Mages Are Too Op Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Graduation

It was stated in the official announcement that the person who registered and established the guild was a high-ranking noble. If ordinary people wanted to see him, they would need to be renowned, but Schuck had already seen him several times before.

It seems like F6 could really seize the glory of being the first to establish a guild in game.

With these thoughts in mind, everyone was somewhat excited, wearing smiles on their faces. After all, they were all youngsterswho didnt like to seek fame?

However, Betta, who sat on the side, soon discovered a blind spot. He looked at everyone and said, "We clearly have seven people here, why are we called F6? Shouldnt we be called F7?"

The other six people all looked at each otherin the end, the five peoples gazes all landed on Schucks face.

Schuck stood up, sat down next to his cousin, wrapped his arm around his shoulders, and said, "Weve played together since we were kids, and no matter what the game was, any guild we created was F6thats never changed, for a dozen years and almost twenty years now. We dont want to casually change this practice and custom."

"I see." Betta scratched his head, feeling somewhat disappointed. He thought he had successfully blended in with these people.

Then, he felt that this was quite normal. It had only been less than two months since he came, while these people were childhood friends that grew up playing together for nearly twenty yearsthe depths of their relationships were naturally incomparable.

Although Betta understood this, he still felt somewhat upsethe inevitably felt excluded somehow.

Schuck continued by consoling him, "Youre our supernumerary member, the very important kind. Besides, think about it, its already common sense that there are five members of the four heavenly kingsF6 essentially having seven members is something quite easy to understand, isnt it?"

Betta rolled his eyes helplessly at his cousin and said, "Do you think Im a three-year-old child, to be deceived so easily?"

Schuck laughed awkwardly, moving past this matter.

Afterward, Schuck explained the identity of "Torry-Boursin"this person was a great leader of a mercenary guild and any exploring party that created a guild would have to pay a visit to the mercenary guild. This was possibly why the system allowed this NPC to become a registrant.

As for why Schuck could strike up a conversation with him, the reasons were quite simple. Firstly, Schuck had a high charisma, and secondly, it was Schucks identity as a Saint Samurai. The class Saint Samurai, in the eyes of the masses, were equivalent to high-ranking nobles.

The more they talked the more excited they became.

They even began to drink some beer.

This was something that couldnt be helped. They had been playing games together for over ten years. Although they changed games over the years, they were simply playingthey had never done anything big in a game. Now that they could establish something, they naturally couldnt help but boast about it with each other.

They drank all the way till the afternoon, to the point where their heads got somewhat dizzy. Roland staggered out of the cold drink bar. He didnt ride the public shared bikes and instead walked slowly back home.

Beer wasnt something that people got easily drunk off of. When Roland got home, he was already completely sober.

He went on the forums again. There were more and more players posting about guilds.

Many people had unfettered imaginations about what the basic function of a guild was!

The majority of the people thought that it was probably the capability of distant communication.

Roland also thought so.

The games map was too large and players were too scattered, so communication was extremely difficult.

Although many players liked to explore and interact with the NPCs, there were even more people who liked to play with their friendsplay with people they were familiar with.

The concept of community was present all the time. Players and the local residents of the in-game world had great discrepancies between their world views, values, and outlooks on life, so they couldnt quite get along.

Apart from the posts about guilds, there were also many posts on experience. For example, some people analyzed how warriors should assign their attributes, choose their specialty, and how to attack and what attacks to use at the start of a battle.

And there were also many people who posted about the cultural landscape of the peripheries of the city and its traditions.

Roland found these things quite interesting to read.

Then, a peculiar post attracted his attention.

"What a Terrifying Errand of a Quest!"

The general idea of the post was about a male player who unexpectedly received a letter-delivery quest. It was to deliver this letter from one village to another.

Originally, he assumed this was a simple quest that rewarded three silver coins after the letter was delivered. After he accepted the quest, he spent three days delivering it to the destination. In the end, this matter wasnt over so quickly. After the recipient read the letter and gave him the reward, the recipient had him deliver another letter to the next location.

Only a basta*d doesnt accept questswith these thoughts in mind, this player accepted the new letter-delivery quest.

However, what he never expected in a million years was that this was actually a chain letter-delivery quest.

Afterwards, each time he delivered a letter to the new destination and after the new recipient finished reading the letter, the new recipient would have him deliver a new letter to someone else.

Since the game launched till now, he walked from Hollevins northern border to Hollevins central area.

During this period, he died several timeskilled by robbers, chomped on by beasts, starved to death in the wild, and so on. Since the letter was always stored in the Backpack by the system, it wouldnt get lost. He could always deliver the letter without fail.

In this way, he now received the seventh letter-delivery quest.

In the time of two months, he constantly traveled over land and water. He almost never participated in any battles, nor did he do anything else except traveling incessantly.

The person who issued the quest changed from a villager to a small noble. The experience he received didnt increase by much, but he received more and more money.

Ultimately, this player exclaimed in such a way, "If I continue to deliver like this, would I end up delivering a letter to the king?"

Many players replied in this thread, all expressing their surprise followed by a request to have the author of the post record a video. They were all quite curious as to who this player would encounter in the end.

Because this quest was too interesting.

Roland also left a message in hopes that the author of the post would record a video. He usually possessed a degree of respect for people with such determination.

Then, he turned off the computer, took an afternoon nap, and went to the boxing club.

Inside the boxing club, he and the coach practiced for over an hour. In the end, the coach sat down on a chair, panting, while Roland had only sweated slightly.

At this moment, the coach looked at Roland as if he were looking at a freak, and ultimately said unhurriedly, "Those who learn Tai Chi wont see results in three years, while those who box can kill someone in three months!"

"Isnt it supposed to be those who train Baji[1] can kill someone in three months?" Roland was confused, responding with a question.

The coach waved his large hand and said sourly, "Dont argue with me, as long as you know what I meant. Anyway, boxing is easy to learn, and its easy to use in practice. Youve surpassed me now, I can tellyou were pulling your punches earlier."

Roland wanted to deny this, but the coach should have been able to tell since he was a coach after all. If he continued to deny this, he would instead seem fake and argumentative.

So, he nodded in agreement.

He had certainly pulled his punches with the coach, because he discovered that the coachs movements seemed a little slower, making his attacks easy to dodge or block.

"I have nothing more to teach you." The coach breathed out a long sigh, wiped away the sweat on his forehead, and said, "Although were a for-profit educational organization, teaching people for the purpose of money, I still want to say this: learning boxing is for self-defense and strengthening ones bodydont every try to show off or be meddlesome! Dont tread in my footsteps!"

Faced with the coachs painstaking advice, Roland nodded seriously.

[1] A type of Chinese martial arts