Mages Are Too Op Chapter 546

Chapter 546 The Devs Are Just As Usual

Chapter 546 The Devs Are Just As Usual

Roland spent most of his time in the room he rented during the next three days.

Although he was here for the floating masses of energy, Roland wasnt in a hurry to absorb them.

He vividly remembered how he almost died when he hastily absorbed the energy ball in the ancestral hall a year earlier.

Now that he had learned his lesson, he naturally had to be prudent.

These days, he simply practiced the Daoists Nourishment of Life and observed the energy masses with his feeble mental power.

He only observed them and didnt dare to absorb them.

Even so, he found that he made much faster progress in the Daoists Nourishment of Life than he did back home.

It took him more than five days to accumulate some mental power, but he got exactly the same amount after a day and a night.

Was it true that there was more spiritual energy where there were more energy balls?

His legs were numb after he sat cross-legged for a long time, so Roland wandered around and saw the paintings of the Yu familys ancestors in the hall.

Yu Kunming walked close from behind, ready to practice his Iron Head Art, but seeing that Roland was standing there in a daze, he asked, "Why are you gazing at my ancestors paintings?" "Nothing serious. I just find it odd that everybody in the Yu family is so handsome." The paintings in the hall were traditional ink wash paintings. Although the peoples faces were obscure, one could totally feel their charm and gentleness.

Schuck was extremely handsome, and his father was also gorgeous.

Yu Kunming smiled and said, "Only the family leaders branch is handsome. The side branches are just average-looking."

Was that true?

But it seemed true. Roland had seen many members of the Yu family and found that it was true that only Schucks closest relatives were gorgeous while the others were just mediocre.

The old man shook his head enviously and then grabbed a red brick nearby, before he bashed it on his head.

Everybody in the Yu family was jealous of the main branchs astounding attractiveness.

He was no exception; his stomach was filled with jealousy. He could only blow off steam by practicing the Iron Head Art.

Roland refined his mental power for three days with the Daoists Nourishment of Life, until the game server was about to restart.

It was already evening at this moment, four hours to go until the server restarted.

He rode a bike home and took a shower. Then, he opened the forum and checked what was new, only to find that the forum was "exploding."

Many new accounts were scamming and sternly asking the devs why they werent releasing new virtual cabins.

There was an unbelievably huge number of new accounts.

Every time Roland refreshed the forum, thousands of new posts would appear. He estimated that a million people were probably posting crazily.

The servers of this game were so powerful that it actually survived such huge data traffic.

Roland opened the page where the virtual cabins were sold, only to see that the number of goods was still zero.

Were the devs really not going to release new virtual cabins?

Then, how were they going to cover the server maintenance cost and the staffs wages?

Were they backed by a rich company, or even the state government?

At this moment, World of Falan was probably the most heated IP in the whole world. Anyone with ambitions would want to take advantage of it.

Also, to some extent, this game had doubled players longevity.

After all, every eight hours of sleep at night meant 24 hours in the game. Also, it was a complete simulation. One could use the in-game browser and access information on the Internet to get a head start.

There had been many reports about how some students studied crazily with the additional time that the game cabins gave them and got admitted by the universities they wanted to go to.

At this moment, the virtual cabins were already as expensive as an 100-square-meter apartment in the capital.

Many people had thought that the devs would release new game cabins for the beta test, but the number of goods was still zero at this moment.

However, the game server was about to restart.

How could they not be anxious? Roland returned to the comprehensive discussion section and refreshed the forum, only to see several threads claiming that the devs made a new announcement.

Roland immediately opened the homepage and clicked the new announcement.

"Were trying to work on the new virtual cabins. However, because the logic chips that are of critical importance in them are based on products from a certain country, and those products are banned from being exported to our country, the cabins cannot be manufactured any time soon. Were seeking alternative supplies. Although their chips are not as good in terms of performance, were trying to do optimizations. With any luck, new virtual cabins will be manufactured in two years."

Roland: ?

What was wrong with the devs?

Everybody had seen the video where someone dismantled and examined the cabins.

Apart from a shell, there was nothing but a few LED lights and an independent cable slot.

Yet, you claim that there are hidden chips in the virtual cabin?

What a blatant lie. Do you take us for fools? Roland was both infuriated and amused.

