top-grade epic equipment, its simply not something that money can buy Roland himself can make equipment with attributes, starting from tens of thousands each. Is he short of money?"

"Roland, be careful as the strongest Mage on the server, Im on to you."

"Do you all only look at the attributes, not the name? Goddess of Lifes button, what did Roland do, did he strip the goddesss what a terrifying thought."

"No, you guys think about it more carefully. He said its from a girl, is it from the Goddess of Life?"

"Its possible. Schuck has a divine artifact from the Goddess of Light and Roland has a shield from the Goddess of Life-sounds about right. Anyway, these two cheaters in F6 cant be understood with common sense."

"Roland is a Mage, why would he get involved with the Goddess of Life! Does the Goddess of Magic have no rep?"

"Maybe the Goddess of Magic has already sent something to Roland, but he just didnt release it for us to see. For example, the Goddess of Magics corset or something like that."

Looking at these envious netizens, Roland felt extremely delighted as if he had come out on top in life.

The smile on his face was almost twitching.

It was awesome to feel this way. Showing off once in a while really could make one happy.

After reading the other players replies, Roland closed the forum with satisfaction.

Then he opened the system interface.

After completing the quest, he received three system notifications and never opened them. After all, his attention was drawn to the small round shield.

"Completed Lurker in the Dark (1), received 5645 EXP." "Automatically accepted the quest Lurker in the Dark (2). Find the lich who wants to harm the First Princess and kill him."

"You have reached Level 10 and can choose a professional specialization."

So much EXP Seeing the exaggerated number of EXP, Rolands eyes were almost bulging.

But this was quite normal. His opponents were a lich and a Demigod bird humanoid.

Despite having Nia as an external helper, the average person probably wouldnt be able to get past the lich, let alone find the bird humanoid.

After the character reached level ten, there would be a huge change because of the Legendary-level profession specializations, the effects of which were extraordinary.

However, after level ten, every level up required a huge amount of EXP, and even if one did epic quests vigorously, it would still be difficult to level up again.

Leveling up became painstaking labor.

Roland opened the character interface, and immediately saw three Legendary-level profession specializations in front of him.

Super Magic Guide: All of your spells or divine spells have their casting speed increased greatly, ballistic-type spells have their flight speed increased greatly.

Advanced Magic Penetration: Your magic, which has already faintly touched the essence of the natural laws, can penetrate all magic resistances to a certain extent.

Body of Magic: Your max magic power is increased by 100, and your magic regeneration speed is moderately increased.

After reading these three professional specializations, Roland clicked his tongue inwardly.

No wonder it was said that all professions would increase their strength drastically when they reached level ten. All three of these specializations would indeed give Mages a qualitative leap in strength.

The first specialization, Super Magic Guide, was clearly for long-range Mages, having faster spell casting speed and faster ballistic speed.

The second specialization, Advanced Magic Penetration, was mostly used against fellow spellcasters, or magical creatures. Awesome addition for fighting against the competition.

The third specialization, Body of Magic, increased the maximum magic power and magic regeneration speed to a certain extent. It also looked quite good, but compared to the first two specialties, it was not so powerful and eye-catching However, Roland felt that the third specialization was the most suitable for him. He had no shortage of offensive means, and he could compress all his magic power into the Self-Destructing Inferior Fireball and the more magic power he had, the fiercer it would be. Great power could bring about miracles-he didnt need any magic penetration to increase his damage. Adding 100 points of maximum magic power, and 30 points of magic power from the small round shield, Roland reckoned that he could compress these 130 points of magic power into the Self-Destructing Inferior Fireball, enlarging the explosion radius to twenty meters or so. On top of the original explosion range, it wouldnt be a problem to blow up 1.5 times the area size of a soccer field.

Besides, more magic power meant that the Life Shields ability to withstand blows was stronger and his survivability would be greatly increased.

Finally, from a long-term perspective, when building the Floating City in the future, he would have to condense his magic power to create magic bricks, which was something that would take a long time.

Without a super large volume of magic power and the means to quickly regenerate magic power, it would almost be impossible to build a floating city.

So Roland only thought about it for about half a minute before picking the third specialization.

After feeling the magic flowing more powerfully within his body, Roland received a new system notification.

He immediately opened it.

"The game system has detected F6 guild player, Roland, is the first to reach level Level 10, and rewards the special and unique title Falan Pathfinder."

This was a server-wide notification!

[1] F*** your mom or mother f***er