Mages Are Too Op Chapter 73

Chapter 73 So Many People Searching

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How wealthy was a gaming guild in reality?

Roland wasnt too clear on this. However, he knew that the majority of rich gamers came from gaming guilds, and even established their own gaming guilds.

These rich people were all very wealthy in real life, but they couldnt find anything exciting to dothey didnt smoke or gamble, so they could only invest in online games.

Acquiring the finest equipment that cost several hundred thousand yuan was as simple as eating a meal and drinking water.

Roland once heard a news story that was quite credible. In a certain turn-based game based off Journey to theWest1, a rich player bought the finest weapon which had no level restriction and guaranteed critical hit off the official auction house. The weapon was worth roughly one million yuan.

And according to the rich player himself, he had spent nearly ten million yuan on the game.

This was merely one of the many rich players inside the game.

This rich player was only a solo player, whereas some rich players recruited other players to form a small organization with themselves at the center. Those organizations that were relatively better and properly organized slowly developed into gaming guilds.

Upon hearing Hawks words, Roland knew that the Silver Wings guild leader was also definitely a rich person.

Moreover, judging from Hawks gold purchasing behavior from before, he was also most likely a rich person.

"But I dont have many gold coins every month," Roland said after a moments thought.

Hawk, however, laughed. " Yeah, you dont have much money now, but you will have a lot of money in the future. So long as one is a Mage, theyll have to pay you one gold coin as tribute. This matter is unavoidablein the future, youll be the richest player in the game."

Pay as tribute These words sound quite embarrassing.

Roland thought for a moment and said, "All right, if I really have a lot of gold coins in the future, Ill sell them to you at market price."

Upon seeing Roland agree, Hawk laughed happily and said, "Thanks, its a pleasure to work with you. Oh, thats right, our guild leader told me to advise you once again to join Silver Wingsthe pay can be negotiated."

"Sorry, I already joined a guild."

Hawks expression suddenly turned into one of confusion. There were only a few famous large guilds in the gaming world. They were in the middle amongst them, not being very famous but having some sort of relevance.

However, their guild leader had a strong sense of foresight. He acutely felt that this game had great prospects, so he bought immersive cabins in advance for many players in the guild.

While many guilds thought that Penguin Corporations propaganda was fake, they had already assembled the members, specifically found a small city, and rented a large building as the guilds temporary headquarters. All the members that had immersive cabins were living in this place.

Everyone moved as a collective.

The guild leaders original idea was to use the advantages of unity to do something big, seizing the resources in game.

However, he never expected that every players spawn point would be randomized.

Moreover, the games map was exceptionally large.

Hundreds of members were scattered across the various lands of Hollevin. As a result, they didnt even cause a splash.

"What guild?" Hawk couldnt help but ask.


"Oh!" Hawk let out a sigh of relieffortunately, it wasnt their adversary, Church of Garland. Then, he immediately came to a realization. "F6, as in the first guild inside the game?"

Roland nodded.

At this moment, Hawk looked to be somewhat at a loss.

The appearance of the guild F6 confused many people in the world of gaming guilds. They wondered what game this guild emerged from and how come they never heard of them.

Something that large guilds like them couldnt do at the moment, how could a small guild possibly accomplish?

Was it luck, or was it pure strength? There were many theories.

After staying silent for a while, Hawk suddenly said with a brazen look on his face, "Since youre a member of F6, seeing that were friends, can you divulge how you guys created a guild and how you guys did it so quickly? And whether or not a guild has any special functions?"

Hawk was a pretty good person; Roland felt that this player was someone worth deepening ties with.

Besides, this wasnt some important secret. And anyway, they had already seized the glory for being the first to establish a guild. So now it would be beneficial to make Hawk owe him a favor by giving Hawk the information.

Then, Roland told Hawk everything he knew about guilds.

After Hawk finished listening, he stood up immediately and said, "Thank you for your information. Im going back right now to deliver the information to the guild, Ill be leaving now."

Roland waved his hands.

Hawk turned and left without delay.

Now, apart from F6, only Silver Wings knew about the fact that guilds possessed a communication function.

This function was very importantat least in Hawks perspective, the strategic value of it was tantamount to a remote command post. It had to be acquired as soon as possible.

After waiting for Hawk to leave, Roland shook his head.

He was always using the guilds chat function, but the members of F6 were too familiar with each other. If it wasnt necessary, they wouldnt chat nonstop.

They would only leave information or messages that were relatively more important in the chat room.

For example Raffel saw elf slaves inside the city two days ago. He asked whether Schuck and Betta, the "rich people," wanted to buy onethey truly looked very beautiful.

Li Lin soon rushed over to get his hands on onethe two of them spawned relatively closer to each other. It was approximately on the second day that the word "awesome" was left on the chat interface.

Then, after half an hour, he left another message: "Seeing that this female elf slave is somewhat pitiful, I already set her free."

This person born with a silver spoon in his mouth was purely having a taste of novelty.

At the time, Roland instinctively asked, "How many gold coins did you spend to buy a slave?"


Yes Roland still couldnt understand the world of rich people.

Roland opened the guild chat room again. Although there were a few more messages, none of them concerned him, so he continued to derive spells from Language Proficiency.

This time, he wanted to combine Language Proficiency and Character Proficiency.

Otherwise, this would normally result in being able to understand words but unable to read them, or being able to read words but unable to understand them. He would have to change back and forth between spells, quite a problematic matter.

Deriving benefits from the skill, Rolands Zeal, Roland, at this moment, had greatly increased mental power regeneration.

And with a substantial increase in the number of experiments, his efficiency became much higher.

While he was focused on deriving spells, Vivian came in again.

"The chairman, Mr. John, wants to see you."

Roland looked up. He felt it was somewhat strange: what sort of day was this? Why were there so many people visiting him?

But no matter what, he still had to meet the chairman.

After all, the chairman was a noble.

After several minutes, John came in and sat down in the study. He sized up Roland curiously, and after a while, he said, "Mr. Roland, to get a meeting with you is truly somewhat difficult."

Roland frowned at this. Although the other side spoke with a smile and a gentle voice, those words undeniably carried a hint of rebuke. He looked at the other man, smiled lightly, and said, "Mr. John, are you referring to my not attending the party? Im very sorry. At the time, I was taking care of a small problem regarding magic theory. I wasnt much in the mood for attending some party."

"I dont mean that." John had blue eyes and blond hair, he looked quite handsome, but compared to Schuck, there was still quite a gap. "I just wanted to say, Mr. Roland, its been some time since youve come to Delpon, but youve always stayed inside the magic towerthis isnt something that a qualified spellcaster should do!"

Roland was startled for a moment. "What should a qualified spellcaster do?"