Mages Are Too Op Chapter 81

Chapter 81 The Tragedy Of Mages

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Inside this thread, Roland clearly indicated the city he was at, set a time limitbest that they arrive in two daysand requested a priest who at least knew Lesser Healing and Abolish Poison. Of course, the more supporting spells the better. First come, first served.

Once the thread was up, it became a popular thread in less than a minute.

Roland randomly refreshed the page and a large number of posts appeared.

"S*it, I can only say, the strongest mage Roland proves himself again! To actually open a dungeon, as far as I know, this should be the first player who unlocked a dungeon in the game."

1"It might not have been unlocked by him. It should just be said that hes the recruiter. After all, hes famous on the forums, its easier for him to recruit party members."

1"Is no one curious about who the other three people partying up with him are?"

"I have white skin and beautiful looks, love to wear gothic style dresses, and can pull out a large weapon. Please take me as a mistress."

4"Upstairs, why is it you whos drivingoff1again."

"Driving off what, how come I dont understand! (smirk)"

"Roland, if the dungeon drops have any good physical class equipment, this principal will reserve it. You name the price."

"Oh, sh*t, respect to LordPrincipal1."

"Oh, sh*t, respect to Lord Principal."


Instantly, there were nearly two to three hundred copy-and-paste replies. Roland thought that this would continue, but in the end, someone forcibly stepped in and broke off this process.

"Roland, if there is magic equipment, this beautiful dancer will also reserve it. You name the price as well. If you want, I can also send you a signed poster, one with special benefits."

1The avatar of this post was Fan Six Hundred Million, with an authenticated name in gold.

Although Principal Huang was very famous, Fan Six Hundred Million was even more well known and also a beauty.

Beautiful women had prerogatives.

Once this post went up, the entire threads popularity exploded.

First, a huge group of players expressed that they also wanted signatures, and then someone replied how much they worshiped Madam Fan Six Hundred Million. However, for some reason, the posts became quite uniform in the end.

"I really want to become a member of the cavalry squad."

"I really want to become a member of the cavalry squad."

Then, in less than ten minutes, over ten thousand posts of this were in the thread.

Moreover, the repeated posts still continued.

These two celebrities really knew how to jack the popularity of a post. Roland clicked his tongue at this. If it were anyone else who saw that celebrities replied to their own post, theyd probably be on cloud nine.

However, Roland was quite composed. He didnt follow celebrities and didnt have a good impression of the entertainment industry. From his perspective, these two celebrities were just newsjackingif they truly wanted to reserve equipment, they should have just privately messaged him and not posted directly.

Of course, this wasnt disadvantageous in any wayat least it allowed his thread to be viewed by more people.

Then, he opened the back-end of the forum and found large amounts of system notifications as expected.

He first looked at the system notifications with tips. The tips that came from the thread on the insights of Language Proficiency barely surpassed ten thousand yuan.

There were roughly two thousand people who gave tips an average of five yuan per person.

Although the money from tips was still quite a lot, there were clearly a lot fewer people donating.

This meant that the number of mages still continued to decrease. Roland remembered that at first there were nearly ten thousand people who gave him tips, though the average tip at the time was only around 1.5 yuan.

1This was mainly because magic was too difficult to learn. Even for Roland, who had the advantage of a hidden specialty, he still had to stay inside the Magic Tower to derive spells, having almost no time to stroll outside and enjoy the game.

Those players without hidden specialties who didnt learn advanced math probably progressed not even half as fast as Roland in learning magic.

It would be natural for them to feel frustrated.

Under normal circumstances, the scarcer a class was, the more important it was.

if it were anyone else, they might hope that they were the only mage in the entire world.

However, Roland clearly knew that mages, a highly technical class, needed more people to better develop and progress further. With more people, there would be more schools of magic that emerged. The compiled insights and experiences of everyone would be able to push the mage class rapidly forward.

In the neighboring warrior forum, there were various strategy guides and all sorts of types of warriorsagility type, physical charm type, balanced type, physical intellect type, and so on.

This resulted from different combinations of attributes, and after that, there were even schools of sword techniques.

Currently, apart from the basic military sword arts, the learning prerequisites and instructor NPCs for other advanced military sword arts were also discovered. Many people had already started to learn them.

There were even fortified sword arts from reality like Wudang Swimming Dragon Sword, Mount Tai Goose Descending Sand Sword, and so on.

Moreover, the types of weapons were also different, and even with the same sword arts, the effects were also slightly variable.

There were also sub-branches of the warrior class. For example, a shield warrior, a magic swordsman, a battlefield commander, a berserk warrior if these sub-branches were all listed, there would be a dozen more names.

Finally, there was a difference in specialization The specialization that each person chose was different, resulting in different fighting habits. The same class, and the same sword arts, and the same weapons would unleash different effects.

This was truly like a hundred flowers in bloom.

The majority of warriors were quite frank. Whenever they discovered something fun or had any insight into something, they would publish this enthusiastically and wait for other players to compliment or boast about them. If they were wrong and mocked, at most they would just shoot their mouth off, forget about it afterward, and play the game enthusiastically again, killing small monsters.

Since warriors were so vivacious, they had the highest population and took up almost 50% of all players.

On the other hand, on the mages boards, there were only one or two people writing about their insights and experiences.

Out of all the pinned and featured threads, over half were Rolands handiwork.

One could imagine just how much the popularity of the mage class had dropped.

What was even more lamentable was that in the community of warriors, there was already a small group of elite level-five players who could select a subclass.

On the side of warlocks, there were also a few players who selected a subclass.

On the side of mages, Roland assumed that he was probably the most advanced at level four. The majority of other mage players were all still at level two.

On the mages message boards, he saw many disheartened posts, lamenting that the mage class wasnt one that people could easily play.

Warriors were traveling everywhere, killing monsters, embracing women, drinking wine, leading a luxurious life, and leveling up just by bragging.

Whereas mages were calculating and deriving magic models every day, scrunched up in a small place without ever seeing daylight.

Their temperament and image became gloomier and gloomier.

Many mage players said that if they couldnt learn a certain spell in a certain amount of days, they would delete their accounts and change to another class.

Roland felt somewhat dispirited from reading this. He turned off his computer and rode a public bike to the miaodao club in the suburbs.

Breakfast had already been made. Seeing him arrive, Night Tide Sands ladled a bowl for him.

Even after eating the hot steaming noodles and drinking the tasty herbal soup, Rolands mood didnt improve much.

Standing on the side, Night Tight Sands peeked at him and then placed down her bowl and chopsticks and ran off. Shortly, she returned with a comb of bananas, distributed one to each person, and said, "Noodles for breakfast isnt enoughsupplement with some vitamins."

Roland ate the banana, and his mood became slightly better.

Yes bananas were a happy fruit, some elements inside could make people happier.

After throwing away the banana peel, Roland stood up, went to the storehouse to acquire his own wooden miaodao, and went to the large shed to find Qi Shaoqiu.

"Just directly teach me the sword routines," Roland said seriously. "I want to learn faster."

1Night Tide Sands carried a bucket over. She wanted to spray water on the cement ground to do some cleaning. Upon hearing his words, she almost let the water spill out of the bucket.

Qi Shaoqiu took a glance at his younger sister and said expressionlessly, "No, weve accepted your money, so we have to take responsibility to teach you properly. Get the basics down first!"