Mages Are Too Op Chapter 55

Chapter 55

Some mercenaries lowered their heads and left in silence. Soon, the other mercenaries followed them.

After a while, only a few people were left in the tavern.

God-slaying was blasphemy in this world. Although Hawk did not name any specific god or goddess, everybody was still quite disturbed.

Besides, the horror of Hawk and Lance occurred to the mercenaries again.

Hawk described it quite simply, like biting his tongue and dying of exhaustion were normal, but what happened at that time was a ghastly scene for everybody.

They did not die after biting their tongues, and blood sprang from their mouth. Then, the two of them struggled like stranded fish though they were tied up.

They couldnt talk after they bit their tongues off, so they creaked and writhed hard. The tensile ropes sank into their flesh, but they couldnt care less and keep shaking the tree until the whole tree was trembling.

That was not the end of it. They cackled at the noble in the creepiest way while they struggled.

Blood flowed out of their mouths as they cackled. After they struggled for a while, their bodies began bleeding, too.

The nobles soldiers, the mercenaries who were watching for fun, and the other nobles who had arrived after hearing the news, watched the two Golden Sons hang from the tree and laugh like devils until their blood gathered into a river below their feet and they were out of breath.

Then, ten minutes later, the two of them, resurrected, jumped in again with a stick or a sword, yelling and attacking the noble and his private troop once more.

Sh*t! Those two must be psychos!

Even the cultists were not one-tenth as crazy as they were.

Then, the noble lost courage and fled.

However, the two Golden Son did not let it go and pursued further.

The bartenders were left alone shivering in the tavern. Roland knew that Hawk and Lance had made a name for themselves at least in this city.

Roland put six gold coins on the table and smiled. "These are the gold coins we agreed upon."

"Thanks." Hawk jumped off from his chair and sat down again. He then kissed the gold coins and said with delight, "We can live a better life now."

"Its just a transaction. Theres no need to thank me," Roland said with a smile.

Hawk, however, disagreed. "Thats not true. The players who can afford a virtual cabin cant be too poor in reality, but its rather difficult to earn money in this game. Thats why so many rich people are hoping to purchase coins. Youre doing me a favor by selling them to me instead of anybody else."

Lance also nodded. He had been silent until this moment. "This game is quite vivid with its own economic system."

His voice was rather gentle and suited his shyness.

"Right, we should exchange information more often," suggested Roland. "I will stay in the magic tower for a very long time. If you need Language Proficiency, you can come to me."

After that, Roland refilled Language Proficiency for them. "Im only LV4, so my Language Proficiency can only last eleven hours. Come to me if you need refilling."

"Much obliged." Hawk shook Rolands hand hard. "You have no idea how painful it is not knowing the local tongue."

"Of course I do," said Roland angrily. "The first time my head exploded, it was because I used Language Proficiency, which was beyond my level."

Briefly stunned, Hawk burst into laughter.

The dinner table was the best place for people to get to know each other. The three of them were a lot closer.

They also revealed some basic information to each other.

As it turned out, Hawk and Lance were from a guild named Silver Wings, which was influential in many multiplayer games. Now that the first immersive game had been released, they naturally sent pioneers to check the situation.

Hawk was the deputy president of Silver Wings.

"Roland, youre not in a guild yet, right? Do you want to join our guild? There are many pretty girls in our guild that I can introduce to you," offered Hawk enticingly.

Roland shook his head with a smile. "Im sorry, but Im planning to establish a guild with some friends."

"What a shame. It would be exhilarating if the First Mage could join our guild!"

Hawk did not pursue further. He began to talk about other topics related to this city.

Thanks to them, Roland gathered some basic intelligence.

About two hours later, they said goodbye to each other.

Roland returned to the magic tower. Seeing that it was still early, he summoned all the magic apprentices to the lab on the fifty floor.

There was only one room on this floor. The ceiling and the floor were made of anti-magic materials that could resist explosions or collisions when magic experiments failed.

On the black, slightly bumpy floor was a simple magic array to suppress magic elements.

Roland felt uncomfortable the moment he came in, as if someone put a heavy shackle on him.

He stood at the center of the ground, surrounded by magic apprentices who stared at him with hope and excitement.

Those magic apprentices were not stupid. The deputy chairman mustve summoned them to teach them magic.

"I do not know your progress yet, so could everyone tell me the spells and tricks you know?"

All the magic apprentices replied with the spell they were best at.

To Rolands surprise, only half of them had grasped level-zero tricks, such as Light Ball or Hand of Magic. As for the rest, they could only sense magic elements at best.

Besides, their spells could not last long, and the effect was not too good.

Take Hand of Magic, for example. Roland could control its size, changing it from the hand of a human being to the hand of a titan.

As for those apprentices Hand of Magic It would be a miracle if they could grab fifty kilograms.

It must be noted that Hand of Magic was invented exactly for Mages to pick up things.

After all, Mages were physically weak and sometimes needed more strength.

Rolands Hand of Magic could easily pick up three tons right now.

The gap between them was too huge.

Roland sighed at the magic apprentices lousy performance. "Fine. I should teach you Hand of Magic first."

Almost all the magic apprentices were obviously disappointed.

It was a tradition of the Mages to despise level-zero tricks.

The magic apprentices were the same.

Noticing their expressions, Roland smiled. "It seems that you wont be convinced until I show off."