Mages Are Too Op Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Language Proficiency Characters?

Although he was considered to have graduated, his coach didnt drive him away. After all, Roland paid money. He was free to use the training equipment inside the building for a year anytime he wanted.

Even if he stopped boxing, he could still use the bodybuilding equipment.

Not to mention whether or not it was Rolands illusion, he discovered that the ratio of female students in this boxing club was somewhat high. Logically, it was judo or taekwondo clubs that had a slightly higher ratio of female students, because these two things were "introduced species" in the eyes of normal people, regarded as being relatively higher class. The majority of females either trained taekwondo or judo, whereas, in their eyes, boxing was something that, in name alone, sounded unfashionableno one normal would like it.

However, inside this particular boxing club, the female members took up over half of the total number of people.

This was too unreasonable.

Roland explained this question to his coach who was resting off to the side. As a result, the coach, who wore a flattop haircut, looked at him with a mysterious gaze.

Roland was somewhat uncomfortable from his staring.

Fortunately, the coach soon spoke. "Didnt you come because you saw our advertisement?"

"I saw that there were a lot of people here, so I assumed that the coaches were not bad, thats why I came." Roland shook his head. "Ive never seen any advertisement."

The coach was dumbfounded for a while before laughing lightly. "If a normal man were to say this, I wouldnt believe it. However, you really have put your mind completely on training latelyyou probably didnt think about all that nonsense."

The curiosity on Rolands face was even more apparent now.

"Our club president is a beauty," the coach said with a smile. "The advertisement used an upper-body photo of her as the model."

Rolands line of thought turned around immediately. He blinked and said, "Thats not right. If a beauty was the model, shouldnt more men have been drawn here?"

"Yes" The coach seemed to be considering his use of words, and then he said, "Our club president is the neutral kind of beauty!"

Once Roland heard these words, he immediately understood. So it turned out the club president was a valiant and formidable-looking tomboy This indeed could attract many girls.

Not interested, bye!

Roland got up and was about to leave.

Also an old hand regarding these matters, the coach obviously understood what Roland was thinking. He shook his head and said in disdain, "You seem just like the kind of shallow men who only look at someones figure and not at their temperament."

Roland wouldnt fall for the coachs provocation. He shrugged and turned to leave.

Roland changed out of his training attire and back into normal clothes. The moment he walked to the boxing clubs entrance, he saw an energetic tomboy walking into the boxing club.

When this girl brushed past Roland, she turned her head to size him up, and then, expressionless, she shifted her gaze, as if she had just encountered a passerby who was a little unique and simply took one extra glance.

When Roland brushed past the tomboy, he thought that the tomboy was probably the club presidentand as expected she wasnt his type.

As flat as a steel platehe wasnt interested at all.

The tomboy walked through the club and found the coach. She looked around at the students who were training, asking, "Wheres that student who you said was quite talented?"

"Club President, youre a bit late. He just left."

"Tsk!" The tomboy clicked her tongue in disappointment. "Then tomorrow, if he comes, you call me right away."

The coach was somewhat confused. "Club President, theres actually no need to go through so much trouble. Weve registered all the students phone numbersif you have any business with him, you can just call him to invite him for a meeting."

The tomboy frowned. "As a girl, how could I casually ask a single man of the same age out on my own accord! People will gossip."

"Oh my goodness, Great Beautiful Club President." The coach facepalmed and said painfully, "What age is this already, how are you still so feudalistic? Its just a meeting, not a one-night stand. No ones going to gossip."

"My parents!" The tomboy sneered, "If I have contact with any unmarried men, theyll immediately ask me when Im getting married, hmph!"

After saying this, the tomboy turned and left.

From behind, the coach shook his head helplessly. "Such is the pitiful love that all parents have."

Roland rode a publicly shared bike back home. After making a meal for his family, he habitually browsed through the forums.

There were a lot of idiotic netizens who experienced various outlandish scenarios. Just by looking at them act like idiots and scrolling through strategy guide threads, Roland passed a lot of time.

After entering the game again, Roland continued to instruct students on how to learn Hand of Magic.

At this moment, there were finally some apprentices who couldnt endure any longer. They went back to rest first.

There were only a few people who were still desperately hanging on.

Seeing this situation, Roland said, "All of you go to sleepif you guys dont get enough sleep, no matter how much you train, there wont be much of an effect."

These few people dragged their weary bodies back to their own rooms.

Vivian was the last one to rest. Before she went to sleep, she considerately prepared a fruit wine for Roland.

On the other hand, Roland returned to his own magic lab and continued to study Language Proficiency.

When learning level-zero tricks or level-one spells, there were relatively fewer magic nodes and the process of elimination could be used to test out the node connections. However, with level-two spells, due to the increase in the number of nodes, the number of combinations also increased. With an increase of five to six nodes as an upper limit, according to different lengths of combinations, the number of combinations would increase by a hundred times and even a thousand times. It would be impossible to use the process of elimination at this point.

At this moment, it was very necessary to create a mathematical model.

The greatest use of mathematical models is to expand and derive with existing data. The more data, the easier the derivation will be.

With each test on a different node, Roland left a data record and added it into the mathematical model. This way, he would be one step closer to success.

If he were to use the process of elimination he would spend forever testing the several millions of combinations.

A book was placed in front of Roland. He opened to a random page.

He couldnt recognize any of the characters on there.

However, after he cast a Language Proficiency spell on himself, he was able to understand three words.

"People,""sea," and "power."

Roland swiped his finger across these three words, and then with a thud, he closed the book forcefully. He revealed an excited look on his face.

It was as he had expected. If the suitable node combination was found with Language Proficiency, he should be able to read and understand all the characters.

Although he could only discern three characters now, the spell he cast was considered to have failedat least, this was a good start.

If he was given a bit more time, he would soon be able to figure out the derivative spells of Language Proficiency.

At this moment, Aldo appeared at the entrance. He looked at Roland and said, finding it odd, "Your Language Proficiency spell just failed."

These words became meaningless in Rolands ears. This was because Rolands Language Proficiency wasnt cast in the orthodox way.

He immediately broke the spell and cast a new and normal Language Proficiency on himself.

"What did you say? I didnt hear clearly."

Aldo stared pensively at Roland for a while, and then said with a smile, "Ive already handed your Hand of Magic model illustration to the headquarters. Theyll probably send over someone to inspect it soonat that time, youll probably face some troubles."