Mages Are Too Op Chapter 534

Chapter 534 Magic Bri Grapes

Chapter 534 Magic Bri Grapes

The city of Motasos seemed to have changed for the better, but it also didnt seem to have changed at all.

Large-scale armed confrontations took place at several locations around the city yesterday, but they ended quickly. There were a few casualties among the soldiers, but not a single civilian was killed in the fighting The battles proceeded with considerable restraint.

It was said that the heads of all the troops in the city had been changed. This should have been a big deal.

But the actual noise that was made was minimal.

This wasnt reasonable.

At any other time, when there was such a dramatic change in the military hierarchy, there would have been numerous casualties and a large number of commoners involved.

This time it was so quick that many of the nobles in the city didnt even realize what happened before things settled down.

The merchants eyes almost fell out in surprise.

With their intelligence network, they didnt understand what was going on.

It wasnt until a few of the chamber of commerces big shots who were "invited" to the mayors residence and then released, all limp and weak, spoke up that the citys dignitaries got a hint of what was going on.

It seemed that a temporary lord had come and clashed with the previous leaders of the army, such as Judson.

Then, within three hours, the leaders were replaced.

Now they were all detained in the mayors residence.

The nobles and merchants who heard about this couldnt help but feel a little frightened.

This new temporary lord was a ruthless one. What does he like!

How should we approach him, how should we appease him?

With the support of such ideas, the big shots of the city started taking action. They walked around, visited each other, and asked who knew about the new temporary lord.

The more they walked around, the more surprised they were. What was the origin of the new temporary lord, and why did they have no information about him?

Roland had already arrived in the basement of the mayors residence.

He had no intention to hide the entrance, but he had set up three big stone doors at the entrance stairway to prevent outsiders from entering the basement.

Then he began to dig a circular cavity with a radius of 100 meters with magic.

He turned the earthen wall of this cavity into extremely hard rock walls with Mud to Rock.

A purely circular shape already had a strong load-bearing capacity, not to mention a wall reinforced with magic, so even if a hundred-meter radius cavity was opened underneath the mayors residence, it would not sink the mayors residence on the ground, and even if multiple residences were built on top of it, there would be no problem.

It took Roland nearly six days to open this cavity.

When he came out of the basement, the steward immediately greeted him.

"Mr. Roland, youve finally come out. All the nobles in the city are planning to hold a joint banquet. Everything has been prepared and they are just waiting for you to come out. The venue of the banquet is the Barker Chamber of Commerces Square in the cityits very spacious and can accommodate thousands of people." The steward handed over a rather beautiful gold invitation. "They ask that you attend, sir, and they hope to welcome you."

"Its not an ambush[1], is it?"

There was no such word in this world, but Language Proficiency automatically transformed the word into a statement with the same meaning.

The steward shook his head vigorously. "No, absolutely not. They wouldnt dare."

Roland thought about it, took the invitation, and said, "Set it for the evening-Ill be there in the evening."

The steward was relieved. "Ill go immediately to inform them now."

The steward had been under tremendous pressure for some time now. Everyone was asking him when Roland would come out of the basement.

These people didnt dare to rush Roland, so they could only trust the steward to ask him to come out.

But how could the steward dare? He had no idea what kind of personality and temper the temporary lord had, so what if the temporary lord hated to be disturbed while studying magic so much that when he got angry he turned people into animals or burned them to death? Wouldnt that be a meaningless death?

He was afraid to go find Roland, but the nobles wanted him to go.

Whether a steward was powerful or not, whether a steward had any panache and respect outside, depended on the status and strength of the master.

The temporary lord seemed to be powerful, but the steward didnt dare to rely on Rolands background for now, so he could only bear the expectations of all the nobles in the city, and the pressure brought by these expectations.

Fortunately, Roland had come out.

If the steward had to wait a few more days, he felt that he might have been depressed enough to commit suicide.

Roland took a shower. Having stayed underground for a few days, although he didnt sweat much, he wasnt a god; he would sweat some and his body would inevitably smell.

After the shower, he closed his eyes and rested for a while. Of course, he stayed in the guest room. The First Princess Stephanies master bedroom, with all its feminine furniture and decorations, was not a place he was comfortable staying in.

It took almost an hour for all his magic power to regenerate, and it just happened to be evening by then.

Roland went downstairs, got into the carriage that the steward had prepared, and leisurely went to the banquet venue.

There were already a lot of luxurious carriages parked there. The venue was closely protected by soldiers sent by Fauci, who surrounded the perimeter of the banquet with around four hundred men.

