Mages Are Too Op Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Frailty

Although his face was quite green and his mood was quite sour, Qi Shaoqiu didnt say anything.

His own younger sister had an awful personality. She had a sharp tongue and loved to pull the rug out from under his feet. She had a lot of flaws, but she was ultimately his sister.

He wasnt willing to scold her.

This was why he could only show a green face and not say anything.

Although he was called a foolish wastrel, Roland didnt seem enraged at all. This was because he saw a strange ray of light flicker in the girls eyes. It was a little sharp and seemed to implore him, as if she were saying: If you dare not pay the tuition now, disappointing my brother, Ill break your legs.

Roland could often see such an expression in ones eyes.

As close friends, they usually acted this way, pulling out the rug from under each others feet, fickle in their emotions, but this was a daily interaction amongst childhood friends. If any outsiders dared to use similar words to insult one of them, they would undoubtedly rush to give them a good beating.

This was why Roland didnt mind. He took out his phone and said, "Ill scan it!"

The girl took a smartphone in a light pink casing and opened her own payment code.

Roland scanned it. The girls avatar and online alias appeared on his phone.

The avatar was a small sprouting tree; her online alias was Night Tide Sands.

The online alias was quite a pleasant name.

Roland entered the amount in his phone. Shortly, the girl saw the transfer notification on her phone, the amount paid in full. She looked strangely at Roland and said, "Lets eat some noodles together."

"No need, I already ate breakfast before I came."

The noodles inside the pot really smelled delicious. It really got Rolands appetite going, but he wasnt a foodie. In addition, this was their second time meeting and they werent familiar with each otherher invitation was a form of courtesy. If you really rushed to eat the noodles, then youd be a clueless idiot.

However, the girl sincerely said, "Since youve paid the tuition, you should eat these noodles."

Huh? Roland was somewhat surprised. This place also took care of the students meals?

"Our orthodox miaodao technique training will be quite exhausting, and its more demanding on ones constitution and endurance. Well add some body strengthening and invigorating Chinese medicine into our breakfast to improve blood circulation," Qi Shaoqiu explained. "However, Im sorry that I cant give you the recipe for this Chinese medicine. Even so, since were responsible for your training, well cover your breakfast in the future."

"Was this a last-minute idea, or was this stipulated when you guys opened for business?" Roland asked out of curiosity.

"It was set when we opened up for business, and the other students will eat with us as well."

As they were speaking, the four students, hot and sweaty, came over from the large shed. Walking at the very front was a slightly suntanned, adolescent youngster. He shouted, "Cousin, quick, help me ladle a bowl of noodles, Im starving."

"Dont rush, wipe off your sweat first." Night Tide Sands expression was distinctly gentler towards these young boys compared to her expression when facing her own older brothershe was clearly two different people.

While these young boys were wiping off their sweat, the girl ladled out four large bowls of noodles and placed them on the table.

Then, Qi Shaoqiu and Roland both received a bowl.

The girl had her own small bowl. There was only soup left in the large pot.

The four youngsters sat down by the table and started gobbling up the noodles.

Qi Shaoqiu held his large bowl and squatted down in a corner. As he ate, he signaled with his eyes to Roland to eat quickly.

The girl held her own bowl and watched him silently.

Okay Roland imitated Qi Shaoqiu and ate squatting in a corner. After a mouthful, he discovered that these noodles really did taste pretty good.

Although there was a medicinal taste, it miraculously blended with the noodles. It was quite delicious.

After eating a large bowl of noodles, Roland felt nice and warm all over. He couldnt help but ask, "Is it very costly for you guys to use Chinese medicine every day to simmer noodles?"

"It used to be very costly," Qi Shaoqiu said with a smile, "but in the last ten to twenty years, weve benefited from large-scale Chinese herbal medicine cultivation. Now that herbal medicines are increasingly cheaper, the most costly medicinal ingredient is now the cheapest."

Roland was even more curious now. "Then just how expensive was it back then?"

"I heard from my grandpa that back when he was in his teens, before the foundation of PRC, eating a bowl of noodles with Chinese medicine would consume six to seven days of food for our family of five." Qi Shaoqiu sighed deeply and said, "In the past, the saying that the poor learn to read and only the rich learn martial arts was not a joke. Now that living standards are good, everyone can fill their bellies, but not many people are willing to learn martial arts anymore. The status of martial artists is also increasingly getting worse."

Roland really wanted to say that since the Song Dynasty, the status of martial artists didnt rise. However, he naturally wouldnt foolishly say these words.

At this time, the girl had also finished eating. She put down her bowl and said to the four youngsters, "You guys wash the bowls, Im taking your junior brother to the storehouse to pick out some things for learning martial arts."

The four youngsters murmured in agreement.

Meanwhile, Roland pointed at himself. "Me? Junior brother?"

"Yes, you," Qi Shaoqiu said with a smile. "Youre now the little junior brother."

"What age is this, thats out of fashion." Roland felt somewhat gauche at this appellation.

However, the girl on the side said, "Do you find it gauche when people call each other senior sister or junior brother in college?"

"I wouldnt feel that way."

"Then it isnt." The girl stood up and said, "Follow me."

"All right, junior brother it is." Roland stood up and followed behind the young girl.

The two left the kitchen, wound around the perimeter wall, and headed toward the back of the large shed.

Following behind, Roland smelled a light fragrance in the air; it was a little like the smell of osmanthus flowers.

Roland quite liked osmanthus flowers, so he habitually sniffed a few more times.

At this moment, while leading the way, the girl asked, "Why do you want to learn miaodao techniques? Isnt your boxing pretty good?"

Roland couldnt possibly say that he wanted to learn the techniques of a weapon in order to guard himself from warriors or bandits at a close proximity in a game. He pondered for two seconds before replying, "Its just that I feel learning boxing has its limitsagainst people with weapons, the chance of coming out victorious isnt large."

"My brother said that he probably cant beat you if he doesnt have a weapon. This means that normal people cant defeat you even if they have a weapon." The girl stopped, turned around, and looked Roland in the eyes. "You absolutely have no need to learn miaodao techniques."

Roland also looked into her eyes. Her eyes were truly beautiful, like two black glass gems.

"Senior Sister doesnt seem to be welcoming me to learn miaodao techniques."

The girl was startled for a moment. Then she turned around, began walking slowly again, and said, "I dont know miaodao techniques, so dont call me your senior sister. Im just worried that your passion is just a passing fancy. After a few days, your mind might take a turnyoull feel that the tuition is too expensive and not want to learn, then have us give you a refund. My brother is proud and arrogant; on the surface hes all smiles, but hes actually quite sensitive and frail. He finally got a student after waiting for such a long time. If you leave, hell definitely be quite upset."

"Dont worry, I wont leave until Ive mastered it," Roland said casually.

"Im just saying, nowadays there arent many youngsters who can endure hardships." The girls voice gradually lowered. "In the past, there were at least twenty distant and close relatives that learned sword techniques from my older brother. Now, only four remainthey wouldnt even learn if it was for free."

Roland continued to speak in a casual tone. "I really will continue learning."

The girl stopped once again and looked at him. "Really?"

Roland really wanted to say that even if he stopped learning, he wouldnt have them give him a refund. However, the expression in the girls eyes was quite seriousstubborn with a trace of pleading, a faint light flickering in their depthsand all of a sudden, Roland swallowed the words hed meant to say.


His tone was still casual, but it held seriousness and sincerity.

The girl gazed at Roland for a while and then said, "Ill believe you for now, but if you really stop learning halfway through, Ill hate you forever."