Mages Are Too Op Chapter 539

Chapter 539 Surprise

Chapter 539 Surprise

In the wetland in Hollevin, almost thirty Mage players were turning swamps into rock foundations, and then from rock foundations into regular mud, with spells.

Roland was among them. He snapped his finger and turned the two hundred square meters of swamps into rocks, before he transformed them back.

The process took him about seven seconds, and other players more than twelve seconds in general.

The gap didnt look huge, but the areas that the other Mage players transformed were generally between fifty to a hundred square meters, so the difference was actually very big

They had been working here for two days. A very huge swamp had been turned into a regular muddy land.

Seeing that his mana bar was almost empty, Roland sat down and took a break while he drank fruit wine from the system Backpack.

After that, he picked up a handful of mud that he just transformed and observed it. He was slightly surprised. "Did you find anything?" ONeal came to him from the rear and asked.

ONeal was the leader of those players. Also, he was very capable too. His efficiency of transformation was far from Rolands, but still much higher than that of other players.

"The swamps here were very fertile, but the soil is apparently much less so after the transformation. It doesnt make sense." "In fact, I think it makes a lot of sense," ONeal said with a smile. "Considering the conservation of mass, the total mass of the swamps must be lower than that of the solid soil after the transformation, so wheres the additional mass from? The drop of fertility can be conversation of mass from a magic perspective, right?"

Roland nodded. "You do have a point."

"So, many things that seem unreasonable in this magic world have their own explanations." ONeal smiled. "As long as this game is alive for long enough, well be able to uncover more things that can be applied to reality." Roland looked at ONeal in surprise.

ONeal raised his eyebrows. "It seems that youve already brought some magic ideas to reality, havent you?" Rolands eyes widened, as if he had been greatly shocked. "What? Magic ideas can be brought to reality?"

Then, Roland slapped his thigh and laughed. "You are a funny man. How can you take the items or spells in the game to reality? If such mysterious phenomena existed on Earth, the government wouldve controlled it a long time. Or are you able to cast spells in reality already?"

In the end, Roland looked at ONeal up and down with great curiosity.

ONeal shrugged. "How is it possible? If you cant do it as the best Mage, I certainly cant. I merely think that its a possibility."

"In fact, I would love to cast spells in reality." Roland put on a melancholy expression. "I can destroy the world in the game, but Im just a weak ordinary person in reality. Im always disappointed when I return to reality from the


ONeal patted Rolands shoulder. "Thats fine. I can understand, because Im just like you."


Then, they talked about some magic problems and continued transforming the swamps.

They continued doing the job until the daily shutdown of the game server. Roland crawled out of the virtual cabin and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

"As expected of a bigshot with a high IQ. Hes already suspecting that I can cast spells in reality." Roland waved, and two blue Hands of Magic flew out and grabbed clothes for him from the closet. "I wonder if my acting tricked him."

Roland told nobody that he could cast spells in reality.

He didnt even tell his parents or his closest friends, so there was no way that he would divulge it to someone he barely knew.

After freshening himself up, Roland called Qi Shaoqiu. "Have you checked up on Jin Wenwen recently?"

"I have no time for her," said Qi Shaoqiu in an extremely angry voice over the phone. "Ive already suffered a tragic loss by paying thousands of yuan for her. Theres no way that I will check up on her again." "You can always meet her and ask for your money back." Roland teased him.

"Forget it. I dont want to see her family." Qi Shaoqiu yawned. "Ill hang up the phone if thats all. I know you want to visit her because you want to ask for the address of the old man who practices the Bald Head Art. Go ask her yourself. Dont bring me in."

"Its the Iron Head Art."

Qi Shaoqiu said helplessly, "I dont care about what it is Right, my sister made too much breakfast. Why dont you come and grab a bite? Its your favorite noodles."

"Okay, Im on my way."

Remembering the noodles that Night Tide Sands made, Roland instantly drooled.

Her food was really delicious.

He rode a bike to the saber arts club for breakfast and chatted with Night Tide Sands for a moment, before he came to the hospital on the bike too.

He asked the nurse and learned that Jin Wenwen had been transferred from the ICU to a regular ward, so he went to her ward with the apples he bought on the way as gifts.

When he found Jin Wenwen, she was lying on the bed with a middle-aged woman sitting next to her.

Jin Wenwen saw Roland the moment he arrived. She was rather surprised.

Roland greeted the middle-aged woman and put the apples on a nightstand next to the bed. Then he said, "It seems that youre fine now. Youll probably be discharged from the hospital in a few days."