But then he let it go. He had his own virtual cabin. There was no need to be mad about the announcement.

He fetched some melons from the fridge downstairs, ready to enjoy the melons while he browsed the forum.

He wanted to see how the devs would respond to the newcomers who were desperate to play the game.

Then, he subconsciously refreshed the homepage, only to see a new system announcement.

"According to our telecommunication service supplier, a million calls were just made to our customer service in the past minutes, causing a huge network jam. Most friends couldnt reach our customer service representatives. Those whose calls luckily went through cursed them and called our announcement fake news. However, we assure you that what we said is true. The virtual cabins are dependent on certain chips that can no longer be imported to our country. Also, we hope that you wont associate the worlds situation with our announcement. Our chips arent from the Bald Eagle Country. The chips are so sophisticated that you cant even understand their mechanism even if we tell it to you! Lastly, we hope that you can wait patiently while our new suppliers try to counterfeit such chips."

Rolands first reaction after reading the announcement was to laugh.

Devs, youre doing it again!

But then, he felt that something was off.

The devs actually didnt have to lie about this.

It was an undeniable fact that the virtual cabins were real and functional. The video that examined the cabins also proved that they were definitely based on cutting-edge technologies. If the chips were from the two chip companies based in the Bald Eagle Country, considering their habit of leaving backdoors, they wouldve already figured out everything about the virtual cabins.

However, up until this moment, the Bald Eagle Country hadnt created their own virtual cabins.

Instead, it was coercing the Little Rabbit Country from submitting the technologies, claiming that they were the key to mankinds evolution and everybody had the right to enjoy them.

Then, there was another question. There were only three countries who were capable of creating advanced CPUs on their own, and one of them had already quit the CPU market.

So, there were only two countries that were capable of it, namely the Bald Eagle Country and the Little Rabbit Country.

Naturally, the Bald Eagle Country was the toughest, and the Little Rabbit Country was about five to ten years behind.

The chips didnt come from the Bald Eagle Country, and the Little Rabbit Country was incapable of creating them, or the devs wouldnt have said "counterfeit."

Then where were they from?

It was not like they could be from Wakanda.

Remembering the sense of reality in World of Falan, the fact that he could take the magic knowledge out, and his theory that it was a real world, Roland gasped so hard that he almost inhaled all the air in the room.

Did his country get in touch with gods from an alternate world in the past, and they were drifting apart at this moment?

Could the so-called chips actually be certain special items associated with spatial or soul magic, like the magic bricks?

The more he thought about it, the likelier Roland found it.

Then, following this train of thought, which god was his country cooperating with?

The god must be a central god. The lesser gods and the evil gods werent capable of doing this.

Was it the Goddess of Light, the Life Goddess, or the Goddess of Magic?

The Life Goddess was the most probable. After all, all the players were born in the Temple of Life.

Of course, it was possible that all three goddesses were in touch with his country!

There are so many secrets behind this!

Roland considered it quietly and suddenly realized that his mind had become a lot quicker and many random thoughts were popping up on their own.

It was as if his subconscious was picking out the useful information and throwing it to his conscious mind. While he mulled over random thoughts, the game server soon restarted.

Roland lay in the game cabin and fell asleep after no more than three minutes, entering the game world.

He appeared at his own manor in the Red Magic Tower. He was going to check what had been updated for the beta test, when he sensed something wrong. His mental power seemed to have expanded, and the magic elements around him all seemed to be simmering.

He was briefly stunned Normally speaking, this would only happen when he had a level-up and his mental power stat increased.

Every time it happened, he had to spend some time adapting to his new status.

Had he become even stronger after the update? Opening the character menu, Roland found that his stats had indeed increased.

The upper limit of his mental power had been improved by five points, and his mana capacity was thirty points higher. Had all the players been given extra stats as a gift for the beta test?

Roland subconsciously pinged his friends in the guild chat system Roland: "The devs have offered stat points as gifts. What stats and how many points did you get?

Schuck: "Stat points as gifts? Where can I claim it?"

Betta: "Are we given stat points for the beta test? I didnt see any announcement for that. Anyway, my stats didnt increase." Li Lin and his other friends all sent "?" too.

Roland: "None of you have additional stat points? Then why did it happen to me? Is it a bug?"