Mages Are Too Op Chapter 82

Chapter 82 The Gossip Is All True

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Roland left the miaodao club after training for the entire morning.

Before he rode off on a public bike, Qi Shaoqiu stood in front of his bike, took out a cigarette pack, slipped out a cigarette, and lit it up. He asked, "Are you coming in the afternoon? Training is like rowing a boat upstream, no progress means retrogression. If you have spare time, continue coming here in the afternoon. Dont you want to learn faster?"

Roland shook his head. "I have other business in the afternoon."

1Then, Roland rode off on the bike. He certainly did have other business in the afternoon. Right now, there were more and more strategy and insight threads on the forums. For example, on a countrys geography, environmental conditions, and social customs, and the secrets of some NPC organizations. These were all worth taking note of for Rolandhe might be able to use such information in the future. And apart from these things, he had to understand the fighting style and experiences of other classes.

1Although Roland always felt that this game wasnt as simple as it seemed, players were undying and their actions were occasionally imprudent, so there would definitely be conflicts in the future.

If he didnt understand the other classes at all, when a conflict really happened, he would be in a terrible bind.

After watching Roland ride off on the bike, Qi Shaoqiu turned around and surprisingly discovered that his little sister was also pushing out a bike.

1"What are you doing?" Qi Shaoqiu asked curiously.

Night Tide Sands said indifferently, "Going to buy groceries."

"Didnt you buy some early in the morning?" Qi Shaoqiu found this a little strange.

"Cant I suddenly have a craving for something?" Night Tide Sands said sourly, then rode off on the bike.

3Qi Shaoqiu shouted at her from behind, "Then when are you coming back to make lunch?"

Night Tide Sands ignored him.

QI Shaoqiu sat down dejectedly on the clean cement floor. The four teenage relatives walked over and asked somewhat worriedly, "Cousin, is she not going to prepare lunch for us?"

"Go, go eat at your own homes."

Qi Shaoqiu spoke bitterly. He took in another intense puff and then breathed it out.

OhAlthough the four youngsters hesitated for a while, they still left in the end.

Qi Shaoqiu waited for roughly an hour, and seeing that his little sister hadnt come back, just when he planned on calling for delivery, he saw his little sister return. Inside the basket of the bike, there were two kinds of vegetables and a book.

Exalted, Qi Shaoqiu went to greet her and shouted, "Little sister, youre finally back. I thought you didnt care if I was dead or alive."

While he was talking, he peeked inside the basket and found that written on the cover of the book was "An exquisite breakfast packed with affection to make your lovers burst with joy."

1When Qi Shaoqiu saw the title of this book, he suddenly felt muddled His own little sister, so innocent and unaffected, was actually pursuing a damned fat pig on her own accordhe was truly heartbroken.

1When Night Tide Sands discovered her older brothers subtle gaze, she blushed and stared at him fiercely.

Qi Shaoqiu immediately pretended hed seen nothing.

1After Roland returned home, ate lunch, and took an afternoon nap, he then started to browse through the forums as usual.

He browsed through the forums until he entered the game.

Inside the Magic Tower, after he did derivations of Language Proficiency for roughly two hours, he felt somewhat dizzy so he stood up.

Outside the window, the majority of the city was dark. Only in the direction of the castle was there a field of bright light.

A party seemed to be in swing over there.

"Its probably the people from the headquarters that ran over to the mayors residence for free lodging," Roland muttered amusedly.

1In reality, he guessed right. John was the one who held the banquet going on at the castle right now. The purpose of this was to welcome Bard and the others.

1A noble and a mage, such an identity was well regarded anywhere except with players.

2The banquet at the castle was joyous, harmonious, and lavish. Countless cups, ten times the price of the untouchables, contained red or yellow fruit wine. The nobles took delicate sips and feigned expressions of pleasure, and then bragged with each other.

Meanwhile, on the balcony of the second floor, John and Bard were overlooking the group of people inside the banquet hall, their expressions somewhat ruminative.

1Bard sipped on fruit wine and said, "These people have noble identities but dont have noble souls. Theyre not interesting at all."

"What is considered a noble soul?" Bard asked laughingly.

1"One like Mr. Bards," John said, "with the status of both a mage and a noble. Only a soul like this is considered noble, whereas they are just empty shells, feeble souls, puppets with no self, inferior to even commoners."

2Bard swayed his own wine cup lightly. "Mr. John, your standards are too strict. I think theyre quite all right."

"If it were one month ago, I would also have been able to accept their incompetence." John sighed. "However, after seeing what true talent looks like, I discovered that these people really are of no use. They cant protect the city or campaign for the country, and now they dont even want to pay taxes."

1Bard laughed lightly. There werent many nobles who wanted to pay taxes. This was quite normal.

1Then, he asked curiously, "What exactly caused your views on them to change?"

A hesitation. He didnt seem to want to speak about this, but after a while, he still said slowly, "Recently, two people came to our city, and a later investigation found that they were both Golden Sons."

1"Wait, what are Golden Sons?" Bard asked in surprise.

1Eyes wide, John stared at him. "You dont even know the background of the Golden Sons?"

Bard shook his head then smiled. "Mr. John, can you tell me about the Golden Sons?"

1"Golden Sons are undying humans from another plane." John laughed and said, "Theyre inclined toward neutral good"

Bard was greatly surprised. "What did you say? Undyingthats impossible. This is probably unconfirmed information."

1John instead looked at Bard with a strange gaze. "Hows it impossible! I saw with my own eyes, even after those two guys were diced into mincemeat, their bodies could reappear from the Church of Life. I find it rather strangelogically, the capital should be quicker to catch on and more abundant with news, how come you guys dont know about the advent of Golden Sons?"

1Bard still felt that this information was absurd, but John didnt seem to be lying to him and had no need to do so.

"Mr. John, can you explain to me in detail about the Golden Sons?"

1After roughly half an hour, John finished explaining. Bard stayed silent for a long while, and then he abruptly gulped down all his fruit wine, his posture and expression no longer appearing graceful but more nervous.

1"Is one of the Golden Sons called Roland?"

John nodded.

Bard was stunned. He slowly sat down on the chair and seemed to be pondering something.

John looked at his appearance and grinned slightly, "I also heard gossip that some nobles secretly hid the corpses of the Golden Sons after they died. Its rumored that some tried the taste of themthey seemed to have special effects!"

2Bards eyes froze. "What effects?"

"They became younger by several years!"