Mages Are Too Op Chapter 66

Chapter 66 Beggars Union

Proud and tall, with a beautiful face but doing things hastily: these traits couldnt be considered unattractive, but for men, a womans attractiveness would surely be lowered by quite a lot. Of course, there were many men who liked this type of woman, but relatively, a girl with this type of character would attract the same sex much more easily.

This was also the reason why there was a higher proportion of females in this boxing club.

"Is it not because of the immersive cabin?"

After Jin Wenwen said these words, her gaze sharpened again, like two long swords striking down. She stared at Roland, and even the indistinct mental barrier didnt seem to exist.

However, Roland still calmly sipped his juice, and after he set his cup down, he said unhurriedly, "The immersive cabin youre speaking of, you mean the worlds first immersive game? What does this have to do with boxing?"

"You dont know?" Jin Wenwens expression was as if she were saying he ought to know. "Its said that the game is almost a complete virtual reality, apart from the spells and special abilities. In there, people can fight as they please. This is extremely beneficial to training martial arts skills."

"Sorry. Although I like playing games, an immersive cabin is too expensive for someone who has only been working for less than two years. Its somewhat too much of a burden to bear," Roland said, somewhat disappointedly. "Recently Ive also been watching the news. I heard that a girl could easily take down a male ruffian because she played that game. I really regret not buying it. If Id known earlier, I wouldve taken a loan just to buy it."

"Is that so?" Jin Wenwen started to stir the watermelon juice again, noncommittal.

Afterward, the two casually chatted for a little while. Roland found an excuse to leave first.

The light inside the resting room was still bright. Jin Wenwen sat on the chair, quietly sipping on the watermelon juice from a glass cup. Shortly, the coach walked in.

He sat down opposite of her and asked, "Did you get it out of him? Is it because of the immersive cabin?"

"He said it isnt." Jin Wenwen shook her head slightly.

"Oh? Thats a shame, I thought that other people in the city had also bought an immersive cabin." The coach sighed deeply.

"He says no, and you just believe him?" Jin Wenwen laughed lightly. "Uncle, I dont believe this world has that many geniuses, let alone one that can surpass you after training casually for two months. If he doesnt have an immersive cabin, then he must have a special scientific training method. But if he truly had such a training method, why would he come to our boxing club?"

The coach leaned back in the chair, silent.

Jin Wenwen lit up a cigarette for herself, the smoke rising in spirals. She said unhurriedly, "I just checked; he only left a phone number and didnt fill out his ID and address. Itll be hard to find him."

Normally speaking, boxing clubs all registered the customers information. However, in the operation of a business, it was natural to allow what the customer wanted. As long as the customer paid, anything went.

As for whether the customer filled out their personal information or not, this didnt matter as long as they got the money.

It was because of this practice that the boxing club didnt make it compulsory for Roland to fill out all of his personal information.

Sighing lightly, Jin Wenwen put out the slim scented cigarette that had only burned by a third. She said, "Uncle, do you have any method to reach him?"

"Find out his home address from his phone number!"

Jin Wewen shook her head helplessly and said, "Thats impossible! We Jins are only a normal family. Even if we have a martial arts inheritance, were still essentially a normal family. My parents are only the owners of a small supermarket, Im only the boss of a boxing club, and Uncle, youre just a freelancer. What gives us the right to investigate his phone number?"

Laughing a little bitterly, Jin Wenwen continued, "We dont have friends in the telecom companies, nor are we acquainted with anyone in the security system. We cant find anything, and I guess he probably wont come to our boxing club in the future."

The coach said somewhat irritatedly, "Were not trying to harm him. We just want to ask if he has an immersive cabin and buy it at a high price from him. Hes way too cautious."

Hearing the coachs complaints, Jin Wenwen stood up abruptly. "No matter, Ill continue to ask for it online. If 200,000 wont do, then 500,000."

With this, she left in a rush.

Roland rode a public bike and wandered the city randomly, and then he turned into a small park and sat down.

He called Schuck, Betta, and the others and explained to them what just happened, then warned them not to tell any outsiders about the immersive cabin.

Fan Six Hundred Million spent over a million to buy an immersive cabin. If people with aspirations found out that all seven of them had it, even if they didnt suffer something as exaggerated as theft or threats, it was still quite possible for many people to come knocking on their doors, either seeking to purchase the immersive cabin at a high price or borrow it for personal use.

Things like this didnt matter if they happened once or twice, but it would be considerably problematic once it became frequent.

After getting off the phone, Roland rode the bike back home.

Just like Jin Wenwen anticipated, Roland no longer went to the boxing club. It was apparent that they were interested in the immersive cabin. He didnt need to trouble himself by going there again.

Besides, he also had bodybuilding equipment at home. The room he lived in was also quite spacious, enough for him to go through a series of boxing movements.

At ten at night, Roland entered the game again.

The moment he entered the game, he received a system notification.

It was an invitation notification sent remotely from Schuck. He naturally confirmed without hesitation.

The next second, a semitransparent and light silver screen unfolded before his eyes. The guild name F6 was written on the system panel, as well as the list of current guild members.

At this moment, the only official guild members were him and Schuck. Shortly after, Li Lin and the rest were invited, while Betta was pending on a list of "extra" members.

This guild interface was quite simple. There was only the guild name and the list of members, as well as a tab labeled "guild speak."

After clicking it, Roland discovered that this page was a simple chat room. He found the character input bar at the very bottom and "touched" it with his thoughts, and then a bright semitransparent keyboard appeared before his eyes.

It was controlled with ones thoughts.

Schuck: "Hello brothers, can you see what Im saying?"

When Roland was about to enter a few words, he saw that Schuck had sent a message first.

And then, the screen refreshed below as Li Lin and the others replied. They were all talking about how they could finally connect.

Roland had a brief and casual chat with them, and then he went off to the slums and just happened to run into Hawk and Lance.

The two of them were in a bit of trouble right now.

In the narrow, muddy alley, the two of them were surrounded by a group of beggars.

At first, Roland assumed that they were being maliciously targeted, but when he walked closer, he knew that his assumption was wrong.

The beggars were kneeling before them. The leader of the beggars was malnourished and sickly in appearance, the clothes on his body torn from years of use, black and dirty, and full of holes.

"Respected Golden Sons, please offer us shelter and some food to eat."

Roland heard these words as he approached them.