Mages Are Too Op Chapter 77

Chapter 77 The People From The Headquarters Are Finally Here

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Roland returned home. After eating lunch, he took an afternoon nap, then went on the forums to see other players brag.

After all, amongst the 500,000 players, there were quite a lot of people who were willing to share their tips and experiencesRoland was also one of them.

He slowly read through them. Some boasted, some talked about the local conditions and customs of the city they were in, and some gave an account of the weaknesses, habits, and other traits of wild monsters and beasts.

Roland read with great pleasure.

Those who hung about in the forums all knew that once they encountered a topic of interest, they would kill a lot of time lingering in the forums.

Before Roland noticed, when he had become weary, it was already evening.

After eating the dinner his mother had made, he took a shower. Then, once he practiced the horse stance in his room, he entered the game again.

He first oversaw the magic lab on the fifth floor, dispelling the magic apprentices doubts. After the morning went by and he finished the lunch Vivian had made, Aldo came by his study.

Vivian was in the middle of asking Roland some questions, but she smiled at Aldo and promptly left the study.

Aldo looked at Vivian as she left; he was somewhat surprised. "You actually havent touched her?"

Rolands mouth twitched helplessly. He didnt want to be led by the nose on this topic, so he asked straightforwardly, "Chairman, what matter do you have this time?"

At this moment, Aldos expression turned stern. He said slowly, "The people from the headquarters are about to arrivetheyll be in the city in roughly an hour."

"Isnt this just as you wished?" Roland chuckled.Theyre finally coming.

Aldo laughed aloud. "Yes, I can finally see someone resist those evil frauds from the headquarters. I hope you wont disappoint me.

"You should say that you hope the people from the headquarters dont disappoint me. I hope theyre just as you said: bossy, greedy, and condescending." Roland closed a book. He made new progress on the derivation of Language Proficiency: he could carry out language and character translation simultaneously, but it didnt work one hundred percent of the time as occasionally, some sentences carried odd tones. "Then what plans do you have next?"

"In a battle between two giant dragons, we weak little b**chy rabbits naturally have to hide in the sidelines first." Chairman Aldo laughed, completely paying no mind to his own cowardice. "So Ill disappear for the next three days for some important business. All matters, large or small, inside the magic tower, can be handled as you please."

"What if I run off?" Roland asked.

"It doesnt matter even if you stole everything inside the magic tower." Aldo shrugged. "Things like resources and money will come back eventually anyway. If you absconded with the money, things would be even better. I would be able to issue a bounty as the headquarters command; this way you and the headquarters will fight each other till your last breaths."

Upon hearing this, Roland smiled. "It seems everything is within your expectations!"

Aldo shrugged smugly. "All right, I have to go, itll be too late if I dont go now."

With these last words, Aldo left the magic tower.

Roland stood by the window of the upper levels and watched Aldos figure disappear amongst the buildings of the city.

If the headquarters was really as Aldo had said, he would eventually end up going against the headquarters anyway, so it was harmless that Aldo used him for a while since some of the towers interests were already in his hands anywaygold coins, resources, and the books in the library collection.

During his time here, in the spare time away from his magic experiments, he already used the systems built-in photography function to record over half of the collection inside the library. This was the most essential part of a magic tower. Even if he stopped working at the magic tower, he would have gained something.

Besides, he didnt completely trust Aldo: this was why he chose diplomacy before resorting to force.

There was no rush to burn bridges.

After waiting for a while, Roland went down to the second floor, rang the golden bell, and gathered all the magic apprentices.

"You have all now learned the basic form of Hand of Magic, but progression will be slow from study aloneits better to put it into practice," Roland said. "Outside the city, there are two Golden Sons gathering beggars, even building houses for them. Now, all of you, go out and use Hand of Magic to transport building materials and dig holes for them. More practical use will be greatly beneficial to the growth of your magic power."

The magic apprentices looked at each other. Theyd never been given such a mission.

To their minds, the missions of mages were to appraise magic items or to help out with matters that only mages were suited to handle. For example, incidents related to ghosts, or incidents involving invasions of negative magic energy.

It was the first time that magic apprentices like them were made to do civil engineering work.

Seeing the doubts of the magic apprentices, Roland smiled faintly and said, "This is the chairmans orders. If you guys have any complaints, dont blame me for making things difficult after this."

Upon hearing his threat, the group of magic apprentices immediately ceased any and all sorts of complaints. They all expressed that they would obey the deputy chairmans commands.

Roland then said to Vivian, "Bring all the guards up and have them protect you."

Somewhat confused, Vivian said, "If there are no guards here, whore going to protect the magic tower and the deputy chairman?"

"This is the magic tower, how many people would dare come here to stir up trouble?" Roland said in a light voice. "Besides, Im a Golden SonIm not afraid of anything happening."

"Okay, Ill listen to you, Deputy Chairman." Vivian bit her red lips lightly.

After everyone left the magic tower, Roland returned to his study.

He intentionally sent everyone away, in fear that something really would happen. He wasnt afraid to die, but what if the mages from the headquarters vented their anger on the magic apprentices!

With so many of them, he didnt have the confidence to protect them all.

After waiting for a while in the study, he could distinctly hear displeased voices coming from the bottom of the magic tower: "Where are the people of the tower? Where the hell did they all go?"

Roland stood up and walked down unhurriedly.

When he arrived at the first floor, he saw two youngsters standing on the glossy floor. They were wearing magic robes, their expressions arrogant.

Behind them, there were also six men in similar magic robes, their mental energies quite weakthey were probably all magic apprentices.

Roland simply stood on the stairs, looking down on them. He asked a question he already knew the answer to: "May I ask who you are?"

"The people from the Association headquarters, come down and greet us!"

One of the males, who looked like a magic apprentice, shouted up at Roland.

The two youngsters at the front sized Roland up with scrupulous gazes.

Roland silently looked at them for a while and then said in a gentle voice, "Yes, all right, please follow me."

The two youngsters expressions changed drastically, but they didnt speak. They simply looked on silently at Roland.

The magic apprentice that spoke earlier said furiously, "Are you an idiot, didnt you understand? Were from the headquarters, whats with your attitude!"

Domineering, as expected.Roland felt that Aldos words were more and more believablelike master, like servant.

Another magic apprentice looked at the surroundings and also shouted furiously, "Wheres that despicable man Aldo, have him come to greet us. Whats he trying to do by sending a pretty boy to see us?! And where are the womenthe welcoming party?"

The two youngsters at the forefront were clearly in charge. They still didnt speak, but the fury in their eyes grew more and more apparent.

Theyre truly more condescending than I imagined, and theyre completely overbearing.

Roland felt his head ache a little.

To have dealings with these kinds of people was actually a very painful thing.

Because it would be quite easy to lose ones restraint and hit them.