Mages Are Too Op Chapter 530

Chapter 530 The Rewards Keep On Coming

Chapter 530 The Rewards Keep On Coming

Charless words were full of anger, but they also hid his frustration and depression.

In reality, he didnt dare to call the shots, but at least his words carried weight, and as long as he wasnt up against peers of the same level or higher than himself, it was still easy for him to take someone down.

But now, he couldnt even find a way to deal with an ordinary person.

Speaking of which someone that I cant even touch is probably not a normal person.

Thinking about it this way, Charles felt much better.

"In that case, lets put aside the matter of Roland and ask the paid posters to do their best to help us wash our slate clean, and muddy the waters along the way." Charles sighed. "All branches return all the purchase and sale prices to their previous levels and try to save yourselves as much as possible. Back down and apologize when necessary. Now, regardless of the money gained or lost, survive first!"

All the chairmen of the various branches agreed.

Bringing prices back to previous levels was just a matter of making less money.

The biggest problem now was that many players had received missions against Cornucopia, and there was no telling how much they would lose to get through this incident.

After the meeting ended, Charles contemplated for a while and then exited the game.

Coming out of the virtual cabin, he found his phone and checked the time.


Then he exhaled and dialed a number.

The other side of the line rang and stopped after a minute.

He redialed.

It stopped again.

After three calls, the other side finally picked up the phone. "Charles, dont blame me for cursing if you dont give me a reason. You should also know that one minute in reality is three minutes in the game. What cant we talk about in the game, or during the day when the game is down, that you have to wake me up from the game at this time?"

The other side was clearly suppressing their anger.

Charles said slowly, "Douglas, do me a favor and tell Roland to take down that forum post. I owe you one!"

"Heh." Some sarcastic laughter came from the phone. "Why should I intercede for you, a favor that would make me offend Roland? Dont you know that Im now a part of the Magic Tower of Delpon? If I intercede, what if Roland drives me away from the Magic Tower!"

Charles, whose knuckles were white with exertion as he gripped the phone, suppressed his anger and said, "Will you help or not? After all, we know each other in real life, so is our relationship not comparable to online friends in the game?"

"Its even more troublesome to know each other in real lifethe interests are too greatand you dont know when people will turn against each other. Its not like it hasnt happened before." Douglas said indifferently, "Charles, just admit defeat this time. I cant help, I dont dare to help. I remember telling you last time, dont treat this game as an ordinary online game. Its almost impossible for the influence of reality to penetrate into the game. The only thing that can work a little is money, but for the real big shots, that money is quite useless."

Charles finally snapped and said angrily, "Are you just going to watch those normal people in real life step over us in the game?"

"Whats so strange about that," Douglas snapped. "Take away the paternal protection, take away the connections, and what part of us can we say trumps those humble scholars? Now the game takes those two factors out. In reality, we can buy equipment with money, hire other players to help us, and our starting line is already ahead of most players. Dont think about trying to beat everyone. At least I dont dare to think so. The more I study magic, the more I feel how exaggerated Rolands talent is. Hes not on the same level as us, do you understand?"

"Douglas, are you stupid!" yelled Charles into his phone. "Its just a game, and youre making a game expert your idol! Youre regressing in life."

"Just a game?" Douglas paused for a moment, then said, "Although I dont dare to speak for you, there are some things I can remind you of. As you know, my seniors know friends in the Intelligence and Information Bureau, and according to them, the details of this game, the location of the servers, the specific technology used, the players data, even they dont have the authority to look into it; instead, the game company has the authority to investigate personal household data."

With that said, a click came from the phone.

The call was interrupted.

Charles suddenly felt a bit of a chill go down his back.

Even the Intelligence and Information Bureau couldnt find out what the background of this game company was.

The game was too real, and what was the purpose of its launch?

Charles was a little distracted, and he lay back down in the virtual cabin and entered the game again. Regardless of everything, he had invested too much money into Cornucopia. Losses could be incurred, but the foundation could not be destroyed.

He had to fight for it somehow.

a ON

After dealing with the matters of Delpon, Roland then drew a one-time multiple teleportation magic array and teleported Andonara and Stephanie back to the outskirts of Fareinss capital.

Entering the capital and returning to her manor, Stephanie summoned the servants and maids from outside.

The empty manor became lively once more.

At the same time, a large number of invitations were sent out, and in the evening, a banquet was to be held.

A celebration banquet.

To celebrate that she had survived the trial.

Roland, on the other hand, took a trip to the Association of Mages and met with Great Elder Alfred.

