Mages Are Too Op Chapter 525

Chapter 525 Deal Between Men And Women

Chapter 525 Deal Between Men and Women

Naturally, the title Falan Pathfinder also had additional attributes.

+30 Health, +30 Magic Power. It looked moderate, but it enhanced Rolands max health and magic power even more. Health was vitality, and the higher the amount of health, the stronger the survivability of the character. With Rolands current exaggerated amount of health, it was almost comparable to that of a troll of the same level, but without the trolls powerful regeneration ability. The specific manifestation of this was other than decapitation, even if his heart was stabbed, even if half of his brain was cut off, as long as there was no immense amount of damage followed, Roland could still fight at full strength for five to six minutes, and if he had a continuous healing spell cast on him, he could fight half an hour or more; he was almost like a magical troll.

Of course, if his head was cut in half, he wouldnt have any sanity, and hed be left with survival instincts.

Even if he instinctively used spells at that time, he would only be able to attack indiscriminately.

Looking at his now exaggerated character panel, Roland breathed a sigh of relief. This epic quest, from his point of view, was greatly profitable. Not only did he gain a lot of EXP, but he also got half of the super powerful epic-level equipment, as well as a title for leveling up to level ten.

It was still possible for someone else to get epic equipment that was similar, or with similar attributes, but the title was unique, and no one else could get it.

The feeling of being a whole lot stronger was not an illusion but was supported by solid data. Roland resisted the urge to launch a large fireball in this no mans land.

Because this was a prairie, and it was the autumn equinox, the climate was a bit dry, and a little open fire could start a prairie fire.

The possibility of a super-sized fireball causing a prairie fire was highly likely.

Putting the small round shield into his Backpack, he then saw a notification pop up in the guild chat. He opened it and saw that it was all congratulatory messages from his friends. Presumably, they all saw the announcement of Roland being the first to reach level ten.

After a few boastful words in the guild chat, Roland teleported back to Delpon.

It had only been two days since Stephanie had come here.

Her foot had finished regenerating, but because it was new, it was still not very agile, so it would take some time to get used to it. Rolands return made Andonara extremely happy. She had prepared for Roland to take more than half a month to return; she never thought that it would only be two days before she would see her man again. She gave Roland a big hug and then went to prepare some delicious food for him.

Stephanie sat down on a chair, looked up at Roland, and took a sip of fruit wine. She was not in a calm mood. "You came back so quickly, it seems that things should be resolved?"

"Halfway resolved."

Roland told them what he had encountered before and then said, "Thats what happened. Although we found out that it was your husband who had come back from the dead, we havent caught him yet. After all, a lich is too hard to catch."

Stephanie sighed. "In other words, its time to go back to the capital?" Upon hearing this, Roland was a bit surprised. "You dont seem to want to go back to the capital."

"How can that be!" Stephanie flatly denied it. Although she said this, she was still quite disappointed. It had only been two days, but she had slept well; she hadnt slept this well since she was ten.

She felt safe.

And it was quite a relaxing life here. There was no need to think about anything and no need to be deceitful with other forces. She just drank afternoon tea and gossiped with her friends, and before she knew it, another day had passed. When she woke up in the morning, she felt so relaxed that she even had the idea of staying here for the rest of her life. But before that thought could take root in her mind, Roland came back.

He told her that the matter had been resolved.

Way to spoil the fun, what an annoying man. After throwing around a few silent curses, Stephanie said, "Now youll be teleporting me back to Fareins, so we can talk about the deal."

"Indeed, its time to talk." Roland sat across from Stephanie. "I did you a great favor and I know multiple teleportation magic array, so what price are you willing to pay to gain my friendship?"

"What do you want?" Stephanie looked into Rolands eyes. "Personally, I cant promise you much right now. After all, youve read all the books in my library. Money and power and things of that sort, you dont like, but magic materials I can collect for you. As for the other things that interest you, I really dont know."

At this time, Andonara brought up a plate of honey cupcakes and placed it between the two of them. Roland picked up a piece, took a bite, and said, "You cant give much to me right now, but you can when you become queen."

"I wont do anything that betrays the interests of the country!" Stephanie said seriously. Roland waved his hand. "No need! I remember telling you two days ago that I want free access to the library in the capital and also that I need a lot of magic materials, not the kind that an organization can provide, but a large country."

