Mages Are Too Op Chapter 58

Chapter 58

A spot of light fell on Aldos face through the window.

While he laughed crazily, half of his face was bright, and the other half was dark.

There were even tears in his eyes.

Roland heard maliciousness. Yet, it was not against himself but something else.

Roland simply watched him in silence.

Aldo did not stop until several minutes later. He wiped his tears gracefully and said with a delightful smile, "Sorry. You mustve been shocked."

Roland shook his head.

Aldo stood up. Looking down at Roland, he said, "Since youre not scared, Ill submit the magic model to the leadership of the Association of Mages. There will be a major disturbance. You should be prepared."

Aldo turned around before Roland said anything. Right when Roland found it odd, Aldo turned back and said at the door rather awkwardly, "Right, I was here to tell you that Charless youngest daughter is having a birthday party tonight. Her brother John learned your name from somewhere and hoped that you could come. Heres the invitation."

An invitation was put on the desk.

Aldo smiled at Roland and descended from the eighth floor to the second floor. Summoning all the magic apprentices with the bell, he announced, "Thanks to your deputy chairman, the model of Hand of Magic is now free again, but remember not to leak it."

After a brief daze, all the magic apprentices exclaimed, "Fantastic! Thank you, Deputy Chairman Roland."

"Thank you, Chairman Aldo!"

Looking at the excited apprentices, Aldo copied the model of Hand of Magic with a smile and left the magic tower.

After Aldo left, the magic apprentices nailed the model graph to the board again.

They stared at the model in satisfaction. With such detailed notes, they could understand it without a mentors guidance.

If any of them still couldnt understand it, they wouldve been too stupid to be a Mage.

Several humorous apprentices said to a certain girl, "Vivian, theres nothing we can do to thank Deputy Chairman Roland. Were all counting on you."

Vivians cheeks flushed like a rose. She turned around and returned to her room.

Roland rested in his room for a while. Then he left the magic tower, hoping to talk to Betta.

But as he walked onto the square, he saw Betta coming toward him.

They met and sat down in the shade.

"How is it going on your end?" Roland asked.

Betta shook his head. "Not very good. I told them how serious the matter was, but they were reluctant to move away. The man of the family even wanted me to protect them all the time."

Roland chuckled and shook his head helplessly.

"I dont know how he could be so shameless as to talk like that," said Betta angrily.

Roland, however, was not surprised. "Its because youre a good guy! Like I said before, good guys are easy to be taken advantage of. The poorer and more desperate someone is, the less likely they will let go of an opportunity. The mans reaction is quite natural."

"What opportunity am I?" Betta frowned.

"An opportunity for them to step out of the bottom class," Roland explained. "As long as you remain their protector, the man would be free to do a lot of things, or even make use of your influence. Even though he cant become a noble, he wouldnt be as exhausted as right now."

After a brief silence, Betta said, "I still find it incomprehensible."

"It happens in reality all the time," Roland said. "Some philanthropists paid the tuition fees for poor students from elementary school to college. The students were grateful at first, used to it later, and eventually hated the philanthropists. Why dont you give me more when you have so much money? Some of them even sued their patrons."

Betta thought for a moment and remembered similar news. He was too young to understand it when he read it.

Now that the same thing had happened to him, he felt rather uncomfortable.

Roland smiled and continued, "Actually, our ancestors put it wisely: if you give a starving man a bowl of rice, youll be his savior; but if you give him a tank of rice, youll be his mortal enemy. Its in the nature of human beings that is not about race, age, or gender. If I were the man, I wouldve tried to take advantage of you, too!"

Betta finally felt better with Rolands tutelage. Staring at the blue sky, he said, "However, the girl we saved told me in private that she would like to leave this city, but she doesnt know where she should go."

"What do you have in mind?" Roland asked Betta.

"Nothing." Betta seemed to be confused.

Thinking for a moment, Roland said, "You could bring her with you."

Bettas eyes bulged when he heard that.

"You are a noble, although you do not have a dominion yet," Roland explained. "Isnt it natural for a noble to be served by a girl? If my guess is correct, you will probably acquire real titles and dominions through special quests later. By then, this girl will already be familiar with her job and could work as head of your maids."

Betta coughed and blushed. "Why does it sound so lewd and corrupt to me?"

Roland looked askance at him and said disdainfully, "Head of maids is a legit profession. What are you thinking?"

"Im not. Lets make that clear!" Betta denied it without hesitation.

Hehe! Roland certainly wouldnt believe him.

Betta hurried to change the topic. "Right, someone sent me an invitation, saying that theres a party tonight."

"I received one, too." Roland withdrew the invitation from his Backpack and showed it to Betta. "It seems that someone has been watching us."

Betta took out his invitation. The two invitations were of the same color and design.

"Lets go there together."

"You can go!" Roland sniffed and said, "But I wont. I have to go to the party because he sends a random invitation to me? Does he have no respect for me?"

Betta looked at him in surprise. "Brother Roland, Im hearing nothing but hypocrisy."

Roland shrugged. "Actually, its because I feel its not right. This party might have been prepared for the two of us."

Briefly stunned, Betta asked, "Huh?"

"Lets go. Ill introduce you to another two players," Roland said. "If they were not invited, my guess will be correct."