The old man with silvery-white hair sat on a chair and looked at Roland with great satisfaction. "Well done, youve resolved the matter without any support. Whether its relying on your connections, your abilities, or your luck, theres no problemthese are all your strengths. Also, the Church of Light sent the Holy Lady over yesterday to thank us, because according to their newly promoted Saint Samurai, they were able to identify the dark creature lurking in the Holy Realm; your information played a great role, and then they entrusted me to give this to you."

Alfred took a silvery-white bracelet out of the drawer and pushed it in front of Roland.

Roland picked it up and observed it.

Item: Twilight Bracer (Epic)

Effect: When its daytime, all your attributes increase by 1, and at night, your mental power recovery speed increases slightly.

This equipment was good, worthy of the epic classification. Plus one to all attributes would allow Roland to improve his strength without any shortcomings, and although the improvement wasnt a lot, the all-around improvement was much better than a single attribute greatly enhanced.

Mental power recovery wasnt an increase in magic power regeneration, but the speed of the magic regeneration was related to mental power to a certain degree, so it was an indirect increase to a Mages magic power regeneration speed. Of course, it was a nice piece of equipment, but it was nowhere near as good as the small round shield Nia had given him. Even so, this piece of equipment was worth at least 400 to 500 gold coins; the Temple of Light had been very generous.

Roland wore this bracelet on his left hand. Its size was quite suitable, and it wasnt uncomfortable.

"You found out who killed the deputy chairman of the Association. Though you didnt catch him, its not your responsibility to. A monster like a lich is a problem even for me." Alford took another item out of the drawer, a glass bottle with a red liquid in it. "This is the Association of Mages reward for


"Theres more?" Roland was somewhat surprised. There were so many rewards from this epic quest.

He picked up the glass bottle, and the red liquid in the bottle gave off a bright, sparkling sheen.

Item: Red Dragon Enhancement Potion (Epic)

Effect: An alchemical potion made from special magic materials and the blood of an adult red dragon. After drinking it, it will slightly increase the damage and magic penetration ability of fire magic, and permanently increase the characters health limit by 10 points.

It was also something good.

Further enhancing the effective damage power of Rolands Self-Destructing Inferior Fireball, 10 points of max health didnt seem like much, but it was the amount of health that all Warriors could only get by leveling up once.

It was quite a bit!

Strength was something that was slowly piled up by stacking various talents and renewing equipment to increase attributes.

Looking at the slight joy in Rolands eyes, Alfred said, "You are a member of the Association of Mages, theres no reason why the Temple of Light gives you goodies and we dont; otherwise, wed look like were too stingy. You should also be able to feel the effects of this bottle of red dragon blood. Its best to get someone to protect you when you drink it, because there will be about ten minutes of severe pain and you wont have much fighting power at that time." "Thank you, Great Elder, for the reminder." Roland put the potion in his Backpack.

"If theres nothing else, go do your own thing." Alfred waved his hand and began to shoo him away. "Get closer to the First Princess. After this, if there are no accidents, shell be the queen of Fareins. A good relationship with her will be quite helpful to your future; Mages are short of money for researching magic, and the queen of Fareins shouldnt be short of money."

Alfred smiled a little ambiguously.

Roland pretended not to understand Alfreds expression, and after thanking him properly, he left the Association of Mages.

It was already evening when he returned to Stephanies manor.

The preparations for the banquet were almost done, and the new steward was methodically directing the work of the servants. When he saw Roland, he immediately came up and said, "Sir, youre finally back. The First Princess asked you to come to her study."

The study was on the third floor. Roland knocked on the door and a voice came from inside, saying, "Come in."

As he opened the door, he saw Andonara sitting in the corner, reading a book out of boredom. When she spotted Roland, she smiled and greeted him.

Roland then turned his attention to Stephanie, who was sitting at the desk.

Stephanie, already wearing an upper-class low-cut corset dress, beckoned to Roland.

When Roland came over, she held up a thick white parchment and handed it to him. "This is the letter of appointment, granting you full authority as temporary lord of Motasos County, with all lordship powers."

When Roland took it and read it, that was indeed what the Fareins script on it meant. It was signed with Stephanies full name and stamped with the red lion seal and her handprint.

"Put it away. After tonights banquet, tomorrow you will set out to reorganize and collect the resources of my domain, whether it be taxes or droit du seigneur[1], you are free to do as you please." Stephanie looked Roland in the eyes. "But you will have to leave Andonara behind to protect me, okay?" [1] Lords right, also known as jus primae noctis (right of the first night) and prima nocta, was a supposed legal right in medieval Europe, allowing feudal lords to have sexual relations with subordinate women, in particular, on their wedding nights.