Mages Are Too Op Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Dungeon Quests Are Actually Quite Easy

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The things lying inside the sarcophagi could all actually move?

Even knowing that they themselves could revive, they were still quite panic-stricken.

This game was different from normal games. It was very realistic. What would they do if the dungeon closed when they failed?

Such a possibility couldnt be ignored.

They retreated to the entrance of the passage and prepared to make a detailed plan first.

Over a hundred "living" creatures, no matter how weak, were still problematic, for fear of if one was disturbed, the rest would all come climbing out of their sarcophagi.

1Moreover, according to their past gaming experiences, the one sleeping inside the white sarcophagus was most likely the dungeons boss. If it were also disturbed, their party would definitely be wiped out.

They stayed near the entrance of the passage, somewhat at a loss.

"This dungeon has no tips." Jett scratched his head. "Its somewhat problematic."

Hawk leaned on the corner of a wall and said helplessly, "Look at the surroundings, there are no spots that are easy to guard and hard to attack Does the passage behind us count?"

Betta also looked left and right, seemingly trying to find some clues to pass this dungeon.

CluesRoland looked at the tall stela up ahead.

The magical, blue, veined patterns that slowly lit up and slowly darkened looked somewhat strange, zigzagging across the rock, a little like characters.

He instinctively cast Character Proficiency on himself!

1On the other side, Hawk and Jett were discussing whether or not a lot of the undead would jump out of the black sarcophagi when they approached the white sarcophagi.

"There definitely will be a lot," Jett said confidently. "This is a dungeon, if it didnt require surviving a fierce battle, how could it be called a dungeon? Besides, the bright day just turned into dark nightclearly a forced plot of the questand there are also a few corpses over there. All of this indicates that this is an elementary small-scale dungeon or a learning stage where death shouldnt matter. However, the problem is that we should try to avoid death. After all, well lose ten percent of total experience, and for people at level four and above, dying once basically means going down a level."

"But there are no hints at all." Hawk scratched his head and said helplessly, "After we trigger the boss, how many waves will the small monsters inside these sarcophagi be divided into? Or will they all emerge at once?"

Betta interrupted them at this moment and said, "We can open the sarcophagi on our own accord and kill the small monsters inside first. How about this?"

1It wasnt a bad method. The other three nodded and felt that this method was reliable, at least much better than directly fighting the boss.

While the four of them were deciding on using this method, Roland suddenly turned around, looked at them, and said in a somewhat baffled voice, "I completed the dungeon quest."

1At this moment, the other four didnt understand what he meant. Hawk even said, "Only if it were completed"

Soon after, he came back to his senses and shouted at Roland, "What, you completed the dungeon quest?"

1The rest of them also stared at Roland in surprise.

"You guys can look at the system notification for yourselves." Roland also felt this somewhat unimaginable.

The four of them immediately opened the game interface and checked the system notification.

As expected a server-wide system notification: "The player Roland is the first to complete the main dungeon quest. The Mind-Calming Necklace is specially granted as a reward."

2"What what what!" Completely at a loss, Hawk stuttered, "You just stood there, did nothing, didnt even start on the boss, or fight small monsters, how did you complete the quest?"

1Jett also chimed in: "Did the game glitch?"

Roland pointed at the stela and said, "Those are elven words. It details the rise and fall of this cemetery! Once you understand it, the main quest will be considered completed. The quest reward has already been delivered into my hands."

Roland turned over his right hand and a crystal necklace appeared in his palm. The necklace emitted a faint white light. It was clearly a piece of magic equipment.

"You can read elven words?" Hawk had a confused look in his eyes.

Roland said with a smile, "I know Character Proficiency."

2"Ive only heard of Language Proficiency," Jett said somewhat confusedly, "and I also know Language Proficiency, but this spell doesnt allow one to understand characters."

"Character Proficiency is a derivative spell I learned from studying Language Proficiency," Roland explained. "I posted a magic model of this spell on the mage section of the forum. If you guys check it out, you guys should be able to see it."

1"Im not a mage, I wouldnt go to those message boards!" Then, Hawk asked smilingly, "Can you cast Character Proficiency on us?"

Even if he hadnt asked, Roland wouldve cast it on them.

After roughly five minutes, everyone completed the dungeon quest.

Then, a system notification immediately popped up in front of everyones eyes: "Everyone has completed the dungeon quest. Preparing to exit the dungeon instance, starting the countdown!"

10, 9, 8

After several seconds, the surrounding scenery distorted again, and then they discovered the scenery before their eyes changed completely.

Compared to the somewhat intact cemetery earlier, the cemetery now was a complete mess.

All the sarcophagi had already been opened and many yellowing skeletal remains were scattered around the sarcophagi.

There were also various rusted weapons on the ground here and there.

The white sarcophagus was also open, and the stela behind the sarcophagi no longer had any blue veined patterns. The elven words had already disappeared.

This cemetery was completely robbed.

Roland and the others walked up to the white sarcophagus and looked at the empty interior. All of them sighed.

"Seeking death, these tomb raiders." Roland sighed lightly.

At this moment, their quest changed. From "Unlock The Secrets to Delpons Necropolis" to "Find the Vampire and Seal Him Back Into the White Sarcophagus."

In the brief introduction, the follow-up of the quest was detailed.

The cemetery of this sealed vampire had been robbed.

The tomb raiders adopted the strategy of first killing the "protectors" inside the black sarcophagi, and after eliminating these obstacles, they then opened the white sarcophagus.

The vampire that had been sealed for over a hundred years came out and immediately sucked the blood of the five tomb raiders, then escaped from these sealed grounds.

The corpses near the white sarcophagus that Roland and the others saw in the dungeon was actually another group of tomb raiders. They didnt eliminate the protectors and instead directly opened the white sarcophagus, and thus had their blood sucked dry.

However, the white sarcophagus had inhibition magic. Once the white sarcophagus was open, the protectors would be awakened.

The vampire was soon after sealed by the hundreds of protectors, and the protectors that completed this task went into slumber again.

However, unexpectedly, three years later, another group of tomb raiders broke in.

Roland and the others wouldve experienced the plot of these tomb raiders who had died inside the dungeon.

They wouldve been destined for death. It was almost impossible for them to survive because the vampire was almost Master-level. Then, after they exited the dungeon plane, they would receive a new main quest where they would have to copy an inscription of the ancient elven words and have someone decipher the translation.

There were very few people who understood ancient elven writing in the human world. This was a very long errand of a main quest, and it was the introductory quest.

Then, players would be guided step by step to hunt down the vampire.

However, absolutely unexpectedly, Roland already knew Character Proficiency.

Not only did they not have to die once, they immediately completed the main introductory quest.