"Thank you very much." Jin Wenwen couldnt sit up because of the surgery, so she said slowly while still lying on the bed. "Before I passed out, I saw you making a call. You were the one who informed Qi Shaoqiu, right?"

Roland nodded.

At this moment, the middle-aged woman remarked angrily, "Why did you mention that scumbag? He didnt even check on his girlfriend once. Curse that unscrupulous man."

Roland said casually, "Aunt, its wrong of you to say that. Qi Shaoqiu is no longer Jin Wenwens boyfriend. It was already responsible enough that he carried Jin Wenwen to the ambulance, paid for the emergency treatment, and signed the surgery consent form. You cant ask more from him." "Arent you Wenwens friend? Why are you defending him?" The middle-aged woman seemed angry.


Roland heaved a sigh. "Im Qi Shaoqius friend. Im not that close to Jin Wenwen."

Slightly surprised, the middle-aged woman sized up Roland. "Youre not Wenwens pursuer?"


The middle-aged woman immediately seemed embarrassed.

At this moment, Jin Wenwen interjected, "Mom, will you give us a moment?" "Okay, just call me if you need anything."

Jin Wenwen nodded.

After the middle-aged woman left the ward, Jin Wenwen said with a smile, "Sorry, my mom is just like that. Shes always blunt."

Roland was rather surprised that Jin Wenwen, despite her usual meanness and cynicism, actually apologized.

"Stop looking at me as if I were an alien." Jin Wenwen chuckled. "I had a near-death experience. Isnt it normal that I had some epiphanies?"

At this moment, Jin Wenwen was less domineering, rather gentler and more feminine.

She looked less annoying than before.

"When youre free, please tell Qi Shaoqiu to come visit me in his spare time." Jin Wenwen seemed to be at a loss. "I want to talk to him about the past in peace. I did many wrong things, but he was partly responsible too."

"Okay." Roland nodded. "Ill relay the message for you, but I cant guarantee that hell come."

"I understand." Jin Wenwen smiled casually now that Roland accepted her request. "Also, youve come to me for something, right? After all, you hate me; you would never visit me unless you want something from me." Roland hummed in response. "Actually, I want to know where the father and the son who hurt you live." "You want to learn martial arts from them?"

"I think their Iron Head Art is quite good." Roland found a random excuse.

He couldnt reveal the energy masses anyway.

Jin Wenwens eyes bulged. "You will become bald if you practice the Iron Head Art."

"Well, Ill just check it out. I might not really learn it." Roland felt that he was sweating.

Did the old man lie when he said that the Iron Head Art wasnt the main reason for his baldness?

But he was going there for the energy masses, not the Iron Head Art. That should be fine He only hoped that he didnt have to practice the Iron Head Art to produce the energy masses.

He was still young and unmarried. He didnt want to get bald yet.

Looking at Rolands stiffened face, Jin Wenwen giggled, which affected her chest where she had a surgery. She frowned in pain but managed to hold it back. She said, "Okay, I have to get some rest. You get on with your business. After I recover, Ill treat you and Qi Shaoqiu to a fancy dinner for lending me a hand even though we have a bad relationship."

She sounded very emotionally mature when she talked about that.

Roland confirmed that Jin Wenwen was a lot different from before.

He wondered if she had been possessed by someone else.

After obtaining the address from Jin Wenwen, Roland soon found the old man on his bike.

The old man was living in a typical quadrangle courtyard in the village.

The red gate of the courtyard was wide open, so Roland simply walked in. He saw the old man smacking red bricks against his head very fast with his legs stretched out.

When the red brick in his left hand was smashed, he would smash that in his right hand.

The red bricks shattered with a dull noise the moment they hit his head. The remains of the bricks paved a circle of rubble on the floor.

There was a heap of about fifty bricks before the old man. Very soon, he smashed all of them.

Then, he opened and raised his hands above his hand, before he slowly pressed them down to concentrate his qi on his abdomen as an ending movement.

Roland couldnt help but applaud.

He was truly impressed.

The old man wasnt too happy to see Roland. "Young man, its a taboo to peep at somebody else whos practicing martial arts But were in a society of law now, so I wont punish you for that."

Roland chuckled and said, "Uncle, youre truly generous. Im here to learn"

At this moment, Rolands eyes suddenly caught a few masses of invisible energy in the hall across the fifteen-meter-long courtyard behind the old man.

Damn it Ive come to the right place.