Mages Are Too Op Chapter 74

Chapter 74 A Foolish Wastrel Student

"What should a qualified spellcaster do?"

This didnt mean that Roland would act according to what the other party said. He was simply curious as to how a qualified spellcaster in this games world should behave.

John laughed candidly. "A qualified spellcaster naturally establishes his own networks and organization. And this is inevitably linked to the support of nobles."

"Can you explain in more detail?" Roland gestured for him to continue. "You also know that we Golden Sons come from another dimension, which has extremely different social customs compared to yours."

"Nobles and official Mages have a relationship that cant be clearly explained." John leaned back slightly in the chair and said, "Official Mages are inseparable from the support of nobles, while nobles also need help from official Magestheir relationship is just like fish and water."

"Whos the fish and whos the water?" Roland asked smilingly.

John was startled for a moment, then shrugged helplessly. "Is it necessary to distinguish them so clearly?"

"Of course it is."

The room went silent for a while. In the end, John stood up and said with a bitter smile, "Mr. Roland seems to have some opinion of me?"

"Perhaps I have an opinion of all the nobles in this city!" Roland started to laugh lightly. "Its just a community problem, it has nothing to do with you."

"Mr. Roland, its very easy to walk down a narrow path by being so unyielding."

Roland snickered. "Thats not a problem. At worst, Ill just move to another city to continue learning magic. In this world, the proportion of nobles definitely doesnt surpass five percent."

Johns expression changed subtly. "Are you Golden Sons all so unyielding?"

"No, actually the majority of us have quite pleasant personalities." A keen light reflected off of Rolands eyes. "Its just that we frown upon some affairs and issues, yet we cant find a chance to vent our feelings."

Having spoken to such an extent, there was no need to talk any further.

John still acted very sophisticatedly. He even patiently made a few remarks for the purpose of social etiquette and then left the magic tower.

After a short while, Vivian knocked on the door and walked in.

The young girl wore a somewhat worried expression. She stood next to Roland and said, "John is the son of the mayor. Deputy Chairman, you might be in danger now that youve offended him."

"Dont worry, if it influences the interests of the magic tower, Ill leave on my own accord," Roland said indifferently.

Vivian was truly worried now. She waved her hand forcefully. "Deputy Chairman, thats not what I mean, Im simply worried for you!"

"I know," Roland replied in a soft voice. His expression certainly didnt have any trace of anger or impatience.

Vivian sized him up carefully, making sure he really wasnt angry. Then, she was finally relieved.

Soon after, she asked somewhat curiously, "Deputy Chairman, why dont you like Mr. John? He is a good man rarely seen amongst the nobles, he also treats commoners very well!"

"Very well?" Roland asked in a calm voice. "Very well, how?"

"He wont randomly bully commoners, and occasionally when he sees commoners in dire straits, hell also lend a helping hand. This is quite rare."


Roland snickered, the corner of his lips curved up into a contemptuous smile. "Hes the son of the mayor, in other words, this city will be his in the future, isnt that right?"

Vivian nodded.

"According to the ideology of the Golden Sons, even in such a feudalistic age, the citys mayor has the responsibility of governing commoners and ensuring their safety." Roland sighed and said, "However, this city has nobles who harm his people by cutting open and devouring their hearts, this he ignores; outside the city, there are serial killers who specifically target young girls, this he ignores; there are tens of thousands of beggars in the city, this he ignores; even the citys basic facilities and the citys appearance are in shambles, this he also ignores. Not doing anything, simply putting on an amiable smile all the time, and occasionally doing some so-called benevolent actsa noble like this, is he worthy of my time?"

"Oh Deputy Chairman, youre quite strict."

Roland sighed. "This isnt strict, this is the ideology of the majority of the Golden Sons. Not even protecting his own people, completely ignoring them and only collecting their taxes, if this happened on our side ha!"

Vivians heart thumped rapidly. She felt that Roland, who at this moment had a disdainful expression and even somewhat righteously rebuked John with stern words, displayed an extremely attractive charm.

She left the room, blushing. She didnt dare to stay any longer.

Inside the magic tower, Roland continued to work on Language Proficiency, and yet another fulfilling day went by. Climbing out of the immersive cabin, he went on the forums to check out the gaming strategies and experiences of other players. Shortly after, he ate breakfast and rode a public bike to the suburbs.

It was still quite early at this time, roughly a little past seven.

Under the iron-sheet shed, there were already four students practicing sword technique routines.

Once Roland arrived at the doorway, Qi Shaoqiu walked over.

"It seems youre planning to learn sword techniques, or else you wouldnt come over at this time." Qi Shaoqiu took out a cigarette, lit it up, took a puff, held it in his mouth, and then breathed it out. "I still got the same words for you, 30,000 yuan tuition, no less."

Roland quite liked Qi Shaoqius straightforwardness. "I have a question to ask. Your surname, Qi Whats your relationship with General Qi? Dont tell me youre his descendant."

"Of course not. According to our family history, we are descended from General Qis personal bodyguards who were granted his surname." Qi Shaoqiu scratched his head, appearing somewhat irritated. "You probably dont want to learn after hearing these words. Originally I couldve deceived you by saying that were descendants of the Qi family, but thinking about how my ancestors never deceived others by claiming to have connections with those of higher status, we as descendants naturally shouldnt do so."

Roland snickered. "No, I want to learn even more now. If you had said you were General Qis descendant, I wouldve immediately turned to leave."

Qi Shaoqiu looked at him with narrowed eyes. "Youre quite a strange person. Come in."

Roland entered the yard, followed behind Qi Shaoqiu, and arrived at an unfinished brick house next to the large shed.

This house wasnt painted, but the windows were installed. He could see a girl working busily inside.

After getting closer, Roland could smell the aromatic food. He took a light breath.

Yes, its the smell of boiled noodles. Herbs seemed to be mixed within.

Although Roland already ate breakfast, he actually felt a little hungry after smelling this aroma.

"Little sister, theres a student here to sign up." Qi Shaoqiu pushed open the door and entered, shouting, "Accept the payment with your phone!"

Roland also went inside and discovered a large black pot placed on the kitchen stove in front of the young girl.

Inside the pot, noodles were boiling, the broth a light brown color. Beside the kitchen stove, there were two balls of Chinese medicine wrapped in white cotton cloth. The outer layer of the cotton cloth was wet, faintly giving off steam.

Noodle soup simmered with Chinese medicine?

Roland was somewhat surprised at this.

The young girl turned around and looked at Roland, the expression in her eyes full of bewilderment. "Theres actually a foolish wastrel thats willing to spend 30,000 yuan on tuition?"

Once she said these words, Qi Shaoqius face quickly turned green in annoyance.