Mages Are Too Op Chapter 535

Chapter 535 Solar System In Hand

Chapter 535 Solar System in Hand

Roland played with the blue magic power ball in his hand.

It was weightless and floated in midair after he released it.

It was exactly the "central chassis" that the floating city needed, and the foundation for the floating city to rest on.

It was also what Mordenkainen called a magic power brick.

Roland, on the other hand, preferred to call it "solid magic power," which sounded more academic.

It was extremely small and only the size of Rolands thumb, but it was already vaguely absorbing the magic power nearby. Of course, because it was too small, it only absorbed a little environmental magic power. "Can the gravity caused by an object of great mass capture the objects around it?" said Roland to himself.

He tried to describe what he saw with scientific concepts.

"Is it only absorbing magic elements because its a dense, solid form of magic elements?"

Roland put the magic power ball aside and compressed a similar amount of magic power into an almost transparent energy ball of magic power in the first phase.

The magic power gathered in the transparent energy ball would still disperse, although very slowly.

"Is it because its mass is not as huge as the first ball, although they are of the same size? Or rather, this ball is too huge for such a mass and cannot produce enough gravity?"

Roland put the transparent magic power next to the blue ball. They werent right next to each other, but at a certain distance.

After putting them aside, Roland began to

e a newer, bigger solid magic power ball the size of an apple.

At this moment, he began to wonder how he could build magic power into a brick.

When he squeezed it with his mental power, it would be a ball. Was it because he wasnt too familiar with the application of mental power yet?

Did he have to further study the uses of mental power?

Were there courses on that subject in the Red Magic Tower?

While thinking, Roland tossed the solid magic power in his hand and was about to put it aside, when he was caught off-guard.

It was because he found that the transparent magic power ball moved to a place where it wasnt supposed to be.

Dazed, Roland stared at the energy ball and unfolded his mental power vision.

Then he discovered, to his surprise, that the dispersing magic power from the energy ball submerged into the tiny solid magic elements in an extremely tiny thread.

Roland stared for a while longer. He was even more shocked to discover that the transparent energy ball was truly moving. Although it was very slow, it was spinning around the magic power ball like the moon circling the Earth.

How could this happen?

Roland was greatly surprised.

This wasnt described in the manuscripts offered by Mordenkainen.

Roland took out the manuscripts from the system Backpack and read them again to confirm that.

There were truly no such descriptions. Was it because of its spherical shape?


Holding the solid, apple-sized magic power, Roland watched the transparent energy ball circling around the blue ball in silence. He watched its dispersing magic power be drawn to the small ball while the energy ball shrank until it was the size of a grain of rice. Then, it swirled and cut the surface of the blue ball with a long tail behind it, crashing on the blue ball and turning into a blue flash.

At the same time, the tiny blue ball shivered too.

Having absorbed the energy ball, the tiny ball seemed to have grown a little bit bigger.

This process took at least seventeen hours.

Roland had stood for such a long time that his feet were almost numb. He stretched his body and then excitedly put a much bigger solid magic power ball next to the tiny ball.

A moment earlier, it was like a shapeless mass of magic power around the tiny ball, but at this moment, it was more like the tiny ball was spinning around the solid magic power ball the size of an apple.

It was true that a sphere with a greater size and mass under the same density could capture the other smaller solid magic power balls in its "orbit," just like celestial bodies.

If this apple could be compared to the sun and the grape was Mercury, then An idea suddenly popped up in Rolands head.

Then, he created new tiny magic power balls excitedly.

Venus, Earth, Mars

"Jupiter is a huge gaseous planet Well, I should turn it bright blue and make it something between an energy ball and pure solid magic power."

"Saturn has a ring What should I do about that?"

Roland thought for a moment and poured abundant pure magic elements into the Saturn ball.

Half of those magic elements were attracted to Saturn, and the other half span around Saturn and gradually connected into a beautiful transparent ribbon.

Seeing that, Roland increased the output of magic elements.

About half an hour later, a shallow, bright blue ribbon of light appeared next to the Saturn ball.


Roland waved his hand in excitement. It truly felt great to create something he wanted.

Then, he built Uranus and Neptune in the same way.

When he was about to make Pluto, he suddenly realized that Pluto was no longer a planet.

At this moment, there were only eight planets in the solar system.

So, the solar system had basically been completed.