As soon as Roland got off, the sharp-eyed Fauci saw him and immediately shouted, "The mayor has arrived, everyone, be quiet." The clamor immediately stopped, and nearly a thousand well-dressed gentlemen and noblewomen turned their heads to look over.

Their eyes were filled with curiosity, suspicion, and even hidden hostility.

Roland waved his hand at them and calmly walked down the stone pathway into the middle of the banquet.

The crowd parted like waves, and Roland came to the center of the banquet, where there was a small elevated platform on which one could stand with a single step and look down on every corner of the square.

There were many soldiers standing around the small white stone platform.

Fauci was among them.

Roland hesitated for a moment, but finally, he stood on the platform.

Faces looked up at him, and in the darkness and candlelight, they were like masks of a brilliant life, with a thousand looks and a thousand expressions.

"Im a Mage, I dont like to talk too much, and time is quite valuable to me." Rolands gaze swept around the square and continued, "You invited me over and welcomed me, but Im not happy, and certainly not angry-I just feel a little annoyed because I dont like to waste time."

People were surprised, and after a few seconds of silence, a clamorous discussion finally took place. But these voices were still too quiet, blending together like the sound of a rushing tide. "More than a thousand people, I think everyone who is well-known is here. Thats good. Now, Im going to say what I think." Roland used Sound Amplification on himself to silence the noisy discussion of the crowd. "I have no intention of changing the rules of this city, nor do I want to change any divisions of power. As for the issue of the army changing leaders a few days ago, that was because they dont want to recognize me as a temporary lord. Just because Im easy to talk to doesnt mean Ill just stand around stupidly and be bullied."

The guests listened attentively.

"As long as no one messes with me, I naturally dont mess with them, its as simple as that." Roland clapped his hands. "Okay, now that Ive come and the matter has been discussed, its time to leave. Feel free to do whatever you want now; the cost of the banquet will be on my account. Tomorrow, the organizer of the banquet may bring the bill to the mayors residence to ask for the money."

The guests were shocked to hear that Roland was leaving immediately.

What kind of operation is this, when the main guest arrives and immediately leaves?

Roland didnt wait for them to react. He started teleportation and appeared directly outside the square, and then got into his carriage.

Only after Roland left did the astonished guests come back to their senses.

Then everyone shouted incredulously.

The combined sound was like the hiss of steam spewing out of a pressure cooker.

Back at the mayors residence, Roland went straight down to the basement, and after lowering the three stone doors, he floated down to the bottom, wearing a full set of magic regeneration equipment and the small round shield that Angel Nia had given him pinned to his arm.

The small round shield provided an increase in max magic power and a small amount of magic regeneration speed.

Roland then began to gather his own magic power and manifested it in his hand.

Normally, pure magical elements were colorless.

However, when they gathered together and reached a certain concentration, they formed a transparent solid.

This process took Roland nearly a minute. In his hand was a white, glass-like ball.

It looked fragile and was also fragile in reality, but when it exploded, its power would be quite amazing.

This was a magic energy cluster, not yet a magic brick.

There were very few people who could do this. Most of the Legendary Mages could do it, but there werent many Legendary Mages.

He tossed the magic energy ball lightly in his hand. It felt light and bright Roland looked at his mana bar, and one-seventh of his magic power was gone.



One-seventh didnt sound like much, but to be clear, Roland was now equipped with a full set of equipment that increased max magic power and magic regeneration.

He added all his stats to intelligence, had two epic equipment that increases magic power, had the blessing of providence and a title, and his max magic power was already more than five times the normal Mage of the same level.

This transparent mass of energy, the average Mage couldnt create it even if they compressed all of their magic power.

The magic brick, on the other hand, was a further compression of the energy ball.

Roland closed his eyes for the second time and sent out all of his mental power, splitting it into threads and winding them around the energy ball densely until the magic energy was completely encompassed. Finally, he used his mental power to contract it hard, squeezing the energy cluster as hard as possible.

The energy cluster in the palm of his hand became smaller and smaller.

As its size became smaller, the color of the energy cluster also changed slowly. From light blue to aquamarine, and finally a completely opaque murky blue.

At this time, the magic energy cluster had changed from the size of an apple to the size of a grape.

When this step was completed, it was officially a "magic brick."

However, Rolands craftsmanship was not good enough to make it into a brick shape. It was made in a circular shape.

And it was quite small.

[1] Original phrasing Hongmen feast; a banquet set up with the aim of murdering a guest