Mages Are Too Op Chapter 57

Chapter 57

When Aldo found Roland, he was analyzing and inferring the new nodes and routes of Language Proficiency in his lab.

By Rolands estimation, since the spell could let the recipient understand what other people said, it could certainly let him understand what they wrote when he found the correct route of nodes. There must be other effects if he connected the hundred of nodes in different ways.

Deduction, experiment, failure, recording The whole process was repeated again and again.

Roland was completely dedicated to his magic experiment. Although his notebook was invisible for outsiders, his mental power that was spreading and collapsing every once in a while was obvious.

The door of the lab was open. Standing at the door, Aldo watched Roland doing unknown experiments and sensed his gathering and collapsing power.

He observed Rolands pained face when his mental power collapsed.

He stood at the door for half an hour. His smile at the beginning was gone.

When Rolands experiment failed again, he walked in.

Roland was holding his head. It was rather painful.

The physical pain had been reduced to one-tenth, but the pain of the soul was not soothed.

Right now, Rolands soul was hurting. Mental power seemed to be connected to his soul.

As a modern young man, Roland did not really believe in the soul.

But recently, his mindset had changed.

There may be souls, except souls were not a superstitious concept but a specific matter that could not be detected by modern science yet.

The essence of mental power was actually the movement of the soul.

It was Rolands personal speculation after having done so many magic experiments in the game over the past two months.

The pain on the soul could not be alleviated by the system, so he could only pause his experiment.

Roland heard footsteps. He raised his head and smiled. "Chairman, youve finally come to the magic tower."

Looking at Rolands pale face, Aldo was secretly shocked, but he said casually, "Youre working too hard. You should take a rest."

"Its not easy to find something interesting that you like. If you dont work hard, you will grow old before you know it. By then, neither your body nor time will allow you to work hard anymore." Roland smiled. "Its rather unusual to meet you here, chairman."

"Im here to forward a message." Aldo found no seats in the lab, and the atmosphere did not feel right. "Why dont we talk in your study?"

"All right!"

The two of them came to the study.

Since Roland had only just moved in, there was nothing to entertain guests in his study. According to the social customs in reality, he could offer tea, or at least some cookies, to guests.

Therefore, Roland looked embarrassed at this moment.

Aldo put on a teasing smile. There was a similar practice among the nobles, so he knew exactly why Roland was embarrassed.

At this moment, Vivian arrived with a tray. She put the tray between them and slightly bowed. "Please enjoy, sirs."

Then she left.

On the tray were two cups of wine and lovely desserts that were obviously made by a girl.

Aldos teasing smile was even bigger. "What a charismatic deputy chairman weve got! Its been three years since Vivian came to the magic tower, but I never saw her so enthusiastic."

Well Roland did not know how to react. He could only show that he had no feelings for Vivian with an expressionless face.

He did accidentally see her body last time with his mental power, but he had seen the naked bodies of too many porn stars.

He had gained enough resistance and wouldnt be as overwhelmed as a boy.

Seeing that Roland was not interested in the topic, Aldo sighed. "This is not good. Although few people can understand Mages, you can try to understand other people. Ive seen too many powerful Mages who died alone without anyone helping bury them."

Roland, however, said, "Ive had women before!"

There was code in the conservation between men. Aldo knew exactly what Roland meant.

He was not interested in Vivian.

Slightly sighing, Aldo found Vivian pitiful. He then said solemnly, "Lets get down to business. I saw the model of your Hand of Magic downstairs. Did you work it out on your own?"

Roland nodded and asked, "Did you notice any errors?"

"No!" Aldo said even more seriously, "Its the most valuable magic model Ive seen, with not only the traditional routes but also the roadmap of the derivative spells. Youve redefined a level-zero trick into a special spell close to level two, which will be a surprise for all Mages. Youre the most talented Mage Ive seen."

A level-two spell?

Roland waved his hand with a smile. "Youre flattering me, chairman. I believe that many couldve done the same, except that they never tried it."

"Thats exactly my point." Aldo sat straight and said in a rigorous tone, "You need to keep it to yourself! Ill hide your model for you this time. In the magic world, geniuses often attract jealousy. You are not weak right now, but you are still far away from being a master or one of the legendary Mages. If anyone learns of your ability, you may die an abrupt death, or end up as a powerful Mages prisoner, modifying spells for them for the rest of your life."

Roland was about to enjoy the drink. Stunned, he said, "They do not like communication of magic theories? Is communication not a good thing?"

"Its not a good thing to them," said Aldo with intense sarcasm. "Otherwise, how could they monopolize important magic knowledge and maintain the glory of their families for hundreds of years?"

Roland was amused to hear that. He wondered if he should call for a revolution in this world.

Seeing that Roland was stunned, Aldo thought that Roland had accepted his warning. He was relieved. "Youd better keep your understanding to yourself until you meet someone trustworthy, all right?"

"As a matter of fact, I dont have to be so cautious," replied Roland.

Aldo was dazed.

"As a Golden Son, I do not die in this world." Roland smiled. "I will not stop sharing my knowledge with the apprentices in the tower, as long as they want to learn. As to whether or not anyone wants to kill me They will regret it if they ever try it."

Rendered speechless, Aldo suddenly burst into laughter when he saw how confident Roland was.