There was a big "apple" and eight balls of different sizes next to it, some of which were even surrounded by rings. They were beautiful and harmonious.

Also, these balls began to spin in their own trajectory with the "apple" at their center.

As they spun, the surrounding magic elements were gradually attracted to them.

Although there wasnt a lot, a dense mist of magic elements formed as time went by.

It was invisible to the naked eye, but could be perceived with mental power.

Roland had thought that, as magic power congregated, those balls should be able to absorb them and grow larger.

Unfortunately, his idea was wrong. Roland observed for almost eight hours and didnt find any sign that those spheres were growing. Having no other choice, he could only release the magic elements stored in his body and pour them into the mini solar system.

Then, Roland discovered that those spheres were only absorbing the magic elements that he unleashed, and the wandering natural magic elements were simply gathering here.

Those solid spheres of magic elements were all created by him, so they could only absorb energy of the same naturehis energy?

That was very likely.

After he emptied the magic power within him, that power would soon lose his signature and turn into wandering magic elements in half an hour, under normal circumstances.

However, after they entered the effective range of gravity of the "solar system," his personal signature didnt disappear but mixed and transformed the environmental magic elements, although the transformation was rather slow.

Very soon, the magic elements that were transformed and carried Rolands signature became absorbable for the nine balls.

Different balls had different intakes, but in general, the greater their mass, the more they absorbed.

However, they absorbed faster than the magic elements were transformed, so about eight hours later, all the magic power that carried Rolands personal signature was gone.

At the same time, the mist caused by the congregation of magic power grew slightly thicker.

When Roland stood in this circle, his magic power regeneration was increased by at least twenty percent. Was this Magic Power Affluence?

Roland remembered that, according to Mordenkainens manuscripts, a bizarre attraction and concentration of magic power, known as Magic Power Affluence, happened after the floating city was constructed.

In an environment of Magic Power Affluence, ones magic power regeneration and the speed and power of their spells would be significantly boosted.

It was also one of the reasons why the floating city was so powerful.

However, Roland had only created nine tiny spheres. He was not even close to building a floating city. Why did a minor Magic Power Affluence occur?

Was it because of the solar system?

Holding his chin, Roland contemplated. Then he was alarmed by the system notification.

He checked the notification, only to find that someone pinged him in the guild.

Betta: "Brother Roland, come and give me a hand. Ive got my territory, but things are kind of tricky."

Roland: "Is anyone asking for trouble? Call Schuck and Li Lin and lets cut them down."

Betta: "No. My territory is purely swampland. There isnt one inch of solid ground where people can stand on."

Roland: "???"

Betta: "Youll know what Im talking about when you see it. Ill wait for you in Delpon."

Roland left the solar system in this place and exited the basement.

He had stayed for three days in the basement. His butler came to him soon after he emerged.

"Mr. Roland, a merchant has found many magic materials for you." The butler seemed rather happy. "Theyre all waiting to meet you."

"Theres no need for that." Roland took three gray bags out of his Backpack and gave them to the butler. "Here are three hundred gold coins. Confirm that they have the magic materials I need and pay them. It should be enough for the next couple of months. After that, youll make half of the payment with the city taxes and come to me for the other half, got it?"

Carrying the three heavy bags, the butler was rather burdened, as an ordinary person wasnt as strong as a professional.

"Also, nobody is to enter the basement. If anyone has an accident there, they wont be compensated."

Alarmed, the butler nodded quickly. "Ill make sure that the basement is well-guarded."

After giving the butler instructions, Roland teleported himself to the capital of Fareins and found Alfred.

"Great Elder, when will we have that meeting with the Temple of Light?"

Roland remembered that he would be able to visit the Grand Library of Light after the friendly meeting.

He had been looking forward to that for a long time.

"Its been postponed," said Alfred helplessly. "Theyre all frightened by the dark demigod creature that hid inside the Temple of Light. Theyre still conducting internal investigations."

"By how many days has it been postponed?"

Alfred thought for a moment and said, "Probably a month. If you dont have anything else to do, you can travel to other places for fun. You know Teleportation, you can teleport yourself back in a month. The Mages need common sense as much as devotion to magic. Besides, the knowledge you learn during your trips might help you understand and improve the spells you recently learned." Roland understood this logic very well.

However, Roland still felt that it was much more fun to watch videos uploaded by silly netizens.

Those videos could be very bizarre and shocking, but they could be eye-openers too.