Mages Are Too Op Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Mind Calming Necklace

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After completing the introductory quest, everyone received equipment pertaining to their own class.

Hawk received a shield with the enchanted attribute of stoutness, while Link received a chain mail with fire resistance.

Jetts reward was a black scepter with a spiked iron ball hanging from the top. It was absolutely unlike a scepter and more like a meteor hammer.

3However, Jett himself quite liked it.

Betta was the luckiest. He obtained a fire element long sword. It was glowing red all over and looked extraordinary. This weapon would burn its user, but he had the blood of red dragons, which gave him additional fire resistance. This thing in his hand was just like a hand warmer.

Rolands luck was normal.

He received a staff with two attributes: +2 spell power, +6 maximum health.

After receiving this staff, he immediately carried out a test by using a normal small fireball.

The spells power certainly increased, but not obviously so, just slightly better than nothing. However, the increase in maximum health was not bad either.

The best equipment he received was an achievement reward for being the first to complete the main dungeon quest.

Inside his systems view, Mind-Calming Necklace was a piece of equipment with a gold name and it had only one effect

Mind-Calming: Continues to absorb and store mental power unintentionally emitted by the wearer, and if the wearers mental power is lower than 50%, the stored mental power will be fed back to the wearer. Feedback speed: 30/s, continues for 3 seconds.

1Mental power was MP. Inside the systems quantitative value, Rolands current MP was 140/140. Even if Roland leveled up to the highest level, he supposed that his own MPs upper limit wouldnt surpass 400, but the Mind-Calming Necklaces storage upper limit was 500.

In other words, it was an equipment that automatically regenerated mental power and could be used from the early stages to the late stages of the game.

It truly was a piece of gold equipment.

Roland naturally wouldnt flaunt a piece of equipment like this. It could be said that this equipment was a hundred percent in line with Rolands gaming style.

1For mages, equipment was just complementary and didnt give them much of a boost.

However, what restricted the performance of mages was often MP and the number of spells. MP was the more important of the twothis was the prerequisite of all spells.

No matter how good your equipment was, and how impressive the spells you learned were, without MP, they would be of no use.

In addition, Roland really liked to study derivative spells. This required the non-stop use of a single spell.

1Although the specialty Rolands Zeal could quickly replenish mana, if an experiment was conducted too frequently, a period without spellcasting would still emerge.

With this equipment, even if he didnt use it to endure in a battle, he could use it on magic experiments.

Delaying neither learning nor battle, and it could be used for an entire "lifetime," it was absolutely a godlike equipment.

1None of them was the type to flaunt. No one deliberately revealed the attributes of their newly acquired equipment and no one asked on their own accord.

Exiting from the tombs passageway, they discovered that it was already afternoon in the games world.

"Lets go back to the city first," Hawk said bleakly as he gazed at the sun, which was already inclining to the west.

The others replied weakly in agreement.

Although they completed the dungeon quest, apart from Roland, the other four werent all that excited.

1The reason was a little unimaginablethe dungeon was cleared too easily.

For players, sometimes a suitable amount of torture was a part of gaming happily.

1They rushed over here full of expectations, looking forward to what kind of gaming experience this dungeon quest in this unique game would give them.

Even if it were extremely arduous and challenging, they would accept it. Game progression for high-end players was a sense of achievement.

However, they never imagined to pass it so easily, and they almost didnt use any effort.

Not to mention their expectations falling through, they also felt a sense of disappointment at the fact that they werent of any use.

However, Roland was rather happy. Firstly, he received a piece of gold equipment, and secondly, he proved that his painstaking efforts in studying derivative spells could pay off.

At least, Character Proficiency came in handy now.

Unlike the other four, whose player mentality was predominant, Roland was a pragmatist. As long as he could accomplish the objective, neither the process nor the method was important.

2Moreover, to use the skills and knowledge he acquired to complete a quest, this was an enjoyable process in and of itself.

They returned to the city walls. They werent in a hurry to get back inside.

Roland said to Jett, "What plans do you have? Return to your original city?"

"No, Im staying here," Jett said with a smile. "In my previous city, I was the only player. Although NPCs are very intelligent, no different from real humans, our views differ too muchthere are no common points of conversation. Since you four are in this city, with me, there just happens to be five. We can chat on and correspond with each other on other matters."

1These words were quite to the point. Roland then asked, "Have you found a place to stay?"

"Im a battle priest of the Church of Life. As long as theres a Church of Life, I can stay there for free, and the church is responsible for all three of my meals."

Listening to this, Hawks expression was sour as if he had eaten a lemon. "The organizations that you spellcasters belong to are truly generous, providing all sorts of benefitsso **cking good."

1Roland asked curiously, "As far as I know, you warriors also have your own association."

"We do. But we warriors have to pay **cking pay money to enter the association," Hawk said bitterly. "Not only that, after joining the Warriors Association, we also have to complete some specific quests without compensation. No one in hell would join them."

1"Its impossible to just have obligations without power or benefits. Otherwise, the other warriors would already be making a large fuss!"

Hawk said helplessly, "There are, but theyre useless. For example, if warriors of the association encounter any troubles, they can help mediate, but its not a hundred percent guaranteed to work. Other than that, its cheaper to learn unique specialties and skills."

Indeed, this was pretty useless.

Unlike mages, the other classes specialties and skills would automatically be learned upon leveling up. After reaching a certain level, there were multiple special skills or abilities to choose from and there was no need to deliberately learn them.

As for mediating trouble did the players seem like a community that feared trouble?

1They were eager for NPCs to come looking for trouble so that they had excuses to beat them.

"Then well break up here now. If anything comes up, just contact each other," Roland said with a smile. "As for the next main quest, well talk about it when were at a higher level."

The others all nodded.

The next main quest had "Recommended level: Level 5" written in its description.

It belonged in a gray status that couldnt be triggered.

1The five of them split up. Roland returned to the Magic Tower and discovered that there was someone waiting there.

Bard had two magic apprentices with him. He was looking pensively at Roland as he walked over.

1When Roland was in front of him, Bard said with a smile, "Golden Son, your inability to die is where your confidence comes from?"