"What do you need so many magic materials for?" Stephanies eyes were full of suspicion when she looked at Roland. The magic materials that a large organization could collect were already shocking enough, but what Roland wanted was the materials that a country could provide. This was not a small amount.

"I want to build a floating city!"

The two women beside him were stunned.

Andonara was the fastest to react. Her eyes immediately brightened, looking at Roland with adoration. Stephanie, on the other hand, jumped in shock. "What did you say! A floating city?"

Roland nodded.

The First Princess took a deep breath, her chest puffed up like a balloon; she was really frightened by Rolands words. "In the stories of knights and heroes, the kind of floating city that can fly around."

Roland nodded.

"How could you!" Stephanie was trembling all over, and she questioned loudly, "Even a dozen of our Legendary Mages in Fareins cant build it, what makes you" Hearing that the First Princess didnt quite believe Roland, Andonara immediately got a little upset.

"Because Im a Golden Son, because I know multiple teleportation magic array," Roland said naturally. "A high level doesnt mean you know everything. And a low level doesnt mean you dont have the skills to get something done yourself." Stephanie slumped down. "If what you say is true, then you are really a monster. Whether its a multiple teleportation magic array or a floating city, they are both things that can change the world. Do you know what would happen if these two things appeared at the same time?"

"Thats why I approached you to ask for your help instead of your father." Roland smiled. "An older and more emotional princess, the future queen, who I know well, can be trusted. I trust you to keep my secret and to assist me in the coming years."

"What if I betray you?" Stephanie asked with a sneer.

"Then Ill cut you down!" Andonara was beside herself, wearing a gloomy expression and a bloodthirsty smile. It looked extremely horrifying.

Stephanie dared not speak at all. When Roland saw this, the corners of his mouth raised a little smugly. "Even if you betray me, it doesnt matter. Im a Golden Son, I cant die. The worst that can happen is that Ill be reborn with a new face. At that time, it will be impossible for you to find me again. And then you will still reap the hatred of a Mage with a floating city." Stephanie sat down slowly, her expression became quite stern. "Then, Ill assist you and help you gather magic materials. In return, what can I get? What can the Fareins Kingdom get!?"

"You can have an estate on the floating city, something that will shelter you no matter how big of an incident you encounter."

Stephanie was moved after hearing this. In legend, the floating city was the ultimate equipment of a Mage, the most powerful strategic and tactical weapon.

It was also the safest fortress.

Even a true god would not dare to fight a Mage with a floating city on the main plane. It was said that the Goddess of Fortune was killed three times by Mordenkainen in a floating city. Melf also owned a floating city and killed a large number of evil gods with his Godslaying spell. This was why in the knight biographies or the heroes tales, once the floating city appeared, it would annihilate everything. Stephanie also understood this very well, which was why she was quite moved when Roland said he would leave a piece of land for her in the floating city.

Things were unpredictable, and even if she were to become queen, she couldnt guarantee that she would live a peaceful life.

In the history of Fareins, many kings and queens had died by assassination and poisoning, or due to internal strife within the royal family. If that truly happened, having a place to settle down, she would still be able to live out the rest of her life. "This is a good suggestion." Stephanie nodded. "So, what about the country?"

"Wait a few years until I can defend myself. I can help the Fareins Kingdom build several multiple teleportation magic arrays, and as for their purpose, you figure it out."

Stephanie was clearly pleasantly surprised. "Build for us, and then as a means of control, something that can be held only in the hands of our royal family?"


Without hesitation, Stephanie said, "Deal!" Several multiple teleportation magic arrays, as long as they were placed in the right locations, were extremely useful for the royal family to send troops to stabilize the borders and, of course, for the royal family to control the lords. With such a profitable future, why not invest! Roland was also slightly relieved. "Then, Ill have to make some demands."

"Tell me, as long as I can satisfy them. If you can convince Andonara not to be angry, even if you have me lick you, I would be willing." Annoyed, Andonara rolled her eyes. Stephanie wasnt shy at all; a married and experienced woman was just that liberal! Roland sneered. "Im not willing to do that even if you are. What Im trying to say is that you, as the First Princess, have a territory, dont you? Can I make a big hole underneath the castle in your territory?" Stephanie: ???