Mages Are Too Op Chapter 64

Chapter 64 F6

Roland looked into Aldos eyes as if he wanted to see through all of this persons thoughts.

However, Aldo only had a look of epicaricacy and a little bit of madness. It was quite hard to discern anything else.

"Im your chance?" Roland laughed and said, "Youre not afraid that Ill lean toward the Association?"

No matter who it was, being used, being considered as a chance, a foothold to achieve someone elses ends, they would feel uncomfortable. This was the same for Roland. His rhetorical question was the reaction that the majority of people would have.

If it were a normal person being questioned like this, they would most likely be somewhat flustered, but Aldo said in a calm and collected manner, "This possibility isnt large. The people from the headquarters are almost all of a noble background, and theyre all descendants of noble families that have existed for several hundred and even several thousands of years. They even have many distant relatives acting as apprentices or assuming posts in various subbranchesthe headquarters will know immediately of any of the slightest movements in the majority of the subbranches. Of course, for a genius like you, if you were willing to kneel down to be their dog, you should be able to blend in with them, hahahaha."

After hearing Aldos mockery, Roland looked at Aldos crazy expression. He didnt quite like it.

"Are you sure I wont be a dog?" Roland sighed boredly.

"Someone who isnt even afraid of death, its impossible for them to be someone elses dog!" Aldo snickered, his contempt on full display.

Such a good point. For someone who cant die, how could they be willing to be a dog!?

Players only had two punishments upon death. The first was losing one-tenth of their current total experience. If they could retrieve their corpse, they would be able to reduce the experience lost by fifty percent. In other words, if they picked up their corpse, they would only lose five percent of their total experience.

The other punishment was the potential loss of equipment on the corpse. This depended on whether the NPCs would loot it off their bodies. Roland felt that they would definitely take it away.

After all, this equipment was like spoils of war.

Roland felt that not many players would be willing to be dogs in the gamenowadays, everyone had a little bit of pride. Yes if it were being a servile dog to a great beauty, many male players might be willing.

After a moment of silence, Roland asked, "Your revenge, how far do you want to take it?"

"I dont know." Aldo looked out the window and his emotions gradually settled. "I want to see that woman kneel in front of me. I want to see her family vanish like smoke in thin air. I want to see her regretful expression at its extreme."

"You dont want to kill her?" Roland had an interrogatory stare.

Aldos body quivered; there was an awful lot of hesitation in his eyes. "Im not sure!"

"I understand," Roland said with a smile. "I wont lean toward the headquarters for now. Of course, the specifics will still depend on the people who come from the headquarters, whether or not it will be like you saidwhether theyll leave no stones unturned to conceal my model at all costs."

"Hahaha!" Aldo laughed madly as he stood up. He spread out his arms and said crazily, "You will see a show! A play called arrogance."

"I hope so."

After Aldo left, Roland used Hand of Magic to close the door from a distance.

The room quieted down, leaving only the sound of high winds brushing lightly past the window.

Rolands thoughts rolled over and over. He actually didnt care about being used by Aldo. As a player, over ten years of experience in single-player games and multiplayer online games resulted in an immunity toward some "unreasonable" plots.

Although this world didnt seem as simple as a game, the old saying still goes: only stories and novels need to consider whether things seemed reasonable or unreasonable, while reality doesnt.

Roland didnt think it was necessary to take Aldos revenge seriously. What he really cared about was the madness Aldo had just displayed.

A person who suffered psychological trauma, a mage, someone belonging to a class with high-level knowledge, relatively high intellectthese traits all conformed with the clues that Roland discovered in his previous investigation.

It seemed more and more likely that Aldo was the killer.

If his suspicions were only at thirty percent before, they were now at least at fifty percent.

After meditating inside the room for a while, Roland continued to study the derivative spells of Language Proficiency.

With more and more data, the mathematical model on this spell became more and more refined. Now, each time Roland cast the spell, he could discern a dozen words on a page in the book.

If he were given two to three more days, he would definitely be able to complete the derivative spell, Character Proficiency.

Some time in the afternoon, Vivian, who had just woken up, delivered lunch to him.

It was quite sumptuous. There was fried eggs, cakes, thick meaty soup, and a vegetable that Roland didnt know the name of.

"Sorry to trouble you."

Roland felt the advantages of having power more and more. Not to mention that he would receive money each month, the resources were free to use, and more importantly, there were people who specifically took care of his basic necessities. He didnt have to worry about these things at all. He only needed to focus on doing his own things.

Vivian shook her head. "This is not worth mentioning compared to what youve given us."

She had already been at the magic tower for three years. Previously, the chairman only spent a pitiful amount of time instructing them. But when Roland came, Roland gifted them a precious node model illustration and spent a whole night teaching them with great care.

Although some of the things Roland said were different from the education they normally received, after they experimented on their own, these things did indeed worka single days progress was worth the progress they made in roughly half a year. This was what led them to be even more grateful to Roland.

In essence, however, Roland didnt do anything so exaggerated. He simply taught these apprentices the correct method and skills to connect mental nodes.

If the method was wrong, it would be useless even if the apprentices worked hard for an entire lifetime, and the apprentices simply didnt find the suitable connection method for mental nodes.

The chairman didnt teach them.

"Vice-Chairman, do you need me to teach you how to read?" Vivian looked at him somewhat expectantly.

Roland shook his head.

"Oh" Vivian left, somewhat dejected.

After breathing out softly, Roland looked at the wooden door for a short while, and then shook his head. He was just about to eat lunch when suddenly he received a system notification.

"Congratulations to the first establishment of a players guild, F6. Founder: Schuck!"

After Roland read the notice, he laughed happily. "We took first as expected, those guild leaders in the large guilds are probably pissed right now."

Although it was only a brief system notification, Roland could guess that this would definitely shock many players.

He ate his lunch happily, and then went down to the second floor, gathered the apprentices, and continued to teach them his spellcasting experience.

Once it got late, he rushed the apprentices off to bed, while he continued to deduce derivative spells on the eighth floor.

He continued to do so until the gaming time was over for today.

After climbing out of the virtual cabin, Roland habitually opened the forum and casually skimmed through it. He discovered that the forum exploded, as expected.

The entire forum seemed to be asking: What the heck is F6, and who is Schuck?

This was especially the case for those guilds that were famous in other games. The guild leaders of Church of Garland, Eternal Kingdom, Warm Moon Valley, and all the other large guilds even started a reward thread, incessantly pinging Schuck in hopes thatseeing that everyone was from Chinahe would provide them with a method to quickly establish a guild. In return, he would be thanked with a hefty sum of money.

Now Schuck was also going to be famous! Just when Roland had this thought, his smartphone rang.